A Scientific and Gnostic Assessment of the Multiverse by a Light Warrior

Patrick Amoroso, December 22, 2019



Astronomers oftentimes when viewing the cosmos during a clear and ink-black night reflect on the intuitive sense of wonder as one’s conscious effort to understand the ‘sublime’ aspect of this very unique and encompassing science. This perspective of the starry grandeur in all its magnificence is contrasted to that which can be understood in the scientific reductionist paradigm so characteristic of modern day knowledge. The ‘Ah ah‘ moments of human insight are rare and have been diminishing due to an accelerated and deliberate undertaking to move away from that which is eternal in the metaphysical sense and to concentrate on the empirical or scientifically-proven epistemology. Now, a reasonable and honest discussion of such a topic should invite a blending of both science and metaphysics as the ancient philosophers certainly understood and who handed us a legacy of rational dissertations to draw upon when engaged in such thought provoking concentration.

The study of astronomy is unique by its shear undertaking of attempting to make sense of such awe-inspiring observations in addition to providing an answer to the fundamental question of just how did all this come about. This divergence is the impasse which conjures up the dilemma of the sublime or what one might refer to as the concept:  ‘Just Me and the Universe’.  Humans intuitively know that they are quite insignificant when compared to the structure and size of the universe but at the same time look to the ultimate source of its creation and or beginning. It is here where we are faced with the sublime or whatever that means to one’s understanding of their place in the grand scheme of things.

Alas, we have come to the crux of the issue!  The current trends in science are increasingly and without reservation relying on the empirical or what can be proven in the laboratory as scientific truth. The Newtonian – Descartes  linear world of cause and effect (also known as Cartesianism) has kept a tight grasp on scientific knowledge for the last 350 years.

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In those areas of scientific endeavor which researchers cannot understand, such a conundrum serves as the medium for fostering unknown and / or exotic models. Researchers and theoreticians alike when forced to make sense of it all will resort to untested mathematical equations and further begin the process of promoting scientific anomalies and conundrums, such as black holes, dark energy, dark matter, etc. These nebulous and problematic complexities are often held as sacrosanct by the scientific community as part of the “inviolable” empiric dogma. I wish to digress by stating that perhaps the understanding of it all is a tad less than that which is currently being put forth in scientific circles.

Rene’ Descartes,  the father of empiricism  and scientific reductionism had it wrong when he stated, “I think, therefore I am.”   A more encompassing and humbling statement would propose an enlightened scrutiny by stating:” I  AM,  therefore I think”. Thus we are divinely inspiring in our attempts to understand the sublime and transcendental complexities of universal wonder.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”  Albert Einstein

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”    Leonardo Da Vinci 


A Gnostic Perspective and Transcendental Experience of Time and Space on the Eve of Ascension  


Currently, there is much information and activity being reported concerning atmospheric anomalies prevailing all across the planet. Hardly a day goes by without an observable incident mentioning asteroids passing relatively too close to earth for comfort. Often times these disclosures are detected within a 24-48 hour period which has the astronomers, astrophysicists and those charged with detecting such possible civilization ending calamities a bit worried.

UFO sightings continue to be observed by many while extreme weather symptoms and tidal surges simultaneously create havoc with consequent loss of life and the destruction of physical property assessed in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Earthquakes abound with tectonic shifting of the earth’s crust fomenting fears of the Big One demonstrably manifest in the unconscious apprehension of many who reside in the western portion of the United States.

People speak of intuitively knowing that the air is charged and the sun rises and sets differently.

Sunrise, Manitoulin Island, Canada




What is happening? These reflections prompted me to revisit a paper that I wrote more than two years ago after Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and I completed the task of sending via email his latest book “An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law – ebook” as an Open Letter to 10,000 physicists and scientists worldwide. This immense undertaking targeted academicians at the university level, nation-state Academies of Sciences and numerous private research centers. Additionally, the campaign was written in English, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian up to and including Mandarin Chinese. Immediately thereafter, I began a vacation in the remote and pristine woodlands of the mountainous northwestern portion of the state of Maine, USA.

The following discourse is a complete summary of my observations undertaken with sophisticated astronomical instruments replete with state of the art references including star charts and constellation mapping resources. Implicit and congruous with my observations and conclusions requires an understanding of what is meant by the galactic center or colloquially referred to as the core of The Milky Way Galaxy.

