The Elohim Explain the Portal of Truth, November 11-21, 2014

by Carla Thompson, November 18, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I have now received a long message from the Elohim, and have put it together with another one from 3 days ago. This message points to the work we have all done during this very long and powerful portal, from November 11 through to the 21st. Yes, it’s on-going, although the majority of the tough work is now complete.  
It has been interesting to see every one’s comments on their experiences during the cleansing, and I really look forward to their up-coming emails describing how people in their lives have responded to the energies, and how they have shown where they are now at, in terms of their own openness to the truth, as well as their expression of truth. This is so fascinating! Let’s see how it will all unfold!

Love, Carla


The Message

The first message from the Elohim, on November 13, 2014, was received in the evening, just out of the blue. I had just visited the website of Indian in the Machine, and the Elohim came right in to explain that there are the “Great Ones” who share their own truth with everyone, as well as provide a place for healthy exposure of many timely truths. This comment was also made in reference to your website, Georgi, as well as to several others, run by light warriors who have been so committed to providing excellent eye-opening discussions and direction for constructive thought.

“Within the perfection of All-That-Is, there are many “Great Ones”, who make it their life purpose to enlighten anyone and everyone that they possibly can. This, they do, out of a deep caring commitment to all others who find themselves on the path to the ascension.
These Great Ones, are the “Great Warriors” of our time, supplanting TRUTH over top of the lies and deceptions that are so prevalent, so rampant, in the end times. 
They are neither proud in character, nor actors upon the stage of life, but warriors of the highest calibre, conceived by the Source of All-That-Is, existing as reflections of pure truth, with full and genuine, undeniable and unfailing, connections to their own I AM Presence!  What great lights they are, that grace this expression!” 
Today (November 16), following another three days of throat chakra cleansing, another message arrives, as an explanation of what is happening on an on-going basis:
“We are the Elohim and we bring to you now an explanation of recent energetic inflow, expansion and the flushing out of the old habits of disintegration of veracity and transparency.  
This portal is of a great magnitude and is not yet complete in its action of the cleansing of the Chakra of Truth. 
Indeed, the habit of reaction upon reaction, to a thought, to any thought, or to a comment, often to any comment, has grown fast – the callous, impervious standard of non-reflection and a loss in the open and honest rendition of many situations, present in your outer reality.
This habit has arisen from incarnation after incarnation into the dense and emotionally crushed third dimension, where the only protection offered to the soul was a closed heart chakra.  
The physical suffering from lack of shelter and exposure to the elements, and often limited access to food, meant great physical anguish that led to a preliminary closing of the heart chakra.  
Of course, the emotional shock of the act of War, and all its nefarious renditions, fully closed the hearts in all of mankind, from every corner of the globe, with the exception of the always gentle indigenous peoples of the Earth, whose untouched incarnations served to preserve the sacred and ancient knowledge of Mother Earth, as the “Wisdom Seekers” of this expression in All-That-Is. These peoples have also suffered severe structural breakdown, as they too have not been able to buffer themselves from the defoliating rituals of those who came to profit and enslave all peoples of the Earth.
During some incarnations, light warriors experienced severe mistreatment when they were burned at the stake for heresy. This type of experience led to permanently closed chakras for the remainder of the incarnation cycle within this expression.
The closed heart chakra fuels a closed truth centre and following the recent heart chakra openings of the Second Wave ascendees, during the lifting of the Second Wavers [the visit to the Radiant Rose Academy on Oct 29], these souls are now beautifully prepared for the opening of the Chakra of Truth, the fifth chakra. (Observe how carefully orchestrated all these key ascension steps are. For instance, the opening of the 5th throat chakra of truth was only possible after we anchored the angelic realm in the Lemuria template as part of the multidimensional blueprint of Gaia 5 in the Rocky Mountains from November 6th to 11th; note, George) 
It is correct that these two events are carried out in very close proximity but this matters not. As the heart is opened, the truth is revealed and even experienced instantly, as a balanced reflection to this event – there is no other way. (This is the best proof that the Big Events will unfold very soon as the truth can no longer be concealed by the people as Jim Carey in the movie “Liar, Liar“: note, George.)
The truth, is, in the first place, felt with the open heart, followed by the vocalization of the truth (5th throat chakra), immediately, if that is required.  It should be known that Truth cannot be spoken before and unless the heart chakra has been opened first! (This fact explains why most LW were unable to speak the truth until now; note George.)
You shall notice those around you, who have historically offered up “automatic recordings” to inquiries, as in quick unreflected responses, uncaring comments, glaringly bold and cold comments, may now instead offer a fresh take on their lives and on what they see around them (Jim Carrey’s compulsive truth rendition, note George).
You have noticed that the truth, truth that has been locked up, jumps forth fast and furiously, as it is suddenly released from within. Those light warriors who have had closed hearts and closed throat chakras, and now open heart chakras, will spew the old thoughts, the old beliefs, initially and without deep thought.
Once released, the individual will now assess everything through the filter of the open heart chakra – the truth that is there is then spoken and the energies begin to flow.
This magnificent expansion creates the solid foundation upon which the Revelations are based for the new Golden Age. This expansion is a vital link to the unsegregated truth and divine will of All-That-Is. Without this expansion, growth of the new humanity into the ascension is not possible, as all ascended worlds base their entire existence on a foundation of divine expression and of full expression of one’s own truth. 
As you identify who you are, in truth, you then shall open your Being to who you truly are, as the identification of this essence opens you to then accept the Divine Will of Source, and Trust in All, into the expansion of this, your Sacred Heart.
This process is the ratification of culminating experiences from many incarnations. As the heart heals, the throat opens fully to all spoken truth. As the energy flows strongly between these two centres, a unique creation unfolds, the opening of the Sacred Heart Space.

A fully activated Sacred Heart Space comprised of the Pink Flame of Cosmic Love, coupled with the Blue Flame of Truth and an integration of the Yellow Flame of illumination (Christed Consciousness), together create the Sacred Heart space where One is able to manifest fully what one wishes to create, of course while holding a complete trust in divine will: This is the necessary requirement of an ascending Being these days! 

This recent cleansing has been of all Fifth chakras of the second wave candidates, as the first wave candidates have already achieved the opening of both their throat and heart chakras. This cleansing has been tremendous work, as it has taken place across all time-space manifestation, in a multi-dimensional manner.
The stage clears itself now, in readiness for the on-going ascension, whereby multi-dimensional aspects of all incarnates are finally cleansed and are ultimately purified.
As the second wave ascension candidates expand now into both the open heart and the open throat, they must speak their truth, from their hearts. This is a critical moment in time, as those that embrace this necessary and sacred expression, move finally into place, and those who do not, shall enter a new time where barriers to spiritual growth shall rise up and create disruptions in the flow of peace and love, gifts that arise freely when one is open to the faith that All-That-Is, is simply the perfection of Life itself.  
It is indeed, a moment of Truth.

We are the Elohim”

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