The Healing and Study Centres of Light in Liguria, Italy

– International Edition –

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 31, 2021

Dr Georgi Alexandrov Stankov is the Discoverer of the Universal Law, the Author of the New and Only True Science of Ascension, the Captain of the Planetary Ascension Team, the Driving Force Behind the Current Shift and the Ascension, and the Primary Creator of the Cities Light on the New Earth

My beloved,

Your masterpiece (Melchizedek refers to the text and project below regarding the role of the Universal Law of Nature in the Study and Healing Centres in Liguria, Italy) is complete and has achieved its effect and its effect is profound, enduring and offering such upliftment to those who know it is real, who know the City of Light exists. All those who read, who believe, and who support, are sending huge waves of energetic light into this creation, resulting in an expanded and ever-expanding creation!

Melchizedek, personal message to me


Dearest Georgi!

What has to come true is coming true these days. The time has come to close the present phase and to begin a new and joyful chapter on a much higher level. It will be a quick and easy transition because you are prepared and longing for Ascension with every fibre of your being. You will be uplifted when the cosmic moment arrives. You know the complexity of what is happening and so surrender according to the energy waves as you feel them. Trust in the perfection of the whole process and the divine plan.

You are the co-creator of this happening, you have created it through your Higher Self according to your soul plan and through your soul group. There is nothing more to do but tune in and flow with it as it unfolds, must unfold. Be aware that as a powerful creator being you have set everything in motion.

We accompany you at every turn, you perceive us and know how to interpret the signs. So we are gladly at your side to assure you that everything will come true for you as you have decreed.

You are respected, appreciated and loved on our level for what you are!

Pallas Athena, August 2021

Dr Georgi Alexandrov Stankov is a social innovator who holds dear to his heart the full and successful creation of a new way of living for the human collective in this lifetime. His mission is one of passionate dedication during what has been described as the End Times or the Time of Revelations. Indeed, this is a time where clarity of thought and integration of all true knowledge of humanity’s origin and connection to the Creation of All-That-Is must now be recognised as being humanity’s birthright.

Stankov has lived a life as an independent scientist and thinker (see Autobiography). In 1995, he discovered the Universal Law of Nature by proving that all known physical laws are applications of this law and can be mathematically derived from the same. Between 1995 and 1999 he developed the General Theory of Science (Tetralogy of Science) and from 2000 – 2010 he developed the New Gnosis of the Universal Law.  These profound discussions in his many books and articles elucidate the differing positions in all current religions and various philosophical teachings. The new General Theory of Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law is essentially the Science of Ascension and will be the only correct spiritual worldview on the new 5D Earth. All books and major articles are available on this website Stankov’s Universal Law Press

As an incarnated Elohim soul and designated Logos God since December 2013, Dr Stankov brings forth new ideas and theories from a higher level of awareness for the sole purpose to assist humanity in learning new ways of expanding into a more socially supportive world.  This new supportive world will reflect two fundamental social innovations:  First, every human being experiences optimal health, and second, every human being experiences personal prosperity.

These two foundational elements of natural existence, health and prosperity, will arise first from the revelations and implementation of the principles of biological regulation as set out in The General Theory of Biological Regulation that will provide optimal health recovery for every citizen, without exception.  Based on this theory, Stankov will expose as an Ascended Master the current fraud with the coronavirus epidemic and establish the new higher dimensional system of truly effective healing on the New Earth.

Secondly, the right to prosperity for every citizen is a hallmark feature of the principles of universal abundance as set out in the profound teachings of the new Astral Currency, respectively a world without money. The new Astral Currency will make use of new 5D technologies for the quick implementation of the new Interdimensional Network for Financial Energy Remuneration (INFER), most probably beginning this year.

These are only two examples of the intention behind this new social venture, a venture that will reflect in its success the greatest healing and prosperity adventure for humanity, of ALL time. Ultimately, the acceptance and widespread expansion of the Universal Law will enable the introduction of new technologies that will transform our world into an advanced civilisation of infinite prosperity, creation, bliss and peace.

Embracing this new world requires a higher level of awareness and this has been described as the Process of Ascension.  A new world reflecting prosperity and optimal health for all is founded in Dr Stankov’s Theory of Science and Gnosis, which are the theoretical foundations for the Ascension of Humanity, that is, to achieve an integrated understanding of life through unifying the whole with love where all are honoured for who they are and for what they each have to offer.

