Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)*

Therapy Recommendations With Cell-Stimulating Substances

Georgi Stankov, MD, May 18, 2021

Translated from the German publication from 1997 upon request by the new PAT member Sal P., and updated with respect to the current coronavirus scamdemic.


General fatigue is the most common symptom and is observed in connection with many diseases, and currently with the LBP. About 25 to 50% of patients in a general medical practice complain of fatigue at some time. It was not until the 1980s that this symptom received due attention. The U.S. federal agencies NIH (National Institute of Health) and CDC (Centers of Disease Control) then developed an authoritative definition of this disease state that became universally accepted. I will explain this definition, which is not very well known in Germany, and present the main clinical findings from recent years. I will then discuss new therapeutic strategies for this common disease.


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is an independent disease whose symptoms overlap with those of many other diseases.

According to the CDC’s definition, a patient must meet two major symptoms or criteria and 8 of the 11 secondary symptoms, or 2 objective and 6 secondary symptoms, to have CFS. The first main symptom is the occurrence of severe physical fatigue for a period of 6 months. The second main criterion is the absence of a demonstrable medical or psychiatric etiology for the fatigue. Secondary criteria of CFS are symptoms of regular headaches, myalgia (fibromyalgia), arthralgia, fever, sore throat, painful lymph nodes, muscle weakness, sustained exhaustion after physical exertion, neuropsychological symptoms, sleep disturbances, and a sudden onset of CFS. Objective criteria include sub-febrile conditions, non-exudative pharyngitis, and palpable or tender cervical or axillary lymph nodes.

History and etiology of CFS

The origin of our knowledge of the existence of CFS as an independent disease dates back to the great influenza epidemic of 1957 in the United States. Patients who recovered more slowly from influenza illness than the average influenza sufferer showed a marked psychopathological predisposition.

New: Since we know in the meantime that influenza does not exist as there are no viruses in nature, “the flu”, just like the current coronavirus scamdemic, is a fake medical diagnosis for ascension symptoms that occur during periods of enhanced release of physical body density, known as the Light Body Process, LBP.

It was later found at NIH that there was a correlation between the symptom complex of persistent fatigue, muscle pain, general aches and pains, and influenza symptomatology on the one hand, and elevated Epstein-Barr virus antibody titers on the other. Other viruses have also been associated with the occurrence of CFS (e.g., herpes virus-6). However, later studies showed that the frequently observed elevated antibody titers to various viruses could not be the sole cause of CFS, but rather a concomitant effect. It was only at this time that CFS began to be discussed controversially and with due seriousness in professional circles. The main reason for this was the realization that about 45% of patients with CFS are regularly bedridden and unable to work, so that this disease has to be taken seriously.

New: The more hypotheses are being forward for the origin of a disease, the more obvious it becomes that the doctors have no clue regarding its etiology. This is the case with virtually all chronic diseases as I have admonished on many occasions. You only need to check any standard textbook on internal medicine. In the case of the CFS, the viral hypothesis is just as fake as the current pandemic as there are no viruses in nature.

However, the fact the CFS was first diagnosed in the 50s is remarkable as it marks the onset of the LBP in the broad human population with the arrival of my generation of the indigo children who then took over the mission to ascend Gaia and humanity with full force, beginning around the turn of the millennium (first with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987).

I am really thankful to Sal that he asked me to translate this article in order to deal one more time with the history of CFS and realize how clear the signs of the planetary ascension were already in the 50s, of course only retrospectively as at that time nobody knew what is going to happen with the earth and its population in the current End Time.

The powers that were, PTW, in the meantime, the expelled dark evil ETs from the Orion/Reptilian empire knew about this legendary undertaking of us as the light warriors of the first and the last hour and tried to camouflage the LBP as a fake disease and diagnosis as they have done all along in their medical system of genocide and mayhem by deliberately disregarding the higher dimensional regulation of the body by the soul.

