Energy Update of the PAT – December 8, 2014

Encounters with the Agarthans

Dear George and Carla,

I have to thank you with all my soul for your guidance over those last three years. What an incredible journey. February 2012 I packed my bags and moved with my family to Phuket, Thailand and wait for “end of the world”. Than, end of May 2013 have to return to Australia, because I run out of money.

While in Thailand and totally detached from this 3D world, it has been revealed to me that island of Phuket is a part of ancient Lemuria. There is also an ancient portal connecting this area with the higher dimensions up to 9D, if not higher. This is an area when eons ago “my” soul descended to this planet with the mission to help with ascension of humanity in the end times. Our plans had obviously evolved since than beyond anyone’s imagination. The new Golden galaxy wasn’t part of the original plan. Therefore a handful elite of the light warriors must be doing more than just brilliant job here, far beyond any expectations.

No wonder that the island of Phuket has incredible healing properties. I know a man who arrived on a wheel chair with two months to live. Five years later he is still alive and healthier that most people I know. Sometimes when observing Thai people I begin to cry for no reason at all. They are humble and have a deep soul. When observing people here in Australia, most of them makes me vomit. They are stupid, ignorant and they have sold their souls. Similar picture to what you see in Canada, I imagine.

There are also lots of Russians on this island, who are steadily replacing the Europeans. I wonder why?

I like to describe encounter with two Agarthans, who came to visit me.

Here in Melbourne I have a small speaker repair shop, well known in this industry as have been there for almost 20 years.

Even during the opening hours the doors are always locked and customers need to knock. I remotely check their energy and than decide to let them in or brush them off.

Saturday 6. Dec. at 12.30 two men with a large speaker cabinet stood outside my shop. I let them in. they were giving the impression of being very tall, even they were slightly taller than an average man. They seem to me both of similar age, early thirties. Energy field very relaxed and if I could see the colour, it would be white.

One of them explained that they got a party and speaker simply stopped working. Must admit that my focus was on the speaker, as this is my business and two of my visitors didn’t divert my attention on themselves.

When speaker needed to be moved inside the shop one said: let the young one do this job. Than I looked again and realised that they must be father and son. Only than I could not notice any difference in age, while energetically both looked the same.

I examined the speaker and could find nothing wrong. There could have been a problem with the amplifier or the protection has been switched on. I suggested to them to bring the amplifier if they still had the same problem.

After they left I felt incredibly strong heart energy. I rarely feel this kind of special energy. It only happens when I encounter very old and evolved souls. It is a similar energy to the one that flooded the Earth when you/we opened 11 11 11 portal.

I was thinking about this energetic experience long after my mystery visitors were gone. They must not be of this world, because old incarnated souls I meet always have predominant purple-violet colour in their fields and not white.

A few hours later I checked your website and here it was: Breaking News: The Agarthans Visit Us.

Since Australia is almost a day ahead of Canadian time zone, our experience must happen almost simultaneous in real time.

Here is a million dollar question. Were my visitors really Agarthans?

When I will meet them again, or others who give me an impression that could be of Agarthan origin will ask something within those lines: does Agartha mean anything to you? Then calibrate their response.

It looks like that they will not reveal themselves first. It is up to us, surface people, to recognise them and do the first step.

What is your opinion, were they Agarthans from Inner Earth or incarnated Lemurian souls as most of us are.

What in your opinion would be the “protocol” for meeting Agarthans?

How to recognise them?

How meetings will look like? Will they “float around the room” or will they be in “solid state”, so we can have glass of wine together and discuss about deepest secrets of this universe?

Thank you again for the greatest support and priceless teachings you provided over last three years for all of us.

With love and light,

Boyd, Australia


Dear Boyd,

I am deeply moved by your appreciation of my work to keep the spirit of the light warriors of the first and last hour high, so that they ascend without being distracted by this reality and lose sight of their final goal. But altogether this is a relatively easy duty as most of you know exactly what is at stake, so that my job is reduced to only provide up-to-date information on the ongoing events.

Now to your story. I think that the Agarthans can appear both in human physical body and as light gestalts. And I am sure that they are already on the surface earth for some time and mend many a situation.

