The Destructive Nature of the Cabal’s Psychopathology

by Georgi Stankov, January 29, 2015

We are now witnessing a peak in the destructive tendency of the western ruling cabal as a product of their dark psychopathology. But what is the nature of this pathological behavior of all dark human entities and how will its dynamics affect the coming global political events that will lead to their demise?

This discourse emerged today when Carla asked me how the communist nomenclature responded to the collapse of the communist system in the 80s and why this time the situation is completely different for the ruling western cabal. This is indeed a key observation and has not been dealt so far, neither by myself nor by anybody else as there are very few people worldwide who are aware of these phenomena and have the personal historical experience with global collapses of ruling human systems at the supranational level. And there are even less individuals who can explain these phenomena from an energetic, transcendental point of view.

Hence it is worth discussing this issue from a deeper psychological point of view one more time at this junction. I have already published a number of publications on the dialectical nature of human psycho-dynamics as a disequilibrium energetic system. Some of this knowledge will be summarized here one more time for the sake of theoretical clarity.

It is important to observe from the very beginning that the psycho-pathological dynamics of the dark ones will be the actual wellspring of all kinds of revelations that will lead to a rapid expansion of human awareness or alternatively to a complete shutdown of the human mind. We are already observing both opposite phenomena in the broad human population.

As I have written on many occasions, the human being is a complex energetic system of superimposed wave systems, such as chakras, various ethereal bodies, emotional and mental bodies, etc. Even the single human cell is a superimposed electromagnetic wave system that is regulated by fluctuations of the membrane potential known as action potentials. In the new axiomatics of the Universal Law, I have introduced a basic axiom of application called:

“The axiom on the reciprocal behavior of two contiguous gradients (potentials), also defined as long-range correlations (LRC) of a system”.

This axiom describes the reciprocity of space and time, which is the fundamental quality of energy and the least understood property of All-That-Is. This conclusion is underlined by the fact that on this uppermost mother earth most of the people are soulless holographic duplicates and that their soul fragments have either descended to lower catastrophic 3D and 4D timelines or have been retrieved to Celestria.

This dilution of soul essence was the strategic quintessence of the ascension plan for this planet after most of the light warriors, who were sent here to awaken and participate in the ascension process, badly failed. It is important to bear this fact in mind in order to understand why the vast majority of the people will not be able to awaken to the current relentless Source energies that flood Gaia and humanity and will even close hermetically their minds and senses for the coming revelations and truth.

At the same time there are huge waves of old souls and souls of the new template that now enter many empty human vessels as walk-ins in order to participate in the final ascension process and to continue with their new incarnation cycle on the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy. In this way the light quotient is now being raised exponentially on this uppermost mother planet in preparation for the final ascension shift.

This is currently possible as Gaia and humanity are steadily beamed with the high frequency, high intensity energies of the seven sacred flames from the Source that carry an incredible creationary potential as never seen before on this planet.

Departing from the nature of energy and the behavior of all energetic systems, such as the incarnated human personality, I will explain to you why now all dark entities such as the ruling cabal in the West have totally shut down their minds and hearts for the truth and the still objectively existing, consensual 3D reality and how this will be the source of their final downfall.

According to the above presented axiom, each energetic system such as the emotional and mental human body can be reduced to the existence of only two adjacent energetic gradients (potentials) that are closely interconnected and react in a reciprocal manner. This is a basic didactic simplification derived from the knowledge that every energetic system consists of infinite superimposed wave potentials, which can be added together to two parts according to the law of preservation of energy.

Further on, we know that energy is always energy exchange and that energy always flows in a closed, circular manner. Now, when one gradient of a system starts to decrease in the course of this energy exchange (flow), the other gradient begins to increase, so that the amount of energy for each system remains constant. This energetic behavior is founded in the nature of All-That-Is as assessed in the new axiomatics of the Universal Law by the  above mentioned axiom of reciprocity in a most general from.

