I.N.F.E.R. – Interdimensional Network for Financial Energy Remuneration

What Is It and How Will It Work?

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 31, 2020


I.N.F.E.R means Interdimensional Network for Financial Energy Remuneration and will be the new system of payments and transactions based on the Astral Currency in all 4D worlds after the impending shift and leap in human conscience and awareness in the course of this year.

It will immediately substitute the current SWIFT and other similar systems of financial transactions that are based on the concept of banks as intermediary institutions of money transfer.

The I.N.F.E.R. will operate within the new energetic environment created after the shift based on the existence of 5D and higher dimensional cities of light that will intercept with the 4D worlds where the vast majority of humanity will continue to live in preparation for their ascension. The new payment and transaction system will be established and regulated by the ascended masters from the cities of light with the help of other advanced human beings who are about to cross the rainbow bridge and also transfigure their carbon-based bodies into crystalline silicon light bodies and become ascended 5D beings.

The INFER, as the name infers, will abolish the current fraudulent Orion banking monetary system that has been the main tool of the enslavement of humanity for eons of time. It will operate directly from one individuum to another and from one company (organisation) to another without any intermediary stations that make the current banking system very cumbersome and intransparent – open to all kinds of fraud and deceptions.

For this reason, each human being and entity will acquire a unique individual energetic imprint (E.I.) that will be created in the higher dimensions and cannot be rigged, that is to say, these codes will not be of digital nature and cannot be stolen as is the case now with passwords and bank accounts. The E.I. will replace the current BIC code or SWIFT code. In fact, such energetic codes already exist as this is how the souls coordinate the human incarnation experiment on the earth.

This individual imprint has nothing to do with the infamous “Mark of the Beast” (chips) which the cabal intended to introduce in the End Time as to imitate the immaculate coordination of our souls and thus enslave the incarnated human population at the 3D level by controlling the people with inferior energetic means such as centrally controlled, chipped bank accounts from which dissidents could be automatically excluded and thus oppressed or even starved to death. In this way, the former PTB and their human minions wanted to prevent the ascension of Gaia and humanity and there is (there used to be) huge revelation literature on this topic on the Internet, in case the cabal censors have not deleted it in the meantime.

This futile attempt led to the current lockdown that will be prolonged as a second lockdown most probably in the coming days and weeks and will lead to Divine Intervention based on Divine Dispensation that was given to us for humanity on July 17th. I have reported on these milestones in the ascension process in my previous energy reports.

The E.I. will be a fundamental human (soul) right to any incarnated person who has made the decision to ascend and has chosen the spiritual pathway of evolution. It will be given to him by his soul and not at the whims of the dark cabal or any other human being. The E.I. will have an unlimited energetic validity in all 4D worlds in the interim period of transformation and transmutation where currency payment systems will still be used before the level of human awareness expands sufficiently enough to eliminate these primitive systems of energy exchange (remuneration). I have written a lot about this topic in the past and will refrain from any further elaboration here.

In this way, all human beings who have decided to ascend will automatically acquire their E.I. and can participate unlimitedly in the INFER of the Astral Currency. Practically, this will be accomplished by a simple higher dimensional technology that will be made available to humanity by us as ascended masters from the cities of light.

I will not discuss its practical functioning but will only point out that every human being who makes the decision to ascend in this lifetime and brings all the necessary karmic and energetic prerequisites for that will be automatically granted access to this technology by his soul and then he will unrestrictedly use the Astral currency and will also participate in its emission (see below).

Please, observe the radical difference to the “Mark of the Beast” which the cabal planned to introduce in the End Time, where they would claim the exclusive right to decide who would participate in their totalitarian cashless monetary system of the NWO and who will be excluded from it and will have to die in a society based on total financial dictatorship. By the way, one of the goals of the current lockdown is to insinuate that physical money as cash is a carrier of viruses and promotes epidemics and therefore must be eliminated, which has been a declared target of the cabal for a very long time.

Here we have the two poles of human existence: Total freedom of the ascending individuals as guaranteed by the new INFER of the Astral Currency contrary to the total enslavement through a world digital currency that is fully controlled by the dark evil cabal. Humanity has always oscillated between these two extreme choices and we are now approaching the final showdown.

All newly established communities of evolved human beings will willingly adopt the new INFER and the Astral Currency as it will work impeccably and immediately on a worldwide scale and even beyond.