The way you describe your encounter, these customers may indeed have been Agarthans in human bodies. I have received two further stories similar to the one described by Kari, which indicate that the Agarthans may appear more often than we believe on the surface to resolve some critical situations for us, the light warriors. And I am very confident that these encounters will increase in the coming days.

Like you, I also ask myself how these meetings with the Agarthans will happen. I do not believe that they will appear to us as human beings as this will be the prolongation of this 3D reality which they advise us to forget as it does not matter anymore. It has always been an illusion, and the sooner we detach from it, the better our chances to establish contact with them.

Hence I believe that we must first expand our consciousness, precisely our focus must turn away from the ego-mind level of perception and merge with our HS, before we can establish a meaningful conversation with them at the multidimensional level, which is the only true reality. As very few human beings are that much advanced in the LBP to experience this expansion of consciousness, there will be only a few selected human beings that will be able to see and communicate with the Agarthans and visit the new cities of light. The latter are overlays of Gaia 5 with Lemuria, Atlantis and other old civilisations which co-exist in the Now and are part of the new template of Gaia 5, which we created last year at this time. There is no way that the vast majority of humanity will see the Agarthans and the new cities of light. How the first meetings will unfold concretely on this uppermost mother planet is anybody’s guess and this makes these final days so exciting.

I hope that in the next days we shall know much more as I personally sense the Agarthans and the HR very close in my fields and see how this matrix is dissolving in front of my eyes and not only in front of my third eye.

Carla just told me that our friend Julia, who is a seer and works as a medium in White Rock, has been seeing huge white men taller than 6 1/2 feet for several months who walk along the coast promenade and are Lemurians. This is where our Infinity portal is and also the new city of light here. Hence they live in this city of light and intermingle with our reality.

I know that I have not answered your questions to the full extent, but I think that nobody can do this so far. But I expect in the coming days some resolutions to our questions.

With love and light

Hello Dr. Stankov,

Just a quick one, I had to comment on sunshine girls tree experience. I too had a recent event with people cutting branches off trees. It was tremendously emotional for me too. I even put up a sign (now they call me sheriff Jodie) and put it by the last tree, not cut in the yard.

The offending person said, “It poked me in the eye so I cut it.” This is a tree I would stand under and the branches came down to the ground all around me, a little private cave, evergreen. The bird feeders hang under there and it’s safe from predator birds so the colorful finches would sing and hang out with me in there. There was very little grass, mostly moss and the roots come up onto the surface which the “person” mowed over and wounded the tree several times before poking his eye and wounding the tree even more. Now the privacy on my back porch is gone. Worse thing, the window I see when opening my eyes in the morning now I see a trail with people walking. I have the curtain closed now.

My story goes on, and it was several weeks of perfect drama, me being highly emotional about ALL the nature, “Why don’t you just mow to the top of the hill? plant grass all the way so you can use gas and pollute the air with fumes and noise, and stay busy riding too fast on a mower you break and don’t pay to fix, what a great job.” I was saying these things, and that only a walking dead would cut a branch that wasn’t dead off of an evergreen, all the branches work together FOR the tree, now the branches will start to break.

I said, “if you cut off a finger I’d feel better.” What made me even more mad was that “I” was looked at like the weird one. I refused to NOT express myself. I felt strongly about this, still do. It still brings tears to my eyes when ever I go out by the tree. I saw a picture the other day of it NOT cut and started crying. WHATEVER, these people cutting branches just so they can stand in its place have nothing that allows them to see nature. It makes me sick.
And you’re right, everyone running around creating work for them self that is more like breaking things so they have more work. I know you know what I mean… So I’ll stop… Just wanted to say, you’re not alone… To Kari, the Sunshine girl, oh, and absolutely perfect numbers and I’m excited to hear about your time in your new house with your roommates!

Trying hard to stay amused,

Pacific Northwest

Dear Jodie,

this is the third similar story that I have received after I published Kari’s tree story and her finding a new better domicile. As I said to another PAT member, obviously there is a recurrent pattern how the HR are creating certain situations and then resolve them for us by triggering an alchemical reaction of transformation.