In consideration of the contextual framework of first century Gnostic Cosmology, an interesting comprehension now becomes manifest towards understanding what the galactic core essentially is defined as and the resultant effects that a substantial displacement of our solar system and the earth might encounter by orbiting in closer proximity to the galactic core by thousands of light years.

The scientists, cosmologists and astrophysicists among us today claim that the Milky Way core or Galactic Center is a super massive black hole known as Sagittarius A.  At the center of our galaxy lies the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*, often abbreviated Sgr A*. This giant is about 4 million times the mass of the sun and about 14.6 million miles (23.6 million kilometers) in diameter. Is this truth?

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Such a concept invites a discerning scrutiny not only from the comprehension of the natural laws of physics as understood or perhaps more like misunderstood by the predominate agnostic assembly of physicists today, but begs a larger question bordering on the transcendental and metaphysical aspects of this conclusion. This topic is worthy of debate and not all concur with this topic which as assumed constitutes a position of being sacrosanct.


I will NOW attempt to provide an alternative synopsis to this perception that our galaxy’s center is a super massive black hole. Gnostic Cosmology of the first century termed the core of the Milky Way Galaxy as the PLEROMA. The Gnostic mystics of the first century engaged in intense meditation consistent with lore taken from the ancient texts which provided a means to perceive from a metaphysical understanding that the Pleroma was a place of divine light, probably of a plasma-like condition. Additionally, it was perceived as place where divine beings and SOURCE ENERGIES were prominent in descriptions composed of huge torrents of an energy flux with consciousness, and perhaps personalities of both a feminine and masculine archetype. Pleroma generally refers to the totality of divine powers. The word literally means fullness, from the verb πληρόω, comparable to πλήρης which means “full”. It is used in Christian theological contexts, especially in Gnosticism:


The Planetary Ascension Team, known collectively as the PAT, KNOW and have experienced  divine source energies for many years in addition to visions of a transcendental nature and awe-inspiring comprehension encompassing a GNOSTIC understanding. WE do not expound on such divinely-inspired cognizance in any measure by purporting ourselves to be special, chosen or any of the ego driven attributes espoused by the representatives of an agnostic propensity to bring attention to oneself. WE, the PAT recognize first of all our inner divinity as “ Sparks of God” or “All That Is“. Our entire lives in this last incarnation as Old “Warrior“ Souls have been devoted to a mission of deliverance acting in concert with our Higher Self and Soul Contract to ascend our life-sustaining planet, GAIA and a portion of human souls now awakening to their intuition and Higher Selves.

The journey has begun and is at the cusp of fulfillment. If we are in fact much closer to the center of our galaxy and it is the stated KNOWING of this writer to wit that indeed we are, THEN humanity is undergoing and can continue to expect an intensity and surge of a divinely driven energy flux imparted to sentient beings never before witnessed in the entire chronicles of intergalactic history. So, let us ALL surf this wave of deliverance emanating from the PLEROMA and return to our true essence as creator beings, immortal, omniscient and sparks of the divine. It is our RIGHT as inheritors of the esoteric and GNOSTIC Knowledge which will bring us home.  

A Light Warrior’s Assessment of the Astronomical Changes Observed in the Pristine Night Sky of Northwestern Maine During August 13th -18th 2017; Prelude to the Imminent Dimensional Transition According to our Soul-Based Intuition as Members of the PAT

“It is imperative to document Patrick’s observations as they will be a topic of future discussions when we shall prove the inadequacy of the scientists to assess the ascension process and all visible signs associated with this process, whereas the stress will be on the psychological deficiencies that prevented this. […]

This report should be put in connection with the article and message of the Elohim from February 14, 2017 on the transgalactic shift of Gaia into the new Golden Galaxy (1) , the seeding of which we announced three years ago (2) and the initial transition of Gaia into this galaxy two years ago (3) (Then finally on August 20, 2019 Gaia transcended to the new Living Universe as announced by the Elohim (4)). This is the red thread to follow and Patrick refers to it explicitly as an apriori gnostic knowledge in his scientific presentation of his astronomic observations.”

