How We Create the Shift in Real Time

Pallas Athene: The Best Message on the Shift

Gabriele Schmitz and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 21, 2021

English Transcript of the Message from Pallas Athene 

I am Pallas-Athena and I greet you from the etheric temple above the island of Crete. Historic things are happening at this time and the sensitive among you notice it in the constantly rising energies.

Be prepared for a lot of things to happen to you, to Mother Earth, to the whole universe. It is the time that many have been waiting for and now, it is here. It is what is called the Shift, the Ascension, and not only humanity and Mother Earth, but the entire Universe is ascending, and because it is so all-encompassing and incomprehensible to your human minds, I want to give you some details about it today.

It is a manifestation process that is taking place from the Fifth down to the dimensional level where Mother Earth and all of humanity are at this time.

And this manifestation process is a process, in the fifth level everything has happened, everything has been accomplished, what you are waiting for now is the manifestation on this level.

This process is also dependent on all of humanity, it is happening with your help. Please understand that, and so today I would like to remind you that you can accelerate this process through your own personal light work, through your alignment with the fifth level, then everything will manifest faster.

It is not a process, which we determine, it is happening, but the pace is also dependent on you and so do not expect us to give you dates now. You are supported by the energies that are flowing to you, you are supported by the ascended masters when you call them, but you must take action.

And so I want to remind you again today, be the powerful beings of light that you are in truth, know this and radiate this light. Radiate it out into beloved Mother Earth, with Lady Gaia, radiate it out to your fellow human beings, especially to those who have no idea of all these processes. Bring this light, whenever it is possible for you, into the world, thus you are supporters of the Ascension, for all of humanity, for Mother Earth, and the entire universe.

What is taking place will be magnificent and you will know the moment when it is here, it affects every single person in this world. You will know it and then stay aligned, it is advisable to come to the center when it is time.

You have all the support, you don’t need to be afraid of anything, everything is arranged according to the Divine Plan, all the beings involved are prepared or have done their work. Mother Earth will also continue on her inner path, the changes she has to go through are coming up and cannot be slowed down by anything or anyone.

Mother Earth has received divine permission to make her changes that are necessary to create a new world and so be mindful there too, you are receiving guidance via your Higher Self as to where to be, so learn to trust your inner voice. It will come forward more and more clearly and also there, know that the result will only be a blessing for all of you, a new earth and a new humanity is being created and you are allowed to witness that right now.

It is human to become impatient, but develop the quality of patience, develop now also the confidence that everything will work out for the best and also radiate this confidence because that raises your vibration and through that, you will feel better.

Align yourselves positively, create in your thought world, in your visualizations already once the earth on which you would like to live. Peace, love, divine government, spiritual teachers to support you, you will have guides who have your best interests in mind.

Look forward to what lies ahead and nothing can stop what is coming. Surrender to your divine guidance, believe and trust.

We are expecting these changes just as you are, and we too are excited about this great change. If you need guidance, send the request for guidance to us. We can only tell you, and we are happy to repeat it again: Marvellous things await you.

I have spoken, Pallas Athena from the Temple of Truth.


The synchronicities are amazing on the eve of the shift. I recently made contact with Gabriele and her husband Michael from Germany and we immediately found many common experiences and areas of interest. Both Gabriele and Michael have been on the spiritual path for a very long time. Michael is in close contact with the ascended masters of the White Brotherhood and regularly receives messages from them.

Gabriele is also in close contact with many ascended masters and masterfully channels Pallas Athena, with whom I also have a very close connection, as she resides in the etheric Temple of the Green Flame in Crete, where I was initiated for the second time in 1994 by my spiritual patron and probably another incarnation of my soul, Master Hilarion, the Chohan of the Green Flame of healing, clarity of mind and science:

Read here: The Fifth Ray: The Green Flame of Healing, Clarity of Mind, Science and Manifestation

As I have written on numerous occasions, I am also in close contact with the White Brotherhood, which for many years has been instrumental in my inspirations to discover the Universal Law and establish the new science and gnosis thereof.

The last two human incarnations of the White Brotherhood, Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov visited us last summer (July 17, 2020). They gave us a solemn message and announced the Divine Dispensation of the White Brotherhood for the coming Shift:

Read here: Germany – The Painful Awakening of the Drowsy Behemoth

And here is the chronicle of this beautiful and very precise message from Pallas Athena that Gabriele received so sovereignly today. Yesterday, we had an email exchange with Gabriele to tune in to our lightwork activities together and we also talked about Pallas Athena. I personally feel her presence very strongly in my fields these days, but of course I do not receive direct messages from her or other AM. I am only being channeled in the form of inspirations regarding my major topics concerning the Universal Law. I am also guided very closely by my Higher Self and do everything I am asked to do in blind trust and without any hesitation, because that is how I create in a most effective way, as I will show below.


