What is Color?

by Daniël Akkerman, January 9, 2015



by Georgi Stankov

Daniel’s excellent and very informative essay on the basic physical and metaphysical concepts, such as colors, flames, chakras and energy gradients addresses a fundamental aspect of human cognition and creation, on which I would like to elaborate in a succinct manner here from a theoretical point of view.

As the Whole is a closed system that consists of U-sets (an U-set is a set that contains itself and the whole as element, the element being Energy = Primary Term = All-That-Is), the human mind, respectively the awareness of any sentient being has the ability and capacity to regroup such U-sets as parts of the Whole in an infinite, arbitrary manner. This is the wellspring of all Creation. The reason for that is that each individual consciousness (awareness) is an integral part (projection) or U-set of the Source and acts itself as an omnipresent creative awareness.

That is why each individual perception and cognition begins with the Primary Term of our human consciousness, which is a perception of the Whole. This first axiom of the new Theory of the Universal Law holds true for the limited human mind as well as for the most advanced cosmic awareness of an Elohim or Source. It is very important to comprehend this basic knowledge to the full extent with all its consequences and ramifications.

The common Primary Term we share with all other sentient beings throughout the Omniverse is the basis for any meaningful communication with them.

When an individual awareness begins to explore the omniverse or the limited 3D holographic reality, in which humans now live, this happens exclusively by building and regrouping various parts of it as U-sets in an entirely arbitrary manner. That is to say, there is always an arbitrary, consensual decision that certain complex phenomena, energetic events etc. are described as an entity with one single term.

For instance, we speak of “matter” as a single term and category, knowing that it consists of infinite complex molecules, atoms, electrons, elementary particles etc., and that each one of them has special properties and behaviour, and that each category builds an U-set of infinite order. For instance, the electron can represent a single particle or stands for all electrons in the universe because some of its properties, described as natural physical constants, are the same for all electrons in the universe. This is one major aspect of human cognition which Daniel discusses in his essay with respect to flames, colours and energetic gradients.

This is also the basis of all human languages and at the same time the biggest trap for human understanding, unless one has grasped the ontological and epistemological origin of human language as a linguistic system of divine knowledge and cognition. In this respect one must bear in mind that all science at present is essentially a categorical system, or an assembly of categorical systems, of linguistic terms that pertain to parts of the Whole and try to explain their intricate interrelationships. The nature of science as a linguistic categorical system has been presented and explained in a comprehensive manner by myself in the new Theory of the Universal Law.

What does this all mean with respect to the flames and colors that are now introduced on this earth and transform our reality in a profound manner? It means that, as Daniel discusses below, we can use a particular flame, such as the green flame as part of the visible spectrum or as a mighty energy gradient coming directly from the Source. Depending on our faculty for abstraction and our ability to associate maximal emotional intensities with this flame / gradient, we will be more or less successful creators.

The only limitation for our success is how the mind interprets and comprehends these flames, colours or energy gradients and how our human imagination employs them in our visions, which are the blueprints of any creation. All these flames are intelligent energies, they consist of intelligent subatomic units that can be shaped in infinite possible ways to achieve different degrees of perfection.

As the human mind was not created to be a sovereign creator per se, although it carries this potential, it must now operate with these flames in the absolute faith that they do exist and that they are the stuff with which we create. This is the absolute prerequisite for us to start creating now in physical bodies, while using our limited human carbon-based brains, before we have transfigured and ascended and have acquired our unlimited awareness, where we can perceive and use all these energies expediently at the subatomic, pre-quantum level for all our creationary activities. With that being said, enjoy now the superb essay of Daniel.


Commonly it is thought and taught that colors arise from photons with specific frequencies being detected by the eye. The visible spectrum is a very narrow energetic gradient in the range of 430-790 THz (= 10^12 Hz). The frequency supposedly determines what the color becomes.

But this frequency is one factor, and linearly increasing the frequency within the range is enough to completely change the colors we observe. And even within this narrow range of visible light, there are still millions of colors we can distinguish from each other.

The use of millions of colors would be impractical most of the time, so in fact there are many ways that the spectrum is described. There are very general ways to look at it, such as “cold and warm colors”, essentially grouping all those colors into two groups. There are other systems that work with three primary colors, and secondary colors are made by mixing.

Another one splits it into 7 groups. The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. There are many more of these systems as there are infinite ways to look at it, and looking at it holistically and multidimensionally means seeing all the ways simultaneously.

All these systems are basically the same thing. They describe a certain energetic gradient in various amounts of parts. The more parts the more accurate one can talk about specifics, although this also makes it more complicated.

This goes beyond just colors. For example in music it is common to speak of “highs, mids and lows”, “bass and treble”, and the octave is divided into 12 keys. This kind of ideas of describing energetic gradients exist everywhere, as everything is energetic gradients.

So, thinking that color is an inherent property of a material or frequency seems questionable. Back to the “rainbow system” that splits the visible spectrum in 7 colors. It is not 7 colors because the range we can observe can only contain 7 colors. It is because of the need to divide the range of visible light into several parts so that they can be mentioned specifically.

Kind of like analyzing a painting, you see there is a whole, but the painting is made of parts that also have individuality and can be looked at separately.

Imagine if suddenly our eyes were able to observe a larger spectrum than before. There would still be the need to group together the many possibilities, into larger groups that are similar to each other. We would see frequencies not seen before, that would look a lot different from what we see now, visually.

