The Arcturians: If You Can Feel the Solstice Energies Propelling You, Catapulting You Forward on Your Journey to the Fifth Dimension, Then You Deserve to Be in a Leadership Role.

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 12.21.2020, Winter Solstice Stargate Portal

This is what is happening now with me and I hope with you too – I am in a constant state of envisioning my role as the world spiritual leader in all possible facets during these several days and in particular today. The extremely high vibrations are of sublime purity and all-pervasiveness and today the sun is very strong and glistening with a blue sky although two rainy days were announced on the weather forecast. I think that we have a new sun, at least with a significant new energetic power just on time at the stargate 12.21.22 (2020), Winter Solstice.

You are there to demonstrate to everyone what is possible when you are in alignment with what is going on energetically.” – The Arcturians

This has been the leitmotif of all my writings since the opening of this website in 2011 and much, much earlier when I started writing my books on the New Gnosis in 1999. And this is how I have lived as the captain of the PAT all these years. This website gives testimony to that.

Ascension is not a reward for virtuous life but a mission that has to be won in hard battles and can only be the result of acquiring an all-inclusive, cohesive, holistic world view that reflects the unity field of the higher realms and then to demonstrate this to humanity in daily life. This has been accomplished by myself in a paradigmatic way with the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the new General Theory of Science and Human Gnosis, which are the Science of Ascension. But first and foremost when I decided to accept the role of the Captain of the Planetary Ascension Team in 2011, knowing precisely what personal sacrifice it entails.

There has never been in the history of mankind anything comparable to this intellectual achievement. I have not only revealed that present-day science is fake science but also bestowed to humanity the most congruent, axiomatic and holistic categorical system of true human knowledge ever presented in a written form. This qualifies me to ascend now and become the new spiritual leader of humanity as the Arcturians already announced in February this year:

For Whom the Bell Tolls

It has always been my declared goal to establish the new Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law as the only valid world view on this planet as this will be the cornucopia of infinite prosperity and bliss for all humanity. That is why I incarnated as an Elohim soul from the Source on this most toxic planet in this multiverse – in order to save the incarnated lost humanity and lead it back to eternal life and joy. This is what is happening now and I hope you feel the incoming energies that drive this transformation.

I do!

Your Position in the First Wave of Ascension ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton, Dec 21, 2020

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very excited for all of you who are awake and aware, because you are going to benefit more from the energies of the solstice than individuals who are closed off and unaware of the significance of this time for humanity. This is a time to be celebrating the fact that you have hung in there for so long, that you have been able to make it to another solstice. And it is of course an opportunity for you to build something new, something better for all of humankind, with these energies.

Those of you who are awake and aware either feel that everything will be done for you because of the fact that you have made it to another solstice, and then there are those of you who are awake and aware who realize that this is a time for you to do more than just watch and wait to see what happens. You are being given the keys and the steering wheel, and you have an opportunity to take humankind with you on a journey that is all about getting everyone to remember to check in with their hearts and to remember that we are all one.

We are all in this together. This time is not about a split; it’s not about separation, it’s about integration. And there are those of you who recognize that. You recognize that your life has not been about getting rid of aspects of yourself. Your life has been about making peace with the lower vibrational aspects of self. Your life has been about integrating the parts of you that you have felt ashamed of in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes.

This time that you are in now is about showing others the way, but it is also about showing them the way because you are demonstrating how it is done. Just telling others to wake up or telling them that extra-terrestrials are real, these strategies do not work. You are not there to convert anyone. You are there to demonstrate to everyone what is possible when you are in alignment with what is going on energetically. And if you can feel the solstice energies propelling you, catapulting you forward on your journey to the fifth dimension, then you deserve to be in a leadership role.

There are so many at this time who are looking for anyone to set a good example, an example of how to live in a time that seems so chaotic and so filled with people who are at each other’s throats. If you want to solidify your position as one who is in the first wave of ascension, then rise above the divisiveness, the pettiness, the resentment, and the rage that is so omnipresent on your world at this time.

Show the rest of humanity that it’s possible to rise above it, to thrive even in these tumultuous times, and show everyone else who they are by being more of who you are, which is of course, unconditional love. And you are that on every single day of the year.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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