Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 10

The High Council of Light Announces Our Ascension to the 6th Dimension upon my Arrival in Canada and the Beginning of the Creation of the Second City of Light New Lemuria in Vancouver

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 26, 2020

This message is another most important historical document on the very methodological and consistent light work Amora and I have been doing now for years. This endeavour has been meticulously documented on this website in a seamless chronological manner, never losing the red thread and always in full awareness of what we are doing and why. In this we are following the advice of the High Council of Light from its previous message:

“It is recommended that you both keep your own record describing your experiences on every level, including the physical, emotional, mental and energetic, as these written forms shall one day become greatly honoured reference materials for the new human. There will be New Humans, and you indeed, are the prototypes.”

This documentation is unprecedented in the entire spiritual literature in the past and currently. It is the most comprehensive chronicle of the ascension of Gaia and humanity carried out entirely by us as Elohim souls and hugely supported by the most evolved and courageous group of incarnated human souls on the earth – the light warriors of the first and the last hour, constituting the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT.

This message announces the creation of the Infinity Portal in White Rock, from the fulcrum of which the second city of light, New Lemuria, was created in early 2015 after we fully created the first city of light in Central Europe, New Raetia in 2013. I had laid the foundation for this city of light as early as 2000, just as Amora had laid the foundation of New Lemuria in Vancouver, Canada, much earlier but the joining of our expanded Elohim fields was ultimately needed to successfully complete this creation.

This website gives vast testimony to the continuous and detailed creation of the two first cities of light on the earth, to which the third city of light in the Andes of South America was added in December 2017/January 2018, when Amora was urged by the Elohim to travel to Ecuador and lay the foundations of Terra Nueva. All three cities of light are necessary for the harmonious ascension of the earth and humanity to the 5th dimension and this is what all humans will experience this and next year when these cities of light begin to manifest and change the destiny of the human race in a most profound and radical manner.

This message should be read and interpreted under the consideration that Amora and I were supposed to ascend in early 2014, which was then suddenly postponed at the end of May. Otherwise, everything said in this message has remained valid throughout these years up to the present day and serves as a template for what will happen this fall and next year.

When I write that our ascension was postponed, I refer to our last soul fragment of twelve, eleven of which have already fully transfigured and ascended and live independent lives in full awareness in the higher realms. Energetically, we were advanced to Logos Gods and the new Ascended Masters of Gaia in November 2013 in Lofer as the messages document. In fact, Amora transfigured her physical body into a crystalline light body on August 13, 2013 and visited as the first human being in full consciousness Agartha (Lemuria). I transfigured my physical body a week later, although I had already ascended in July 2000 for the first time. My last conscious ascension as a soul fragment was to the 9th dimension in January 2019.

One final world to my deceased dog Kimbah, a cross between German Shephard and Labrador Retriever, a fearless warrior who loved me with quiet devotion, mentioned in the message. He died in January 2014, shortly before I flew to Vancouver. He was a great Syrian Ascended Master and decided to leave this earth prematurely to help me move to the 5th dimension before my departure from Germany in preparation for the lifting of us both to the 6th dimension upon my arrival in Canada as the High Council of Light confirms in its message to us.

When he died, I experienced the most powerful ascension shift in my whole life and I have had dozens of such ascension test runs in the last two decades. I felt for several days so close to the higher realms as never before – it was the most ecstatic and euphoric state of Being I have ever had, notwithstanding the mourning for my beloved dog.

The reason for that is that our dogs always incorporate part of our personality structure as an energy imprint and when they die, they take it back to Sirius, from where they come as ascended masters. This automatically lifts the frequencies of the incarnated human personality and that is why cats (who are also collective incarnations of Syrian Ascended Masters, however not interacting with human personalities as they already vibrate in the 5th dimension) and dogs play such a huge role in the ascension process currently.

January 26, 2014, High Council of Light, GF, Mothership

Amora: Here is the message that I received this afternoon. It is self-explanatory but if you have any questions please let me know.

“We are the High Council of Light and we are here to bring you the first messages of your new journey.

Things are now underway to move you and your dual soul into the new timeline arranged by your higher selves and by the grace of God.

The release of the precious soul called “Kimbah” (the sudden death of Georgi’s dog) to the light, has had a profound effect in shifting and anchoring your dual soul’s energies into the fifth dimension. This was an intended purpose and effect at this moment in the ascension.

As your dual soul is released from the burden of his tiresome reality, he is freed energetically in a tremendous way for all timeHis choice to come to you is a perfect one, for now, he is truly ready to energetically link permanently within your fields, and the all-encompassing portal you have created on this side of Gaia (Vancouver, West Coast of Canada and USA).

As you have achieved great events on one side of Gaia (the creation of the city of light New Raetia in Central Europe and the foundation of the 3rd Infinity Portal in Istanbul and towards the Middle East, when Amora visited Turkey in June 2013), this shall be so now, upon the other face of beloved Gaia (North America). Although the work you shall carry out here is of a new nature, it is nonetheless supported by your previous work, which was wholly foundational, where now you shall create the infrastructure for the newly evolving ascension pathways (Infinity Portal and city of light).

In order to prepare for the arrival of your dual soul, we guide you at this time to remove any excess (boxes from the previous move stored in Amora’s apartment), as each object interferes ultimately with the clean flow of energy.

Once all excess is removed, an energetic clearing and re-set is mandatory, as there are some low energies currently creating blockages to the healthy flow of new energies yet to come. You are aware of the negative energies now present and these must be dispelled before Higher Work can commence.

Once these preparations are complete, we shall attend once again.  Arrangements are taking place in this moment, in order to prepare this space for the next phase, the encapsulation and raising in frequency to where it needs to be in order to meet a Sixth-dimensional environment, where the laws of creation flow without hindrance.

We shall return again soon with further guidance.

We are the High Council of Light, and we represent the Galactic Federation of Light in this now moment.  We are present with you now, and always, and support your efforts with love.”

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