These teachings are more accessible than ever before as humanity’s desire for understanding life has grown exponentially over recent years, and certainly now, in a world of social restraint that doesn’t seem to support the expansion of consciousness but also oppresses the health of the human body, mind and soul.  The New Axiomatics of the UL is the foundation not only of the New Science and Gnosis but also the only possible logical, holistic thinking of the human mind that leads to an open conduit to All-That-Is, to discover the meaning of our current world and ultimately the meaning of life for each of us.

Through the study and understanding of Stankov’s highly inspiring teachings, one will expand one’s own personal level of awareness which shall then become the foundation of personal awakening required to move into the higher frequency realities where all are equal and where all are invited to express their true nature as souls. This is the destiny that all souls currently incarnated on the Earth have chosen for this incarnation – to experience their full awakening to their immortality as souls.

In 2011, Stankov officially opened his website Stankov’s Universal Law Press, from where he began his mission of sharing these new revelations. The objective of opening this site was to “connect the dots”, in other words, to connect the brave souls whose mission it is to raise the frequencies of Earth and humanity by anchoring pure light from the Source of All-That-Is. This is the most daring task an incarnated human being can ever accomplish. The combined activity of all light bearers is to ultimately guide humanity along their ascension path, as well as to support them in the overall planetary ascension that has been ongoing since 1987 during the first harmonic convergence.

This website also belongs to the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT, the primary team of remarkable souls coming from the Source who have dedicated themselves to cleansing human darkness as the ultimate experts of planetary ascension. The PAT is the driving force behind the opening of all major stargates and portals since the successful opening of the stargates 11.11.11 and 12.12.12. At these cosmic portals Gaia, and some of the most advanced light warriors from the PAT, have also ascended only to return as avatars and help the human souls on all timelines of Gaia to also ascend.

The PAT accomplished the first planetary ascension on May 28, 2014, and since then a few more ascensions of higher evolved timelines of the Earth. Currently, Dr Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and the PAT are extremely successful in the preparation and manifestation of the ascension of the last batch of timelines of Gaia, with which the mission of this group of exquisite souls is officially finished.

Stankov will be the first ascended master and the new world spiritual teacher on all ascending 4D Earths after the Shift and the custodian of the healing and study centres in Liguria, Italy as well as of all the other cities of light he has created as an Elohim soul and Logos God (Use the search function and read all the articles on this topic).

Stankov’s website is a full archive of all his books and writings on the Universal Law as an open-source. It contains 18 books and more than 3,500 mostly original articles in different languages, including the regular energy reports of the Lightbearers of the First and Last Hour, a seamless chronicle of the successful endeavour to ascend Gaia and humanity. It is probably the greatest cosmic saga of all time, the scope of which can only be perceived and appreciated in expanded awareness in the Fifth and higher dimensions.

The Universal Law of Nature – Our Goals

​We live in a world where our global society has failed to provide all people with basic needs including safe shelter, quality food and water, effective medicine, and the opportunity to prosper and live a “healed life” in joy, fully expressing ourselves as our souls would wish.

Our goals are therefore to ultimately address these issues for humanity at this time. The focus on economic, political and military issues has not served the higher good of the people and must be re-directed. It is time for a new world, a world that emphasises expanding on issues of higher value including self-realisation, self-acceptance, and having access to education that represents the truth of who we are and where we have come from. As we learn about our origin, we will finally learn to accept that we are all the same, coming from the same Source of Creation and therefore any act of aggression against another is fundamentally an act of aggression against ourselves. There is, without equivocation no place for War.

Finally, it is necessary to present to the world the mistakes in Science. It is our goal to reveal for the first time the dogmas in physics that have prevented the use of free photon energy that will liberate humanity from the shackles of currently limited fossil energy and put an end to all wars and conflicts on this planet.

Furthermore, it is our goal to reveal the truth about medicine and bio-sciences. Medicine and bio-sciences are founded on ominous statements that are not only false, but they contain numerous deliberate false scientific statements and recommendations as dogmas that lead to very harmful treatments and other procedures in medicine, healthcare and even in the food industry.

The General Theory of Biological Regulation explains for the first time in human history of science how human (organic) cells and biological bodies are truly regulated from an energetic point of view and which drugs and agents harm this regulation. Until now, medicine and bio-sciences have not been able to develop a coherent theory for understanding the regulation of cells and the body and have only produced scattered facts that allow the misuse of medicine and bio-sciences as a platform to enhance collective human fears, harm and suppress humanity. This is precisely what we observe today during the current inhuman lockdown based on the greatest lie in the history of science and mankind – that viruses exist in Nature and harm the human body

Ultimately, we will begin as soon as possible with the teaching of the New Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law in the Healing and Spiritual Study Centres in Diano Marina and San Remo, Liguria, Italy in the course of this year.