This is how I am changing this world for years and the Elohim have discussed this mechanism of creation with us in the past. We are confronted with a negative typical situation created by other people and when we react in a powerful emotional way, e.g. with an indignation this reaction transforms the negative situation in the HR in an alchemical manner and, of course, later on this becomes manifested in this reality. Sometimes it seems as if we over-react, but this is because of our powerful creation which is carried on the wings of just outrage about the deficiencies of this reality and the loveless behaviour of the people towards nature and each other.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Just wanted you to know after I read this excellent piece from David that something special is happening in the Netherlands.

We have a group of excellent actors, namely George van Houts, Victor Löw, Leopold Witte, Tom de Ket and Pierre Bokma. They call themselves “The Seducers” (De verleiders) and they act out relevant actual happenings in this world. At first it was the “vastgoedfraude” how all the big office buildings were designed and build with great profits for themselves.

Then they covered in a play the Albert Heijn fraude, a big supermarket worldwide. Now they made a play about the financial world, where they start with one person speaking the oath, which bankers have to take..after that they ask the audience if they know how the financial world works, mostly the people don’t have a clue.

Then they play out a scene around 2001 how the bank people act when you buy a house… like more and more money is needed, for insurance, for restoring the bathroom for instance and to buy a new car…

Then we see as the plot thickens, the power these banks have when you cannot for a few months keep up with the payments that they can not only take everything away from you, but they can change the interest rates, they can sell your place at a much lower rate or resell it for much more money and take half the profits and you are there with a rest debt that you have to pay back.

After that they tell everybody about the BIS bank in Basel… that it is a phenomenon in itself that there is no democracy and that they pay no taxes. That nobody may enter this building, that all the interest goes to Basel for the o,oo1 percent of the population. They say so much more… the people were shocked!! They travel around the Netherlands everywhere their show is sold out… they are planning to go the government (tweede kamer) to bring this as a petition to the agenda. So Georgi a lot is happening, it was great to sit in between the audience and just listen…

Love and light, Wilma, The Netherlands

Dear Wilma,

thank you very much for sharing your impressions on the rapid awakening of the people in the Netherlands, which coalesces with what I see worldwide. To this I should add the petition of the relatives of the victims of MH17 to the Dutch government to delegate the investigation to the UN as they are unhappy with how the Dutch government is hiding the truth about the death of the passengers and why Ukraine, which is a suspect in the investigation, is part of the investigation.

The ruling cabal are now confronted with so many questions they cannot answer. But we should not concentrate too much on this reality now, but attune to the higher realms and the Agartha in preparation for the coming shift.

With love and light

Dear George,

This I do, I was so thrilled by the fact that the Agarthans are making contact, I have a feeling like when I was a child just before I had my birthday a feeling of great anticipation and happiness.

Thank you George and give my love to Carla

Dear Sir George,

Winter is hardly here in Mumbai, so enjoying the coolness…. Sir, with reference to your earlier posts on the coming World war, today I just switched on CNN South Asia Channel and there the brainwashing by the controlled media of CNN is just amazing, imagine the discussion was titled “Russian Ruble in Rubbles”, one of the panelists a govt official or minister from Canada was kind of warning the Russians that they will have a hard time, hearing this one first I couldn’t but laugh at this kind of propaganda, working on the unsuspecting ones and second was a wave of anger.

That the USA Illuminati also work insidiously in my country is also very true, for instance the thousands of farmers who have committed suicide because of Monsanto company supplied GMO seeds is a very sad illustration of the greed and corruption and the near-sightedness to please America. Our prime minister does Narendra Modi seems to be the man of the moment though…

Sir, I would like to add something here which disturbed me, hope I am wrong, but a day or two ago, I saw a vision a kind of time portal opening and Mr Putin being hit badly by a bombing and I saw the flames in the coming war, he did not survive physically but his soul enveloped in the golden and violet light did not feel any pain and was quickly taken away to the higher realms. I do not know whether I saw is correctly or not but I just would rather tell you than to keep it away in my heart and it would trouble me as if I am hiding anything relevant from you.