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

(1) Breaking News: This Night, February 14th, 2017, a Critical and Final Transgalactic Shift of Gaia Took Place

(2) The Seeding of the Golden Galaxy

(3) The Elohim: The Last Supermoon Portal on October 26th/27th Marks the Transition of This Uppermost Mother Planet into the New Golden Galaxy

(4) Transcending Heaven’s Gate 

This paper is an attempt to reconcile my recent observations of the night sky as observed on three separate occasions while enjoying a vacation in the northwest interior of the deep Maine woods. To be sure, the astronomical viewing community, both amateur and professional are reluctant to present information of a personal assessment as the predominant dogma of empiricism rules the day and intuition is scrutinized and scoffed at as an exercise in personal bias. Furthermore, although astrology was held in esteemed circles by the ancients and actually was the predecessor and catalyst for the more formal study of astronomy, the empiricist-laden world and the current scientific community of cosmologists, astrophysicists and theoretical mathematicians turn a deaf ear to the soul-inspired intuition that foretells the reality which will initiate the soon-to-come ascension of the planet Gaia and the transfiguration of the PAT as spiritual incarnates into ascended masters and crystalline light beings.

The impetus for this investigation began as a result of a communication that I engaged in with a very seasoned fellow astronomer who informed me that the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius had been observed as rising higher in the southwestern sky. This realization was further confirmed by another astronomer who is a member of my amateur astronomy club. Both observers are professionals with advanced degrees and not prone to make bombastic or light-hearted assessments of night-sky observations. I trust their judgment implicitly.

Consequently, I posted an inquiry on two reputable, online astronomical-observation blogs and received the normal jesting on how could such an anomaly take place. One observer from California did affirm that according to his latest viewing, both constellations appeared to be rising higher than in the past. It must be noted that the initial comments concerning the higher elevatory positioning of both Sagittarius and Scorpius were not a result of the migratory movement due to the earth’s rotation throughout any individual night. I took their comments as an affirmation of a distinct displacement in their positions vis a vis comparable scrutiny relating to previous years. In my own case, the time interval for such a consensus is 10 years and counting and for the two fellow astronomers who initially brought this observable transition to my attention, that observable time frame approximates two decades. I say this to draw attention to an unlikely opinion or personal bias from entering into my consideration of this observable and astronomical anomaly.

The events which I am about to describe took place in the northwestern interior of the state of Maine and more precisely in the town of Weld along the shores of Lake Webb. This location is miles from any significant source of light pollution and for three successive nights, I enjoyed very dark skies with a high degree of transparency. The arcing Milky Way extended fully from the northeastern sky starting at the constellation Cassiopeia directly overhead and terminated in the merging of the southeastern horizon in the constellations of Sagittarius, (the archer) and Scorpius, (the scorpion). These two constellations are rich in deep space objects consisting of numerous globular clusters, nebulae and in the case of Scorpius, a massive red giant star, Antares. More importantly, they point to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy by which the spiral arm of our own solar system located on the Orion Spur of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm is 28,000 light years distant. Our solar system circumnavigates around this galactic core entrenched within its spiral arm like a cascade wheel spanning some 220 million years. Simply stated, the last time the earth was in this same cosmic space continuum was when dinosaurs walked the earth.

In line with what was revealed to me concerning the displacement of Sagittarius and Scorpius in the southeastern sky and viewing under ideal observable conditions, I fully intended to exhaust all possibilities to verify and discern whether in fact, these two constellations have repositioned their observable configurations, both in size and displacement. I would rely upon my known understanding of ten years standing as to both the size and positioning of both constellations. My equipment consisted of a 6” Celestron Refractor telescope mounted on a Universal Astronomics wooden tripod. Additionally, a set of Orion 25 x 100 Zoom and mounted binoculars were utilized depending upon upper atmospheric conditions. This instrument can be set up very quickly as compared to the much larger and heavier telescope. And finally, my eyesight being of some 67 years duration but nonetheless were able to see and pinpoint night-sky objects with precision and accuracy.

