Nová Gnóze – Evoluční Skok Lidstva

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 9, 2021

Czech Translation of the book:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

I am immensely grateful to my friend and PAT member Pepé Fleischman for translating this foundational work on the New Gnosis of the Universal Law into the Czech language. This is what he wrote to me when he sent his translation today:

“Dear Georgi,

I’ve finished with the translation of the New Gnosis just in time before the Shift can come. It’s been a great joy and honor. Hopefully, many people will profit from it in the very near future. The high frequencies of undeniable truth will speak to each and everyone’s conscience and they will recognize it. 

Much love to you!


This is correct – the Central Sun began with its final blast leading to the Shift yesterday, on November 8, and will continue with massive downloads of source energies throughout the most powerful annual portal 11.11. I expect the manifestation of the Shift with global terraforming events and our ascension to happen shortly thereafter.

Download Ebook:

Nová Gnóze – Evoluční Skok Lidstva



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