How Immediate Creation Works: A Huge Victory for the Alternative Dutch Media

by Georgi Stankov, December 10, 2014

I know, and you know that we are Creator Gods. But sometimes I suspect that you not always think about this fundamental and only real fact of your existence and act accordingly. That is why I am presenting on a daily basis valid proofs for this undeniable fact.

Only a couple of days ago Wilma from the Netherlands reported about the massive awakening of the Dutch people, who now perceive in their majority the lies and insidious crimes of the ruling elite. The cover-up of the MH17 disaster by the Dutch government is one such issue of great actuality as it concerns many Dutch victims and their relatives, as I recently discussed it with Wilma in our PAT Energy Report.

Please observe that nothing is coincidential these days and everything I discuss here or make you aware of – very often at the beginning as an insignificant event  – turns very soon into a major trend of human transformation. This is so because we all charge this event with our thoughts as powerful Logos Gods and create it immediately. Hence do not underestimate the power of this website in shaping the world events. With your help as Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy, this website is a more powerful tool of creation and transformation than all MSM outlets of the West combined together.

That is why the Internet trolls have increased their laughable attacks on me. It is not that they realize the power of our website, as they are all incurable cretins, but their paymasters in the US secret services know this very well, as they are still controlled by the archons, even though we have definitely severed them from the crystalline grid of our higher timelines. These dark secret services exist now on lower timelines, but are still able to intercept with our reality until the final resolution. This is the specific energy quality of this uppermost mother planet in the current End Times.

The news media report now that the unthinkable has happened. The Dutch government has decided under huge pressure from the alternative media and the Dutch people to finally include Malaysia in the MH17 investigation after it has rejected this idea for almost half an year. I personally do not expect that this will affect the final conclusion as the Dutch criminal cabal, who are responsible for this investigation, have already removed all critical evidence, but this is still a great victory for the forces of light, if one considers the stark fact that the major suspect in this crime, the Nazi regime in Kiev, is part of the investigation. This is Orion justice in perfect perversion. In Germany we have a very good saying in such a case – “Der Bock zum Gärtner machen” (to make the buck to a gardener), as Kari has so wonderful described it in her tree story.


Alternative Media and the MH17 JIT Reversal

Ulson Gunnar, December 8, 2014

After weeks of protests and growing suspicion, Dutch authorities overseeing the investigation of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have finally included Malaysia as a member of its Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

Malaysia had made it clear it was immensely displeased with its inexplicable exclusion from JIT formed after the downing of MH17 over eastern Ukraine. Including NATO members  (Belgium and the Netherlands), a defacto NATO collaborator (Australia) and a potential culprit in the air disaster (Ukraine), Malaysia’s exclusion looked to be a part of an ongoing cover-up amid a larger attempt to use the disaster to frame Russia and advance NATO’s agenda in Eastern Europe.

The conflict amid which MH17 was shot down is perceived to be a proxy conflict between NATO and Russia. That the investigation includes exclusively pro-NATO members or NATO members themselves, both the conduct of the investigation and any conceivable outcome would be highly suspect. Malaysia, the only nation directly effected by the disaster and perceived of being beyond the direct influence of NATO, would have provided a much needed counterbalance.

Now that it has become a member of JIT, analysts must vigilantly watch to ensure it is allowed full access to evidence and equal participatory standings. While Malaysia’s inclusion provides hope that JIT will now be unable to pursue a political agenda with impunity, the possibility is high that NATO will simply cite Malaysia’s inclusion in JIT to legitimize its actions, no matter how biased the conduct of JIT’s investigation may be or how skewed its outcome, even if Malaysia raises protests over both,

Alternative Media’s Role in JIT Reversal 

The diminishing primacy of the West’s powerful global media monopoly may be partially why Malaysia was finally included in JIT. Had there been no alternatives to this monopoly, including networks rising up in developing nations and among BRICS, as well as the more decentralized alternative media of “citizen journalists,” Malaysia’s protests simply would have been tuned out and other issues put forward to cover up the glaringly compromised nature of JIT’s original members and their methodology.

It was also revealed that JIT had arranged agreements among members to bar the release of certain information when deemed necessary. With Malaysia excluded from JIT, any number of relevant or incriminating pieces of evidence could have already been purged from the investigation while other pieces of evidence fabricated to take their place. The alternative media played a crucial role in bringing this suspicious arrangement to the public’s attention.

In all, large and growing outrage over what was clearly a politically motivated investigation was given a platform by the alternative media to reach a wider general public. Unable to ignore obvious misconduct in the investigation and a glaring lack of objectivity and impartiality because of this fact, may have forced NATO to include Malaysia despite the obvious restraints it would put on its attempt to whitewash the investigation.

What Malaysia Must Do Now

Malaysia must ask the questions and demand the evidence required to determine whether or not evidence was destroyed or switched during its absence in JIT, then ensure an impartial, objective investigation is pursued to determine the cause of MH17’s fateful crash and who was responsible. It must ensure it is included in all matters of the investigation and that pro-NATO members are unable to pursue avenues unilaterally without Malaysia’s knowledge and input.

If the alternative media did indeed play a role in helping Malaysia obtain a position within JIT, the truest test will be for the same media platform to now ensure NATO does not simply use Malaysia’s inclusion in JIT to force through foregone, biased and deceitful conclusions. The alternative media must help Malaysia bring any grievances it may have with JIT’s other members and their methods during the investigation to the forefront of public attention.

Inconsistencies and findings Malaysia may publish that run contradictory to NATO’s conclusions and innuendos must also be brought to the public’s attention via the alternative media, considering much of MH17’s investigation has either been spun or covered up entirely by the West’s media monopolies.

What the Drawn Out, Suspicious Investigation Already Tells Us

Had NATO truly been sure of Russia’s culpability in MH17’s downing, carrying out a quick, transparent, and inclusive investigation none could question would have been at the forefront of NATO’s agenda. Instead, a shadowy investigation carried out by a stacked Joint Investigation Team, excluding a nation effected directly by the disaster for no apparent reason besides its residing beyond NATO’s direct sphere of influence reeks of a cover up or at best, an attempt to spin an uncertain chain of events into a politically and strategically favorable outcome.

For JIT’s original members not to have vocally protested this suspicious behavior and multiple conflicts of interest, illustrate that much of JIT’s work regardless of Malaysia’s inclusion in the process lacks the legitimacy of a truly objective and impartial process.

That NATO cannot conduct the investigation in a transparent manner and has resorted to multiple attempts to imply Russian culpability before presenting concrete evidence suggests there is either no evidence to implicate Russia at this time, or there exists evidence that directly contradict NATO’s claims.

Regardless, it will be up to the alternative media to provide the necessary checks and balances the Western media should, but won’t provide itself. Independent analysts must continue examining the ongoing investigation and reporting inconsistencies in both methods and outcomes. By stopping NATO from exploiting tragedy to advance its own agenda amid the MH17 case, future disasters may see a speedy, objective investigation and perhaps, may not occur at all.

Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.



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