Warm regards to you and ma’am,

Dear Raji,

you might have seen a possible outcome for Putin on a lower catastrophic timeline, but this does not mean that he will have this destiny on this uppermost mother planet. But the danger that he may fail in his opposition to the dark ones is great and that is why we must be very vigilant and prevent such an outcome with our creative thoughts.

I agree that at present the western MSM are running amok and they no longer even hide the lies and insidious distortions they throw at the masses like a Niagara fall of dirty sewage in order to prepare them for a devastating world war three. They will fail as they have already lost the war of information to the alternative media like this website and to the Russian media such as RT and this drives them nuts. They are beginning to make huge mistakes out of fear and profound insecurity based on the fact that nothing they plan has any success any more as these kind of heinous actions are no longer supported by the crystalline grid, while the old electromagnetic grid of the Orion matrix was severed two weeks ago as reported on this website. The next days will be crucial in this respect.

With love and light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I hope you are both feeling much better these days and that it isn’t raining too much in Vancouver – I hope there’s some sunshine. I used to live in this city for almost a year in 2004 and I know that it can get pretty grey sometimes.

I was relieved to read about the Agarthians being able to come to the surface and cried tears of immense joy upon reading these amazingly beautiful experiences you both had with them. I have of late, been compelled to connect with them through meditations and feel and sense them around me sometimes – It seems to be more and more frequently.

The world gets crazier and crazier and I know from my experience here, it seems to get noisier and noisier – It drives me crazy sometimes.  I’ve had to do many mandates and invocations to get rid of the noise, which as of the past few days seems to have levelled out somewhat. There was a group of young adults playing recorders / flutes (for over 2 months straight) for hours on end and also into the night quite late, which was absolutely driving me nuts – and I suspect the rest of the neighbourhood. Thankfully, it has stopped and hopefully forever. I could go into many other areas of noise in my immediate surroundings that I’ve had to deal with and get rid of, but I’ll spare you the details – I’m constantly amazed that people DON”T THINK.

I wanted to let you know that I have a new email address which is this one I’m sending this from. I changed it on the subscription for the updates, but I haven’t been receiving them. I’ll put it in again. Yahoo has these new smart viewfolders that were sorting out my mail into different folders of finance, shopping, people, starred and unread – even when I deleted things, they were kept in these folders, for whom, I’m not sure. I decided that I didn’t need to have my mail kept and sorted out for whomever and have changed my email address.

Also, I have put in a reoccurring donation option last month that should automatically donate to your account every month.  I’m sure you will let me know when you receive the donation.  I just wanted to be sure that it was showing up and to make you aware of it – I’m not sure if you can tell from the bank account if it’s reoccurring or not.

In love and light,
Laurie, Vietnam

PS;  I am wondering if you (Carla) know of a small town in Southern Alberta by the name of Hilda?  George had relayed to me that like my grandparents, yours also came from Germany shortly after or before WWI to get free farm land.  Very few people are familiar with this town, that had many German immigrants farming free land.

Dear Laurie,

you are absolutely right – we had terrible weather the whole last week, a lot of rain and dark skies, but I am used to such weather from Germany. Today it is improving a little bit, but we also had some beautiful days with blue sky and very cold – 10 degree Celsius in the night and the shoreline of the ocean was frozen, which according to Carla has never happened before, or she has not seen it.

By the way I have forwarded your email to her and she will answer your question with regard to this German town in Alberta.

The appearance of the Agarthans was a surprise for us too, but we felt that something was in the making for some time. It is excellent that you attunes to the Inner Earth and we get now very strongly the notion that this is our ticket to ascension and meeting them in the higher realms, also entering the cities of light. I think that something big will happen in the next days, although I have no idea when.

I can also confirm that when there are huge shifts to higher dimensions the noises increase exponentially. We noticed this first so strongly when we were in the national park Burns Bogs for a huge shift and the airplanes we have never heard before there, were so loud as if we were on the airport and they were starting above our heads, also the near-by highway was extremely loud. Since then we have had several similar episodes when our ears are deafened by the noise and then there are days when everything is so silent.

