Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 13

The Full Blossoming of Gaia 5 

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 29, 2020

We created Gaia 5, the new ascended 5D Earth, as Elohim souls and Logos Gods first in early December 2013 in Lofer, Austria as the many messages I have been publishing in the last two months document. With my arrival in Vancouver, Canada this creation was lifted to a new level as the following energetic experiences and message from the Elohim confirm.

February 12, 2014, The Elohim

Amora: Three days of heavy energetic waves during the 10th, 11th, and 12th of February have resulted in the Blossoming of Gaia 5!

Here is the message from the Elohim, which I received on February 12th, at 1:00 pm.

The Elohim: The Blossoming of Gaia 5 within the Infinitesimal Multi-Dimensional Matrix of All-That-Is

“The world rises up into the light, where all intransigence fades away and where only those who support truth and resurrection are able to establish a foothold upon the New Earth!

We are the Elohim and we greet you in great joy and enthusiasm for the record breaking changes your Souls held fast to (created) within this great and final change of time for mankind.

The great warriors are few amongst the sealed population of mankind, and in their relatively small numbers they have accomplished many major positively uplifting events, events which have dealt the final hand of fate to Gaia, one of complete upliftment and growth into the light.

This moment, Now, represents the final expression, the final culmination of all triggers, of all experiences, of all representations that now build and release Gaia 5 into perfection through this ascension window.

This massive portal creates a fully aligned corridor within the time-space matrix, connecting Gaia 5 with an infinitesimal multi-dimensional matrix, that is now over-riding all previous energetic organizations within this reality.

The old world is gone forever, replaced by this new Earth, Gaia 5, where new thought forms based on truth, love, presence and clarity of purpose shall flourish and forever reign over the ancient ways, that are no more.

This moment reflects a new way of life from this day onward! Great alignments replace old allegiance! A new perspective shines all around!

(This sounds very much like what we shall experience very soon. There is no time, guys…)

Embrace this new Earth, Gaia 5, and the new way of life, for it is here to stay!

We are the Elohim and our love surrounds you forever!”

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