In addition, there was increasing evidence that CFS is associated with decreased immune function. Although these results are still very preliminary, they clearly show that many specific functions of the immune system are impaired during CFS. In particular, this is true for natural killer cell activity (NK-cell activity, T cells). The proliferative response of lymphocytes obtained from CFS patients is markedly decreased in the presence of mitogens. Many patients with CFS have atopy and do not respond to skin testing. Remarkably, they acquire their positive hypersensitivity of the delayed-type after therapy with immunoglobulins (physiological cell-stimulating immune factors in the sense of the bioenergetic principle). In patients with CFS, the concentrations of gamma-interferon, interleukin-2, and interleukin-6 are significantly decreased. These findings suggest a global down-regulation of the immune response during CFS.

New:  CFS represents the beginning of the deliberate suppression of the immune system of the entire human population by the dark ruling cabal and the PTW with all kinds of cell-inhibiting drugs which the postwar pharmaceutical industry of human genocide produced in the thousands, and also with the broad introduction of various obsolete vaccinations with great toxic potential already in the 50s. These criminal therapies contributed to the iatrogenic genocide of half a billion people since the end of WW2 as calculated by myself based on the results of impeccable double-blind placebo-controlled trials from the literature, to which I rendered the theoretical explanation with the development of the first and only General Theory of Biological Regulation.

Conventional therapy of CFS

Until the discovery of the Universal Law in organic matter and the derivation of newer therapeutic approaches, there has been no successful drug therapy for CFS. On the other hand, some results have been shown so far with restorative psychotherapy. The most common drug therapy agents are: Acyclovir, i.v. immunoglobulin (cell-stimulating but with very short duration of action), folic acid-cyanocobalamin, etc. Clinical studies have shown that none of these therapies is better than placebo.

New: On the other hand, several studies have shown that the cure rate after placebo therapy is extraordinarily high which points to CFS being a medical label for chronic exhaustion during the LBP.

This clearly speaks for the thesis that a positive psychological influence (placebo effect) can improve the psycho-vegetative mood or depression. This in turn leads to an improvement of the immune function. Positive thinking is cell-stimulating (energy-giving) in the sense of the Universal Law. All human experience with the creative potential of positive emotional energies proves this beyond any doubt.

In the coming days and weeks, this aspect will become central when the separation between the ascending portion of humanity and the descending one will fully manifest. The ascending ones will begin to bathe in the joy and bliss of the new 5D earth while the descending ones, who will continue to cling to the old crumbling 3D matrix, will be embroiled in despair and desolation and these emotional states will only deteriorate their personal destiny.

In the past, the administration of magnesium (Mg2+) has been shown to significantly improve symptoms of CFS (Cox et al. 1991, Lancet 337; 757-760). This result is remarkable in that the large magnesium study (Euramic, 1993, Lancet, 342, p. 1379) clearly demonstrates the beneficial effect of this metal ion for other indications as well, such as reducing the risk of myocardial infarction.

In terms of the Universal Law, magnesium plays a central role in the regulation of the cells. The ATP-ases, which are responsible for the repolarization of the plasma membrane, i.e. for the build-up of electrical energy in the cells, which is used for cell regulation, function only in the presence of magnesium. Otherwise, ATP-ases are not able to pump sodium and potassium ions against their gradients. So magnesium plays a central role in the energy conversion in the cells and is therefore cell-stimulating. Its positive effect is recognized not only in CFS and in heart diseases, but also in many other diseases (e.g. reduction of cancer risk). Similar broad effects are shown by the cell-stimulating drugs nystatin and amphotericin B.

