The Multidimensional Character of Human History Revisited

by Georgi Stankov, January 16, 2015

In my comprehensive article “The Multidimensional Character of Human HistoryI am talking, among other things, why I , or better said my soul, chose for me to spent a large portion of my life in Munich and Bavaria. It is undoubtedly the darkest place in Europe, where not only Hitler’s crimes began but also the place which gave birth to the most insidious Orion Reptilian shape-shifter Adam Weisshaupt as I have written in this article:

The other reason to spend much of my life in Bavaria is Adam Weisshauptwho came from the same region, Holledau (Ingolstadt), where I live now. He was also a reptilian, a shape-shifter, and established the modern society of the Illuminati in Europe, first in Munich, Bavaria and later on in the USA, after he was expelled from Bavaria for this activity.

In the USA, he was the double of George Washington during the last 8 months of his presidency, after he was killed by the US-Illuminati, so that they could run the US government undisturbed. At that time, the Rockefeller faction was established in the USA, and the scam with the Washington D.C., which does not belong to the US-state, but unofficially is still a part of the British crown, was laid down.

In Bavaria, I did the most profound cleansing work from the 90s to 2014 when I entered the last most intensive phase of my LBP and turned my fields into a huge “turnstile mechanism” of global proportions that encompasses all timelines of Gaia, now Gaia 5. as the Elohim explained to us. This fact tells you that many highly evolved souls of the light had to incarnate in this darkest piece of land, called Bavaria, in order to raise the light quotient and enable the final creation of the city of light Raetia, which I founded as early as 2001 and continued doing so with the help of my dual soul Carla in December 2013 when we also created Gaia 5.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to publish this article below which addresses the life and martyr death of a famous critical German journalist in Munich, Fritz Gerlich, who fought against the rise of Hitler by exposing him and showing the truth about him and the Nazi movement to the people. Ultimately he failed as most Germans were at that time as dark as Hitler, just as the current US population is as dark as Obama and Orion Co and nothing substantial for the better can happen in this Empire of Evil. History repeats again and again, only the outer conditions and historical sites may change.

But this article gives us also a glimpse into the role and life of a highly revered light gestalt Therese Neumann von Konnersreuth, which was a stigmatist and a seer. This woman inspired the courageous journalist Fritz Gerlich to write against Hitler and to reveal indomitably the truth about this human monster in order to save Germany from the impending national and world catastrophe. In vain! He was killed by Hitler’s thugs in the concentration camp in Dachau, not far away from where I last lived in Bavaria.

There are few Germans that know about this dissident (Widerstandskaempfer) as most Germans do not care at all about civil courage and truthfulness, even after they have experienced two national catastrophes. They are for the most part incurable, filthy “Spiessbuerger” (philistines)  This explains also the Tantalus act I had to accomplish in this darkest country in Europe, but at the end I could no longer bear the negativity and had to leave it, otherwise I would have died as the Elohim later confirmed. The same holds true for Carla. We had to join our forces against the daily dark grind as a recent very good message  “Transcending the Daily Grind”  elaborates.

I have decided to publish this article as it highlights the perpetuation of human filth in the current 3D Orion cesspool, which we are now in the final throes of ascending, while destroying this matrix.


The Mystic vs. Hitler, or Fritz Gerlich’s Spectacles

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