State of the World at the End of 2014

by Georgi Stankov, December 27, 2014

Entering the Epoch of Truth and Revelations, the old world on this uppermost mother planet emerges naked and more clear than ever before. The most evident fact nowadays is that the dark Western cabal want desperately to install the NWO, but have no means to achieve this end.

First Russia and Putin, who are fully protected by the light, that is to say, by us as the new Logos Gods (Regents) of Gaia and her multiple 4D worlds, appear to be much more resilient and defiant adversaries than the Western dark cabal have ever expected in their worst nightmare scenarios for the End Time battle. Contrary to the dumbed down people in the West, they have known for a long time what is at stake in this End Time and have been diligently preparing themselves for their Doomsday in the futile hope that they can avert it by a miracle. Miracles do happen daily, however, they no longer serve the dark cabal but only us – the light warriors of the first and the last hour –  as we are their creators now.

Second, the USA underestimated the determination of China to build a strong economic and political alliance with Russia and support it in its mortal battle against the Empire of Evil. The Chinese government knows too well that if Russia succumbs to the Western AAA (Anglo-American Assholes) in power, then it is their turn and they will have no chance to oppose the USA without the strong nuclear shield of their big and independent neighbor.

The dark ones in the centers of dwindling power in Washington, London, Brussels, Berlin, London and the Vatican have now taken a flight into full blindness, based entirely on wishful thinking. They believe that as long as they repeat often enough that Russia is in a financial and economic crisis, this fact would materialize somehow and they will destroy this country and be able to establish the NWO. This is what they have considered all the time to be their only safe way out of their impending Doomsday. Insanity is always preceded by irrational wishful thinking and a total denial of any objective perception of the facts on the ground.

There are major energetic reasons why the dark western cabal and their stooges, the presstitutes in the MSM, are now losing their minds. Their minds and bodies have been severed from the crystalline grid several weeks ago by the PAT and the Source, and the electric grid, to which they still attach, has been removed through an ID shift from this uppermost mother planet. That is to say, they now exist for a short, limited period of time in a rapidly changing, ascending holographic reality, but are no longer part of this new, emerging pristine upper 4D world, which we have built as an overlay at the end of last year and is now fully descending over this still existing, but energetically empty Orion hologram. More precisely, we are now ascending to this upper 4D overlay, which is swiftly substituting the old Orion 3D matrix. It is the proverbial pulling away of the rug from under the feet of the dark ruling cabal, without them being able to perceive their spiraling, irrevocable disempowering at the energetic soul level, from where all vital force for all sentient beings comes.

What we now perceive from a psychological point of view is the full detachment of the ruling cabal from the new higher frequency reality, which leads to a kind of paranoid neurosis urging them in a claustrophic manner to repeat the same mistakes again and again, in the hope to achieve a better result. In other words, the dark ones now try to commit one major crime after the other against humanity in the hope that this will somehow lead to the establishment of the NWO, so that their major adversaries, Russia and China, supported by the BRICS countries and 3/4 of the world population will simply vanish from this world and allow them to enslave humanity, while destroying this planet.

This is real insanity and the more this psychological aberration of the dark ruling cabal manifests and becomes obvious to the people, the quicker they will be ousted from power.

Let us briefly analyse what is the current political, military and financial situation on the ground. The West wants at any price a new world war to destroy Russia, China and the Islamic world and establish the NWO as to avoid its own impending collapse. But the dark ones in the West have absolutely no means to lead such a global war.

The USA has no soldiers to even start a local war in Iraq and Syria, as there are no longer any young Americans ready to join the Army. The Americans have proven on many occasions in the past that they are idiotic, easily manipulated  Zombies, but even Zombies do not want to die after seing how many US soldiers have died in vain in reckless aggressive wars against the most poor countries in the world. The US army no longer offers any privileges and social advantages, as it seemed to be the case in the past, thus miring the most poor and socially unprivileged Americans to seek their luck in the army.

There are too many stories now in circulation, how bad the US veterans are treated by their own government, especially when they return as invalids from the front and need social and medical help. That is why Bombama reiterates like an old disk with a crack that he does not intend to put any US boots on the ground, be it in Syria, Iraq or anywhere else, but only bomb other nations in a cowardly manner from above. Because currently there are many empty boots in the army storages, but no owners of bare human feet wishing to be sacrificed as cannon fodder for the heinous plans of the 0.001% elite on top of the US-Orion pyramid.