The First Night 

I ventured to a secluded location along the northwestern beach front of Lake Webb upon arrival and set up my Celestron telescope at the close of dusk and to await the night sky. In the interim, I reviewed star and constellation charts for the night-viewing session. I could immediately discern that this particular night would be most advantageous as the Milky Way began to appear overhead in an arcing embrace from the northeastern horizon to its terminus in the southeast. Perhaps an hour elapsed and the night merged into a pristine presence of silence and wonder. Initially, in order to get my bearings for my intended targets, I acclimated myself to the constellations beginning to appear in the northwest. Ursus Major, (the Great Bear) with the asterism, the Big Dipper showing over the lake along with Bootes, (the Herdsman) positioned on a straight southwesterly diagonal from the handle of the last star in the Dipper. The magnificent red giant star, Arcturus is always a treat for me to observe as if I am drawn by an intuitive attractiveness to another time and instance. In another hour, Hercules, Corona Borealis, (the crown) and Lyra, (the harp) with the blue giant, Vega appeared in all their magnificence. I immediately concluded that these constellations and star patterns were quite aligned in a normal setting and perfectly congruous to what I have observed them to be in the last decade; replete in position, size and at different locations above 40′ N Latitude in the northern hemisphere.

A reasonable proximity to what I was observing is shown here.

The above-referenced chart is representative of what I observed looking in a general northerly direction and slightly westward over the lake. The constellations beginning with Cassiopeia were behind me and to the northeast. The arcing Milky Way extended from Cassiopeia and transited directly overhead and terminated in the southwestern sky slightly above the horizon in the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius. We can for illustrative purposes consider the night sky acting as a dome where the stars appear to move during the course of any observable night session from east to west due to the earth’s rotation in a reciprocal direction of west to east. As mentioned previously, the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius point directly into the Milky Way Galactic Core, referred to as Sag*A. We cannot see directly into the center of the galaxy as it is positioned with interfering and dense dust clouds although astrophysicists have used infrared telescopy to penetrate into the interior.

The next diagram completes the August night sky from a southerly positioned and vantage location.

The Observation

As previously mentioned, it was my intention to observe the two constellations, Sagittarius and Scorpius to discern whether there were any marked dissimilarities in their relative positions and size based on my understandings of both parameters. I was relying upon my memory based on a decade of observing each from multiple locales in the northern hemisphere in addition to mapping them to August night-sky charts from scientifically proven astronomy publications which are mathematically drawn to scale. In order to set my expectations to a neutral perspective and thus by default preventing an observational bias from entering the activity that I was about to engage in, I spent the first two hours observing other constellations and asterisms, (star patterns contained within a known constellation). I referred to this engagement earlier in this discussion.

Upon completion, I can state without any hesitancy that these sectors of the night sky showed no displacement, fragmentation or consequent increase or decrease in size of any constellations. However, I was not prepared for what I was about to observe in the southwest. The first and direct viewing of Sagittarius and Scorpius were undertaken by naked eye in order to get my bearings and as soon as that was approximated to a reasonable degree, I turned my 6” Celestron Refractor telescope on the targets in question. I noticed immediately that the general outline of the constellation Scorpius was opaque in appearance and appeared to be of a significant distortion in size. It extends upward from the celestial horizon (think ground level) and is one of the very few constellations that actually mimics the species for which it is named. Antares, a super red giant forms the heart of the scorpion and can easily be seen with the naked eye.

I focused my telescope on the massive star directly and easily concluded that the area focused upon was indeed the scorpion. M4, from the Messier Catalog can be seen slightly to the right of Antares. It is a globular cluster, (concentration of stars within a defined spherical perimeter), and formed very early in the universe. However, despite pristine conditions prevailing in all other sectors of the sky, the southwestern exposure seemed opaque with designated stars that formed both constellations blinking in and out to the point that at times, one could not readily identify these two most prominent constellations. This seemed rather odd since both Sagittarius and Scorpius are very distinct in their patterns and can easily be seen with the naked eye. Lastly, when seen, the scorpion appeared very much larger in the area that it encompassed vis a vis what I had observed in the past. Perhaps, by a multiple of 4 to 5 x.

Sagittarius, immediately adjacent to the left of the body of Scorpius would prove to be a far different story. Contained within the Sagittarius constellation, is an asterism known as the “Teapot” which was evidently named for the resemblance of its namesake. I perceive it to be more consistent with the form of a slanted parallelogram with a pitched roof. In any event, I immediately noticed that when viewed through the blinking in and out paradigm, it was immense in its outline by an enhanced configuration of several multiples. Perhaps an hour expired with both constellations phasing in and out and ultimately to the point of disappearing from view.  This anomaly left me quite perplexed since my previous decade-long experience and observational perspective concerning the outline configurations of both galactic-center constellations were torn asunder. I retired for the evening and decided to review my constellation charts before proceeding again to affirm my observations.

