How We Shall Transform the Old Orion Banking System and All Communication Means From the Quantum Field After Our Ascension and Thus Liberate Humanity

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 8, 2023

I have discussed these aspects of the ascension scenario already in previous articles yet to be published and will only summarize them here one more time for the sake of clarity.

Finances and communication are the two major areas of human activity where the big energetic changes will take place after the shift and will transform profoundly human life on this planet. We as ascended masters and Logos Gods will be the architects of these transformations on the old earth in the transition period before a large part of humanity ascends to the new earth in several waves.

The financial system, dubbed by me as the Orion monetary system, is currently the main tool of the ruling dark cabal to enslave humanity by introducing digital currency and social scoring but the people now begin to awaken and oppose these dark plans.

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The second equally influential tool is the Internet with all its social platforms and strict censorship by the IT giants and the deep state as well as the MSM, such as TV and press that prevents the broad dissemination of any truthful revelations for all human beings to know and understand how much they have been enslaved in this crumbling 3D matrix.

Revelations and affluence will be hallmarks of the new way of life on the old earth in the transition to the new earth, and we as ascended masters and Logos Gods will introduce and guarantee these new conditions in order to make this transition as smooth and easy as possible.

How the Astral Currency and the INFER System will exert full control over the current digital banking system and transform it for the better before it can be fully abolished?

The Astral card will be given to everybody who votes for the new Divine Constitution (DC), rejects the national state with all its laws of limitation of human freedom, and detaches consciously and willingly from all state institutions in daily life that build the old 3D matrix of total human enslavement.

The new Astral account will be accessed by the Internet or through the new Akasha device for advanced quantum communication which we shall introduce as new higher dimensional technology that will substitute all current digital means of communication. It will be the basis for new advanced communication between humans beyond any limitations and with full access to all information regarding human activities.

The new Akasha device will be the technological prerequisite for any meaningful revelations about what has happened on the earth for eons of time. The current internet and all MSM that are based on digital technology cannot fulfill this function and will be soon abolished.

Hence both areas of massive change in human life are closely interlinked.

The new Astral account that may still exist in the old banking system before the latter will be abolished forever, will use exclusively the Astral currency and all bank statements will be performed automatically in this currency.

All existing fiat currencies can be used in the interim period parallelly as local means of payments and transactions in stores and the like by considering the usual exchange rate. In order to facilitate the transactions, the dollar, euro and pound will be equated to one Astral as this is the real value of these currencies between each other in terms of their purchasing power in the current final crisis when inflation is factored in. The Russian ruble will be exchanged at a ratio of 50 to 1 and so on, but this is just our recommendation and the exchange rate will be adjusted in a flexible manner as is the case today with different currencies.

The owner of an Astral card can use the Internet or the new Akasha device of quantum communication and can generate new assets according to his personal needs and with respect to what he had earned so far. There will be minimal income guaranteed for every owner of the Astral card that will be automatically paid to his bank account and will provide easy life and affluence in the transition period while all the other people who will not accept the Astral card will struggle a lot. In addition, if the owner needs a loan for a house, business, or other investments, it will be generated as new money emission without any interest rate as all interest will be abolished with the introduction of the new Astral currency. Thus the Astral currency will eliminate the entire investment banking in one fell swoop.

In this way, the owner of the Astral card will immediately gain financial independence and autarky from the state and the banks that are now clamping down on all political dissenters and will never ever again be harassed and oppressed by state authorities with the help of all kinds of pseudo-legal financial blackmailing as is the case today. This will be the first major step leading to the liberation of humanity – of that part of humanity that will choose the pathway to ascension.

Any true liberation is the liberation from existential fears that haunt most humans at present and lead to their enslavement by the dark ruling cabal and their extraterrestrial masterminds still in human form. The others were expelled from this earth by us on Dec. 1, 2021.

Many people will not ascend as they are not ready at the soul level and will continue using the old banking system and obey the old state institutions until they fully collapse during the short period of transition. It will be a time of tribulations for all the people who will not ascend and also for those who will awaken at a later date and need these challenges to fully awaken.

