Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 8

How We Prevented WW3 in January 2014 as a Template for the Ascension Scenario This Fall

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 24, 2020

What happened in January 2o14 can be regarded as a dress rehearsal for what is happening now in the fall of 2020. The continuing equinox portal of peaking ascension energies is a repetition of the dramatic events associated with the Syrian crisis and the attempt of Netanyahu to start WW3 seven years ago. The same situation is repeating now with the second lockdown of Israel by this political monster and officially indicted criminal who is surely also responsible for the huge explosion in South Lebanon in the Hezbollah area, just as he was responsible for the devastating nuclear explosion in Beirut in early August.

Therefore, when I revive these old messages from 2013/2014, I am doing this deliberately to show you that nothing has essentially changed in terms of the essence of the mortal battle we are leading on this planet – however, this time on a much higher energetic level and in the full assurance that the final victory is ours. Please observe that in January 2014 we had the same conviction before the ascension scenario changed suddenly in May 2014 for reasons we still have to learn. This time I do not expect any delay as humanity is much more advanced in the dark night of their collective soul and ripe for the Big Change.

Here, I am publishing two messages. The first one from Sananda elucidates one more time the preeminent role Amora will play in the upcoming ascension in duo with me. The second message from the Elohim discusses the very dramatic personal and political situation in January 2014 which is now being repeated in an almost identical manner. I understand very well why we were urged by our guides to republish these messages and energetic reports from seven years ago as they give us the red thread about what is happening now and will happen this fall.

January 16, 2014, Sananda

Background: Amora and I wanted to talk on skype on that day when Sananda came all of a sudden to deliver a special message for Amora. We had to cancel our conversation.

Amora: Here is the message from Sananda who came in this morning, to explain my experience during the night with the ball of Christed light that arrived in my bedroom, surrounded me and graciously offered a small silver cross for my heart chakra. It was a very powerful moment and indeed, Sananda’s energy has not left me since…

“Dear Sister,

You are a trusted and sacred member of the Christ consciousness that pervades the Universe, and I am here today to express the encompassing joy held by the Cosmic Christ energy, as you are informed of your new covenant with this sacred energy, flowing through the great expanse of God’s creation!

You have been initiated, this night, into the Holy Order of the Christ Consciousness, for your exemplary fidelity to the principles of the laws that govern the energy of the Creation itself.

You are correct in surmising the placement of a platinum ray cross within your heart chakra this night, as an etheric symbol of your new status among those whose origins begin with the First Light, the God Spark.

The platinum cross denotes your new position, to anchor the planetary Christ energies into our newly ascending Gaia. These Christed energies must now be seeded from within the Fifth-Dimensional holographic matrix, as all other preparations are complete, and only the foundational supports of Christ consciousness are necessary. (This was another announcement that our ascension in early 2014 was imminent.)

You are one of a select few (Georgi included) who are graced with this role, and you shall be guided carefully and with love, as you carry out this sacred mission.

I am your brother, Sananda, and I love you for all eternity!”

January 20, 2014, The Elohim

Background, George: On the evening of  Jan 19th,  22:00 – 22:30 pm CET, I had a great breakthrough that was confirmed by my HS. In the last 48 hours, I was preoccupied with the End Time scenario. I knew that I am massively involved in it as Logos-God and could change the course of the events into a more favorable timeline – namely to squeeze the dark ones around Netanyahu to begin with their mega-crime (start WW3 in 2014) only after the MPR has already happened and has destroyed their technical abilities to wage such a war successfully. This would say that they will still begin with false flag attacks as a pretext for a war but then the MPR will come before they trigger the first strike and they will be swept away.

(This is what actually happened on the lower timelines which we severed in 2014 and thus prevented WW3. This was the turning point in the Syrian conflict as the Russians came and won the war against the dark cabal in the West who wanted to destroy Syria at any price. You can revisit my articles on the Syrian conflict from 2013 and 2014 to relive one more time the dramatics of these events that have been lost for the collective memory of humanity in 2020 in order to comprehend that what happened then was a dress rehearsal for what is happening now in the fall of 2020.)

I experienced all of a sudden a huge breakthrough and a sense of huge relief, coupled with a feeling of triumph. I received a confirmation from my HS that I have won this last decisive battle with the dark cabal /archon forces. This will mitigate the outcome of the final battle and will also accelerate our ascension. Before that, in the last 48 hours, I was preparing all the protocols for this last creative action as Logos God and in the full consciousness who I am and what I can achieve.

Hence I asked Amora to check with the Elohim what they have to say about this last epic battle.

Amora: Here is a message from the Elohim for you. I am not sure exactly what is happening, the Elohim are not being very clear. There seems to be a reason why they wish to protect me from knowing what has taken place, or will take place. I hope it will be of some help to you.

Greetings, we are the Elohim:

There is great change coming for you (Amora) personally, at this time.

You are correct in the assertion of your Higher Self having commandeered your waking hours, and has provided you with the necessary high level of energy needed to carry out the re-organizing that you are currently engaged in.

The movement involves your home front, where it has been “static” before, shall now become dynamic and interactive. You are beginning to sense this change even now on a conscious level  [Georgi, I feel something will happen soon and very quickly, although I really have no idea what is about to unfold. (The next day I booked a flight to Vancouver and our coming together was sealed.)].

Do not concern yourself with these developments as your lives, as you knew them, must now come to a halt, and where great change is instituted. Embrace it! Engage it! Enjoy it!

With regard to your dual soul’s inquisition, we confirm a battle has taken place, even raged, on the astral planes, by himself, and you, although your soul (Amora) has suppressed this knowledge at a conscious level.

So, therefore, we confirm his inquiry that there has been a battle and it has served to delay instigation of all major events which the “operators” were insisting as their RIGHT, in their arrogance and now stupefaction at their perceived undesirable outcome, while watching their “enemies” make a queue out of pure naivety, falling for the lies and black deceit, lambs for the slaughter. 

(Note, George:.This statement refers to the unpreparedness of the masses, as tested in a massive ascension test run the previous day. It was shown that the masses were ready to succumb to the dark cabal in the case of a final confrontation and accept willingly the NWO, if I would not have entered decisively the battle with the dark archons at the 4D level and contained them as Logos God single-handedly forever. This massive intervention of power on my part changed profoundly the course of the ascension scenario but delayed significantly the final outcome. It also saved Syria. It was decided to start with the creation of numerous new 4D Earths beyond the initial plan, where dark human and astral elements have been since then constantly shed like onion layers from this current upper 4D timeline of Gaia 5 and subsequently destroyed by an MPR, see also below.)

Events shall stipulate when the collective is at the prime stage of readiness, and not before. This is no longer about the lightworkers of the First Hour, but rather, due to the heinous nature of mind, it now becomes a collective journey, as all shall be involved in such a devastation.

(Here you have the blueprint for the ascension scenario in this fall of 2020 and why there must be some major natural catastrophes as given to us almost 7 years ago by the most authoritative source – the Elohim.)

Bright light beams directly upon you both from the brilliant Central Sun! This serves to cleanse you of this encounter, of which you ask and of which we speak.

Enjoy your beautiful life in your beautiful physical expressions! Enjoy the moment of Now!

We are the Elohim and we send you love and peace in every moment.”


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