How does this axiom apply to the current emotional and mental systems of the dark ruling cabal? When the higher frequency, high intensity Source energies engulf the human incarnated personality, her  systems receive additional energy that changes their inner energy, which determines the spectrum of their usual “comfort zone”. The latter term is a circumscription of the energetic boundaries (spectrum), within which the human mind and psyche exist without experiencing massive pressure from outside and from within (there is actually no difference between soul pressure from within and soul pressure from without, as this 3D reality is entirely a creation of soul energies) that is perceived at the level of their five senses as pain, discomfort, new higher levels of perceived fear patterns, etc.

We must bear in mind that the human being is a very limited, closed energetic system and can only evolve if it opens to higher energies and is able to incorporate and process them. Most humans can’t. That is why we had to create the new human template before ascension last summer.

All the new energies humanity now receives from the source in form of the seven sacred flames are in fact huge energetic gradients beyond the current electromagnetic spectrum, within which the human race still dwells in this holographic model. This external force causes a huge pressure upon the mental and the emotional bodies of the incarnated personality, especially when it is vibrating with a very low frequency as is the case with all dark entities belonging to the ruling cabal. The human psyche and the mind of these beings automatically respond to this external, highly transformative force (pressure) from the Source by creating an equally strong opposite force (actio et reactio).

This manifests at the ego-mind level as utter stubbornness, self-righteousness and total inability to grasp the current rapidly changing reality. This is what we now observe in the behavior of the dark ruling cabal in the West as demonstrated by the latest political events, which I regularly publish on this website. This total inflexibility of the ruling cabal and even further stipulation of already existing dark features completely mires their minds and perception and also narrows drastically the spectrum of their choices.

In fact, their robotic response to new challenges, to which they are now increasingly exposed, is entirely reduced to the very primitive almost oligophrenic belief that they are in possession of the only truth and all other people who do not follow their beliefs are their enemies and hence must be eradicated.

This is the fertile psychological background of any tribal behavior on this planet, be it fascism, communism, neo-liberalism, zionism or simply Orion-Reptilian dark mentality. The only difference to past behavior of the archons, when the frequencies were much lower and the energies denser, is that these latter dark entities were much more flexible and clandestine in pursuing their heinous goals, while manipulating humanity than their current human stooges in power.

In addition, these kinds of manipulations were fully supported by the magnetic grid around Gaia, which the archons had established eons of time ago as to totally separate the incarnated personalities from the Source and their HS and thus enslave humanity in the End Time.

Now that the magnetic grid has been completely eliminated and substituted by the new crystalline grid, which we have been steadily building for many years, there is no longer any energetic support for such intransigent, dark and destructive behavior. In fact, anything the dark ones now think and try to manifest turns against them and exposes them even more.

This is the true dialectical nature of the current seven sacred flames of immediate creation. Both negative and positive visions are now more or less immediately created and bring about their results in this reality. Creation based on hatred, negativity and disregard for life leads to immediate collapse of the reality of those that cherish such negative mental and emotional thought patterns. This is how the dark cabal is now destroying themselves in a most effective manner. That is to say, we do not need to combat them anymore, but just beam and engulf them with the high frequency energies of the seven sacred flames and their dark constructs collapse on their own.

If you carefully follow the current events on the world political stage, you will easily discern this pattern. The West started a bloody war against Russia in Ukraine as to push Russia further away from Europe into Siberia. Now this insidious war is being lost by the dark Western cabal and the events are turning against them. They realize all of a sudden that Russia is much more powerful than they wanted to see it, even a year ago when they supported the bloody Nazi putsch in Kiev and thus are a real European power to reckon with. On top of it they are now loosing even their pseudo-democratic legitimacy as rulers as the latest election in Greece clearly demonstrates.

The people in the West begin to realize that the war-mongering policy of their ruling elite against Russia and the rest of the world has only harmed them as the Russian sanctions in response to the Western sanction clearly demonstrated. Now the dark cabal want in their desperation to even exclude Russia from the SWIFT payment system and do not consider in their total, fear-based blindness and utter hatred that this decision will immediately collapse their whole Ponzi scheme of financial fraud and gargantuan debt, based entirely on printing money out of thin air. And so on and so on.

