The Elohim Confirm the Nuclear Apocalypse on January 21, 2015

by Carla Thompson, January 24, 2015

I have connected to the Elohim in order to clarify what may have occurred on Wednesday the 21st, and numerous visuals were offered as well as a message.

Message from The Elohim regarding the January 21st shift:

I am initially shown a visual of atoms flying around in an agitated manner, then colliding with great speed and force, Hydrogen atoms and “He” atoms, Helium atoms. There are other atoms that are also part of the equation, but the overall impression is one of massive energy being released – it is a vision of a FUSION reaction – a nuclear reaction.  The blast in my mind’s eye is extremely bright yellow and white and explodes out into the Universe with a massive force. 

We are the Elohim and we greet you with great love!  

The event of the uppermost and rising timeline of your own expression was really, in effect, a Portal in Time, where the destiny of Humankind was ONE OF CHOICE, fulfilled instantly, as every Human either choses, in that very moment, whether to support All Of Life, for the Highest Good of All, in All Ways, and for Eternity!   OR   NOT to support the Highest Light and the Highest Good of All-That-Is!  
This was the Rupture and it was the Rapture! It was an inter-dimensional split!  A portal in time!
This event is of cosmic proportions because, indeed, nuclear events ripple through the time-space continuum and with this magnificent burst in Source energy, those who chose to support this decision were removed, instantly and effortlessly, to the timeline and parallel earth of their Soul’s choice.  
It must be noted that even though a Soul or Higher Self of an individual supports Life in every way, some incarnates override the Soul program, to consciously CHOOSE to experience the needs of egoic self, and they, in this moment chose to go zealously to an instantly created parallel earth, one sealed off from all possible return to any of the Fourth and Fifth dimensional expressions, for they are the material of the Third Dimension.” **
** After this event occurred on Wednesday, I was suddenly party to a “group of collective minds”, for lack of a better description, and this group of individuals who may have been party to some decision, perhaps the decision to, in principle, detonate a nuclear bomb somewhere on Earth, were suddenly overcome with an incredulous state of shock and horror.  They were physically sick and exclaimed to one another “But we were told it was just a simulation – a threat – to create pressure – to manipulate!…”  I am told by the Elohim that these individuals support creation, both at the Soul level and at the egoic incarnated level and while they may have been manipulated to “get the job done”, they are not part of the group that was removed to the lower Third dimension because of this heinous act. 


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