The Mega-Shift in the Evening of January 3rd and the Night of January 4rd, 2014

by Georgi Stankov and Malechite, January 5, 2014

Jerry James What A Summary!

My goodness, quite a message from Jerry and I’d just wondered about him the other day.

Last night I dreamt George in a fix-it kind of place. Mechanical but a spiritual physics perhaps? All the same, people came and went. George sat in the center of the room proximate to wheels, gears, ropes, tools and these individuals would approach him, ask advice on their own project, receive the direct suggestions and leave to complete their work.

By dawn, I felt the Shift entirely. As if it could finally be done, whatever IF becomes for all of us.

Tonight the sky turned Blood Red and burnt that way for 30 minutes. Next huge flocks of geese appeared in beautiful formations, winging southward in response to a heavenly prompt.


Dear Malechite,

I confirm the Mega-Shift last evening, January 3rd, beginning at around 19.00 pm Pacific time and continuing throughout the night.

Carla and I were at the hockey rink in Langley, watching her son play, his team lost unfortunately, but he scored his first assistant point as a defender. As soon as we entered the rink, my body started to vibrate with such an enormous intensity and high frequency, as I have never experienced before. I was overwhelmed by my power as Logos God in a most profound energetic manner and began to feel like Atlas and Hercules at the same time.

As it eventually turned out, I am most probably Hercules, the Elohim of the first ray, while my dual soul Carla is Amazonia, an Elohim also of the first ray. We have kept this information secret for some time as we wanted to be sure about it. Now is the time to make it public.

But the stunning information does not end up with this. Both Hercules and Amazonia are the spiritual hierarchy of the body elementals of all incarnated human bodies on Gaia. That is why I had to undergo a major surgery this summer in Munich as to redeem all human bodies on all timelines that have been desecrated by medical and surgical procedures, which have harmed their elementals that are essentially of electromagnetic nature in the 3D reality and could not ascend.

For this same reason, we are the parents of the new human template, the inception of which was in early June and after four months of real astral pregnancy was birthed on October 12th. This is the new human template that already populates the new 4D worlds.

Only today we got the confirmation from the Elohim that Gaia with her new 4D worlds is the centre of the new Golden Galaxy and will give birth to infinite new worlds in the near future. Many of the light warriors of the first and the last hour, who are already the new Guardians of this galaxy, will be the future creators of these worlds. Actually they already exist.

Now back to the Mega-Shift as of yesterday evening. I actually did not want to go to the hockey rink as I could not bear the low frequencies of the people there, but Carla wanted me urgently to come with her as the Elohim told her that something big was in the making and she needed my support. It is always like that when huge events are planned and I have to comply with our HS.

As already said, as soon as we entered the hockey rink, the Mega-Shift began. It was the biggest and most powerful Shift I have ever experienced – much bigger than the one in Burns Bog, about which we reported this summer. I had to breathe very deeply as the energies overwhelmed me.

These were the purest ascension energies I have ever experienced so far. My whole body was smashed by this ascension tsunami and at the same time I was so invigorated that if I would have had skates to put on and would have played on the ice, I would have scored a few goals for Carla’s sons team that was losing at that time.

I really got the vision that I am Atlas and Hercules at the same time and that I am holding the whole world in my hands and that I am heaving it with mighty power single-handed higher and higher.

I had such experiences only once when I left my body and rose above the earth and it became as small as a ball, while I expanded my body and field into infinity. I was then able to take the earth’s globe in my hands and experienced thereby the most profound feeling of love and ecstasy for this planet. Unfortunately this affection did not last very long. This happened in the summer of 2000 on the Island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea and I was already fully in the LBP. When I came back, my body was burning like a torch and I immediately jumped in the pool and then drunk ten beers throughout the night as to quench my thirst. This as a side note for comparison.

Carla sat beside me in the hockey rink in utter awe and could not believe how quickly we moved upwards through the timelines and frequency levels. I thought for a while that my whole body will dissolve into infinite quantum particles, but in a very pleasant and swift manner. I knew at that moment that ascension is around the corner and will happen precisely in this manner for me.

Within half an hour, the whole hockey rink changed profoundly its energetic structure and all the people there were of a much higher vibrational level. Then I got another message from my HS that I am also changing the aggressive, competitive pattern of all human sports so far. I got this message when two players threw their helmets and gloves on the ice and started boxing in the middle of the rink, while the other players were applauding their team-mate from the sideline.

After the fight finished the two were taken out of the game, as the new rules now say. But Carla told me that only a year ago such fights were allowed and were not penalized.

Hence this fight served as the classical trigger for a mighty alchemical reaction that transformed all human sports on the new 4D worlds. This was the message that I got independently from Carla at the same time. We had to stay till the end of the game around 21.00 pm and during this time the Mega-Shift did not stop for a minute, while I was gasping all the time like a fish out of water.

I was reluctant to report about this Mega-Shift today at first, as Carla wanted to get a message from the Elohim what happened yesterday evening as we both felt it to be the biggest and mightiest episode we have experienced so far and we have gone through many spectacular energetic episodes in the past two years. This includes, among many others, the creation of Gaia 5 in December 2013 and the Unification of all timelines as Atlantis, Lemuria, Agartha and Shamballa within the new blueprint of Gaia 5 a few days later also in Lofer, Austria.

This latest Mega-Shift then lasted the whole night as you have felt it at dawn. We expected another shift this morning, but it did not occur  – at least not with the expected intensity as the Mega-Shift last evening.

So the cosmic portal, which we expected to happen with the planetary alignment of Pluto, reached its maximum yesterday. But this does not mean that it is not ongoing today as I am always in advance of all actual portal openings in the last 4-5 years. This is due to the fact that I am the human nexus to the Source and thus the first to experience these waves like a coastline rock in the breakers.

I am very much confident that Carla will be able to learn more from the Elohim what happened yesterday and today, but she is now very much occupied with her boys as her younger son is going back to his college today and she is driving him to the airport.

I actually intended to announce this news of the Mega-Shift yesterday evening Pacific time in advance of today as a kind of preliminary report and your email now triggered this report in the form of a response to you, which I will publish immediately on our website.

With love and light



Dear George:

Fire away on your next post because it really was huge. I am so glad the two of you were together in the experience. The very public setting was probably important for all in attendance, though they were not aware of what and who was in their midst.

It was so strong that I became sick to my stomach and heaved from my being what felt like every trauma, sad memory, frustration or loss. Amazing. And after that I fell into a deep, purged, peaceful sleep, dreamt of your fix-it efforts and awoke to a new world.



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