Crash and Burn

by Laurie Stearns and Georgi Stankov, December 15, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I’m thrilled.  I’m sooo effing happy that this is the end of this illusion. YES, the economic crash and burn MUST happen. And it is.

As stated by you (in “When Prophecies Come True – The Stock Markets Crash This Week“)::

“As long as the people enjoy their most beloved toy – money – they will remain fully mesmerized by this Orion trap and will not be willing to see the naked truth.”

The naked truth being that one does not need money to live. End of story.


“Hence Heaven and we as its executors on the ground must pitilessly pull the rug away from under the people’s feet as to save their souls. This is the main and only reason for the coming financial crash from a higher vantage point of view, which has definitely started this week in full synchronicity with the new, peaking Source energies of truth and ultimate purification.”

Indeed, to save their souls – because this is the best way to do it.

Once people realize how hoodwinked they have been and led down the garden path by all this utter bullshit, they can then start to understand the real dynamics behind this reality – of which have NOTHING – to – do – with – money.

All of the traps will just fall away, because they will have nothing to prop them up anymore.

Then, and only then will the people realise the illusion they have bought into at the expense of their souls and forfeiting their own integrity and creativity, to mention nothing of freedom.

Once this is finished (and I can’t wait) we will all see how money and time have hijacked this reality into being the biggest prison in the universe.   Because, money and time have become synonymous with freedom.  Once the money is gone, poof, there will forever be time and space, plus freedom, to do all and anything.

People used to tell me I had a problem with money … boy, were they right.  But not so much a problem, as to the realisation of what it really was; which was the hijacking of peoples’ spirits.

You cannot buy safety and security and you cannot buy freedom. Hell, you can’t even buy creativity with money, although some people think you can – Which leads to the daily use of imagination, which is part of the equation as to why money was introduced in the first place.

If you don’t think you have time to use your imagination to be creative, then you stop using your imagination and this is paramount to being a controlled zombie.

The ONLY purpose money has, is to ease struggling and suffering. Think about it. The very thing it creates.


Love, Laurie


Dear Laurie,

excellent comments on the nature of money. I will publish it tomorrow. You also brought me to the idea to publish a new decree – after a long time – where each PAT member can decree the crash of the Orion monetary system and the end of this toxic, pecuniary reality. I have no idea as to how much these decrees have been effective in the past, but I am sure that they have contributed to the ascension process. Now the time is ripe for a new, probably one last decree to collapse this house of cards and go home. I am so fed up with this world.

With love and light


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