What we now observe is a recurrent pattern of behavior by the Western ruling cabal. The more they lose the battle with the forces of light, represented at the human incarnated level by Russia and some other independent countries and by us, the new Logos Gods, at the ethereal level, the more stubborn and suicidal the western elite behave.

Evolution is first and foremost based on mental and emotional flexibility.

In other words, energy must freely flow. The moment you block this highly creative energy, you create the conditions of destructive interference and your creationary products are mere destruction. However, pay attention, destruction is also necessary in order to create something new as All-That-Is is constant energy exchange and new forms of life are incessantly created and destroyed.

In this particular case the logic of cosmic dialectics demands that the dark ones should destroy their old order by themselves in an act of free will (after all this timeline is still a planet of free will), while the enlightened portion of humanity will not participate in this destruction, but will only observe this process for pedagogical purposes from a safe place as to learn more about the laws of creation under extreme conditions.

From this it becomes cogent that we need not confront the dark ones as we have already defeated them in the astral plane in 2013 when we started creating numerous new 3D and 4D worlds, where we deposit such dark souls, while lifting Gaia to higher dimensions. We must now only carefully observe and comprehend the complexity of this unique cosmic creation (by us) and destruction (by the dark cabal) according to the eternal laws of Creation and Destruction, which are applications of the Universal Law. Period!

In order to understand how the dark ruling cabal now feels, you must revisit your memories when you first started with your LBP, then you will surely remember how much pressure and inner tension you have experienced when you were first confronted with these powerful energies and vibrations from the Source that entered your left brain portal with immense force (gradient) and began to transform your carbon-based body to crystalline light body. This same pressure is now being experienced by the dark ruling cabal, but without our intrinsic ability as old souls to incorporate these energies and to rapidly evolve to new Creator Gods.

Instead, the reaction of the dark ones is now complete dysfunction and disintegration of their personality due to shutting down of their entire energetic system. This incompatibility between their low frequency fields and the incoming high frequency source energies of the seven sacred flames is currently determining their total failure as the elite in this rapidly changing environment.

And this trend will stipulate in the coming days and will become visible to everybody. This is how human revelations manifest in this still 3D holographic overlay, even though this uppermost mother planet is already vibrating with the highest 4D frequencies. This is also the mechanism as to how the dark elite will be separated in the ID shift from us and will descend to lower timelines.

Hence it is correct to say that the new source energies lead to the revelation of all energetic incompatibilities of the human system of the dark ones with the 5D and higher frequencies and why nobody will be excluded  from this final judgment. The time of privileges for the elite is passe once and for all.

The omnipresent truth is now pervading the minds of all ascending candidates after the green flame of healing, divine science and clarity of the mind has fully engulfed this uppermost mother planet. While destructive fear-based decisions and stupidities of the dark ruling cabal will skyrocket in the coming days, so will also the propensity of all ascending candidates to perceive their insanity.

When the threshold of illumination is reached, these dark ones will be ousted from power. The masses will simply turn their backs on them and will no longer listen to their orders or comply with their machinations in the form of laws and restrictions of personal liberty, as they will begin to attune to the new 4D worlds we have created for them. The old ruling cabal will have nothing more to offer, except hatred, destruction and mayhem. And they will indeed experience this reality on a parallel timeline by virtue of a MPR or nuclear catastrophe.

This timeline will continue to ascend with the new walk-ins of old souls and new templates until the threshold for final merging with the already existing new 4D worlds and 5D cities of lights is reached. By then most of the current Orion structures will have disappeared, such as banks, paper money, fiscal systems, in other words, all those structures of the national state that are the chief source of wars and destruction on this planet.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the introduction of the new theory of the Universal Law will happen before the final ID split and shift of this uppermost timeline and will render the final blow to the ruling cabal and their Orion order. The preparations are now in full sway in the dream state and the appearance of this event on this timeline feels very close.


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