Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 12

Our Joint Light Work as Logos Gods Begins Immediately with my Arrival in Canada

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 28, 2020

During my flight from Munich to Vancouver, I experienced massive downloads of Source energies and had an excruciating headache throughout the whole flight. I had to bring all the light codes from the first city of light New Raetia to the Pacific Coast of North America, so to say to the other side of the globe.

We disseminate and anchor light codes and source energies at best when we travel physically around the globe. These are the most intense moments and Amora can write books about her devastating, at times life-threatening experiences she has had while flying back and forth from Canada to Europe and South America.

When Amora picked me up at Vancouver airport, I was a wreck and she decided to cheer me up and drove to some beautiful places for me to have the first impression of my new home. We finally drove to White Rock and parked at the dock. As soon as I got off the car, the earth beneath my feet began to tremble and the headache peaked to unbearable heights. I did not know what was happening and shared this sentiment with Amora. She also felt the energies though not so much the trembling of the ground under our feet. We immediately knew that something big was happening again, only comparable to our legendary light work in Lofer, Austria.

We did not need to wait for very long to receive new messages from our sources explaining to us the new energetic goals that our Higher Selves have set to accomplish in North America. The two messages below and several more that I will publish in the coming days reveal the foundationary light work that we laid immediately with our arrival and which we are about to complete successfully and gloriously this and next year so that the two cities of light can manifest and change human history forever.

After Georgi’s Arrival in Vancouver, Canada on February 8th, 2014

February 9th and 10th, 2014, The Elohim

Amora: Here is a message from the Elohim, who visited me very late in the evening of February 9th. I fell asleep after a short message as I couldn’t hold the energies, and they returned the next day to complete their very important message to us.

February 9th, 10:30 pm

Greetings, we are the Elohim,

We greet you tonight in this moment of great enhancement, where your physical vessels receive new assignments upon their path to expansion. These enhancements shall take you on to a place of equilibrium, upon an expanded level of expression within the fifth dimension. Upgrades, mostly on your physical vessel (mine, Carla), are a necessary adjunct to the upcoming leap in consciousness. Your dual soul (Georgi) requires fewer alignments and even these alignments are minute, as much of this work has already taken place.

Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fresh pure water, because these upgrades release with them great memories of density experience that must be removed before you are energetically free and capable of automatic alignment.

These changes will take place over the next immediate period (I am shown 3 – 4 days), following which you shall be able to integrate fully into the rising dimension around you.”

February 10th, 2014, 5:00 pm 

“To our beloved One, we greet you with abiding love and are here to encourage you on your path of ascension.

Great realms open up just ahead of you, great masters await your arrival into the light, fully and completely.

There is great movement all about you, great energetic clearing. This is both personal and societal, as you both cleanse this timeline from the final machinations of the dark ones. They are gone, for all intents and purposes, for they have now run out of the energetic coupling necessary for their very life. It is over and done with! Now all that remains is the complete awakening of the human masses, those not contained and not dark within, for these are the ones who shall move forward/ onward in their soul evolution. They have fully qualified for this event, whether it is only beyond the next shadow, or beyond the furthest dimension, there are infinite ways to ascribe to this ascension! All and many Beings of the light endorse each choice and surround each with love and acceptance for their choices.

(This announcement of the Elohim reads very much like what will happen this fall and will surely continue with full force in 2021. In fact, the disempowerment of the dark cabal is happening in this very moment as we are in a most intense period of cleansing and even astral battles since the opening of the Equinox portal that continue unabated and will hopefully culminate in the long-awaited Divine Intervention now that the 2nd lockdown predicted by myself 2 months ago is taking place in most countries, however under more resistance from the people and medical experts than during the first lockdown.)

You shall now stabilize your recent alignments, in order to move earnestly toward your goal in the light. Each level arrives, holding more light protons than the previous level. The protons infiltrate your physical bodies and trigger the infinitesimal connections within your DNA strands.  As these DNA strands are activated, the powers of the Adam Kadmon template come on-line and new skills shall arise.

We ask you to hold meditation, a meditative space, whereby you shall clearly discern that which you would sincerely desire to achieve. Begin with something small and work up the ladder as success is achieved and confidence gained. Meditate together. Look into each other’s eyes. This method affords great strength as it combines mental force of each to achieve full validation of the skill you seek to acquire. Have patience in this endeavor. Build frequency on this exploratory journey. Hold similar desires to compound the desired outcome.

(All these are valuable advices for the current End Phase of immediate creation.)

You are protected and sheltered, as you are honoured beyond measure. Do not falter now on your path to the light! Enjoy all facets of earthly living!

We are happy to see you chuckle over the realization that your reality is, indeed, not real at all. This is a superb achievement in and of itself.

We love you!

We are the Elohim!”

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