How It All Began – The Harmonic Convergence in 1987

Dominique Lagae, Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2015

Dear George,

In  your conversation with Brad Barber –, he states:

“There is an amazing transition that can be seen in the karmic cycle here that ties in so well with the physics you describe.  After ’87, permission was given at the soul level for people to dump the karmic cycle.  This is why the plunge protection team was installed in the financial markets after the ’87 crash.  Up until this point anything could always be engaged individually, but would gather no momentum as a collective.  Up until this point of decree, the process wasn’t designed to work.  This is what is so important for people to understand as we are being confronted with unrelenting “incoherent” excitation of electrons and every single aspect of this process is being visibly polarized in a forcible manner that isn’t natural.  Listening to everyone trying to figure out who to blame is quite interesting.

Can you enlighten me on that specific event, which is of major importance, as it has led to the introduction and “creation of artificial magnetic fields to harness reactions.  We have slowly watched the shift with pills, computers, and terrorists to a world where the computers script the reactions and the terrorists are your new karmic energy generators.”? You will pardon my complete ignorance and blind spot about this matter.  It is very difficult to establish the correct interlinking between these seemingly unrelated events.

Love and Light,


Dear Dominique,

this is a good question and I will respond to it as I understand it and will forward your email to Brad for further elucidation.

The event Brad is talking about is the famous “harmonic convergence” that took place in the summer of 1987. Some put it in July, others in August, it does not matter. Essentially it was the clarion call from the source to begin seriously with the ascension process. It was a call of our HS to come home. I remember it very well as at that time I was not really in this reality and could not understand what is happening with me, especially as I had no idea at that time about ascension and all its collateral aspects. But retrospectively when I began reading the New Age literature in the 90s it became obvious to me that this event – the harmonic convergence – was widely discussed in the New Age scene as was the ascension portal 12.21.12 later.

What Brad implies is that the dark cabal knew exactly about what is going to happen on this planet and since then they intensified their efforts to derail humanity by engaging it in stupid irrelevant activities. In 1987 we had the first big stock market crash as a prelude to what was going to happen many times since then. Then they started the new IT bubble in the early 90s which was a gargantuan fraud and, as I have written , when it collapsed as the so called “new stock market” it wiped out the savings of many people. In Germany this stock market was closed after that. The losses were estimated to be 400 billion in Germany only and this was the first huge impoverishment of the masses and the middle class on the way to the NWO.

By using metaphorically the physical terminology ” Artificial magnetic fields” – I would rather use the word “electric fields” in this case, but as Astraea and Amora tell us, electricity does not exist and is only an aberration of the human scientist’s mind, which I have proved – Brad simply implies that humanity was deliberately distracted by all kinds of superfluous electronic gadgets and virtual financial derivatives that harnessed the attention of the masses away from the idea of ascension, from their true spirituality.

I remember this trend very vividly in the 90s when all of a sudden the new zombies appeared everywhere, for instance in the U-Bahn (Metro) in Munich where they played all the time with their “handies” as we call the portable phones in Germany, and were not susceptible to or capable of any normal human communication.

This was the downfall of humanity and this caused in my opinion the huge delays in the ascension scenario. While there was a great upsurge in positive emotional and mental energies after the harmonic convergence that led also to the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall and the end of the communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe two years later – this strong causal relationship between the two events cannot be overlooked – all subsequent developments and trends (e.g. the bogus war on terror since 9/11 etc.) led to the increase in darkness and negativity on this planet through distracting humanity and harnessing their creative energies in the wrong direction. This trend can indeed be described as “artificial excitations of elementary particles and fields” which only caused more friction in the society, increased the resistance in all energetic systems such as the incarnated human personalities and their further separation from the Source. The few light warriors excluded, who moved into the opposite direction of ascension. The rest is documented on this website.

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With love and light



Dear Dominique,

As we are so lucky to always expect, George has answered this question perfectly well.

The message of the Harmonic Convergence stated that this energetic process was being allowed to be taken to the next phase of working with Creation as a collective.  The leaders of which would be able to visibly work with Creation externally.  Otherwise, had this not taken place, the planet would basically have experienced being “wiped clean” again with the culmination of a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and US at the designated end of world time around 1999.  The dark cabal would then have complete control of the next cycle yet again as humanity tried its next effort to attain this energetic accomplishment in line with Gaia.  We’re here for an energetic project and that’s why the unloading of these karmic energies is so important and why the fraud always tries to disconnect humanity from Gaia and communication with Source.  That’s the fun of the game though.  Supposedly, our accomplishment at reaching this goal is quite legendary as not much hope was given that we could even salvage this project.  Thus we are now existing in the most toxic state possible.

This quick date list helps a ton in figuring just about anything out and really shows why dedication to honesty in the science world fell apart in the 90’s.

1987 Convergence

’87-’99 Dissolution of old plan and prepare for ascending humanity

’00-’11 Transition stage of adding terrorism needing environment of fear to maintain possession

’11-’15 Failure of all Western systems period but ascension delays as humanity DNA too messed up.  Surreal prop job with nothing truly working but excellently detailed on George’s site.  Recalibration period just to be able to get human beings to be able to respond to true light and true information.

Dec. 21, 2012 Dark energy being given truly the eviction notice so flailing visibly globally in its death throes.  Ascension tourist exposure point as well.

George nailed it in discussing the fall of the Berlin Wall as the energy from the Harmonic Convergence is what truly “pulled the rug” out from under the dictatorship and put an end to the script we were to play out.  Remember that Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II were first actors.  One comment that really woke me in my research (before engaging metaphysical material) was an interview I saw of Alan Greenspan when he blamed the ’06-’08 housing crisis on the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Now why would the head of monetary policy of the world’s reserve currency say that?

I keep mentioning these dates in my articles because they are so important in understanding what’s happening and I don’t know anyone in the financial world, besides George, that understands them.  I made the mistake of assuming everyone knew that date and I leave my articles a little lean on the metaphysical side as George’s work is flawless and doesn’t need me to go there.  You can really see everything grind to a halt in ’99 as was planned and that’s when Clinton unleashed financial Hell on this Earth.  We’ve just been chasing their new script of human lockdown since and they want everyone so scared that they volunteer for it as classic dark energy always does.

Great question and it’s wonderful to have people engage the conversations.

Brad Barber


Dear Brad and George,

Thank you very much for your elaborations on my question.  As a matter of fact the Harmonic Convergence was the first thing that came to my mind but I couldn’t recall it ever being linked to a release of karmic commitments, which led to a complete overhaul of the old system to keep humanity hijacked (with a proper Stockholm syndrome) and a reboot, so to speak, of the Ascension program and plan.  It also explains why the LBP can only advance through constant clearing of ‘dross’ or karma by shedding it off incrementally through ID splits.  So far this process of pain and bliss has been succesful, although the Lightwarriors have been hanging on by their fingernails time and again.  I sense in the people I talk to that they are beginning to wear thin though, especially the second wave candidates.  They are undoubtedly doing a great job at keeping and expanding an awareness and light quotient, but if it wasn’t for the small forefront of the true Lightwarriors that keeps on initiating the next steps in their LBP, they would have long since succumbed to the fear and scarcity tactics of the dark side.

Love and Light,


Dear Dominique,

let us put it this way – with the harmonic convergence in 1987 the resolution of karma for all ascension candidates was accelerated. This included a stipulation of hardships for all of us in order to release the last vestiges of this reality. Therefore from an optical point of view it may seem as if the karma peaked after that, because it also allowed for the dark cabal to push forward with their plans for the NWO.

This fits perfectly well with what you say.

With love and light


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