The Ascension Has Entered the Final Phase

Energy Report from the City of Light in Italy – From the Eye of the Hurricane

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 12, 2020

Against our initial personal plans, I was summoned by the HR to go urgently to Italy, Diano Marina, where the healing centre and the infinity portal to the city of light in Italy is. Amora arrived on March 3rd in Rome from Vancouver, Canada. She had booked a ticket to fly to Vienna on March 9th to meet me in Austria. Then, a few days prior to her arrival, the whole situation was turned upside down in the unique way my soul always introduces sudden dramatic changes in my life. I follow them without any resistance as I know that these are crucial milestones in my life.

Instead of Amora coming to Austria, I decided to go to Italy, Diano Marina. I booked a bus ticket from Vienna to Genova and wanted to take the train from there to our city of light in Diano Marina. Amora also booked a ticket for the train on March 9th to join me in DM.

Then on March 8th, the corrupt and very weak Italian government that has lost all the support of the population and should have resigned a long time ago declared a total lockdown of entire Northern Italy. Until the very last moment, the information I got from the hotline of the bus company was that the bus would travel as usual. Then when I arrived in Vienna at the bus station, I learned that the bus had been canceled. I went to the airport, spent the night there and booked the first flight to Rome early in the morning. I arrived on March 9th at 08:00 am in Rome, went to Termini (the main railway station in Rome) and bought a ticket for the afternoon train with a seat next to Amora. This was easy as the train happened to be almost empty because of the quarantine and because many trains and flights were already canceled and the people stayed at home. We arrived late in the night in DM and met with Sophia.

The next morning, the Italian political stooges of the dark cabal in Rome declared the total lockdown of the entire country. We practically got the last train from Rome to our destination as one can no longer travel within Italy outside the place one lives in. It is worse than under communism – the liberty of movement is completely abolished. This is what the NWO was meant to be in case of its success. Now it is a desperate effort to postpone the inevitable – our imminent ascension and the occurrence of the dimensional shift. But to no avail.

Two days ago Patrick asked me: “Here in the USA, we are being told that Italy is under a complete and Orwellian lockdown due to the coronavirus. How are you and Amora faring through all of this craze? Why is Italy being targeted?”

This was my answer that sums up succinctly the current madness in world affairs: “Italy is hit so hard because I firmly believe that the masterminds of the dark cabal know that Italy is pivotal in the ascension process as they are capable of gauging energies and vibrations, though incompletely, and because there is a special department in the CIA that is reading very carefully my website since its inception although the trolls have stopped bothering me 4 years ago. They know that the ascension process will begin from Italy, as this country is the “Alpha and Omega of all incarnation experiments” on the earth, that’s all.”

We have reached our final destination and from here there is only one way – upwards to higher dimensions. It is time for me to assume my role as the new spiritual leader of humanity and for you to help me in this mission. I will skip the numerous miracles and the massive help from the HR which I received during my trip – I was carried on angels’ wings – but without it, I would not have made it. At the same time, I had the most amicable and pleasant encounters with all kinds of people from different countries and they all were very open to and interested in my spiritual ideas. First and foremost, to my explanations why this coronavirus epidemic is fake and an utter lie, the only aim of which is to enslave humanity with massive restrictive measures on the cusp of the dimensional shift.

From the official perspective, we are now locked down in Italy for another 3 weeks as long as the quarantine continues. However, the real situation is that the place is very calm as they sent home all the Italians who decided to have a holiday at our place during this time when the schools are closed and all businesses are paralyzed. We as foreigners have no problem to stay here but of course, we cannot leave Italy. This is also not our intention because, as I said, from here our way out of this reality is only through ascension.

What we now experience is a culmination of the narratives of all timelines and realities that converge into a unity destiny. The cabal believe to have come close to their goal of establishing the NWO by locking down the population and crashing the economy and the financial markets. They are so inflexible that they can only follow the original party line without considering all the changes that have made their End Time plans useless a long time ago. In fact, they are only destroying the matrix, upon which they have thrived until now. This is the dialectical logic of the ascension process about which we have talked so much in the past – it is the proverbial Mefisto’s evil in Goethe’s Faust that always creates something good in the end.

There is no doubt that this fake epidemic will soon die as the numbers tell us. This is what I explain to all Italians with whom I come in contact, no matter whether they want to listen to me or not as this is how I disseminate the codes of truth and the light and offset the dark narrative of the cabal:

Each year we have a flu season of officially six weeks between January and February where at least 6 million people are infected and get seriously ill and about 200,000 people die each year, between 50,000 and 80,000 only in the USA. These deaths are officially defined as “flu-related” as the death never occurs as a result of the common cold but as a result of underlying severe or chronic diseases, mostly in elderly patients. Now, since the onset of the current fake coronavirus epidemic we have officially ca. 120,000 infections and 4,000 death cases worldwide related to this virus. Please, observe that this fake epidemic started in December 2019 in China and we are now in the 4th month since its alleged outbreak. And it does not even deserve the name of an epidemic according to any official definition of the WHO. Compare these figures with the average flu demographics each year which are not even worth a line in the fake mainstream media.

People always die when they get old. I just read the first scientific article on the false China coronavirus outbreak that was published in Lancet last week. It is a very poor article that does not give any information regarding the underlying medical conditions of the patients. What came out though is that there was not a single death case in the age group under 35 years old. Forget all the corpses that were allegedly piling in the hospitals in China and how the medical staff was overwhelmed not being able to deal with so many deaths. Fake, fake, the fakest news ever! Only idiots and scared to death slaves can believe in such stories. Then there were very few death cases in the age group from 35 to 65 years, much less than 1% of all infected patients. And finally, there was a peak in the group of 80 years or older, in a country where the average life expectancy is lower than 80 years, which means that the Chinese die normally when they reach the age of 80.

