The Beginning of the Long-Awaited Financial Crash in the End Time of Our Ascension

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 26, 2019

History of mankind as experienced reality in linear time is a repetition of recurrent events in an upward or downward spiral. In fact, we exist in infinite timelines / frequency realities and move through these timelines as we create our individual experience and subjective reality. This is a highly complex gnostic aspect for which there is still no understanding in humanity except for the few enlightened readers of this website.

Although one can observe from a human perspective evolutionary leaps or collapses in human history that may evoke the impression of being coincidental and unpredictable, as was the case with the Fall of the Berlin wall and the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the communist empire in 1989, nothing is further from the truth as I explain in this book:

Gnosis as a Personal Experience

All events we experience on whichever timeline have been created in the higher realms in the everlasting Now and gain momentum in their probability potential to manifest at certain point in linear time on one or many timelines simultaneously.

During the great financial crash in 2008, the world financial and economic system was on the verge of total collapse and annihilation. I predicted its arrival many years earlier, actually as early as 1997 to the full extent and published a thorough analysis on this topic in 1999 on the Internet. Since then nothing has changed, except that the world inflation, the primary factor of this financial and economic crisis, has increased probably more than 100 times and the money supply in circulation exceeded already at that time more than 100 times the magnitude of the material economy and the value of all the produced commodities.

Normally, one would believe that an inflation would lead to an excess of free available capital for investments and this would stimulate the overall economic growth. This is what the current fake macro-economic theories, such as Keynesianism and monetarism, claim:


In fact, it is exactly the opposite and the history of the financial markets after the crash in 2008 gives us testimony to that. Although there has never been so much money created out of thin air after the total bankruptcy of the Wall Street investment banking in October 2008 by all central banks in form of bailouts, zero and negative interest rates, four quantitative easings (QEs), the world economy is since then in a chronic recession, which is actually the last greatest and longest Depression of all times as I define it that will end up this and next year with the total collapse of the old economic order.

The artificially created money has no effect at all on the economic growth as a financial stimulus but is only used to fill in the debt gaps in an economy that has become entirely a debt economy. The US economy is the classical and leading example for a truly debt economy. With the unleashing of trade wars by Trump against China and the rest of the world to reverse the gargantuan trade deficit of this inefficient economic behemoth on clay feet, he actually aggravated the situation and is sawing on the branch, on which he and his MAGA-country sits. This is going on for a while and I predicted recently, based on my ascension scenario for this year, that this situation will implode by the end of this year.

What is true, is that the US economy is in a massive liquidity crunch due to many factors but essentially as a result of the ongoing sanction policy of this world gendarme state and rapidly declining Empire of Evil against Russia, Iran, China and several dozens more countries all over the world, This led to a massive flight from the dollar as world currency, which until now generated the money supply for the highly indebted US economy through foreign investments in US bonds and other artificial financial markets created by Wall Street to finance the unproductive, inefficient US economy. I have described this financial situation already in 2003 in my pivotal essay:

Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia

Unfortunately, we had to wait for more than 2 decades since the current economic crisis began with full force with the Asian and Russian crisis in 1997 when I first recognized the global financial fraud and came to my annihilating conclusion as an economic and financial expert, based on the new theory of the UL, that this economic order is doomed to disappear in the course of the planetary ascension, which we, the PAT, have accomplished during this time. I have explained why it has to collapse in a close and comprehensive  analysis of the major faulty trends in the current fake and corrupt economic and financial system in numerous articles throughout the years:

Read section: Economic Collapse

I knew long time ago that when the year of ascension arrives, and 2019 is now obviously this year, the events leading to the total collapse of the old matrix will begin to unfold with an exponential speed in the summer and early fall as to explode around our ascension portal 11/11 which we, the PAT, first opened in 2011. By the way, the financial crisis had already reached a peak at that time and became reality in many descending timelines as you can read on our website. This time it will happen on all our ascending timelines and, as I see it, simultaneously in all of them as we enter the Now moment of the 5D and make the shift, as all timelines and parallel holographic realities have to converge into one infinite multidimensional reality of the new Living Universe.

Transcending Heaven’s Gate 

This year we have been striding with giant steps towards our goal of individual and planetary ascension and the last several months were pivotal with the creation of the wheel of light and life, completing the healing centre in DM, creating the world heart chakra centres “The Fountain of Freedom” in Italy and North America, Vancouver, the ascension of Gaia and humanity to the Living Universe (see above) and the abolition of its eons of time long quarantine from establishing contact with other incarnation civilisations.

Finally, the opening of the 4th heart chakra of love, based on the pink flame, the 5th throat chakra of truth, divine God’s will and self-determination, based on the blue flame, and now the 6th spiritual and 7th crown chakra (the third eye), based on the yellow flame of illumination, took place in the last few months in all humans who will ascend in this lifetime.