New:  Magnesium is indispensable in the LBP where most of the time the cell metabolism is maximally enhanced as this can be observed in the enhanced diuresis that regularly occurs when massive downloads of source energy occur as is the case now on the eve of the shift for all light warriors of the PAT who drive the shift and the planetary ascension. I am taking daily magnesium also to prevent the otherwise regular cramps in my legs due to nightly overloading with source energies that flow alternatingly through the left and the right brain portal and flood the entire chakra system. The latter has, in the meantime, expanded with new powerful chakras in the knees and the feet as I have reported in the past and that is why the muscles of the legs are under great stress during the night. Some PAT members (Jerry) report also chronic neurological symptoms which are also associated with the depletion of magnesium in the body and contribute to the LBP-CFS.

Therapy Recommendations in the Sense of the Universal Law

CFS is a very common condition that may be associated with lowered immune defense, mental depression, and other chronic diseases. All these conditions may be part of the LBP or aggravate the symptoms of the latter as underlying disorders. Therefore, the CDC’s official definition of CFS is meaningless as current medicine has no idea of the LBP. If some specialists among the ruling cabal happen to know about it, they try to suppress this knowledge with fake science as we observe these days during the lockdown that is based on entirely false medical hypotheses and grossly fudged epidemiological statistics.

The therapy goal of CFS can only be global cell stimulation of the body’s cells and the organism in support of the LBP. The first priority is to stimulate the immune cells. That is why the cabal now tries to suppress the immune system of the people with their toxic criminal vaccinations to prevent the LBP and their ascension. The souls of most vaccinated people leave the human body and you can recognize this by their empty glance and the lack of any vitality – they are soulless empty shells.

Nystatin and amphotericin B are the most potent immune stimulators on the market. Due to their advantageous distribution in the body (mainly in the liver, spleen and other mesenchymal and secondary lymphoid organs), these drugs strengthen the immune system in the first place (e.g. stimulate T-cells, NK-cell activity). However, since they stimulate all body cells at the same time, the healthy homeostasis of the organism is rapidly restored.

New: I have treated in the 90s several patients with CFS with 1 g of nystatin orally (4 capsules á 250 mg = 1.250.000 I.U.; total daily dose = 5.000.000 I.U.) and could cure the disease after 4 to 6 weeks. I myself took nystatin chronically in the first most intense phase of the LBP and then recently repeated this treatment, but for a shorter period of time as my crystalline light body is fully built and its carbon-based shell can regenerate much quicker. Therefore, I recommend the administration of 1 g of nystatin orally in all states of exhaustion accompanied by increased susceptibility to other bacterial and chronic diseases as this regularly occurs during the LBP.

The duration of the therapy depends on the person’s condition. Minimum duration: 3 months, possibly 6 months to 1 year. In case of recurrence of CFS, the therapy must be repeated. In the late phase of the LBP, a 6-week treatment with oral nystatin is sufficient to improve the overall performance of the physical body and mitigate the worst symptoms of the LBP.

Although CFS during the LBP can be accompanied by psycho-vegetative depression, antidepressant therapy should be always avoided as it infringes on the LBP. In most cases, the psychological state improves rapidly after monotherapy with nystatin.

In addition to nystatin, I recommend the administration of magnesium tablets and high-dose multivitamins (preferably fat-soluble vitamins). The vitamins, except vitamin C, are free radical scavengers and improve energy transfer into the cells. Fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial. There is no specific diet.

I recommend that the person with CFS should slowly start with physical exercises as I am doing now with light workouts. However, in the first phase of drug treatment, overexertion should be avoided. It leads to undesirable exhaustion of the immune system (competitive athletes who train to the limit of their endurance often have a lowered immune defense. Moderation is the basic rule of all therapy and is derived from the Universal Law.).  Only when healthy homeostasis has been restored by nystatin, should one begin with moderate physical exertion, e.g., hiking.

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* I must apologize to my readers for publishing the incomplete article first as I was too much concentrated on writing the new aspects of the CFS which I could not know in 1997 when I first drafted the German article and haven’t elaborated on this topic since then until Sal asked me today to translate this article. Now the article is complete with important new contributions to the CFS during the LBP which is these days of paramount importance as more and more people enter the Light Body Process.



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