Energy Report of the PAT – July 7, 2016

How to Beat the Clintons More Effectively

July 6, 2016

Dear Mr. Donald Trump,

I am a close observer of your presidential campaign and contribute as much as I can as an editor of a popular website to the propagation of your political and economic ideas against the rigged system of the current establishment.

Although you have addressed the economic and financial decay of the US economy with growing unemployment due to wild financial, neoliberal speculations and the transfer of industrial production abroad, according to my information – and I have listened to all your recent speeches – you have not yet addressed the primary cause of the current crisis:

The fact that this all began with the Clintons abolishing the Glass-Steagel legislation in 1999 and opening the door for wild speculations of the banks that led to the crisis in 2008 and the subsequent Greatest Depression of all time you already thematize in your speeches. In fact you have every right to blame the Clintons for the entire present-day financial and economic malaise as they were the ones who opened the political doors for the march of the current neoliberal economic approach and globalization, which you already criticize with respect to NAFTA and the new trade treaties but have so far failed to mention the original perpetrators – the Clintons. I have recently discussed the consequences of this act in a financial article:

I am confident that your ideas will win over Killary Clinton and Billary Clintons as a double pack, although I do not see you as a president of the USA because the system will collapse before that and will cease to exist:

But from a higher vantage point of view you have already achieved much more than winning the presidential election – you have vastly contributed to the destruction of this dark matrix and the creation of a new enlightened humanity.  And this is the greatest historical achievement a human being can accomplish these days.

With best regards

Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD, physicist, philosopher and writer


Thank you Brad for your comments concerning HOG and appreciation of my article, which I had great difficulty writing as I do now in writing this.  Your comments came at a good time as I have felt especially bad physically, mentally and emotionally for the last month.  This always indicates great effort and great progress for the PAT.

Yesterday’s announcement by the FBI was a culmination of our recent efforts. Director Comey said exactly what he needed to say which shows how even the darkest are used now by the light to bring about the needed changes quickly. You see it was never about convicting or exoneration Hillary as desirable as that might have been. It was all about exposing the financial. political and all other systems as irredeemable corrupt. PAT had to work hard to get that message out to the masses, who are barely awake even yet.  If it was only a matter of Hillary being corrupt but the Justice Department and FBI being honorable then that would have been one thing that many believed. Now they have a choice to see the truth.

Using some of Comey’s own words “Any reasonable person reviewing this system would ascertain that the dark agenda and those running it are on their last legs”. They can no longer fool a reasonably awake individual about their true motives to not even appear to support truth and justice but continue to promote their dark agenda. The last laugh is surely on them. How could we have expected any other outcome from the FBI who has staged and masterminded so many false flags.

Director Comey, Lorretta Lynch, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton honorable or worthy of our leadership? What would any reasonable person conclude?

Donald Trump is no more able to lead than they as he is also corrupt and self-serving, although hasn’t had the opportunity to be part of the political system, but I believe his walk in-soul is being used to spread the message of a corrupt and totally irredeemable system. In other words he is the messenger only.

The PAT are the future leaders as only those found spiritually worthy and have done the great work with great sacrifice (certainly not Trump) will lead in the golden age of Gaia (the ones with hearts of gold).



Dearest Georgi,

As expected, the Director of the FBI is not recommending charges against Hillary.

I hope that the 2nd and 3rd wavers are not disheartened at this news causing their own internal vibrations to be lowered as I see many positive aspects to this announcement.

“To a surrounded enemy, you must leave a way of escape.”

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”Sun Tzu

It does not matter why he did it or if he was or was not under any threats.

However, he has given ample statements that allow any presidential opponent to tear apart her credibility and trust worthiness.

I see this as a very positive step in allowing her to melt away from the public scene with any excuse and retain her dignity while allowing change to flow in peacefully.

If she proceeds with her ambition to be president, it will only cause greater chaos as the energetic environment stipulates higher vibrational frequencies against which she and her supporters aligned with lower frequencies will not be able to withstand.

Strategically, they might think that this reprieve opens the path to the successful attempt at removing Trump as the thorn in their sides. However this would create a new timeline of even more chaos that would end badly for all participants as the higher vibrational frequencies would prevent any lasting success born of violence.

Their own words become their undoing and no external force will be needed although I am aware of this week’s Fulford post that describes a $100 million/per head offer to remove such low vibrating world leaders. However, I do not put any stock in his posts.

