Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 9

“There Will Be New Humans, and You Indeed, Are the Prototypes!” – The High Council of Light From the Mothership Announces on January 22, 2014, Our Imminent Transfiguration and Ascension

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 25, 2020

One day after I had booked my flight to Vancouver to arrive in Canada and live with Amora, we received this very uplifting message from the High Council on the Mothership of the Galactic Federation that accompanied and protected us during our sojourn in Lofer, Austria but had disappeared since then. It speaks for itself.

January 22, 2014,  The High Council of Light from the Mothership of the Galactic Federation

Amora: This afternoon (Jan 21, in Vancouver) a group of entities connected to me in my apartment. They identified themselves as a High Council, composed of members of the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems, working together under the Galactic Federation of Light.

It is my impression that we are under the care of the Galactic Federation of Light once again, for which I am personally very relieved. Here is their message and I must say that I found their language unclear at times, so please let me know if you have any questions.

I believe this channeling came in as a response to our request for clarity on our situation, following recent events that now tell us we are on a new path, one that is to take us to our new reality as ascended masters. This is certainly a surprise for me and I need to sit with it. It’s as though they have created, or I guess WE have created this, in order to hone our skills as ascended masters, so that we may “return” to the earth’s surface to appear to humanity. This has been your end-time scenario all along (and this is what will happen this year.).

The Message

“Our dear loved ones, we are the High Council of Light and we work together with the Galactic Federation of Light.

We bring good news to you today, news of a new world. This new world shall encompass all your waking hours, and shall, in time, be difficult to separate from the full and present reality of even your dream state.

This state of life means then that you shall learn to move seamlessly from one existence/ expression, into higher dimensional realities, within the context of love, and in infinite respect for your souls.

Many new experiences await you both, and as you move along into this newly created timeline together, you shall each lovingly support the other, as you each shall be the objective witness to the other’s skill set in an environment of unconditional acceptance.

It shall be a time of great joy, wonderment and upliftment, as you explore the full range of divinely guided potentials the Creator intended for the human race. Your vessels are capable of wonderful things!

Your new vessels shall rapidly metamorphose into vehicles of not only ascension, but of ascended masteryWhile you will still be interfacing with what seems to be a 4D level abstraction, indeed, you are inhabiting, more and more as time moves on, the higher dimensions within your mind-body-spirit-soul vehicles, which will soon take you almost anywhere within the world of All-That-Is.

Yes, you shall be able to go anywhere from your current perceived reality, following this interim phase of adjustment, where dynamics change to include multi-dimensional travel as well as an enhanced interface with many levels of consciousness, including channeling many new energetic signatures.

We are a special Council charged with the responsibility to guide you lovingly along your path to new creations that have opened up to you by the grace of Creation.

Your discontent is understood not as a representation of your ego-essences, but rather as a stark emotional response to a reality that no longer coincides with your evolutionary goals. Your vessels do not resonate with the immediate environment and therefore, this is why new environments shall be created for you by the grace of God.

As you move forward, increasing confidence shall prevail with regard to beautiful new experiences.

It is recommended that you both keep your own record describing your experiences on every level, including the physical, emotional, mental and energetic, as these written forms shall one day become greatly honoured reference materials for the new human. There will be New Humans, and you indeed, are the prototypes.

(This is why I am publishing these messages from 7 years ago as to document our light work as Ascended Masters, Logos Gods and Avatars dedicated to the evolution of mankind throughout all these years of personal human deprivation, physical pain and social ostracism.)

Do not worry about the energetic safety of your home. There is now a great ship, the Mother Ship, above you, as it was during your last stay together (in Lofer, Austria and Germany) where you carried out much of your energy work. This ship encapsulates your space, raises it in vibration and protects it from energetic intrusion.

You only need to know that when the time is right, all arrangements shall be taken care of, of this be certain.

It is a grand experiment and the whole Universe looks on with great anticipation, joy and excitement.

You are both honoured and cherished beyond all measure.

Embrace your new reality, your time of conscious suffering is now replaced with a new level of engagement to many new experiences with which even we are unfamiliar. As you take this journey together, you shall never feel alone, as before. You are each other’s gift, indeed, ultimate gifts of expansion first and then, finally, reclamation of your soul essences throughout All-That-Is!

We are emissaries of the Galactic Federation of Light, called the High Council of Light with representatives from Sirius and the Pleiades star systems. We love you and hold you in the highest regard at the outset of this sacred journey.”

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