The Activation of the Yellow Ray of Illumination on September 5th, 2019

The Opening of the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras of Humanity in July, August and September, 2019

All these energetic events of transgalactic and universal proportions have propelled Gaia and humanity on the steepest pathway to ascension this summer, so that during the fall equinox portal we have entered the final and most decisive phase in the ascension process, where an avalanche of cataclysmic events at the societal level will cause the rapid collapse of the old order – economic, financial, political – but first and foremost the implosion of the current world view, Weltanschauung of all the people, except for the few enlightened ones like us.

The equinox portal this year was very powerful and it is still ongoing, so that I cannot say much at this point in time, except that we made another shift in the last several days with the arrival of the feminine energies from the primal fields of creation of the Source that are now causing a profound reset of the entire energetic situation of this planet and its population (read also here).  The intense lightwork continues daily and last night Amora had a very clear, lucid dream where she heard the following:

“You are experiencing the power of the Divine Feminine” and I saw deep magenta pink rays of very intense light that looked like what might be called “plasma light” – it was very “thick” and moved in “ribbons” to create vertical columns of magenta light. There was a large group of us waiting for this Sacred Light to fill the “Light Stations” in our “reality” from where it can be commanded to move into various applications -including healing applications and to any others areas we would like to apply it to.  We are the Creators!”

Therefore, I am not at all surprised to witness all of a sudden a huge peak of money illiquidity in the financial markets and in particular in the USA and the EU that came out of nowhere at the beginning of this week and will definitely lead to a sudden death (apoptosis) of the current corrupt and highly manipulated financial markets.

All of a sudden, the repo markets experienced a massive credit crunch due to a sudden rise of interest rates with which banks lend money to each other as to keep their existence afloat in an entirely debt economy without any real economic growth and generation of national wealth. Here are two quite authoritative articles that tackle this latest and sudden liquidity crunch in the US and EU financial markets:

The Real Story Of The Repo Market Meltdown, And What It Means For Bitcoin

Why I’m Worried About the Repo Market

Since end of last week, the Fed has been injecting daily between 70 and 100 billion dollars (altogether more than half a trillion USD) in the repo markets to keep the US banks afloat and there is a similar trend with the ECB in Europe. Something dramatic is happening obviously in the financial markets and this has been under-reported by the MSM, except for the few articles I mentioned above.

I have anticipated and described already in 2007 in a very precise manner the confusion of all the financial experts in the final phase of the ascension scenario with respect to what is happening now in the repo markets, which are the core of the entire financial system in the West. I would like to quote myself here for the sake of clarity and to document why I have always been spot on in my economic and financial expertise all these years:

Conceptual Agnosticism in Economy and Religion

This mental insufficiency begins with the fact that man is not in a position to develop a viable, fully valid concept for the Whole and to translate this through his worldview into adequate social forms based on spiritual principles.

The confusion which the lack of proper terminology and perception of the Whole can lead to is demonstrated by the current global economic crisis that I predicted and explained eight years ago (here), which had just begun on July 19th, 2007; it had already led to the first cataclysms and upheavals on the mortgage bond market and was spreading rapidly throughout the entire financial market.

This crisis is the result of the world inflation, deliberately generated by the financial jugglers of our time out of pure greed to make money out of money. At present, economists are neither able to develop a correct idea of the world inflation, nor to comprehend the rapidly progressing decoupling of price from commodity value that has taken place at a breathtaking pace over the last 15-20 years and has completely eroded the global economy.

For this reason, the “experts” are now shocked and surprised by the severity of the “credit crunch”, as they currently interpret the beginning of the world economic crisis, and are unable to grasp that this “credit crunch” is only a symptom of the bursting of the inflation bubble generated by themselves, which represents a necessary dialectical adjustment of the world money supply to the actual material production.

The reason for this blindness of all financial people lies solely in their fear of losing their professional and existential raison d’être. Fear always leads to ignorance and inevitably triggers cataclysms and crises, which then reveal the fear through the negative experience that the person makes in such situations and gradually contributes to its psycho-energetic reduction.”

Neoplatonism and Christianity – Part 1

How dramatic this sudden onset of a global credit / liquidity crunch is, has been revealed by RT, Rick Sanchez News  yesterday. Go in this video below to minute 13 and listen to what the two journalists have to say about the liquidity crunch in the US repo markets that forebodes the coming total financial crash later this fall:

I am making you today aware of this new sudden trend, as it will determine in the next days and weeks the outcome of the world economy that has already been hit by a new worldwide recession and a precipitous fall in world trade activities due to Trump’s sanctions and trade wars with the rest of the world. This is my obligation as the captain of the PAT and an expert-seer of future events, so that you begin to prepare for the final most decisive phase in the ascension process and our imminent appearance as ascended masters in front of humanity as to propel its illumination to unknown heights:

Vademecum to the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law

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