The Rapid Collapse of the 3D Matrix

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 26, 2020

The limited human mind can only perceive one strand of events and make sense of them. While currently, the minds of the world population, incarcerated by the dark cabal, have fully succumbed to the Stockholm syndrome and are focused only on the current coronavirus “scamdemic” in fear of their petty lives, the oil markets are crashing as never before in the history of mankind. Human angst is the most effective myopic agent that narrows the human worldview better than any blinders – fears are the inborn blinders of humanity.

Therefore, the masses take little or no notice of what is happening in the oil markets. Only a few experts are aware of the importance of this tectonic shift that heralds the end of the old Orion economy based on fossil energy and the imminent arrival of new technologies based on free photon energy.

On Monday, US oil was cheaper than dirt, with futures trading below zero for the first time in history. West Texas Intermediate futures for May delivery, which expire on April 21, plunged more than 100 percent to -$37.63 a barrel as no traders were willing to take delivery of the oil as there is no storage for it. Or to quote Max Kaiser: “Oil’s dramatic price plunge into negative territory is just one severed limb of a dying banking beast. Negative oil-futures prices mean you’re paying somebody to take your oil.”

This trend began with the negative interest rates of the short-term Treasure bills last month. This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg – the western financial system is under water since 2008 when the banks were “crushed to death” under $200 trillion in uncollateralized debt.

It has been the greatest conundrum of modern financial history how the western banking system could survive 12 further years after the entire Wall Street banking cartel was wiped out from the surface of this earth. I have always contributed this miracle to the clever coordination of the Higher Realms for all ascending timelines who were spared the worldwide financial crash and the establishment of the NWO as this happened on numerous lower timelines, some of which we visited during our bilocation trips in the following years.

Here is Max Kaiser’s graphic assessment of the last throes of the Orion monetary system that determines currently the Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia:

Hoping to prop up insolvent banks with $500 trillion in new fiat money like a Potemkin Village, the monetary remedies offered by world governments since the ‘08 meltdown have largely fallen flat. Now in 2020, the rotting corpse of global banks – dead since 2008 – is disintegrating before our eyes and all price signals from all markets have become meaningless.

I couldn’t say it any better. Most people do believe that when the lockdown is lifted next month, life will return to normalcy. Nothing is further from the truth. The big problems will really start then. The current quarantine is a gentle caressing of humanity’s wounded soul in the safety of the own home before the big bang comes and the banks go bust. This financial shock will be acutely felt by most humans contrary to the blissful lifting to heaven which we shall experience simultaneously. Under the cloak of the current quarantine, the old matrix is now irreversibly crumbling and the next month will mark a preliminary peak of collapses in a long chain of further collapses throughout the entire year. We might as well see the first ascensions very soon …

The current lockdown of humanity resembles the closure of the Twin Towers for repair, understand the clandestine preparation for controlled demolition by the dark zionist cabal, before the rug-knife terrorists allegedly pulverized them. Now the Higher Realms are quietly preparing the implosion of the old Orion system, while the losing cabal is watching in panic, how their last futile effort to install the NWO is going down the drain. The medical experts are awakening in droves and calling for the first time the Emperor naked. My articles on the coronavirus scam have vastly contributed to this mass awakening via their souls by paving the pathways of truth through intense inter-counseling at the I AM Presence level, of which I am an expert as a seasoned light warrior.

The cabal are now staring at the moment when the lockdown will be lifted, willy-nilly, and the people will come to their workplaces only to find out that there is no more work for them and that they should go back home with empty pockets, only to begin with their desperate revolt against their oppressors and hang the elite and their henchmen on the next tree… In case, we do not ascend before that and prevent this revenge scenario that does not serve anybody. This is a very strong possibility now. Resolution through the escalation of confrontation must find a happy end. However, the old matrix must fully collapse and disappear from this ascending planet.

All the putative achievements which Trump, for instance, so proudly recited like a mantra, such as lowest employment, highest job growth, etc., have evaporated within a few days this month. What remains is a huge national debt of an extra $3 trillion to prop up the knocked-down economy by the fake epidemic lockdown on top of the already $6 trillion debt he amassed in only 3 years in the White House.

Sic transit gloria americana & trumpiana.

My dear American fellows, start using the MAGA hats as masks that are no longer available in your country to protect yourselves from the current scamdemic, if that makes you happy or less fearful because what comes next will exceed your worst apprehensions.

While the old Orion order is falling apart, we are busy building our Healing and Study Centres in Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo, respectively in San Remo at the Ligurian coast of Northern Italy. April 23rd was a special day when we published our new

Crowdfunding Website on the Universal Law of Nature 

which we prepared diligently in the last weeks, in the short respites between severe battles with the dark ones whom we now decisively defeated and removed from the new earth, upon which we live since March 29th.

On that day a Divine Dispensation was given by the Elohim, our higher selves, for earth and humanity. We were allowed to sever forever the old Atlantean heritage of dark energies of treachery and betrayal that have dominated life on the earth since the destruction of this civilisation, and even much earlier, and have been the primary cause of all evil on this planet. This is the proverbial dichotomy of the End Time leading to the final interdimensional shift and the visible split of the worlds.

The best news is that the new 5D earth will be entirely New Lemuria and there will be no Atlantean past. The latter was removed across all timelines and dimensions in our ascending universe, the focal point of which is the earth as the crucible of souls coming from all humanoid civilisations and dimensions. The remnants of this heritage are now being eliminated from the few evil humans known as the cabal and very soon they will lose their power over humanity forever. This will be the point in time when the big events and revelations will start and May may be the optimal month for this paradigm shift to begin. The tide has already turned and we are on a steep ascending spiral.

I have refrained from writing anything about these dramatic battles which we fought in the last months, actually culminating already shortly after New Year when Amora went to Ecuador to create the third city of light in the Andes in South America. Some PAT members participated in this dramatic battle which was coordinated by all the forces of light in this universe. While Amora was heaving the city of light Terra Nueva to the highest dimensions in the Andes, we were supporting her from afar. Here, I am only mentioning some fragments of our ongoing very intense light work, for which the word “dramatic” is a gross diminution.

Therefore, when I do not publish anything for some time, please, do not think that nothing is happening. Quite on the contrary, whenever I am silent it is because we are fully engaged in ferocious battles of life and death because if we lose only one battle we lose our entire ascension. We know that better than anybody else and the Elohim have confirmed this truth to us on numerous occasions after each crucial battle won. There is no such thing as “free lunch” in All-That-Is and all the lightworkers, who in their utter blindness, most often caused by massive darkness in their proximity, reject the real existence of the evil, are simply mired victims of this same darkness that has befallen them and thus are in the greatest danger. This basic truth will become obvious in the coming days of great revelations.

With that, I would like to give you an optimistic perspective amidst the illusory gloom and doom which the losing cabal are disseminating around them, precisely because they have already lost the war with us, the bearers of the light, so that you “should not fall into their destiny trap“, as the Arcturians warned us recently. Know that the worse it will get on the ground, the more glorious our victory already is, before this obvious fact for us will be also accepted by the masses.



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