Only the already awakened individuals will be exempted from these existential challenges in the interim period by the introduction of the Astral card, the Akasha device and other advanced higher dimensional technologies which they will be able to use immediately at their discretion.

The sleeping portion of humanity will have no direct access through the Akasha device to the new means of quantum communication, and hence will not participate actively in the process of massive revelations that will shake profoundly the worldview of humanity. Most of them will simply turn a blind yes to these revelations that will sweep over this planet and its inhabitants as a shock tsunami wave. However, they will directly experience the collapses at the economic and societal level that will follow these revelations and will continue interpreting this experience as personal victimhood according to their limited belief systems.

This is where the split of humanity into ascending and descending populations will occur at the psychological level.

All owners of the Astral card who have voted for the DC will have access to the new cities of light (and here, here and here), which we have built for many years and will manifest with our ascension, where they will begin studying the new theory and gnosis of the UL. They will acquire new skills and access to new technologies that already exist on the new earth and will be able to introduce, at their discretion, on the old earth in transition until the three waves of ascension candidates move to the new earth and the split between the new and the old earth will irrevocably take place.

In this way, these advanced souls, predominantly crystalline children, will ameliorate the living conditions of the ascension candidates still living on the old earth before they also qualify for ascension. This is the mission of these highly advanced souls for which they have incarnated in this lifetime, although they now struggle hugely with this toxic matrix, to which they are unable to adapt.

After we ascend and trigger the planetary shift, there will be three big waves of ascension to the new earth, but there will be also individual ascensions in between.

Our ascension as first ascended masters will lead to an immense expansion of our field into infinity and this gargantuan release of source energies will fully activate the threefold flame of life in all ascension candidates. This is the energetic mechanism that will drive the planetary shift which will be in the first place a huge expansion of human awareness through the fully opened threefold flame.

This inner energy tsunami will lead to immediate recognition of the unity and sanctity of all life, associated with the painful acknowledgment of all the dark and evil deeds the individual incarnated personality has committed in this and previous lives and still needs to process in a profound manner. The feeling of shame, remorse and penitence at the soul level will trigger a huge soul catharsis in such individuals and this will transform their earthly ego and character forever.

I have written a lot about the soul catharsis of the human incarnated personality, in particular, because this process, or rather higher dimensional experience, is virtually unknown to most humans who are not advanced enough to be exposed to such a challenging energetic transformation. Essentially, the concept of soul catharsis describes the sudden and violent descent of the I AM Presence and the mightly soul energies into the physical body. This is the most painful and frightening experience a human being can experience during his light body process.

This whole transition period will last several years. I depart from the notion that we shall ascend in 2023 and will be able to prepare the first wave of the ascension of several million people by the end of this year, but this estimate may be too optimistic given the current confusion and delusion of the vast majority of humans.

Therefore, both the Astral currency and the revelations with the help of the new quantum technologies of communication will be introduced in the course of this year. Hence the extreme actuality of this publication.

We shall exert full and perfect control over the entire old digital banking system from the quantum field as ascended masters and Logos Gods, with the help of all souls that have incarnations on the ground and are in the process of ascension. Needless to say that all the forces of light will also support us in this endeavour as this is already a foregone decision at the soul level.

In this way, we shall expropriate all dark entities that have amassed more than 90% of all the financial assets through theft and fraud over the years in order to impoverish the masses into the NWO and prevent the ascension. We shall redistribute this excess money among the people in order to establish justice, equality and affluence. These dark evil ones will have no possibility to complain as the old legal state system of injustice presented as a jurisdiction will be abolished too and their crimes will be fully revealed. Many of them will end up in prison (see below).

As the national states will be abolished with all their institutions, all taxes and systems of direct or indirect taxation will also be abolished forever and this will release huge amounts of money to be distributed among the people. All expenditures that the communities need for the repair of roads and infrastructure or for social work will continue to be covered by the new Astral currency system, which will work as a local emission bank or rather as an emission cooperative. I have discussed the novel principle of local emission of money in my pivotal article on the Astral currency.

