Short Energy Update – December 22, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

We have survived the stargate 12.21 one more time. I say this on purpose as I still remember very vividly that after we, the PAT, opened the stargate 12.21.12 and initiated the New Age of Gaia and humanity, I was physically so hard hit that I was about to die. At that time I was the only human nexus to the Source. Carla, whom I knew at that time only from our email correspondence and did not know yet that she was my dual soul, felt this imminent danger telepathically and asked AA Michael and the ascended masters to come and help me in a powerful invocation. She then wrote this to me and I indeed felt much better and slowly recovered. This experience impressed me so much as I did not expect this kind of help from somebody living on the other side of the globe. This experience then facilitated my acceptance of the fact that she is my dual soul. And the rest is history, as they say.

Then in January 2013 the light warriors of the PAT decided to also connect to the Source and alleviate my light work. Although the energetic pressure continued unabated during 2013 and 2014, I can say that now, two years later, everything is much easier, notwithstanding the fact that the current energy waves are objectively of much higher intensity and frequency than in the past and that when they flow through our fields they can be sometimes really devastating and physically depleting.

This relative easiness is due to the fact that we have in the meantime fully transfigured our bodies in the summer of 2013 and since this summer you have been endowed with the new mission to become Logos Gods of Gaia and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. Shared pain is half a pain, as the Germans say and the combined power of the PAT Logos Gods is now beyond anything this planet and even this omniverse has ever experienced.

Nonetheless, yesterday was a veritable hell for me. In the morning I was overwhelmed by a massive tsunami of collective fears and huge anxiety that I had to process. It came from everywhere, even subconsciously from my two daughters with whom I talked on skype in the morning. Then around midday my soul left my body all of a sudden. The bitch has done this several times in the past when the plot was thickening and the unbearable pressure and devastation that overwhelms you after your soul departs the body is indescribable. You feel all of a sudden as if tons of lead are pressing upon your chest and that there is no vital force anymore in your body, as if your blood vessels are empty and collapsing, while you fall into an abysmal darkness. You can barely walk and have no drive to do anything whatsoever. You feel imprisoned in your physical vessel and have the feeling as if this solitary confinement will last for ever.

Fortunately, I know how this feels and that it is of a temporary character. The only positive aspect of my soul’s departure was that the poignant perception of the fears and anxiety from the collective stopped immediately. Probably this was the hidden strategy of my soul – to relieve me from this very negative and depressing experience by retrieving me emotionally from this crumbling holographic reality. I must also add that both Carla and I had a lot of chills in the last several days again, which are always associated with MPR on near-by timelines. Hence this dreadful experience was well founded in what is now happening on parallel timelines and realities in close proximity to this uppermost mother planet in preparation for the final MPR here.

Due to the very compressing energies in preparation for the opening of the portal 12.21 this last week, we both felt completely severed from our HS, so that Carla was unable to connect to the Elohim, although she made several attempts. The only vision she gets is that the electric grid of the old Orion matrix is now rapidly falling apart and that all dark human patterns and vices, such as greed, avarice, gloating, hatred, etc. are breaking apart and flow away from the grid into the abysmal space of All-That-Is. She sees us being on a much higher frequency level, a kind of a safe platform, from where we watch this spectacular cosmic play beneath without having any attachments to it. But most of the people are still fully immersed in this holographic matrix and are now overwhelmed by these negative feelings and behavioral patterns that loom high and dominate their thinking and actions in a very compulsory manner. It is as if we are watching Hades from Olympus.

Yesterday evening, the energy peaked one more time and created a huge vortex around my body, so that I thought that I would ascend. My whole body was vibrating with incredible intensity and bursting into billions of quantum particles. And of course, as is always the case when such energetic bouts from the Source arrive, my third chakra was badly hit and my stomach felt like a glowing furnace. During such episodes I move very quickly through different timelines as the 3rd chakra is responsible for our multidimensional travels and bilocation. The vortex energies were more harmonious than the previous ones associated with the cleansing of collective fears due to MPR on near-by timelines.

After that my soul began to descend again in my body incrementally.

This night I became one more time the “second central sun” and was emanating Source energy the whole night, while radiating huge amounts of heat and sweating like in a sauna, although it was rather cold in the bedroom. I have had such episodes now three or four times and they were always of pivotal character. The first time was when we created Gaia 5 in early December 2013 in Lofer and in preparation for the unification of all past human civilisations, such as Lemuria, Atlantis and Shamballa into the new blueprint of Gaia 5 (for further information read here).

This morning I have the feeling that we have moved through a birthing tunnel and have now emerged on the other side. Today the energies are not so compressing and the clouds this morning at sunrise were pink and orange and gold – it was amazing, as if we had arrived on 5D. Carla had a nap in the morning and dreamed that she held a giant book with a leather cover where all her creations of ascension were shown to her in a final overview. She was accompanied by a young lady who explained the images  to her and she might as well have been my twin flame, who is not incarnated or her HS. I was not present in her dream, most probably because I was making coffee in the kitchen.

I myself had a dream this night of celebrating with many people in a garden party among beautiful houses and at the end I was making the barbecue – grilling steaks and the like for the guests. It was 01.00 a.m. in the night, this was the last thing I dreamed of and this hour must be of symbolic character.

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