Important Announcement to the PAT

Georgi Stankov, January 31, 2016

On January 14, the Elohim came to us and announced big changes:

This is one of the greatest shifts ever enjoyed here, triggered by the arrival of the transliminal souls.  Their strong desire for success is really driven by their deep desire to maintain energetic connections to the source and to their soul families. Together with you, these souls will begin to refine the energetic imprint of this highest expression and pull themselves, and you, up into the upper levels of the fourth dimension. This means “movement” for some of you, which means some of you will move physically within your own outward realities, and where some of you are moved to begin new levels of service with either new partners or within the area of service in which you have been concentrating.

I must admit that little did we know at that time how timely and urgent this Elohim message was, although they gave us two days earlier (Jan 12th) this personal advise:

“On a personal level you must exercise patience and tolerance as this new phase is a stepping stone to the breakthrough of human understanding and therefore of science.  These are two necessary qualities of the ascended master who wishes to create a new earth reality full of truth and in the expanded consciousness of transparency without fear, delivered in the rich field of loving kindness.

We tell you to be open to change, yourselves, as this is the key to your forward growthBe positive and be flexible.  Have faith and trust in all things!  Great things await you both!

Two days later we learnt that we must leave our apartment and move away. We had no plans to move as we were very happy with our domicile and intended to ascend from there. But the human mind thinks and the HS decides. This decision came over us like a tornado and was absolutely unexpected. After the initial shock, I said to Carla what Bill Murray says in the movie  “Groundhog dog” when the clock timer finally moves to the next day: “Any change is good” after the interminable stalemate to which we were subjected in the last years.

The suddenness and the urgency with which this change was thrust by the HR into our life was the most clear sign that we have moved to a completely new level in the ascension process. This intrusion happened immediately after we performed the alchemical reaction of transforming the equity markets:

A Powerful Alchemical Reaction to Crash and Transform the Real Estate Market Took Place on January 14th

We gained certainty in the irrevocable character of this decision to move away on January 24th when we experienced the massive ID shift and the death of billions of transliminal souls that arrived on this uppermost mother planet when we opened the Christmas portal:

Message From the Elohim and St. Germain: Massive ID Shift and MPRs on January 23/24 Leading to the Physical Death of Billions of Transliminal Soul Fragments

I am giving you this timetable to get a proper sense as to how swiftly and urgently the changes now unfold. In fact, I learnt from some PAT members that they were also subjected to sudden changes and that their ordered life was also thrown into shambles for the better. This is what we have always expected for the End Time and we should be hilarious as kings about these sudden changes.

It will be undoubtedly a very big move for us and we need the whole month of February to accomplish it. We now pray to the HR that they will spare us from the most severe waves during this time as to cope with this almost unbearable physical stress. Otherwise we have no idea how we shall make it. For that reason I will be unable to edit the website during February and to communicate to you. If everything goes well as planned I will resume my editorial activities in March when much is bound to happen.

While my guess is that February will be comparatively calm for us after the tsunami waves in December and January, the next intensive wave period of the new 2016 cycle will occur in the month of March. On the 9th of March there will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces, at the time of the New Moon. This will be two weeks before the first Equinox of 2016 on the 23rd of March, which will be the Spring Equinox in the North. At the end of March I expect another huge ID shift that may as well be the ultimate one. Most facts and signs we experience these days are in favour of this forecast.

What we are getting now from our HS is that this urgent move in February is of great symbolic importance for us personally and then for the entire PAT and the global ascension process. This physical move actually embodies our conscious transition to higher dimensions and further expansion. It became pretty obvious to us in the last weeks that in the condo where we live the frequencies of all the other neighbours have dropped significantly and that the whole building has begun to descend to lower timelines. We can no longer keep our frequencies high enough and that is why we have to move away.

This separation across the society is the beginning of the final ID shift when certain areas, houses and buildings will simply move to higher timelines while most of the other places and humans will descend to lower timelines. However, there will be still an interception between the two realities. How exactly this ID shift will unfold from a human perspective is a subject to the individual imagination, but there is no doubt that it has already commenced and will gain momentum in March.

In the last days Brad and I started a momentous new project. We analysed the current economic and financial situation and came to the conclusion that the time is ripe for this incentive. When it will be realized the PAT and the entire humanity will hugely profit from it. I am hopeful to report some good news on this project when I resume my editorial activities in March.

As you see, although I will be silent on the Internet for the duration of the next month, we are continuing unabated with our intensive light work promoting the ascension process. The big move we will do is not only for us but for the PAT and the entire humanity as it has already triggered another powerful alchemical reaction that will lead to our final transfiguration and the establishment of the new worlds in this rapidly changing holographic model. For this reason we will highly appreciate if you continue with your generous moral and financial support during these days of silence while our thoughts and efforts are always in close connection with all of you. Even when we carry the heavy boxes.

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