On Braco’s Gazing and Other Spiritual Matters

by Sarah Smucker and Georgi Stankov, January 27, 2015


Herewith, I am responding to some PAT members who questioned the meaningfulness of Braco’s gazing and asked for clarification as to why I have published on this event today. Please do not forget that this website is an open forum for all kinds of discussions without limit and it is only “verboten” for idiotic comments of CIA paid Internet trolls. They are not even read but immediately deleted.



Dear Georgi,

I am a little bit behind in my reading of your website but I’m catching up. Thank you so much for the gift of the 7 sacred flames which I’ve now had a chance to print out and will read and am already trying to use in my own way every day.

I wanted to tell you belatedly that on the night of the 21st I had a very distinct and powerful dream that I was meeting with Putin and he was called “Putinkov” in the dream. Anyway, it was very intimate in that it was just he and I and it seemed he was telling me very specifically how to explain to the American people that he is not who they think he is. It was very realistic even though I don’t remember specifically what was said.  Everytime I see him on TV I feel warmth and light from him.

A couple nights later I had another dream in which we were all sitting in a circle, with people unknown to me, and we were presenting and discussing and electing a new leader of sorts to represent ourselves. That was a very beautiful feeling.

Lastly I wanted to say how glad I am that you’ve published about Braco’s healing gaze. I feel so stupid that I have never discussed him with you. I have known about him since 2009 and we’ve gone to see him in person many times in Opatija and a few in Zagreb. It was stupid of me in the past not to mention him to you. I think in the past several years ago I was somehow hesitant to tell you based on how fierce you were about most people mentioned at the time. But that was really budala, glupost of me. I have learned since then of course to be open to all your critiques and you’ve truly freed me and us of this stupid now global idea of controlling your emotions.

In recent months I’ve forgotten to talk to you about Braco. Now I wonder what you think. I personally have not had extraordinary experiences with him though I always feel a powerful positive love from him and several times when he was in Opatija Leo and I ran into him in person in a cafe or restaurant and one time while walking along the sea. Our timing was almost always unbelievable.

I did have one time a lump on my left shoulder that I had checked. It was not malignant but I happened to be in Zagreb at that time and I went to see him the next day and the lump disappeared immediately. I have friends who have had pretty amazing healings after or while gazing with him. I feel he is certainly a light being. I also feel somehow connected to his teacher Ivica whom I never met.

I don’t know if you knew this but during the last 6 months of Lugansk and Donetsk violence Braco traveled at least twice and maybe 3 times to the border of Russia and Ukraine to do gazings there. This seems significant to me.

I don’t know if you are ready to share this with us yet but I would like to know if you are, what the Elohim see in him and how his mission is related to the PAT.

I have just finished gazing with him and now will go again at 9pm.

Much love from Croatia to Vancouver to you and Carla.



Dear Sarah,

I am happy to hear from you again. Well Putin is in the most difficult position a politician on this earth can be. Only a few days ago I dreamed that I was in Kremlin and there was a cabinet crisis and Putin had to dismiss the whole government due to incompetence. I was appointed the new PM and had to build a new cabinet to help him. As I could not find any competent politicians, I appointed some young guys and only left Lavrov and the current defence minister in the new cabinet. It was a dramatic operation and since then I am closely following the news to hear if something has happened in this respect.

Well, I have no great affiliation to Braco, although I decided to follow his gazing meditation today, but could not feel much. Carla thinks that he is also an Elohim from the Source and has the only function to let the source energies flow through his body and field and do the healing work on other people. As said, the Elohim urged Carla to support him and in the past when she did this, there were some amazing results, such as spontaneous healings and blissful states that were experienced by many people for the first time and then reported on Braco’s website.

I think that such gatherings are helpful as the people are concentrated on higher energies and transcend their human existence for a short period of time. I  do not think that this is much helpful for the PAT as they do it all the time, but working with the new seven sacred flames and watching Braco’s gazing may increase the creationary results.

The best of Braco is that he has no own ideas and school and simply lets the source energies flow through him and into the people in an uncensored manner. Other gurus screw up all the time by trying to be manipulative with their ideas and thoughts and by telling the people what they should do to evolve. The only proper advice they omit to give to the people is to improve their intelligence as not to need such gurus. I am the only one who openly advocates this approach but I am barely successful as only a few follow my advice. Which leads us to the well known conclusion that homo sapiens is a very lazy species.

With love and light



Hi Georgi,

I could not agree more. I had to come to this conclusion the hard way, by attempting to search and find a guru and a teacher and then realizing, shortly before I discovered your website and the Unviersal Law, that this search was futile and that we truly need only ourselves.

You are the only one I’ve encountered who advocates not only our own sovereignty but intellectual and emotional intelligence, which is so sorely missing in the new age movement.

I heard of Braco from an American, believe it or not. We’d never heard of him while living in Croatia at that time. As I said I also do not feel the amazing things many people report, but I enjoy the flow of energy from him.

I think you’ve changed a little bit your view since a few years ago when you expressed that group gatherings were not that much useful, but then again Braco’s gaze is not really a meditation but rather just a group of people joining together and sharing a very receptive and open-ended experience.

I remember your report on Putin and the cabinet changing you experienced. I certainly don’t cherish myself as having a connection with him as you do. This is the first dream I had with him in it but it was certainly powerful and it seems I was supposed to be explaining at some future point to the “very lazy species” that they should begin to open their numb skulls and view him with an open mind.

I truly appreciate so much your integrity and continuous crystal clear honesty Georgi. It’s like a damned hurricane of fresh air blowing through this dark planet. It’s more precious than any special energy from any guru or any other source.

Anyway, I will certainly report on any creationary results I experience these few days of gazing. Lately I’m envisioning a city of light emerging from the sea in the bay of Kvarner and dissolving completely all old Yugoslav and industrial infrastructure.

Too bad that Croatia’s election didn’t turn out more like Greece. They rather went the other way and elected this lutkica (doll) looking woman named Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic who has to be certainly a tool of the US. Everything about her breathes that. She spent the last several years as a NATO rep in Brussels and spent part of her teenage years going to Los Alamos high school.  I tried to explain to the Croatian people we know that this is a city where the first Atom bomb was exploded and it is not a place any ordinary citizen can go to and is probably one of the darkest locales in the states.  But yet they elected her, which shows the level of intelligence in these parts.  Still at least the young guy I told you about, Sincic, who is fighting for people’s homes who have been confiscated by the bankers, is still active and won almost 20% of the vote.  People here are suffering a lot know b/c they were tricked by the bankers to take loans in Swiss Francs and now they are totally in 15% more debt than before.

But I try not to pay too much attention to this anymore but rather just try to read between the lines and wait for the big events.

Much love and light to you and Carla,



Dear Sarah,

I have not changed my mind with respect to physical gatherings of people, but attuning mentally and emotionally at the same time to a common goal as is the case with participating in Braco’s gazing from home is a powerful tool of superimposing coherent thought waves patterns and creating a standing wave function that is very conducive for any form of creation.

I just read the Raiffeisenbank in Austria is also in great trouble with Swiss franc loans and may ask for help by the ECB. It is incredible how the people are ripped off by the banks, especially by the Central banks which are supposed to function for the common good and how they are impoverished by the banks’ speculations and machinations.

With love and light



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