I believe that the majority of “uber” elites are now aware of the energetic situation on earth and what the coming vibrational increases mean for their kind.

I believe that in spite of their historical stubbornness, they are now ready to peacefully leave the stage.

I could be wrong, but they usually are much more aware of such things than the common man. They are not taking survival courses and building underground survival locations so that they rule as presidents from below as they know that this will not be possible.

It may be necessary for one or two of them to be destroyed by the incoming energies in broad day light before the most stubborn ones get the point, but their destruction will be by cosmic means, not human hands. Spontaneous combustion as well as instant collapse will become much more common as the energetic situation increases. Their hearts and nervous systems simply cannot withstand the energies.

Let’s wait and see how things stipulate. But this was a very positive and peaceful development in my mind.

Peace and Light,



I have not read yet the statement of the FBI chief but I did not expect anything else. In fact exactly this kind of behaviour will cause their demise as the people will see their true character. Therefore I see the situation exactly as you. The cabal are now caving.



Provocative audacity intent on switching frequency to lower vibration prior to energetic anomaly

Dearest Georgi,

Given the history of presidential election fraud in the USofA since the installment of electronic voting machines why would any sane person expect positive change via the election process? The spirits behind this rigged justice system are the same spirits behind the election counting and certification process.

Clearly the spirits behind this corrupt system have no intention of stopping voluntarily hence the need for the magnetic anomaly that will dissolve this reality and instantly separate our consciousness into dimensions based upon the frequency with which it resonates.

Mr. Comey’s speech served as a message for those with eyes to see and ears to hear that positive change cannot happen peacefully. For those unable to remain in a state of non-attachment and calm their emotions, this message will trigger violence, first in the warrior/military class within our society and then from many other classes (rulers, government, business, householders, newly enlightened elites still attached to their material objects) who join the warrior classes on both sides.

The moment of final dissolution via the anticipated energetic anomaly is what we the Logos Gods look forward to with such longing in our hearts and minds. We know that we have earned it, the very existence of CERN is proof of mankind’s knowledge of magnetics and has earned the intervention of spirit in order to ensure mankind’s successful completion of the cycles beyond the awareness of the magnetic holographic nature of our existence. It is promised and we see signs of its coming, but no one can know when this moment will occur therefore we must remain vigilant and stay in vibrational readiness for our ultimate destination in the uppermost earth that will be separated from the lower dimensions at the moment of the energetic anomaly.

I feel that now more than ever we must not watch the news unless we are certain that we can remain in a state of non-attachment without lowering our vibrations for this is the purpose of such provocative audacity. It draws in the emotions ultimately lowering our vibrations as lower vibrations always succeed over higher vibrations in the short run in pulling down frequencies. It takes much longer for higher vibrations to help elevate lower vibrations. We must protect ourselves and limit our exposure to lower frequencies as much as humanly possible for if the anomaly occurs at a moment when we have succumbed to the lower frequency then by reason of universal law our consciousness is drawn to or attracted to that location that resonates most closely with the frequency that we hold.

When we do analyze the news we must continue to seed our analysis with words that support non-attachment to this reality and maintaining high levels of consciousness. Soon, only sites such as yours and a few others will qualify as reading material for those who have chosen to ascend to a high level of existence.

Therefore, we must see these audacious acts for what they are; planned provocations to “switch” the frequencies of consciousness so as to increase the populations in those lower dimensions the cabal and their overlords hope to occupy and control.Audacious indeed! I expect their audacity to increase with intensity as we approach the moment of the energetic anomaly that accomplishes the final separation so as to switch as many as possible to their frequency.

Once all electronics go out, people will have very little time to orientate their consciousness to the frequency that resonates with the upper most earth expression prior to the final anomaly that completely dissolves this reality. The battle will intensify until that time.

Peace & Light,



Hi George,

we know that each side in the Clinton email issue will use the FBI directors statement to their own advantage, but it does remind me of some things from my govt work.

First, from an IT standpoint, i think it should lead to a review of how all govt officials are handling their email. My experience in govt and corp. work is that i have never heard of using a private server, and if one was used the IT security staff should be all over it.

In recent years the bring your own device to work issue has also raised security concerns at companies. I recall that they had to ramp up Pres. Obamas blackberry for security reasons also.