After a review of the first night’s activities, I decided that I would only use my binoculars and naked eye in the ensuing observational sessions during my stay. This would allow me to maneuver much more quickly and correlate my intuition-based sense of reality to what I was actually observing. The second night revealed a more definitive outline of both constellations without the blinking in and out effect. Sagittarius and Scorpius were both prominent in the southwestern sky and replete with a defined outline. However, upon further reflection of what I had observed the previous night during a session of three hours observation and now viewing the same celestial structures for an additional two hours, two startling facts began to emerge: Scorpius, greatly enhanced in size never rose in elevation causing the lower segment of the stinger to remain in an unobservable status. This phenomenon is most peculiar and as previously noted, the stars of constellations move in an east to west migration across the night sky due to the earth’s reciprocal rotation from west to east. Neither did Sagittarius move. It was as if both constellations were frozen in time during observable sessions encompassing two separate nights and lasting through 5 hours.

What to think? I checked the weather reports for the following night and understood that only one night remained to further my observations as cloudy weather was entering the picture. I then decided that I would use my Orion Astronomical 25 x 100 zoom binoculars mounted on a machine-drilled metal tripod for maximum observing capacity as well as ease of mobility. It is interesting to note as I gathered my recollections of the previous two nights’ viewing sessions, for all practical purpose it seemed as if physical law had been suspended and I allowed my intuition-based understanding to speak to me in no uncertain terms. I would allow one more night to analyze the current dilemma and let my HS speak to my conclusions. Additionally, I checked with one of the original astronomers who had initially brought this alleged viewing displacement to my attention. He had notified me that my astronomy club colleagues would be viewing this same night at a site 200 miles southeast of my location. I asked him to confirm any anomalies and later contacted him on his viewing assessment.


Astronomers often utilize makeshift actions to properly assess both the size and locations of space objects in the night sky.  To be sure, stars, constellations and planets can be properly located by measuring devices that utilize degrees, minute and seconds. In this case, given the great irregularities that I had observed concerning the displacement of both constellations, but more importantly the greatly enhanced size of Sagittarius and Scorpius, I chose for a quick fix a simple and quite-effective activity of utilizing my right hand fully extended from my forearm and closed or-tight-fisted with fingers extended in what is commonly referred to as “half-handspan.” It is roughly 10-12 degrees across and in my case measures on the higher side due to the fact that I have very large hands. I set aside an hour’s observing time at the beginning of my last session to essentially gauge specific night objects in the northern sky regarding their width and area dimensions. It is a rough approximate but not exorbitantly so as not to introduce gross error into any observational assessment. From previous use of this method, I had determined that the parallelogram of the body of Hercules would most approximate the area in question when applied to the same structure forming the base of the “The Teapot” asterism in Sagittarius minus the pitched roof effect.

For illustrative purposes, see the diagrams below. The Parallelograms shown in proper scale are taken from Scientific Astronomy Internet Sources and can be equated to night sky charts and diagrams from many reputable sources.

** It should be noted that the parallelograms shown to scale in the above-referenced pictures are approximately commensurate in size and area if the pitched roof of the “Teapot Asterism“ is not considered in Sagittarius. This aligns perfectly with my closed fist approach for the measurement of each in Hercules and Sagittarius.

Let me explain. For many years when observing the quasi-square body of Hercules when positioning my scope for the detection of M13, a globular cluster of immense radiance situated at approximately the right shoulder slightly below the right-upper star of the Hercules parallelogram, I noticed that this asterism can be covered by my right hand with fully extended fingers in a half-handspan posture with a little room to spare. Additionally, the same can be said for the parallelogram in Sagittarius minus the pitched roof. I can remember specifically utilizing this hand-measure approach for both constellations spanning a decade-long interval of active night time viewing with colleagues of my astronomy club.

