Singularity, a Reverie

Rob Behr, August 30, 2015

Singularity as in a state of existence is a wholeness in itself. In the traditional meaning the word “singularity” indicates the presence of a singular feature denoted as ‘being only one’, ‘only one in a kind (single)’ or ‘being individual’ or simply ‘unique’. But also ‘exceptional’, ‘remarkable’, ‘extraordinary’, or ‘not more than one referent is being referred to’. And then, also ‘unusual or different’, ‘not general’.

The above mentioned denotations give the word a clear importance but still hide a possible deeper meaning of connection or of origin where the word and it’s denotations should be indicating at. And as we know language originated from the early higher forms of communicating.

We already talked about creating through the word and command of God. A derivative is how we communicate in dual worlds, through words, where higher forms of understanding and communicating are not yet deployed due to lower consciousness.

If we ‘extrapolate’ or extend on the meaning of the above mentioned denotations then singularity could stand for a unique compressed moment or resultant of divine potential, materialized or to be materialized through thought processes of intentional creating. Or of a very dense compressed state of creationary potential that exists within an infinite structured potential to be used for infinite creations or of which just exists as a continuous creating potential of its own in the existence of All-that-Is, like in a Black Hole. Are we, the Logos Gods, then eventually to be compared with the potential of a Black Hole?

Singularities are creationary features of God’s structured potential imposed through a wealth of infinite mathematical matching possibilities of platonic solids of light and/or sound and of purpose into divine structured outcome and is the Logos gods’ toolbox of existential means to create abundantly through the sacred geometrically matching within the field of potential, into structured creations.

It’s the Potential of divine greatness, it offers the tools for our perfect unique creations. It is the potential that moves through planes of different existence, related to the ability to be used in divine creationary processes subjected to levels of consciousness. It is to be applied in the Now moment and depends on the collective state of being to canalize the potential (or part of it) for the structured creation of a single means. The Logos Gods use this process “in the Beginning and In the End” and create first in the etheric levels ahead of the materialization of the New state of Being or New World for the collective when in sync with the vibrations of the higher worlds and purpose.

It’s like using the potential (in an example on 3D earth) of what we call ‘Object Oriented Programming’ whereby the whole of unstructured data is, after been analyzed, grouped and structured into information blocks of matching data for creating purposes through the means of automated (already defined) processes, but then in this 3D case in a limited setting within this space-time creational possibilities of 3D earth.

Understanding the greatness of singularity is almost impossible when observed with the consciousness of dual worlds. Simply because singularity as a compressed potential incorporates the full and perfect matching wholeness of creational infiniteness. If it regards a single drop of the ocean or the dense compressed material of a black hole, in all situations the wholeness of divine creation can be brought back to the perfect providence of Source’s potential wherein all elements of creational substances can be distracted.

This is the greatness of the divine potential that we have at our disposal as we grow into every next phase of magnificence.

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