I thank you very much for your donation. Can you tell me when it is due to arrive, so that I can keep an eye on it and notify you immediately.

Wish you calm and quiet last days on this earth for now.

With love and light

Hi Laurie,

Yes, my Mom, whose middle name is Hilda!, knows the town, and remembers that it’s in Southern Alberta, but she is doesn’t  remember knowing anyone with the last name of Stearns… is this the family name of your grandparents? She grew up in Craigmyle, which is northeast of Calgary. My Dad’s family were nearby in Delia and they came from Norway.

Thank you Laurie for your donations that are up-coming, that’s very generous of you and greatly appreciated by us both. We will let you know when it comes through.

Speaking of noise, we had a chainsaw going nearby this morning!  Sunday morning??!! At 8:30?!?  We have noticed that when we move to lower timelines, the noise seems to get much louder, as though it’s reverberating against the hologram, and also seems to be more frequent than on the upper timelines, and  it’s getting all-together unbearable…

Take good care Laurie,

With much love,

Dear Georgi,

The payment is due on the 15th December – If it doesn’t go through let me know, it’s for $60.

Also, I would have to agree with Carla, the ocean never freezes in Vancouver. My sister has lived there for about 25 years and I used to visit her often at different times of the year, I never saw the ocean freeze with ice around the shore, especially in December when it isn’t even the coldest yet. It doesn’t usually snow in Vancouver, although occasionally it does, but still, the ocean doesn’t freeze.

I loved the photos that Sarah sent in from Lofer – It reminds me of the area around Banff / Lake Louise, very beautiful – Of which I miss very much. Although, I must say that having been in Canada during the month of July, I was in BC visiting my other sister in the interior close to the US border in Grandforks and I noticed that the energy in the Kootney Mountains and the Okanogan at that time was so very dense, not at all like it used to be, which was much lighter and softer. I hope the cleansing that you have both done has changed that somewhat (on your trip to Lake Louise and the Banff / Canmore area).


Dear Laurie,

thank you very much for this donation. I will inform you as soon as we receive the PayPal notification.

I concur with you that the energies we feel south of the US border are very dense and dark and this is the reason why I do not go over the border. It is like the Iron curtain during the Cold War in Europe. And I do not trust the US border guards who are crazy and can kill you for no apparent reason and nobody asks them for their responsibility as we now see with the daily execution of at least one black citizen in the USA.

The plot is getting very thick in the USA and also in Europe, but I have decided not to pay so much attention to political facts these days as they only distract us from our attunement to the Inner Earth (Agartha) and the HR and exactly this sentiment is now very strong in me and Carla. Especially today I felt these higher realms very close to me, only a hand grasp away.

Let us see what will happen this month, it is now really very exciting and I have for the first time the deep inner conviction that everything is aligning perfectly and we swim with the stream. I have had this positive feeling twice in my life and both times I was very successful in my personal life. There is no reason to doubt that this third time will not be the same – even much bigger.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I agree with you about immigration at the border, I never go through the US anymore – there is no accountability.

I find the same thing with regards to attuning myself to the higher realms. I have to stay away from other distractions right now to keep the vibration.


Dear George,

I had to laugh at the interesting similarities in the message from Kari with my own experience.

Although my own current residence is to be my last [I’m very sure], I too “found” it in similar miraculous fashion; [no credit, even unpaid last rent, yet when the application was unable to be e-mailed, after 3 tries, the owner of the condo just decided to rent to me anyway!] One of the things that appealed to me was the beautiful tree which overlooks the liv rm and balcony. I’ve felt its lovely energy every season of the year. I can also echo the irritation with loud landscaping machinery and, as of the past few months, the absolute idiocy of most of my neighbors! But, I am not given any direction, or indeed the means, to move anywhere else, and my deep desire is only to move on an upward [and out of here] journey! That this place was given me so as to make my living over the past 2 and a half years a bit easier [low rent, yet nicely redecorated unit], and finally allow me to give up any sort of paying work, is pretty obvious to me, and I am very grateful. BUT, I am so ready to be relieved of all this material worldly experience; the noise, the obnoxious behavior around me, just the mere fact of maintaining ones self here, is so very tiresome.