Last Night Out 

Before venturing out for the last night of celestial observation, I contacted my senior astronomer friend and colleague from the astronomy club to ascertain whether he or any other club members had noticed any marked irregularities from their observational setting some 200 miles southwest of my location. He responded by stating that both constellations were behind the towering tree line on a southwest exposure and thus, did not offer any degree of viewing. I thanked him and contemplated my memories from previous years of viewing in that same location and wondered how it is that both constellations are now hidden when in fact, both were viewable well throughout the month of August and extending into September over a span of decades-long viewing.

However, I would await the few hours before twilight and would venture out for one last nightly session of observing Sagittarius and Scorpius. This time I chose the most secluded and shaded spot that I could find along the beachfront of Lake Webb. As mentioned, I would use my mounted zoom binoculars for ease of mobility and a stereo vision-effect. Astronomical binoculars sometimes offer a distinct advantage vis a vis telescope viewing. This is due to the fact that when viewing through binoculars, one is utilizing both eyes versus just one eye with a telescope. Telescopes offer greater penetrating of the night sky by their photon-capturing wider apertures whereas binoculars offer a stereo-vision effect of almost 3-D immersion of falling into the night-sky from the position of the observer. Essentially, one is looking through two telescopes with smaller apertures that offer this effect.

It began with my decision to fully utilize all of my observational skills in one last attempt to understand fully what I was experiencing. Sure enough, both Sagittarius and Scorpius appeared right on schedule in the designated sectors of the southwestern sky. At this time, I decided to identify without any hesitation and obfuscation that I was in fact viewing Sagittarius and not something else. This constellation is laden with many deep space objects such as nebulae, (remains of exploding stars), and open and globular clusters of stars. I swung my mounted binoculars into action and with 15 minutes had located these rich fields of radiance. Yes, this indeed was Sagittarius without question. Scorpius alongside with its outline. Both constellations appeared as if frozen in time, with little detection of migratory displacement due to the rotating earth. Again, it seemed as if physical law was suspended over a span encompassing some three hours duration. Such an effect DEFIES Physical Law according to the understanding of the astrophysical and astronomy community of observers and scientists. It simply cannot and should not happen, EVER.

Yet, here I am in my third successive night of viewing and this gross anomaly and displacement continues. And FINALLY, I knew from the previous night sessions that the sector outline of Sagittarius was enhanced by a multiple of 4x as compared to Hercules. This observation so unsettled me that I took special precaution of moving the tripod-mounted binoculars on several occasions to allay any undue changes in frames of reference from entering my observational field. I knew intuitively that this could not in any way interfere in what I was observing since the transition points would be like altering quantum particles and attempting to identify specific locations of change. And still there was this nagging question that remained in my consciousness from the-earlier-in the day input from my senior astronomer colleague located 200 miles southeast of my location. How is it that they cannot see any delineation of both Sagittarius and Scorpius at the same and precise time that I am viewing both in fully delineated outline and in the case of Sagittarius, its parallelogram of the teapot minus the pitched roof is 4 if not 5 times its normal area. The entire series of viewing sessions during three nights of intense scrutiny appeared as if I was watching a Drive-In Movie with a very wide screen. Again, this defies Physical Law.


I will now attempt to formulate three possible reasons for this anomaly of stupendous proportions in the contextual framework of what we know as PAT members and where we are in the stream of time.

(1) Our solar system located on the Orion Spur of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm of our Milky Way Galaxy has shifted inwardly towards the Galactic Center or Milky Way core by perhaps a multiple of hundreds of light years. We are currently perceived to be 28,000 light years distant from the Milky Way center or what the GNOSTICS referred to as the PLEROMA. A shift of this magnitude would account for the greatly enhanced area size of Sagittarius and Scorpius.

**Remember, one light year is the distance that light travels in One Year at 186,000 miles per second which approximates 6 Trillion miles.

(2) In consultation with Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, it is an intergalactic and space-time dimensional shift as GAIA maneuvers into the New Golden Galaxy of higher dimensions confirmed by my observational summaries posted in this paper. These rationales are part and parcel to that same ASCENSION process.

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(3) I was granted by my HS in conjunction with the Higher Realms to enter a portal where my astronomy skills and observational insights were to be utilized to bring this matter to the attention of Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and all the PAT Members OR perhaps a collusion and composite of all three rationales in the context of our imminent ascension as PAT members, Light Warriors of the First and Last hour.

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