We would still be able to divide this spectrum in, say, 7 colors. Maybe the current visible light spectrum would in its totality be referred to by one term, and the other 6 colors would be previously-unseen spectra with they own unique properties. Of course it depends on how much the spectrum is extended.

This may be hard to imagine, but now also imagine the reverse. The visible spectrum becomes smaller so that we can only observe what we now call blue light. The blue light could be divided in 7 shades of blue.

The idea of color has become an absolute “between such and such wavelength” (bandwidth), in human language. But this is totally wrong; actually color is based on dividing a gradient in different parts based on ratios. What is defined as a particular color depends on the ratios chosen.

So the concept of colors and tones can be applied to any energetic gradient regardless of any factors such as how big it is. This is the foundation of synesthesia, and how it is possible to hear colors, see sound and the like. This is a valuable insight in understanding how it can be that the various “flames” from the source are associated with colors, while they must have frequencies far, far beyond the visible spectrum.

This concept of seeing the whole as a combination of different parts often results in ambiguity. Many new age people talk a lot about chakras, but does anyone really agree about how many there are? Speaking about 7 chakras used to be the norm, but then people started talking about new chakras. In reality there are infinite chakras, and increase in frequency leads to the need of describing the incarnated personality as energetic gradient in more detail.

Another way energetic gradients have often been described is by use of the four elements. The element of earth is commonly associated with the 1st chakra, with roots, grounding and the physical body. Water with the 2nd chakra and the causal or “ebb and flow”. Fire with the 3rd and 4th chakra, the heart and emotions. Air with the upper chakras, the mental level, “freedom” and various other ideas. Is the idea of the four elements not very similar to the idea of seeing the body as construct of physical, causal, emotional and mental? Different words for the same energetic concepts?

Taking a step back, let’s look at the whole of All-That-Is. Indeed we can also split it up into several “rays”, “dimensions” and so on. We often speak of 12 dimensions. When some parts are looked at individually, of course you must never forget their connection to the whole and that they are not separate from the other parts. The amount of parts you “split” All-That-Is into is kind of arbitrary, 7 rays, 12 dimensions, as long as it keeps describing the entire energetic gradient it is not incorrect. Splitting in more parts will increase the notion how specific each part is.

This act of splitting is not linear but highly multidimensional. If you mentally split an energetic gradient you will still never get absolutes. The parts themselves will still be energetic gradients, which may be split in the same (or different) manner. Then the same can be done to the parts and it continues infinitely this way in a fractal like manner.

No matter into how many sections a gradient is mentally divided, each of these parts are reflections of the same division applied to the whole. So if we imagine a 7 chakra system, each of the chakras correlates to one of the universal archetypes one would get by dividing the whole into a system of 7 (principle of self-similarity at each scale).

This means that the definitions of these flames, chakras and similar things are arbitrary and subjected to the free will of each sentient being in All-That-Is. This is another aspect of the unlimited potential for creation of any awareness, including the Source.

We are speaking in these last days about the introduction of the green flame. But there was already a green flame! We mentioned it often although it was not the central point of discussion. The ascension is an increase in frequencies of all systems pertaining to this holographic reality. As frequencies increase, these “new” flames seem to arrive. Meaning that the original gradient is expanded and acquires a new functionality; the increase in frequency of each particular flame means it approaches closer its universal archetype, thus increasing its power and abilities.

Years ago, at a time when I saw for the first time a book discussing the chakra system, I saw how it described the 1st chakra as “survival”. This description truly did not resonate with me. I then started to become aware of a process, that I was playing a role in, which raises the frequency of this 1st chakra to the next level. The chakra of “survival” became the chakra of “life”. Survival and life pertain to the same archetype, but life is of a much higher frequency in tune with the universal archetype. Life means that survival is a given.

We see now a similar situation, where the green flame is augmented and extends its healing capabilities far and wide, so that it is now a powerful tool capable of healing and decompartmentalizing the mind and the realm of thoughts.

As the ascension process progresses and frequencies are augmented, for example of our fields, the combined collective energetic gradient is also augmented, resulting in the “unlocking” (release) of flames and their higher overtones.

Back to the topic of rainbows, what about the rainbow bridge? Nobody has talked about this for some time. But I think there is an interesting pattern to look at.

At the beginning of our journey, a lot was focused on the chakra / rainbow system on the level of our local body. We activated, purified and healed our chakras on the individual level. Then this rainbow system appeared on a larger scale of the rainbow bridge. Now we are talking again about various flames which all represent various similar archetypes. It is as if we started on a local level, then expanded to a planetary level and now work on a universal scale with regards to these flames.

This also fits into the narrative of how we first accomplished our individual ascension, and our individual ascensions are an important part of Gaia’s ascension. The scale then increased one more time to encompass the whole golden galaxy which we co-create.

Actually I think that understanding how these flames relate to us is an important aspect of being able to use them to charge our creations with their energetic power. How do they relate to the chakras? If we would look at the collective of all these flames they combine into one energetic gradient. The same is true for the chakras. The flames from the source must be in part analogous to the collective field of our chakras, amplified by various energy sources, such as the great central sun Alcyone, excarnate ascended masters, angels and other forces of light. Although of course these sources are not really separate.

General themes/colors/tones of the ascension process can be predicted and expected with regards to what new frequencies/flames are being introduced.

So the chakras and flames are essentially the same concept, just at different levels. They resemble the same archetypes. By looking into this in more depth and linking the various flames to chakras, you may integrate them into your creation. Your personal chakras represent a part of the whole spectrum of flames, and with this knowledge that you are linked to the whole, you can personally use the power of the collective and universal energies for your creations.

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