While the USA still spends more than 50% of all military expenditures worldwide to maintain the biggest war machinery of all times, the latter has proved to be absolutely inefficient and unable to combat in an asymmetrical war. The USA has lost every war of aggression it has started after WW2 against the poorest and weakest countries in the world, such as Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and the list goes on and on. The only thing the Empire of Evil has achieved so far is more chaos and destruction in the name of “nation building”. We live in the era of Orwellian New Speak, where even defeat is victory.

Chaos is the only means of the Empire of Evil to establish the NWO, but first and foremost to destroy its own economy and impoverish the American people. First comes mass poverty and then enslavement. Individual abundance is the biggest hindrance for the dark ones to establish the NWO. Hence the perennial financial crises.

That is why any policy the dark elite adopt in politics, warfare or finance appears to be a WMD (weapon of mass destruction), much to the chagrin of the few enlightened, but still largely blind, conventionally thinking critics, such as Paul Craig Roberts, the Saker etc.. They diagnose correctly the systemic madness of the ruling dark cabal, but fail to grasp the deeper reason, because they stubbornly reject the alien connection on this earth – the Orion/Reptilian origin of the PTW and their heinous agenda to avert by all means the ascension process of Gaia and part of humanity in the End Time.

These experts do not get it that humanity is now in the middle of a mortal battle for the naked survival of the dark elite, because the dark archons from the astral planes and their human stooges in power can only exist and thrive if they feed on the high frequency energies of the incarnated human souls, who come directly from the Source and render the fuel for their criminal deeds. The archons, the Reptilians, the Greys and all the other dark ones pertaining to the Orion empire have severed all their connections to the Source and do not get the necessary high frequency energies to survive on their own.

That is why they must enslave humanity at any price as to preserve their energy supply. And need at least one million human stooges with a soul on each timeline in order to install the NWO. This is also the reason why we create since last spring 2013 infinite new timelines in order to dilute the level of darkness on each timeline to such an extent that the dark cabal must badly fail and can only destroy themselves and the timeline in their attempt to install the NWO. This same outcome will also happen on this timeline, however in a much milder form.

We have now to do with the reciprocal blindness of the few critical experts, whom you regularly read on the Internet, to that of the dark cabal in power. Unfortunately, we still live in a highly polar world and duality is the ubiquitous weltanschauung not only of the slumbering masses, but also of the few half enlightened intellectuals, the so called intelligentsia in the East. They should start studying the dialectics of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law to finally understand the world they live in.

The Americans, and to a large extent the Europeans (the Germans are for instance now in a state of highest alert for no apparent reason) are so demoralized by the constant clandestine war of FEMA and the militarized police against peaceful civilians at home and by the reckless hegemonic US policy abroad, based on perennial defeats of the US army against a bunch of lumpen Mujahideen or military incompetent insurgents fighting with old Kalashnikov rifles in the poorest countries they regularly invade, that even the fairy tales of Hollywood “supermen” do not seem to cheer up the gloomy mood of the US citizens, one third of which has already been degraded to paupers in the last 10-15 years.

The NATO, which is now teasing Russia and encroaching on the legitimate security interests of this second biggest world power by establishing new Potemkin bases on its borders, is from a military standpoint a real joke. The biggest European power Germany has practically dismantled its army. It has barely 100,000 active conscripts and a few professional soldiers with military equipment that is so outdated and incapable of fighting that the once feared German army will not survive even three days under real war conditions. And the Germans know this very well.

I even suspect that they subconsciously destroy their army in a highly rational manner as not to be able to participate in a new devastating war because they know exactly that any major war will first destroy their country. They understand perfectly well that they have everything  to lose and that their masters, the Americans they genetically hate in the deepest recesses of their minds notwithstanding their insincere proclamations of friendship, in fact only want to enslave them and the rest of the world. Watch the Victoria Nuland video: “Fuck the EU” here sensored and here unsensored and you do not need any further proof.

If you have a friend like the USA you do not need any enemies – this is a leitmotif of the German politicians’ and all Germans’ thinking which they fear loudly to speak. Most of the Europeans think the same way, so that when I speak of the European vassals of the Empire of Evil, I mean the corrupt political elite and not the normal European people. That is why the elite fear “like the devil the incense” the opposition of the masses to their war-mongering policy against Russia. Especially in Germany. For this same reason all China wants now from Christmas is a Beijing-Moscow-Berlin Axis and the Empire of Evil will indeed dissolve into an Empire of Chaos. And we are only one breath away from this scenario.