It is self-evident that when the Astral currency comes, all central banks and state budget systems will become obsolete and will cease to exist. All stock and financial markets will also immediately close.

By the same token, all parliaments will be abolished as the new DC excludes the existence of any other imperfect human laws. As there will be no need to vote for a budget as also all state taxation will be abolished, there is absolutely no reason for the existence of parliaments and delegated pseudo-democracy.

The new democracy that will arrive with the introduction of the Astral currency will be of higher divine order and entirely under the perfect authority and supervision of the incarnated souls at the level of their I-AM-Presence.

The entire transformation of the current digital banking system into quantum Astral banking will be very quick, almost instantaneous with our ascension. After that, it will depend only on how quickly the people will decide to begin using the new Astral currency and vote for the DC.

The New Mass Revelations

The new Akasha device, which will also substitute all mobile phones and will be much superior and more universal in all its functions than these outdated digital devices, will be also the source of all new revelations that will transform humanity at the psychological and intellectual level.

Currently, the Internet is inadequate for this purpose. The same is true to an even greater extent for all MSM, such as TV and the press. The main limiting factor is, however, the limitations of the human mind, which is very illogical, has a very short memory, is not guided by any moral and ethical principles as it is disconnected from the threefold flame of life and the soul, and is very much dominated by numerous false 3D beliefs and prejudices that have to be abolished in a crash evolution after we ascend and the shift happens.

This applies in the first place to all alternative “thinkers” and self-proclaimed “experts” who are blogging like crazy divas in the public space pretending to oppose the old matrix while still carrying all its false belief systems which they do not bother to challenge and delete from their outdated world view, bask in their putative success of a few thousand followers, and find no time to learn anything of value in order to expand their awareness. This is self-delusional narcissism as a hindrance to true spiritual evolution. None of them will be able to contribute to the mass awakenings that will follow the shift to the new earth and our ascension to the Source. They will have to become passive recipients of true information and knowledge for a long time before they can begin with their LBP and ascend in the future under our supervision.

The broad introduction of the Akasha device will trigger mass awakenings that will lead to a huge expansion of human intelligence and inner awareness from the fulcrum of the threefold flame of life in all ascension candidates, which we first opened in 2019 and activated in several waves since then so that humanity can accomplish the shift this year.

The nature of the mass revelations is not the topic of this disquisition. In fact, all my books and articles are dedicated to these necessary mass revelations so that humanity can fully awaken as multidimensional sentient beings and ascend to the new earth.

Most of the revelations will happen in the cities of light to which the ascension candidates will have access even before they ascend to the new earth under much more favorable conditions than on the old earth in transition where chaos will reign for most of the time. Especially in geographical regions where the majority of the population will not ascend but will instead descend to the new much more dense and dark earth than this one where many light beings still live and prepare for their final ascension. I refer in particular to Africa, the Middle East, huge parts of Asia, as well as other local regions (see soul age model).

The Akasha device will allow each owner, in an optimal individual manner, multidimensional access to human history and to the truth of all events that have occurred in the old matrix and throughout the dimensions of this multiverse as well as to the crimes of all the major perpetrators who were in power and have determined the dire destiny of mankind, e.g. all warmongers and other mass criminals, such as the perpetrators of human genocide who imposed the lockdown due to the coronavirus scamdemic as I have written extensively.

This Akasha device will render in a perfect manner all the necessary evidence for the indictment of the most insidious dark ones by newly established courts with impeccable judges and juries so that there can be visible justice for the rest of humanity. The indictments will be for the most part life life-long sentences and will be vastly reduced as what counts in the transition period will be the symbolic acknowledgment of these crimes and their popular condemnation, so that these dark ones will have no chance to continue with their evil-doing in society. Their actual punishment will be of a karmic nature when they enter their very long and gruesome incarnation cycle on the old descending earth after the split.

