Divine Constitution of the Universal Law For Ascending Humanity

– International Edition –

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 18 August 2022


Divine Constitution of the Universal Law

This constitution acknowledges and abides by the axiomatic, scientific and spiritual principles of the new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law (UL) and its infinite applications in human life as developed by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and presented on this website.

Since the UL is the knowledge of the Source (Godhead) expressed in human language, it is called: The Divine Constitution (DC) of the Universal Law.

– The DC acknowledges all humans as immortal, unlimited, independent, free and sovereign creator beings who exist in infinite dimensions and realities, and not only on the earth, which is a specific incarnation experiment of their human souls. Humans always create from the fulcrum of their souls, consciously or unconsciously to the human mind of the incarnated personality.

– Therefore, all human institutions, authorities and forms of social life that claim priority or even monopoly on the interpretation of the creationary dialogue and exchange of ideas between the incarnated individual and his soul will be immediately and forever abolished with the adoption of the DC because they infringe upon the principles of Universal Creation as presented in the Science and Gnosis of the UL.

This includes the immediate abolition of the national state with all its legal, governmental, administrative, financial, economic, health, education, and other collective forms of governance.

– For the same reason all institutional religions will also be abolished.

– Current fake science and all philosophical, and spiritual teachings that have failed to understand and acknowledge the UL will eventually cease to exist in the rapid progress of the social evolution of humanity with the adoption of the DC.

– The new holistic worldview of the new Science and Gnosis of the UL will be the only cognitive guideline on how to understand and interpret the Nature of All-That-Is and who we truly are. Coming from the Source, it is an open system of infinite knowledge and will evolve and expand with the expansion of humanity’s awareness during its ascension process throughout the dimensions.

– It will also be the scientific theoretical foundation for the introduction of infinite new higher-dimensional technologies that will bring about unlimited freedom and prosperity to all humans.

– The implementation of the DC by a population in a country or geographic region is an indispensable prerequisite for the people to have full access to the new cities of light and to ascend from there to higher dimensions.

– Only countries and populations that have voted in a referendum for the introduction of the DC will have free access to the already existing new higher-dimensional technologies because the adoption of the DC prevents any misuse of such technologies for dark purposes as this has happened in human past history (e.g. in Atlantis and also in the history of this humanity).

– In particular, the countries that abolish their current constitutions and vote for the new DC will acquire immediate free access to the following basic technologies that will bestow them with hitherto unknown freedom and prosperity:

1) Quantum Intelligent Antigravity Vehicles for easy individual or group transport to any place on the earth. These vehicles will be based on Free Photon Energy according to the new Science of the UL. With these vehicles, all borders and legal restrictions of the current national states (e.g. passports) will be abolished forever. People will be free to fly like birds.

2) Soul-protected Astral-Card for everyone that will provide unlimited resources to every individual according to his spiritual necessities as determined by his soul. This new technology will abolish with one fell swoop all current control mechanisms, all fraud, corruption, oppression, injustice, inequality, and manipulation based on the current Orion Monetary system.

3) Numerous other advanced technologies, which will be based on free photon energy, antigravity and other new higher-dimensional forms of energy exchange, will provide infinite abundance and freedom for all humans forever (Golden Age of Humanity).

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