April 20, 2021

Dear George, good morning!

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for all this news of your last email.

You wrote, this is something to internalize first. This is exactly the process I am in right now. I have read so much of your publications in the last few days and I will probably do nothing but keep reading your website for the next while.

This is doing a lot to me and I am in great gratitude for it. This is a milestone in my consciousness process and I wanted to let you know that today.

Be blessed for what you are doing.




Dear Gabriela,

I am very happy that you are learning some things from me, although when I attune into you, you are already very advanced. I am indeed the teacher responsible for the expansion of people’s consciousness, and since most resist this natural process of evolution tooth and nail, my enlightening activities have been crowned with rather modest success. Of course, this is changing very quickly in these days of upheaval.

Have you tried to get a message from Pallas Athena about the current situation? I know that we will soon hear about the political changes, and I also see the shift coming very soon. The very intense energies announce it.

I had transfigured my body three nights ago and left my bed and apartment for 3 hours, but have no memory of where I was. When I came back and touched the bed sheet, I woke up and knew I was gone. I did my transfiguration back in August 2013 and have been here as an avatar since then, read my homepage about it, but I haven’t done it since then.

Already at that time the Elohim and the other sources told us that afterwards we will have big problems with the tendons, because they will be softened and will cause pain, especially the shoulder joints and I then had shoulder pain on the right side for years, which then disappeared and now has reappeared, also pain in the right pelvic bone, where many tendons are found. This shows me that I am being prepared for my final transfiguration of my last soul fragment and given the extreme energy intensities, it must be coming soon.

“Wait and see”, as Beckenbauer used to say in Bavarian dialect.

Kind regards



Dear Georg,

Thank you for your uplifting words and your experience report. Yes, Pallas Athena will still say something about the current situation. I can feel it coming up. She always does this very gently with me.

Today at noon we have our joint meditation in the Divine Team, after which I go into our forest. While there, I sometimes have inner dialogues with her. Then I will know.

You must already have spring in Italy. Today, after more than 2 weeks of cold, it is slightly above 10 degrees with a bright blue sky.

Therefore sunny greetings to you from Gabriele

P.S. Michael also wanted to get in touch with you.


Dear Gabriela,

I would love to hear from Michael. I also feel Pallas Athena here with me and that she is ready to give you a message.

Here the weather is unusually cold for the season and with a lot of wind and chilly at night and today is the first day where it seems to be getting warmer. The mood of the people is so depressed that it is having a negative effect on the weather, but maybe that will change very soon.

I may also go hiking in the hills here this afternoon and hear what my spiritual guides have to say about the current quality of time.

Kind regards



April 21, 2021

Dear Georg,

since I know you are happy to see the video, you will be the 1st to get the link:

Have fun watching it.

Best regards



Dear Gabriele,

I knew that you will receive the best message on the Shift. Pallas Athena already told me that, as I wrote to you. My warmest congratulations. I am excited about the good fruits of our collaboration, which we started only recently, but is already proving to be very promising.

I can fully agree and subscribe to every word of Pallas Athene and I could not have said anything otherwise or more about the Shift, because I have already said and written all this on numerous occasions. But it is uniquely enjoyable to hear it again from her as confirmation.

I am sending you separately, my correspondence with Helga from Germany, a long standing member of the PAT with whom I have worked very closely for years. I sent my email to Helga a minute before you informed me about your video. In it, you can read that I have already internalized the practical advice of Pallas Athena, have actually always internalized it, and yesterday began to officially introduce and inaugurate the Light Centers here in Liguria in this reality.

What came afterwards is a tremendous wave from the Source, which is powerfully driving the current shift at this moment. It all fits together wonderfully and I send you and your dear husband my warmest congratulations for your excellent work and lightful achievement.

Is there a transcript of this message? I will prepare an article about your video in German later today and I would like to translate and release it in English and Italian as well.

All love



April 21, 2021

Good morning Georgi,

my fields are vibrating and tingling and I am so angry.

Has there been another shift?

All love



Dear Helga,

I wanted to write to you just now, but I have a terrible headache. Yesterday afternoon, I went for a walk on the beach and on the breakwaters overlooking Cervo and the interception point of the City of Light to this reality.

Before that I did what I’ve been avoiding so far – I told some local people for the first time about the healing center here, or rather announced it, and explained to them all the benefits of year-round tourism, instead of just waiting for 2-3 months-season and then raising the rental prices four-five-fold to make short-term profits. Otherwise, Liguria is economically dead, with virtually no industry and good jobs, whatever “good” may be in the current Orion/Reptilian economy.