The news about the Agarthans is so welcome and so exciting to anticipate! Wow! Is this finally it? Are we really at the point of contact at last? So long we have waited and endured this world. I know our brothers who have been with us all along are as anxious for this as we are. ALL will rise to their next level of service/growth once this realm is finally lifted from the old sluggish level. This is a simple fact of universal truth and of the unending Grace of God/All-There-Is.

With love,

Dear Pam,

this is the second email from the PAT that confirms today a similar miraculous story to that of Kari’s. Obviously there is a pattern here from the HR.

I think that this time it is definite as everything points to a final countdown. The Agarthans would not have come to us if they were not sure 100%, as last time I was so mad at Adama for announcing our ascension end of May and then when nothing happened he disappeared. I was so mad at him that I told him not to come to me anymore, although he told us to be the twin flame of Carla. That is why this time Ahnabar came to give us this message as he knew my position.



I had to smile. For almost the entire 34 years that I’ve been married, my husband has always joked with me that he knows that I am from the big foot tribe. Lately, in the last few years he even added that he wanted me to always remember him when my ‘people come up from underneath the earth’.  It the last few weeks he has joked that he ‘knows they’re coming soon to get me’. When I read yours and Carla’s message I broke into a smile and laugh on the outside and the inside like you couldn’t believe!

Charlotte Smith

Hello Georgi,

your and Carla’s latest updates caught my attention. The dream of the resurrection of the ancient Lemurian World is very vivid and deep in me and I came to the Canary Islands with the intention to start to  create with others the New World. Unfortunately it failed, I was the only one in the end with that vision.

I am happy to read about your meeting with the Agarthans. I also felt that there is a new (actually old, but resurfacing) Presence here.

I just wanted to communicate this to express my joy.

Ute Possega-Rudel

Dear Ute,

I am happy to hear from you again and to learn that you are on the Canary Islands. In the past these islands were a major base of the Reptilians, from where I was very heavily attacked several times when I opened this website. There were also other incidents with other people there whom I knew well. Now the archons are severed from this grid and the islands must be free for merging with the 5D overlay of Agartha and the higher realms.

As you must have read, I am now in Vancouver with Carla waiting for our imminent ascension.

With love and light

Hello George,

Really excellent news regarding the Argarthans. I also now understand why I was knocked out all day yesterday with a huge headache and shoulder and neck pain.

I read Dianne Robbins’s book a long time ago and verbally offered my hospitality to the Telosians when the time was right for their visit to the surface. Maybe I will get to meet them. Inner Earth has fascinated me for a while and I have read everything I can find about it.

The energies feel like they are reaching a crescendo now. There feels very little rest time between each wave now and my anchor to this reality is fading in and out. Its exhausting but exciting. With love to you and Carla.

Lynn x (UK)

Dear Lynn,

it feels indeed as if we are reaching the threshold of ascension or a major ID shift and I do agree that now there is no pause between the waves – the next one has just started.

With love and light

Dear George,

I have not written in about a month now. It’s hard to say why, this time was very tiring, words are so 3-d, well you know all this.

Today I feel very strongly I’ve succeeded with my mission and it is now time for things to unfold, also there was a huge 3rd chakra vortex suddenly this afternoon that indicates the beginning of the preparations for the portal. I could go into more detail later, but as you wrote about the new dawn in Europe, well that dawn is about to appear and I am right there waiting for the sunrise.

My congratulations to You and Carla, and everyone. I will see if I can write a nice composition to celebrate this victory, although the final events may happen before I finish it. In that case I guess it will just be waiting in the HR.

Love & Light,
Daniël, The Netherlands

Hi George,

After reading your message this morning on the Agarthans, I noticed this rainbow as I was driving out of the neighborhood this afternoon..

Mike in Florida

Dear Mike,

this is a very unusual rainbow – very low and uneven, it could be a city of light. We saw recently a vertical rainbow and also a normal one – full bow.


The City of Light






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