The Shift, August 15th – 23th, 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 23, 2020

The blue-pink rays of the healing centre of light in Diano Marina taken by Amora on August 20th from Cervo

This whole last week we made a huge shift to higher frequency levels and are since yesterday in a new reality. This happened immediately after the powerful Lion’s Gate Portal was fully opened. I will be short. It started on August 15th with a massive cleansing wave that hit me very hard. Other PAT members also confirmed this exact same experience on that day, at the exact same moment. We went to very low timelines and it was hell. Chemtrails everywhere, when one has in mind that before that we didn’t have any chemtrails for months. I had non-stop downloads of source energies day and night as cc-waves and excruciating headaches left and right with an alternating stabbing pain in the eye sockets. This is still ongoing while I am writing this energy report so that the shift is not finished yet. This was the longest episode of non-stop downloads of source energy I have ever had. Normally such downloads occur intermittently with one day pause in between to recover.

One can compare what happened this week to what happened in August last year exactly at the same time when we transcended the Heaven’s Gate and entered the Living Universe. We received this information from the Elohim and the Universal Council of Twelve at that time.

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This time we are not getting any direct messages regarding what we are going through, most probably because the shift is still ongoing and the situation is constantly changing.

However, on August 21st we received a short message from Mother Mary who was very present in our apartment. On that day we reached a peak of ascension during this latest episode. We took, as usual, all ascending timelines with us by first scraping the bottom of the barrel and heaved them to the higher frequency levels upon which we dwell now. On August 20th, I commanded that the chemtrails should disappear and a few hours later they were gone and I haven’t seen them since then. This is the classical sign that we are rapidly changing timelines and ascending.

Since then, the sky and also the sea is pink and crimson and the air is translucent. We are also building a new grid around the earth with the help of the Lemurians with the new photonic energies of the primary cause that are now flooding the planet while we transmit them through our personal fields. I can see the emergence of the new grid as a constantly moving network of living cones, rods, and clubs, and sparkling amoeba-like forms that are in constant motion as living creatures. The new Lemurian grid that will help the surface Earth to merge with the Inner Earth of Agartha is a living organism. I haven’t seen anything like this before. The air is no longer empty but full of these crystalline structures, from which also the cities of light will manifest.

When Mother Mary came to us on August 21st, she gave a short personal message to Amora. She essentially confirmed that we have made it and that we are in the flow and on the cusp of our greatest success:

You are on the cusp of your own personal expansion, into a grand experience of joy and for this, you shall follow the strong inner guidance I will send you.

As you see, we do not get any detailed messages anymore as there is nothing more to be said beyond what we already know, only short telegraphic messages about where we currently stand.

However, Mother Mary came also to assure us that we are divinely protected. As soon as we hear this kind of message, we immediately know that something is afoot. And indeed, on that day we met with Sophia and the purging of dark entities in all human fields began with full force. We were also attacked by some of them and this started the whole cleansing that was of gargantuan proportions.

After our visit with Sophia, we returned to our place and the cleansing continued. I had to resolve an issue with a very unpleasant troll that slipped under my radar due to my compassion for his fake story and I had to clear the issue. As soon as I did that, there commenced a huge battle in the astral fields and we all three, I repeat, we all three, Amora, Sophia and I, felt a great personal menace right in front of our eyes similar to the one when we eliminated the big ugly evilest reptilians on June 10th when they first attacked us. This same sensation of imminent danger we had on August 21st and hence we assume that this was a global cleansing of dark entities in the fields of humans through a powerful alchemical reaction. We three invoked AA Michael and all the other angels and Archangels to protect us and they were already there which points to how critical this battle was two days ago.

This battle had also to do with the protection of the 3rd city of light in the Andes in South America as this is the most vulnerable project of our creation. The other two cities of light in Europe and in Vancouver, Canada are well protected and in good shape. Among many other reasons, the current lockdown aimed at blocking all light warriors and starseeds to move to their final destination and begin with their light mission. That is why transportation, in particular, international flights are now more or less impossible due to quarantine and restricting, unpredictable draconian rules everywhere.

Amora planned, together with Sophia, a third visit to Equador for that purpose – to reinforce and protect the 3rd city of light Nueva Terra this autumn but had to cancel the trip as it is practically impossible to fly from Europe to South America amidst growing efforts of the dark cabal to install a second creeping lockdown.

That is why we reckon with the long-expected Divine Intervention here in Europe so that this lockdown is abolished once and for all and exposed for what it is – the biggest and most heinous lie and crime in the history of mankind. Only after that, can all lightworkers move to their destinations and begin with their true mission. This gives you an idea of what is at stake now and why we must expect big events this autumn according to the schedule outlined by the events in 1989 when the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain fell.

Stay attuned, there will be more to come…

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