The new Healing and Study Centres will become the new prototype of human education that will be replicated in all schools, universities and other educational institutions and scientific research centres around the globe. This inevitable revolution of human science and society is an indispensable prerequisite for the evolution of mankind and its transformation into an enlightened civilisation.

In particular, we will be providing new higher-dimensional healing procedures that will truly heal the people, enhance the quality of their lives and prepare them for their ascension. We will also educate numerous healers who will then found their own centres of healing and thus help humanity recover from eons of time of dreadful karmic experiences and deep-seated traumata and fears.

We will establish and teach a full and comprehensive educational programme of the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law, beginning with thorough teaching and implementation of the new Axiomatics of the UL, which is a novel holistic way of logical thinking that until now does not exist on the Earth. It is the springboard to expanded awareness, which every human being is potentially capable of. The new Axiomatics has to be learned and implemented carefully in a long-term study and practical use by simultaneously assimilating the new spiritual principles of the UL as presented in many books and articles on the New Gnosis written by Stankov since 1999.

This will be the gnostic and spiritual foundation for the successful ascension of our students. Essentially, the new Science and Gnosis of the UL are the Science of Ascension. Any student who will end his life as an ascended master will significantly contribute to the evolution and advancement of the whole of humanity with his knowledge, his unlimited ability of immediate creation and as a personal role model to follow.

The Universal Law and New Technology

We will offer a thorough and theoretical programme on physics, mathematics and other applied sciences that will lead to the invention and quick implementation of new advanced technologies, the like of which no human being has ever seen. They will bring abundance, prosperity, peace and joy to all people within a very short period of time. The introduction of these new technologies will be supervised and coordinated by those who have an understanding of the Universal Law and also who have direct contact with their own higher knowledge. They will channel the technical information for such new inventions and technologies and will teach the students how to correctly receive such high-quality advanced information, by strictly applying the axiomatic principles of the UL and expanding their abstract human thinking.

The “Department of New Science and New Technologies of the Universal Law” will present the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law for new scientists and inventors who will be instrumental in the development and introduction of new advanced technologies based on free photon energy, antigravity and superconductivity. Please watch the four videos on free photon energy and anti-gravity and read the script: Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script.

These inventions can only come after humanity has fully implemented the New Theory of Science of the Universal Law that precludes any misuse of advanced technologies which will inevitably harm the whole civilisation. Therefore, special attention will be paid to the proper theoretical education of the students that will also foster their Light Body Process (LBP) and individual ascension.

The General Theory of Biological Regulation and Healing

The Interdimensional Healing Centre in Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo/Cervo will offer new advanced higher dimensional healings and methods of treatment through special infrastructural intersections. These special intersections will be still of material nature and will be provided very soon. The patients will be accommodated in rental houses and hotels which will be available in Diano Marina, San Remo and other places in the vicinity along the Ligurian coast.

The Healing Centre will provide an extensive educational programme for all enlightened human healers who have already some experience with alternative treatments and have reached a high level of spiritual evolution to be able to understand, at the mental and the emotional level, all the new principles of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation (the “General Theory”).

The General Theory will be the foundation of all healings that will be performed in the new Healing Centre. It also includes an intimate understanding of the basic spiritual principles of any true higher dimensional healing as outlined in Stankov’s 5th German book on Gnosis “Gedanken”, partially translated into English by the author as “Thoughts – Part I“. Many of the healers who have dedicated themselves to this light work in the Healing Centre may be also patients who need further healing of their bodies, chakras and energetic fields that will make them better healers and will facilitate their future ascension.

The methods of healing will hugely vary and cannot be discussed here.

As the new General Theory is the foundation of all the healing procedures and is based on the physical and mathematical theory of the UL as outlined in Volume I and Volume II, basic physical knowledge will be imparted to the healers and also to the patients, so that they can better understand how the healing process works. Ultimately, only a truly enlightened patient can be healed and this ought to become common knowledge to everyone. Therefore, the new Healing Centre has also a vast educational role to play for the entire humanity. This unique theory will also be studied by open-minded bioscientists and doctors at a later stage.

The basic principle of any true healing is that every human being is his own best healer and that the soul is the self-sufficient creator and perfect healer of the physical human body all the time. However, the human ego prevents this benevolent intervention of the soul most of the time through massive fear-based blockages in the body that have to be released first. Here is where most of the external healing of the patients will take place in our new Healing Centre through thorough spiritual and scientific education.