In order to accelerate the political transformation of human society, we shall introduce as ascended masters and Logos Gods a special space force for the arrest of these dark ones as I have described in my article on the Russia-Ukraine scenario.

However, most of the dark ones will decide to turn themselves to the new legal authorities because there will be nowhere to hide. With the help of the Akasha Device, anybody will know immediately where such people will hide and they will be easily arrested.

For the first time in the history of mankind, people will experience what it means to have a real and very effective justice system. Each arrested dark perpetrator will be indicted within a few days as all his crimes will be immediately available through this Akasha device and there will be no need for lawyers and tedious court procedures. There will be only judges, a legal prosecutor of a higher ethical order and a jury like the ones used today consisting of normal human citizens who will make the verdict from an ethical and humanistic point of view.

Justice must be done in order to promote the soul catharsis and spiritual growth of humanity and forge the full awakening of the masses leading to their ascension in the short transition period. What will happen with these evil ones after the split on the descending 3D earth is of no concern to us as we are not responsible for this dark incarnation experiment anymore.

We must harvest as many souls as possible now for the ascension, as those that will stay on the old earth will have a terrible destiny in a myriad of incarnations on some very dark and dense earths or other planets until they qualify for ascension in the very distant future.

The new advanced means of human transportation will enhance personal freedom and will enable the development of new forms of social life in communities of like-minded people

We shall also introduce on a broad scale the quantum-intelligent antigravity vehicle based on free photon energy which we developed for ascending humanity a long time ago. This vehicle will be given to all humans who have voted for the DC and have also acquired the Astral card.

Its function will be manifold and staggering. The vehicle will dwell in the quantum field and will manifest for the owner to use it telepathically when desired. It can appear in any desired form or shape, e.g. as any car model currently available on the market or as an old timer, so as not to make much sensation on the street. Hence very soon there will be no need for parking lots, garages and also no need for streets as we shall explain below.

For instance, if the owner wants to travel, he will call his vehicle telepathically as it is connected to him through his soul code as the Astral card also does, and it will appear in front of his door or nearby parking space. There will be no more fear that the driving vehicle will be stolen. If there are more people to travel, it can expand accordingly and even acquire the form of a bus. The vehicle can be also used as a normal car to drive on the streets and roads, if so desired, as long as roads and streets still exist.

On the new earth, there will be no roads and all streets in places, where the people will live, will look like alleys for pedestrians in a park. However, there will be special lanes for bikes or other new ground vehicles, such as floating boards, based on free photon energy and antigravity for pleasure and recreation.

The new quantum intelligent anti-gravity vehicle will normally fly above the earth and will be automatically and intelligently driven from the quantum field through higher intelligence and not AI as there is no such thing as “artificial” intelligence in  All-That-Is. This is a very dark idea introduced by the criminal ruling cabal and their masterminds to enslave humanity in the End Time and thus prevent the ascension.

The quantum intelligent anti-gravity vehicle can fly slowly above the landscape if one wants to enjoy nature at a height from, say, 50 meters up to several hundred meters above the ground. If one wants to travel to a distant place, the vehicle can travel very fast in a kind of tunnel where one will not be able to see the landscape until it lands.

The Earth is already encompassed by a vast and very sophisticated system of invisible portals and quantum highways along which these vehicles will move through space and time and will be able to reach in a few minutes any place on the earth. This is just one aspect of our energetic creations over the years as Elohim souls in human gestalt.

Since these vehicles will operate on free photon energy, they will be unlimited in their use. They will need no expenditures or technical maintenance and will function in an impeccable manner all the time without polluting the atmosphere or causing accidents and thus risking human life.

Financial abundance, independence and free unrestricted movement of all ascending humans in space in time on the planet, as well as the full understanding and acknowledgment of who and what has enslaved humans all these eons of time as incarnated beings, will cause such a relief from past fears and will release so much creative soul energies that, in the course of this and next year, the human race and the earth will transform beyond recognition into a new transgalactic civilisation.


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