But, on the other hand, i know what its like to work in govt and be in the big fishbowl. They used to tell us at my state job, not to say anything in a work email that we didn’t want repeated in the newspapers. Personal emails at work were not allowed. Ok i get that, and i favor transparency, but it really dampens communication sometimes also.

That is one reason i said i would not work in govt again – it’s so restrictive at times that you cant get the simplest things done easily or normally or without jumping through 500 hoops. Regardless of which side or sides you’re on, it points to this unwieldy monster govt and public service have become…

Mike in Florida 


Dear Mike,

This is true and this only shows how dysfunctional this system is. But we are not that far advanced yet – we are now dealing with the lies of the cabal within their own system which they have created in this way to trap the masses and have now become prey to their own evil creation.




Hello Georgi and Carla,

In early February I had a dream where I was dropping Bill and Hillary off at a bus station. I literally stood with them until they both boarded the bus out of town. Afterwards, I headed over to the airport, there were some colorful characters there, but nothing at all major occurred. I express this dream only for the energetic impact. These are the final days. We will be attending until the very end and will energetically neutralize all catastrophic incidents, in order for it to be peaceful to the completion.

With Love,



Hi George,

I don’t remember Monday at all.  Yesterday (Tues July 5) I experienced a massive cc wave from 7am – 2pm.  It was a harrowing affair both on the emotional and physical level.  I’ve never been one to want to die, but yesterday that’s how I felt.  I managed to go for a walk in the afternoon and asked my HS what was going on – demanded was more like it as I was pissed.  I got ‘Independence Day’.  Same as you.  And also was told ‘You’re dying’.  I am truly hoping that is a nod to the end of this great shift.

I too was alerted to a mass soul exit.  On Wed June 29th I had a dream.  I was escort to a large procession of people the majority of which were elderly but a definite mix of ages.  It looked and felt like the exodus into the desert, a people leaving their homeland.  It was summer but there was some snow on the ground.  I heard ‘what is up must come down and what is down must go up’.  I believe you have made reference to this saying in a recent article – a sign of the great final shift underway.  I’m on my bike bringing up the rear of the procession and I am such a masterful rider, it’s beautiful the fluidity with which my steed and I are one.  I go back to the washroom several times on my bike (assisting these people to clear as they journey) and I must throw my bike up some stairs to reach the washrooms.  I do it with such strength and ease, no problems whatsoever (I wish I could feel this way in my life!).  Two men are observing me and they say ‘it’s the water…. the protons’ (giving me such energy).

In addition to this wave of walk-ins appearing, I too had a dream a year ago about celebrities assisting ascension.  Over time I’ve come to know I am a soul escort.  A year ago I was escorting many specific souls out and back.  On this one occasion in my dream I arrived back at my waystation apartment after a soul escort mission and took a shower.  When I got out of the shower there was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just standing in my living room.  I don’t recall if anything transpired but I knew they would be on my list to escort out and back.  And I saw how they were strategically being used to reach vast numbers of people with their new and changing frequencies.  Just like your dream with Kevin Costner.  Hopefully Kevin will help to fortify our field of dreams.

I’m finding the gap between ‘lightworkers in the press’ and the PAT ever widening.  It’s as though we are on two completely different timelines and they are in the past.  The things I am reading about lately – the trends and aha moments…… happened to me 3-4 years ago.  We truly are on the cutting edge (I had that dream back in 2010 as well).

in great appreciation and love and light,

Tascha, Canada


Dear Tascha,

thank so much for this insightful energy report and your excellent observations on the latest trends, in particular in the light workers community. Unfortunately we have lifted off from this reality and nobody follows us anymore as they are still trapped in low vibrating levels and events and cannot detach from this reality. I see it also in the financial sector and in politics where even the most critical and intelligent experts cannot reach the bar we have set for them to fully understand what is happening in this reality. From now on this gap will increase.

In this respect the light workers are not better than the celebrities – when we ascend both groups will begin to warship us just as they now fully neglect us while trapped in their hypertrophied-ego world.

With love and light


Thank you George. It is very important for my sanity to be reminded I will find no reference points out there anymore. Just ours.

