Financial Update for the PAT – December 17, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

The Trillion Dollar Time Bomb That Ticks Under the Fed’s, the Big Five US banks’ and Obama’s Ass. 

Why the Fed Will Never Raise Interest Rates.

Yesterday I explained in my article on the huge hike in interest rates by the Russian central bank to support the crumbling ruble, which is now an object of deliberate speculative attacks by the Western cabal, why the Russians can afford to raise their interest rates that much. They have a sound and balanced economy with a very little debt and huge reserves in foreign currency. And Russia is, by and large, self-sustainable (

Not the USA! And here you must very clearly discern now the reality behind the current 3D illusion, which is a smoke and mirrors show that will abruptly end very soon if you decree so. Let us now see the facts.

The U.S. stocks closed sharply higher today after the Federal Reserve retained its pledge to keep interest rates low for a “considerable time.” again and again… in their FOMC (federal open market committee) meeting.

Also today, the ruble rallied the most since 1998 and shares of Russia’s largest bank, OAO Sberbank (SBER), jumped 29 percent in London as the Russian government sold dollars and the central bank said it will help companies meet foreign currency debt obligations. The ruble gained 11 percent to 60.7495 a dollar by 6:13 p.m. in London.

Why these anomalies after we decreed the crash of the Orion monetary system?

Let me explain. US stocks have been rallying into FOMC meetings for the last three years, so traders are now conditioned like zombies to buy stocks in anticipation of this. The prime focus for the markets is whether the Fed continues to state that it will raise rates after “a considerable time” and this is what happened today repeatedly after being six years in a deep recession.

The reality is though that the Fed cannot and will not raise rates anywhere near normal levels at any point because doing so would blow up the financial system.

Currently, the US has over $17 trillion in fiscal debt. The US can never pay this off. That is not some idle statement, the government issued over $1 trillion in NEW debt in the last eight weeks simply because it does not have the money to pay off the debt that is coming due from the past.

Since the USA does not have the money, it is now simply issuing NEW debt to raise the money to pay back the OLD debt in a vicious debt spiral. That is why the Fed NEEDS interest rates to be as low as possible – practically zero.

Any slight jump in rates means that the US will rapidly spiral towards bankruptcy. Indeed, every 1% increase in interest rates means between $150-$175 billion more in interest payments on US debt per year.

So the Fed wants interest rates low because it makes the US’s debt load much more serviceable, however, by still printing trillions of toilet paper dollars out of thin air. That is why the Fed keeps screwing around with language like “after a considerable time”, despite the fact that rates should already be markedly higher based on all rigged statistics about the alleged growth of the US economy: it’s all a ruse to pretend the Fed has a real choice in the matter.

The house of cards we must now crash with our decree

However, there is an even bigger story here. Currently US banks are sitting on over $236 trillion in derivatives trades (the whole amount of derivatives exceeds $900 trillion). Of this, 81% ($191 TRILLION) are based on interest rates. In other words, currently US banks have bet an amount equal to over 1,100% of the US GDP on interest rates.

And guess which banks did this? The BIG FIVE usual suspects, fined many times in the last several years for criminal activities as reported in previous articles: JP Morgan, CitiGroup, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America. In other words the “Too Big To Fail”, the very banks that the Fed has bailed out, and done everything it can to prop up at the expense of rapidly impoverishing the American people in order to install the NWO.

What are the odds that the Fed is going to raise rates significantly and risk blowing up these firms to avert other major financial challenges, such as stock market crash, credit crunch in the energy sector, lower oil price, etc.?  ZERO.

Hence forget about the Fed’s language at its FOMC meeting today and the short-lived rally on the stocks markets. The real story is the $100 trillion bond bubble of the Fed and the $200 trillion interest rate bubble based on bonds of the five big banks. When it breaks, it does not matter what the Fed says or does and whether Obama and Criminal Co shit out of fear in their pants or play golf. The Armageddon is upon them.

Therefore say please one more time our decree specifically to crash these two bubbles in the coming days if you want to be precise and effective Creator Gods.

By the way, there is another huge energy shift to higher frequency levels today. Carla was about to receive a message from the Elohim this morning but had to interrupt the transmission halfway due a massive cc-wave with a severe headache, which hit both of us again.


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