Great Britain, the second dark citadel of the Orion empire in Europe (It used to be the first one for a long time, but now the dark power has shifted to Washington and North America, that is why I am here to balance the darkness on this continent with my multidimensional light body and fields, through which the energies of the Source freely flow and transform this dark reality with their powerful turnstile mechanism on a global scale), is bankrupt and its citizens are veritable paupers in their vast majority. This is a replay of Mark Twain’s novel “The Prince and the Pauper(s)“, where Prince William is the new Antichrist.

The former factory of the world (19th century) does not produce anything anymore and its trade deficit is the worlds second biggest after that of the USA. The AAA (Anglo-American Assholes) are now the drones, the parasites of the world. Biology teaches us that every parasite destroys itself by first destroying the host upon which it sponges. This is what will happen with the two Orion citadels of darkness in the coming days.

The British army is already stretched thin and has never fought or won a land war on its own (Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo essentially by the disciplined Prussian army, which repeated its success half a century later against France, while England has never won a war in Europa on its own and badly failed in the Crimean war around the same time (1853-56) in alliance with France and the Ottoman empire against Russia, although you may read something else in the history books and England would have made Crimea its colony if it had really won this war. In fact the war was won by epidemic diseases that decimated all participating armies). And how would this sinking bankrupt island with 200% national debt to the GDP win a war against the most war-experienced and successful army in the world – the one million strong army of Russia – when the Brits cannot even afford to pay the fees for their army to cross the Channel.

The grande nation of France has been defeated two times in such a distressing manner by the Germans, actually three times in a row, if you consider the Franco-Prussian war in 1870, that they have no guts to even think about another war and prefer to eat another cheese each new day.

The Italians failed to beat the Beduins of Lybia and lost the battle against small Greece in WW2, so that the Germans had to save the ass of Mussolini in the Balkans with the help of the Bulgarians, who were the only nation to be twice victorious in this war, first with the Germans in Greece and then with Russia against the Germans by liberating Yugoslavia and Austria. After that my compatriots totally fucked off, most recently with South Stream by betraying their sovereignty to the Reptilian bureaucrats in Brussels.

Bottom line: The USA has no army to lead a conventional war against Russia and thus has no chance to help Ukraine win the civil war against the Russian patriots. The Europeans are also not able, willing or prepared to even defend themselves and thus have decided that in a choice between the rock and the hard place – between being allegedly conquered by Russia or enslaved by the USA – the second choice is the better one. And this notwithstanding the fact that Putin and Russia have not only declared numerous times, but have also lived up to their principles so far that they want to live and subscribe to strict international law that honors the sovereignty and the individual way of development of each and every country and expect the Empire of Evil to also obey to this international law, which it now stamps with its feet, even without boots on the ground as Lavrov warned the other day.

Fully aware of their military impotence against Russia, the triple AAA of the dark cabal in the West now believe that when they repeat X-times that Russia is in a financial crisis and will crash any moment that this will happen and save their asses and this will postpone the collapse of their house of cards built with trillions, even quadrillions of rogue virtual derivatives that are not worth the paper on which they are written. What they stubbornly reject to consider – which every layman with a simple common sense should immediately comprehend – is that all national economies are now closely intertwined and that any crisis in Russia or China will also push the West down into the abyss.

The proverbial dementia of the Americans let them easily forget the causes of their major recent crises, although these events still influence decisively their worsening presence. The savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s when thousands of US banks went bust was caused by parallel crises in Mexico, the economy of which  can by no means be compared to the world powers Russia or China – the 1982 economic crisis and the 1993 hyperinflation crisis when President Carlos Salinas de Gortari stripped three zeros from the peso, creating a parity of $1 New Peso for $1000 of the old ones.

How stupid can one be to believe that there is such a thing as controlled demolition of the ruble as currency, without affecting the shaky financial tower built on toilet paper petrodollars, gargantuan national debt (300% to GDP in Japan), worthless paper gold and silver contracts and quadrillions of virtual derivatives bubbles, upon which the FED, the ECB and all “big to fail” Western banks now sit and quiver in mortal agony like the survivors on the famous raft of the Medusa.