This new knowledge will be taught to all evolved human healers who will come from all over the world to learn these new techniques and then use them in their own practices. Even patients who, after being healed, may discover that they carry the soul essence of a healer and would also like to develop this profession in order to help other human beings.

For this reason, the Healing Centre will be closely associated with the Study Centre in San Remo where the entire theory of the Universal Law will be taught. This theory is based on the holistic perception of all reality so that there can be no narrow specialisation as is found now in all sciences and other old-fashioned professions. Particular attention will be paid to the appropriate understanding and practical implementation of the new Axiomatics as it is the foundation of any advanced expanded multidimensional awareness to which eventually all incarnated human beings will evolve during their ascension process.

Study Opportunities

Read also: The Creation of the Portal and Temple of Ascension in San Remo

The Study Centre in San Remo will essentially teach the new Theory of Science and Gnosis of the UL as presented on Stankov’s Universal Law Press. It includes and unifies all known natural and social sciences. It is a pantheory of human knowledge and has no limitations. This theory is elaborated in detail in 18 books and in more than 3,000 mostly original articles and energy reports, some of which are also available in different languages (Vademecum to the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law).

The Study Centre is planned to consist of four departments but future structural adjustments may be possible or necessary:

1. There will be a special department for studies of the General Theory of Biological Regulation, which will be closely associated with the Healing Centre (see the previous section). This department will be called the “Department of Biophysics and Higher Dimensional Healing“. It is important to stress that there is no such science as physics of physical inorganic matter because we as souls create Nature and this reality. Therefore, all physics is Biophysics just as medicine and all bio-sciences can only assess the Universal Law in its multifaceted manifestations in organic matter and are thus also Biophysics.

2. The “Department of New Science and New Technologies of the Universal Law” will present the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law as outlined in Volume I and Volume II for new scientists and inventors who will be instrumental in the development and introduction of new advanced technologies based on free photon energy, antigravity and superconductivity.  Please watch the four videos on free photon energy and antigravity and read the script:  Free Photon Energy – All Videos, Expanded Script.

These inventions can only come after humanity has fully implemented the new theory of the Universal Law which precludes any misuse of advanced technologies that will inevitably harm the whole civilisation. Therefore, special attention will be paid to the proper theoretical education of the students that will also foster their Light Body Process (LBP) and individual ascension (see below).

3. The “Department of Social Sciences and Enlightenment” will teach social and spiritual sciences, in particular, new forms of organisation of the ascending evolved human society that will quickly eliminate the old socio-economic and environmental problems on this planet. Many societal issues have not supported humanity over long periods of time and these will fall apart in order for healing to occur for the highest good of all.

One such need to be addressed is the implementation of the new Astral Currency based on local emitting banks in free autonomous communities of enlightened individuals. The new currency will be based on a higher-dimensional system of payments and transactions, known as INFER that will substitute the old failed Orion monetary system; it is based on a true understanding of the nature of energy = All-That-Is = the Primary Term of Human Consciousness and reflects various philosophical, historical and gnostic aspects of human life. See section on Astral Currency.

4. The “Department of LBP and Ascension“ will be dedicated to the light body process (LBP) and Ascension. The new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law are essentially the Science of Ascension and it will fully unfold its validity very soon when humans will begin to remember their ability of immediate creation. The UL is the manual to this new evolved way of life and that is why all old erroneous science must be entirely abandoned.

All departments will work closely together as they complement each other. For instance, if a student makes huge advances in the LBP and Ascension, then he will have open contact with his soul and may also be a successful inventor of new technologies that will be given to him through channelling if he also has a technical background and interests in this area and is capable of implementing this information into practical solutions.

Some inventions may be new healing techniques and will be of benefit to the Healing Centre. Essentially, all of these healing and teaching activities will unfold in the unity field of Divine consciousness, where there is no separation and will thus follow the holistic approach of the new Theory of the UL.

A New World Community and the Astral Currency

A new world community will arise from a fresh approach to social sciences.  Numerous courses on advanced social life will include new forms of organisation of the ascending evolved human society, that reflects various philosophical, historical and gnostic aspects of human life. Sharing these understandings with enlightened individuals will be enjoyed and implemented in these new communities that will quickly spread on the New Earth.

The gnostic and theoretical principles of the new Astral Currency and its Interdimensional Network for Financial Energy Remuneration (INFER) will be taught widely and practically implemented. The Astral Currency programme will represent new just systems of payments and transactions that will lead to the true liberation of all humans.​


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