The coronavirus family is known since 1960. These viruses are endemic in the human population, which means that we all may carry coronaviruses in our bodies as we do with influenza viruses of which there are numerous new strands each year. That is why the common cold caused by influenza virus is considered endemic and nobody makes any fuss about it when many people die each winter. The same holds true for the coronavirus – it is endemic and is known to cause a very mild common cold. That is why we haven’t heard anything about this group of viruses until now as it has no medical relevance.

We also do not know until now if anybody from the officially registered more than 4,000 death cases worldwide has truly died directly from the coronavirus as there is absolutely no valid information on the true medical causes on the Internet, in the MSM and in scientific journals. I am sure that most of these death cases are actually influenza-related and that is why we are dealing with the greatest fraud in the current End Time.

As I expected, last evening the corrupt WHO announced the current fake coronavirus epidemic a “pandemic”. The last H1N1 pandemic the WHO announced in 2009 fizzled out shortly thereafter and the WHO put the blame for this embarrassment on their inadequate mathematical models. If physics as a purely mathematical science is an utter fraud as I have proved beyond any doubt, why should epidemiology, which is as an exact science as theology, be more reliable?

This is what I am explaining now to all Italians to whom I have the opportunity to talk. Then I make them aware that their government wants to enslave them and is doing a good job as they have forgotten their rebellious tradition and have become cowards who are totally manipulated by the state. Now in Italy, for instance, the people are building long lines outside on the street waiting to buy groceries in the stores as the government allows only one person to enter the store at a time. It is worse than under communism which I remember so well. So I have a lot of time and opportunities to talk to the Italians while waiting to buy food.

I don’t think that many Italians like to hear what I am saying but there is a surprisingly high percentage that agrees with me and this is a very positive trend. My mission is to counterbalance the official narrative of scare-mongering of the deep state and not to convince the people directly – I use them as a medium and an amplifier of my energies of truth, but I am not responsible as to how many people agree with me and accept the truth. Eventually, they all will have to accept the truth sooner or later.

This coronavirus fear-mongering is a huge cleanse of the root chakra of humanity on a global scale which we must mitigate by sending a lot of light and compassion to the entire mankind as the Arcturians have just confirmed after I wrote this report:

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This is one aspect of our mission here in Italy – the current theatre of war where the last battle between the light and the darkness takes place before the light can fully prevail. And as it has always been the case, we are at the front line of this ultimate battle.

We do expect big changes to happen any day from now on and surely in close connection with the equinox energies that will bring stability to the light warriors of the first and last hour. This extraordinary support may entail also the appearance of the cities of light as a safe haven for us, from where we can guide and help humanity at the time of their greatest distress without being personally exposed to any 3D challenges.

We were given yesterday a vision of the coming of some big natural catastrophes that will follow the cleansing of the 1st root chakra when many people who are not ready to ascend will leave this reality with a death experience. It may be the MPR (magnetic pole reversal) which is an integral part of the ascension process and has happened numerous times on lower timelines that we have severed and gone under in the course of the last 7-8 years as regularly reported on this website. We do not know what the scope of the MPR will be on these ascending timelines and can only assume that it will be more moderate and balanced. It is here that we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, can help humanity the most with our powerful fear-free fields, thoughts and emotions of compassion and understanding for the current distress of the awakening masses when the old reality and 3D matrix is rapidly collapsing. As Italy is a highly endangered seismographic region and earthquakes are very common, we are here to balance the forces of nature and prevent the worst destruction that may otherwise happen if we were not here.

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As the above message confirms, this last phase in the ascension process began in February, which was the most intense month in years for me and will last until mid-May. I passed personally through a steep ascension spiral and now the intensity of my energies and the height of my vibrations are unparalleled.

While I stayed in Vienna overnight, I reinforced and expanded the city of light above this old capital and at sunrise when the airplane took off, I saw the most marvelous colors – pink, violet, magenta – to the east where a clear demarcation line of a thick layer of clouds was hiding the city of light above Vienna, while the horizon was a clear stripe of rainbow colors from the Source.

After we flew through and above this thick layer of clouds, I could see a second layer of fluffy clouds extending seemingly into infinity and discern with my third eye the crystalline city of light in the sky. The energies and vibrations were off the scale all the time when I was in Vienna as well as in Rome the next day. The earth was trembling under my feet and I thought it would open any moment and would swallow me into a bottomless abyss. Nothing seemed real and stable anymore and the 3D matrix was morphing in front of my eyes.

During our train trip from Rome to DM, we descended to very low timelines, and it became very dark and rainy, we could not see any contours of the landscape anymore. This is what we always do when we participate in a massive global shift and take all the ascending timelines with us after thoroughly cleansing them. We were completely depleted when we arrived in DM late at night.

Now we need a few days to recover before we embark on our next ascension adventure. In order to be able to cope with all the still existing 3D challenges, we would highly appreciate it if you would contribute with some donations to cover some of our expenses here before we will, hopefully soon, not need any money at all. You can send your contributions to this website per PayPal and also through Western Union in euro directly to us. However currently, the Western Union offices are also closed and will be opened on March 25th again, so that it will take some time before we can receive the money. Therefore, send your donation through WU at best after March 20th. In this case, you only need to write my full name – Georgi Alexandrov Stankov – and Italy as the country of destination.

Your support will hugely facilitate our final effort to trigger the ascension process with my impending transfiguration from Italy. It is notable to mention that in February all my 11 soul fragments actually transfigured and ascended and I was informed about that by my I AM Presence in a clear manner. I am, so to say, the last Mohican who is still holding the front line in this reality in a physical vessel before it can also merge with the 5D and the new earth.

This is all for the time being and I will keep you informed from the front line of ascension as soon as we know more.

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