I just remembered…. around the time I had the dream about the exodus and snow, indeed there were many snow events in Alberta. I’m wondering if the comment about the water and protons increasing frequencies in my dream is reference to how the snow is assisting with ascension on this physical plane.

much love


The proton stream from the source through our sun is the basic energy source of transformation of this 3D holographic model as protons are foundational for the creation of matter. The Elohim have mentioned this fact in previous messages. According to my hypothesis the content of water in the new 4D worlds will increase compared to now. I remember to have written in previous articles that the crystalline light body will have a higher content of water than the current carbon-based body. It may sound counter-intuitive but water is the optimal medium of superconductivity in matter when properly arranged. And water is basic in cleansing this planet.



New Creation

Hello Georgi and Carla,

Great post-so much information.

These days are such a blur-information comes so quickly for absorbing. Two nights ago I woke up after a dream where I was shown the ley lines and grids by an angel? He explained that they are in full implementation and operation and that we may now begin creating a new world based upon this new structure.

With Love,



Info on Cosmic Disclosure and the Secret Space Program by Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Dear George,

In case you’re not already aware of this, I recently came across the web series Cosmic Disclosure on, which covers the Secret Space Program, and I’ve been absolutely blown away by the information shared by the insider Corey Goode. Corey also has a website at where he has transcripts from all of the episodes, as well as more articles about his experiences.

The first two episodes of Cosmic Disclosure are available for free online, but you have to pay for a Gaia subscription to watch the rest. For those who would like to watch the series, but are either unwilling or unable to pay, the first three seasons have been leaked online (at lower quality), so I went ahead and made mirrors of the files. The download links and further information can be found on my website here.

One last note: I know the general consensus about David Wilcock is that he has particular ego issues, which are indeed present in the series, but Wilcock’s just the host and Corey is the center of the show, so his presence doesn’t spoil it.



Dear Skyler,

I am aware of these interviews. It is not the big ego of David Wilcock that is the only problem – a much bigger problem is that he is an idiot and is incapable of discerning that he is being used by the dark secret services to promote information that only mires the weak minds of many light workers. If this information is truthful and verifiable, at least partially, why doesn’t this guy write a book on this information and uses instead David as a fig leaf to cover his shameful loins. Come on – this is not the truth and the reality on this planet. The reality is ascension as presented on our website and anything else is tainted deliberately by the dark ones.

I would not have published this information as you are compromising your website with it.

With love and light



Thanks for letting me know. I shared your response with the PAT on Facebook, so they can decide for themselves.



Comment from a regular 3D Human

Good morning George,

Thank you for your suggestion that I start my journey with your book The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind which I have finished and now continue to read your other articles and such.

I asked the universe to bring the truth my way and now feel that I have found it in your material – so I thank you. I can now exclude all other materials and focus on the path ahead. It is really showing itself to be a truism, that the more one asks for honest answers, the more they come our way ( I note that exactly as I write this last sentence, my desk lamp bulb just popped….so I take it that the universe has just confirmed that thought for me, and will continue in the dark ).

George, I won’t take too much of your valuable time, but I just had to do two things. Firstly, to thank you for taking the time to read my initial email and to provide your advice on where to start this journey. That effort on your behalf has changed much for me and I am eternally grateful.

Secondly, I have just read Denise Godber and your most recent article. Her view of the folding cup and the higher dimensions was a wonderful image with which to try understand this larger world. Following the article, I lay down to connect with H.S specifically to contemplate ‘how’ to view the higher dimensions and open my awareness to them, and secondly, to discuss with H.S the below paragraph you wrote in that article.

Expansion of awareness goes always hand in hand with losing the ground under your feet. What you then see is a huge abyss that gapes in front of you. Should I jump into it and explore it or should I retract into my comfort zone, which is a well camouflaged prison of my basic fears that build the edifice of this fear-based ecological zone? This is the first initiation to mastery and all others that follow are variations on this same theme.

A series of dot-points came to mind which seemed to make sense of things for me ( rightly or wrongly ) and as such, I wonder if you might comment as to whether I am on the right track or not? I understand that the mechanics are energy based and will research those moving forward, but just from a surface view of the situation we may find ourselves in –

* We exist here in 3D form, though the potential for the higher realms is within us;

* In 3D form, we are unable to plan our own journey into the higher realms…because we do not know the way, what to look for, how to recognise it;

* That our H.S has laid out a soul plan for each of us to follow that will take us there;

* That as we move along the soul plan path, our awareness expands, and we begin to see the higher realms – as one might look at one of those dotted-images which when first viewed, shows nothing in particular, but upon closer inspection, shows an image within the image…that image being elements of the higher dimensions now seen with fresh eyes;

* We only follow the soul plan if our decisions are free-will based, not fear-based;  If we make a choice based on fear, it will usually be away from the path and to somewhere erroneously seen as safer;

* That this fear-based system makes us feel safe, in control, secure. We’re part of the herd, comforted by being accepted, the same as all others, like sheep. That this existence simply draws tighter the shackles which bind us here and prevent us moving forward;
* That we can only follow our soul plan by abandoning all 3D fear-based thinking, so that each decision is based on free-will. And that what life presents to us on a daily basis, is the soul plan.