If life and biology teaches us anything, it is that imbeciles have no chance of survival in the mortal battle of the species (after all the Darwinian “survival of the fittest” of the British-Reptilian shape-shifter with the same name is the key theory of the dark Orion cabal to rectify their ongoing heinous crimes on humanity, such as genocide) and must be extinguished from the evolutionary ladder. This is what is currently happening with all the soulless clones and shape shifters in power in the western capitals of darkness.

This stark reality on the ground explains the current hysteria in the West, their paranoid demonization of Putin and Russia and their irrational wishful thinking that Russia would collapse financially any moment, after it was attacked by means of speculations on the ruble by these same weak Western banks last week. Against all obvious basic facts, such as that Russia has only 16% state debt to the GDP, actually less, if properly calculated and not as the Wall Street presstitute and Nobel prize fraudster in economics Paul Krugman recently did. It has huge reserves in dollar, is more or less self-sufficient in food supply, has the biggest natural resources in the world, is the biggest oil and gas producer in the world, has the best rocket technology in the world, on which the USA fully depends, is about to establish its own financial system of payments similar to Swift, has the full support of the biggest economy of the world, China, has the second biggest and best equipped army in the world after its ally China, has more nuclear strategic weapons than the USA and what counts most – more than 80% of the Russians stand staunchly behind Putin and their government in their current consequent policy of national independence, while the approval rates of Bombama, Merkel and Orion Clone Co in the West have fallen well below 30%, in some Orion countries such as GB even below 20%  for the ape Cameron and his pedophile gang.

Hence it is not at all surprising that Russia has just published its new military doctrine, where it lists NATO and USA as major foreign threats, but then confidently asserts at the end that:

modern threats are increasingly drifting from a military nature to informational, and states that the likelihood of anyone launching a fully-fledged war against Russia is decreasing.”

Now this is the only uncertainty nowadays, if we leave the sphere of conventional argumentation and see it from a higher vantage point of view. We know that both the West, as well as Russia and China, possess clandestine weapons of incredible potential for mass destruction, which they have developed with the help of the Reptilians, the Greys and the zeta reticuli in order to destroy humanity in the End Time and thus prevent ascension.

And we also know very well that this will not be allowed to happen on this uppermost mother planet because we have decided so and that is why we are still present on this timeline with our full soul essence  – in order to prevent such a catastrophic scenario as the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia. Instead, we are now creating the most favorable outcome for humanity, to fully awaken at the collective level by experiencing the paradigm shift before most old and ripe souls can move to the new 4D worlds in the new Golden galaxy, which we have created for them as the Guardians of this galaxy. We know that true change will only come through transformation (transfiguration) of the old order and not through social revolutions in this crumbling reality, which only perpetuate the old evils under a new disguise.

Hence we must conclude that the current political world powers will not be allowed to use their clandestine WMD to unleash a new devastating world war and thus fulfill the plan of the archons to install the NWO in the End Time. Simply because the archons have been severed from this timeline several weeks ago as confirmed by the Elohim and also by Elijah. We as incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia will not allow this to happen with all means of the Source and this outcome is already a fait accompli in the overarching multidimensional reality of All-That-Is.

Hence any attempt of the dark ruling cabal in the West, most probably starting with Bombama and Orion Co., to use such devastating 4D Orion weapons of mass destruction to annihilate humanity and obliterate the world will immediately trigger the ID split of the two holograms – the old 3D Orion hologram from the new uppermost 4D hologram -, our ascension to 5D and higher, actually between 6D and 12D as Elijah recently announced to us:

The decade 2090-2100 means farewell for many Masters, who from then on will complete their evolution cycle on the 6D-12D levels. “

and the transition of part of humanity to the new 4D worlds.

Hence the most likely event to unleash these final Events of Change is a sudden shutdown of the banking system in the West, which will preclude the beginning of a first strike nuclear war by the dark ones in the West. Russia and China will be also affected by this financial meltdown, but they are more stable than the Western countries and will weather the banking crisis more easily. We are now talking of only a few days, before the ID shift and the all-sweeping deluge of the MPR will arrive and cleanse this uppermost mother planet in a most profound manner. By this time we will have already changed the dimensions and will have ascended back home.





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