Breaking News: The Agarthans Visit Us

by Georgi Stankov, December 5, 2014

Something huge must have happened today as already reported. I woke up with a massive descent of very powerful, high vibrating energies from the Source, entering my body through my left brain portal and causing me a split head, numbness and severe headache, which has only now begun slowly to recede (16.00 pm Pacific time). In the early afternoon the energies picked up one more time and Carla and I had to lie down as we felt very much disoriented.

Before we did this, we saw all of a sudden many small human beings of the light that flood our bedroom and were overjoyed. Carla saw them and I felt them. They were celebrating something, but could not properly connect to us and tell us what they are celebrating. Since yesterday Carla has been urged to read Aurelia Louise Jone’s books on Telos. There, Adama is talking of the children of Telos and the Inner Earth and their excitement and growing impatience since many years to finally meet with their cousins from the surface earth, when the time comes for the Agarthans to show up. We have received several times in the past information from Agarthan sources that there were energetic thresholds in the linear time when the probability of them to show up on the surface earth were very high. It did not happen and the reasons why have been discussed on this website.

As I told you, we are now reaching “Wuthering heights“, where everything seems possible and miracles abound. Only yesterday we had another visitation from a PAT member who recently died. I will not give any further information now as other living persons are involved, but it seems that the veil has been completely removed now and such encounters can take place very easily.

Well, these Agarthan children from Telos came for the first time to visit us and they were very happy to be able to do so. Their auras emanated very playful, almost innocent  5D energies. Then we both were taken away for some time, most probably to Telos, and awakened rather disoriented, under very powerful vibrations that were about to disintegrate our bodies. The energies were flowing out of my heels as if a 100 pound weight was pressing on them and I could barely move. A classical ascension test run by all standards.

I hope that we will receive some more information later on. What we get so far is that there has been a huge shift and opening today during this full moon portal and that there is more yet to come. Carla is now attuning to the Agarthans and is reading a book about Telos that will help her gain some deeper insights into this amazing encounter today.



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