* To remove ourselves from this system requires that we step out from the herd, understand this prison mentality, then determine that we will fear nothing. That we can justify this lack of fear by understanding that our soul plan is there for our benefit, our growth, our return to unity. That we agreed to it in our higher form, as a means of growth. That every situation we face upon exercising free will, will be for our benefit….and thus cannot be ‘wrong’ or bad for us. As such, there is nothing to fear other than living in fear and not following the path;

* The ‘abyss’ we must be brave enough to step into, or the building we must step off, is that of being ostracised from society for choosing to be different, to stand alone, to act counter to the herd, to be our authentic selves, sovereign, empowered, expansive of view.  And also that we must have faith or believe that we have a H.S, soul, soul family, Source of All-That-Is, when our 3D scientific belief system brainwashing taught us that we need physical or measurable proof…otherwise it’s just fancy ( Excluding your proof based on the Universal Law ). Taking the chance and proceeding 100% with each of these is a leap of faith from the standpoint of our fear based society, and represents stepping into the Abyss;

* And so to eventually find unity with our soul family, with All-That-Is, we must first stand totally alone, totally separated, and determine in our own right who and what we are, and the power that we have. We cannot do this whilst moored safely at the wharf of humanity, but must brave the channel crossing to find our true selves in that crossing. We must be fully separated before we can become fully integrated. And full separation requires courage and wisdom.

Note – If I were planning a ‘soul plan’ to grow and re-integrate, I would require that I first had the ability to stand totally sovereign and independently thinking ‘before’ I joined the group to ensure that all members of the group were complete within themselves, and complete within the group. Full circle, from complete unity, to complete separation, to complete unity again. Like small fractals of the larger fractal picture, each complete, each perfect, before becoming part of that whole.

Thank you George,

Sorry to be long-winded, but I had an epiphany and had to mention it. Nobody here would be interested. My fear-based mind suggested ‘no, don’t waste George’s time’, whilst my new freer-willed mind suggested ‘send’ because part of my soul plan journey is to engage with those more knowledgeable in order to determine the correct path for that journey.

Regards, Andrew Little, Australia


Dear Andrew,

this is a correct interpretation of the general situation in which a light warrior finds himself when he begins to open to the higher dimensions and must necessarily leave this 3D reality.

I have only one comment – the overcoming of fears is not that easy as you make this decision to change the course of your life because you are nonetheless constantly bombarded by these fears. The fears are dormant when you are in the comfort box and they explode when you decide to leave it. This is not a singular act of courage but a series of decisions along a very narrow and treacherous pathway between ongoing challenges and proofs that you deserve this “badge of courage” and the strong desire to turn back into the old cosy comfort box. This is a very slippery road between courage and cowardice – and I say this without any prejudices. Just to know what is awaiting you, with the caveat that you may not experience it so dramatically as we are at the end of the journey and most of the dark, fearful energies have been cleansed and removed from this uppermost mother planet.

With love and light


Wonderful, thank you George.

I see your point absolutely. It will be a difficult and ongoing journey, agreed. And we’re so used to avoiding such conflicts and taking the easy route.

But… knowing what I know now ( which is very little ), that it’s our destiny to be courageous and disentangle ourselves from this mess, I just don’t think I could choose cowardice. I can empathise to a point with those choosing this option, but it is totally disheartening for those looking on in support. To watch the Hero turn and walk away, whilst the villain carries off the damsel in distress.

And unfortunately / fortunately for me, I will no doubt have written into my soul contract, at the behest of my own bravado, “Make it hard, make it a baptism by fire, and don’t provide any unnecessary help. I want to learn these lessons well and earn my ascension.”

So, I shall live up to my agreement and see what eventuates, come what may.
Besides, how bad can it be…we’re immortal. (Ah, the blissful ignorance of the young at soul ).

Thank you George, your insights are much appreciated as is your time and efforts to educate.



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