Some may argue that this will be a new form of cryptocurrency but they are entirely wrong. All cryptocurrencies depend on the current banking system, no matter how independent they pretend to be. They were created by the dark secret services of the cabal to prepare humanity for the new world digital currency which was officially announced in Rothschild’s run magazine The Economist already in 1988 and was insidiously dubbed the “Phoenix”:

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Therefore, it is crucial to point out this principle difference between the new INFER of the Astral Currency and the present-day SWIFT of the Orion banking system, which is the actual “Mark of the Beast” and carries officially the code number 666 for its computer headquarters in Brussel. “6” is the number of carbon in the Mendeleev periodic table of elements and thus refers to humans as carbon-based sentient beings that should be permanently enslaved as such and not allowed to ascend into the light. This has been a widely debated issue in the alternative and esoteric media for many years and I wonder why this topic has vanished from the critical awareness of the experts nowadays.

Of course, we can very well envision that with the growth of the creationary abilities of all ascending humans, there will be less and less need to use any form of money in human life as the new spiritual communities and the individuals will be able to create everything they need, so to say, “out of thin air” as observed from a current agnostic point of view. In fact, all creation is in this sense out of thin air, when one rejects the existence of the soul as the creator of all realities.

Universal creativity within the Unity field of ascended human existence will very quickly make any money or other system of payments and transactions obsolete. That is why my discussion here is limited to the few years in the transition period, let us say, from 2020 to 2025, when humanity may still need money, out of habit, to organize the new forms of life on the emerging 4D worlds after the impending shift will take place this year and before the planetary ascension can occur later on.

It is cogent that the INFER will be based on the spiritual principles of the Astral Currency as outlined in this pivotal publication:

The New “Astral” Currency Is Coming – International Edition

It will be founded in the proper understanding that money has no value in itself but is only a mirror image, an inferior surrogate, of the properties of energy that is perceived as space-time by the limited human senses.

As soon as this basic truth is fully internalized by the awakened ascending portion of humanity, all the mental hurdles for the introduction of the Astral Currency and its INFER system of payments and transactions will be immediately abolished and these bold financial innovations will be swiftly accepted and adopted worldwide, thus eliminating the current SWIFT system (pun intended). Their absolute efficiency, transparency, and democratic character based on the absolute equality between all humans will decisively contribute to this end.

Please, observe that INFER, like SWIFT, will not have the function of generating funds and investments, that is to say, to participate in the emission of money. This will remain the prerogative of the EICs (Emission and Investment Cooperatives) as I have explained in my article on the Astral Currency above.

INFER will be a very sophisticated 5D financial telecommunication network that will vastly exceed the efficiency and accuracy of the current SWIFT, which is also defined as a system of financial telecommunication. However, it was based on the old pre-diluvial Orion banking system that was first developed by the dark Khazarian (zionist) cabal and the reptilian shape-shifters in Europe in the Renaissance (first in Italy and Germany) and had its prototype already in the Babylonian times when the Annunaki reigned on the earth and brutally enslaved humanity.

The INFER will very quickly become so popular and successful that even the portion of humanity that will not ascend and will continue living in the old crumbling 3D matrix, associated with all the dreadful karmic experience which these individuals will have to make in the current End Time as to move forward and upward, will decide to join this system and will turn their back on the old banking system with its not-so-swift SWIFT.

Let us not forget that SWIFT is entirely a ne0-imperial tool of the USA to sanction its economic and political rivals, such as Russia and China, by excluding them from this system, although officially it is a Belgian company, which is another blatant deception of the masses.

The same holds true for the second equally important hegemonic tool of economic enslavement – the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland owned by the central banks. All these banks and institutions will be abolished forever with the introduction of INFER and the Astral Currency.

Precisely for that reason, both Russia and China have already developed their own national SWIFT systems  – SPFS (Система передачи финансовых сообщений, ‘System for Transfer of Financial Messages) in Russia and (CIPS) Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) in China.

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As one can see, the current SWIFT practice has already been undermined due to its misuse for hegemonic political purposes by the USA much to the chagrin of its European vassals who have also begun, with very modest success so far, to develop their own SWIFT system to save the nuclear treaty with Iran.

Given the current steady decline of the dollar as world currency and the inevitable economic and financial collapse of the US economy this year in the ever-expanding civil war between left and right that has transformed the US cities into war zones, as well as the impoverishment of the world population due to the current lockdown on the pretext of a fake pandemic, we have the optimal political, economic and societal conditions for the introduction of the Astral Currency and its higher-dimensional I.N.F.E.R. system of payments and transaction that will prepare the ground for the arrival of the new transgalactic human civilisation, the legitimate spiritual leaders of which we already are as this futuristic creation on behalf of the liberated humanity proves beyond any doubt.

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