I was prompted by my soul to do this and officially announced the existence of the Healing Light Center. If nothing else, your dream about the upcoming seminars we will be holding here at the Light Centers in Liguria prompted this announcement. I, of course, presented the whole project from the 3D perspective, but described it as very innovative. I have no idea how much the local people believed me, but they are so affected by the current crisis under the lockdown that they certainly like to listen to a bright vision.

However, they were less pleased when I predicted that this summer there will be no season (stagione), which is what they actually live on all year, because a huge change of life is coming and everything will be turned upside down and people will be in shock. Only after the system that now enslaves them (in this, however, all Italians agree with me and their opinion of the politicians is just as bad as mine, so I don’t need to convince them here, but they don’t do anything about it) is abolished and chaos (pasticcio) will temporarily ensue, so they’d better forget about this summer season. They do not like to hear that, however, they know deep in their hearts that it will be so and they are very scared.

It was an alchemical reaction and my first step into the public here locally, because I write in Italian meanwhile about the centres of light on my website, which is currently visited by more Italian readers than a while ago.

After this first step towards the manifestation of the Healing Center was made, in the afternoon I went to the breakwaters where I am alone and could speak aloud with my spiritual guides and I made a powerful invocation. I told them meaningfully, “Now I have leaned out and I don’t want to be disappointed by you. I am always creating something new on this earth and have been doing it consistently for more than a quarter of a century and have not seen anything concrete so far, but only rejection, resistance and problems from society, apart from the few like-minded PAT members. This situation is unbearable and I want the Shift to come as soon as possible and the City of Light to show itself here. We cannot wait here for so long and live in this despicable situation. I was a little indignant, but the celebratory mood for the inauguration of the Light Center prevailed.

Back home I was immediately hit by a monster wave and had to lie down and could hardly move for 2 hours, because I lay in bed as if paralyzed and the discharges began to flow down with the greatest force from above like waterfall. I got my headache as usual and my whole body ached. This wave lasted all evening and even increased during the night, so I had a headache all the time and hardly slept properly.

Today it continues unabated. My HS told me that after April 20 the energies will increase again and that they will reach a peak around the full moon portal.

So everything you are feeling is the result of this wave that I first consciously triggered, but it certainly would have come that way because people need to be blown away now in preparation for the Shift that must surely come soon, that’s for sure.

So that’s from my side, and you are now fully involved in these processes, that’s the flip side of connecting with me: One makes great progress in the LBP and ascension, but is also increasingly taken into the duty and performs more light work, which is always associated with symptoms and unpleasant side effects. There is nothing I can do about it, that is how the HR and planetary ascension work.

All love



Dear Georgi,

thank you for the comprehensive information. I have already talked to the HR today too, because I had to express my anger somehow.

My head and lower back hurt, last night I went to bed with a hot water bottle. Lulled to sleep by the comforting warmth and the idea of the light cities.

People are just distracted here, from the K-issue (election of the new German Chancellor), which is now resolved. It was sickening to watch how everyone went on a cuddle course.

The Greens took the cake (behaved worst).

I’m glad to be involved in the process. It is now balanced.

And whoever says A, must also say B …

I was just thinking about my dream and the postcard that was handed to me, which I didn’t really recognize as such.

The card would make more sense as an illustration of the “consencrration gift“.

It’s still a work in progress and and I’m not getting any more information about it.

I hope your day stays bearable.

All love



What more can I say about that? This is the only way how we are creating the Shift at this time and if you receive messages to the contrary, as I have seen here today, then you know they are from dark sources and then you must ask yourself why you are so excited by such messages.

I mean this very seriously, because with this attitude you will never, ever ascend. Take our light work with Gabriela, Helga and Michael as described above as a measure of a real unadulterated light work, which transforms this earth and humanity from the ground up and turn your back on such dark messages of the “the gang of light”, as I have already dubbed the contaminated new age years ago, without naming names now, because the list will be very long and very few light warriors will remain outside. Exactly those who will ascend when the shift comes and the others will fall into a deep soul catharsis.

And if you are again indignant at my words, know that one of the main tasks of my Light Mission as Elohim Soul and Logos God of Earth is to draw attention to the dark sides of the small esoteric communities so that they do not continue to wallow undisturbed in their old Atlantean energies of deceit and betrayal, which they still hold very deep in their fields, sullying themselves but always feeling very comfortable in their insincerity.

Until the green flame of truth comes and shocks them.


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