Canadian Sovereignty, The Free Trade Agreements and the “Money Mafia”: A Conversation with Paul Hellyer

By Hon. Paul Hellyer and Michael Welch

Global Research, June 26, 2016


Georgi Stankov, June 27, 2016

I must admit that it is at times a torture for me to witness what a deep level of intellectual, mental, emotional, and ethical anesthesia the Canadian citizens have reached these days. Only my well-trained ability to abstract from this reality makes me survive in this zombies society where it is virtually impossible to find a person with whom to lead a meaningful, informed and enlightened conversation.

And at the same time we have a few individuals in Canada that rank so high in their critical approach to this reality that they more than compensate the total failure of the slumbering Canadian masses. It is cogent that I do not count myself to this group of people, many of whom are organised around the Global Research website as I am not any more from this world, which also holds true for the PAT.

After the Brexit, the Orion matrix has begun to collapse in an accelerated fashion and for the first time visible for all humanity to see. Too big is this event and its repercussions as to be hidden by the MSM from the masses. In fact, for the first time have the masses taken control of their destiny from the ruling cabal. The consequences are huge.

All of a sudden the German MSM demand that Merkel should follow the example of Cameron and also step down as she is the most responsible and culpable person for the Brexit with her open refugee policy. This is unique and it is happening very quickly. There are rumours that Merkel has already been ousted from power by an internal coup d’etat and that other influential German politicians have taken control over government and country. They  are now in clandestine negotiations with Russia to sign a new Rapallo Treaty.

For those who do not know anything about this treaty – it was a treaty for mutual support and friendship signed between Russia and Germany after WW1 in Rapallo when the old powers France and England supported by the USA made a strong effort to suppress the two countries in the Genova postwar negotiations. This treaty could have saved Germany from becoming a Nazi dictatorship if the British financial cabal would not have supported Hitler and his Nazi party against the democratic parties in the Weimar republic. This is a huge historical topic I will not delve into for now.

I have been expecting for a long time something similar to happen at some point in time and my guess is that the Brexit has served as a catalyst for this rapprochement between Germany and Russia. The German secret services knew several weeks in advance that the Brexit will come and the Anglo-American influence on the old Continent will dwindle rapidly. That is why they did not hesitate for a moment to start immediate negotiations with the Russians. Remember the remarkable rejection of the German FM Steinmeier of the NATO war games on the border of Russia out of the blue as dangerous warmongering and stupid tank parades that only undermine the stability in Europe. This was not coincidental as he was already in negotiations with his Russian colleague Lavrov and wanted to make a gesture of good will.

When the two countries, which are natural allies, come closer against all insidious efforts of the Empire of Evil to separate them, then the latter will lose all its influence in Europe and will stop to be a world power. We are now very close to this outcome. All pro-American political parties are now losing power in Western Europe as this happened today in Spain where the left parties Podemos and the socialists won an overwhelming majority. It is not only that the EU, which was a CIA project from the very beginning, is falling apart. It is also that the American influence on the continent is rapidly dissolving.

This is now happening with an unprecedented speed and this is due to the new light codes from the Source that have transformed fundamentally the quantum structure of this holographic model and are beginning also to transform profoundly the social, political, economic and financial structure of the western countries. The Brexit is the first major step in this direction that has opened the flood gates for other rapid changes to come. Collapse of the precious metal markets, bankruptcies of major EU banks, etc. will soon follow, before the global “shock and awe” wave will shut down the electric grid and the electronic networks worldwide.

The political disintegration is already in full sway. Scotland and Northern Ireland have announced that they want to leave the UK and stay in the EU, Northern Ireland eventually to unite with Ireland. Eight other countries from the EU have already announced that they want to perform a referendum to leave the Union. The vast majority of unelected EU leaders in Brussels have said that they reckon with the dissolution of the EU.

Most probably this undemocratic conglomerate will simply vanish from the surface as the COMECON of the former communist European countries disappeared within days after the Iron curtain fell. Most people do not even remember that such a powerful economic organisation has existed and that it was much more advanced in its integration of the Eastern European states than the EU nowadays. Just to give you the proper perspective of what one should expect in the coming days as even the most critical experts that now write about the Brexit do not foresee this imminent dramatic collapse of the Orion matrix in the West as we do.

And as Paul Hellyer explains in  this interview below with respect to the hidden plans of the ruling cabal, it is all part and parcel of their failure to control the world. Thanks to us as beacons of light and indomitable light warriors. This of course is not known even to Paul Hellyer, although he is fully aware of the presence of aliens on this planet as former minister of defense. This is the main reason why I decided to publish this interview apart from the fact that I felt obliged to support the critical voices in this intellectual desert of a country as Paul Hellyer also admonishes in his interview. He is after all a Canadian and a political insider, while I may be accused of being a prejudiced foreigner with little experience in this country. As if an experience in a state of perennial slumber would be of any value.


“A small group of very powerful people have been using the cover of globalization to undermine the powers of nation states with the ultimate goal of creating an unelected World government under their control.”  

The Honourable Paul Hellyer, from the introduction of his book The Money Mafia.


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Paul Hellyer was first elected to the Canadian Parliament in 1949. He served in cabinet under Liberal Prime Ministers Louis St. Laurent, Lester B. Pearson, and Pierre Elliot Trudeau. He eventually resigned from cabinet and from the Liberal caucus in 1969 after the recommendations of a Task Force he had chaired on housing and urban renewal were rejected.

Hellyer has since seen a relatively small group of elites, what he calls “the Cabal,” embracing different methods for undermining the will of the people through their elected governments. Two of the major instruments Mr. Hellyer has called attention to, in his writings and in his speeches, are corporate globalization, including so-called trade agreements like NAFTA, and the shifting of money making and lending power, both in Canada and abroad, to private banking institutions.

In an attempt to reverse the tide, Hellyer founded and led a new political party, the Canadian Action Party, back in 1997. He has authored several books, including Goodbye Canada, One Big Party: To Keep Canada Independent, and his latest, The Money Mafia: A World In Crisis. He is also a speaker on the world stage.

In this week’s feature length interview, the last of the 2015-2016 season, Hellyer talks about how the Free Trade agreements with the United States have undermined Canadian sovereignty, the re-direction of Canadian military and foreign policy, the economic consequences of borrowing from private banks versus the publicly owned Bank of Canada, as well as how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will finally dismantle whatever is left of Canada as a sovereign nation.

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