“All Saints’ Day” Is My Birthday and Holiday Day

by Georgi Stankov, November 1, 2014


November 1st is not only “All Saints’ Day”, but unfortunately also my birthday. Obviously, I need a lot of saints to protect me as not to fail in my current mission on the ground.

Since I have never planned to celebrate my 63th birthday in a physical body, I have decided, contrary to my past birthdays, to celebrate this time extensively as to suppress the deep sorrow I experience each year on this day when I made the greatest blunder in my eternal life as an Elohim to enter this dense and toxic reality 63 human years ago, which is the blink of an eye for an Elohim. Hence I will not post anything else today and tomorrow and will go on holiday.

As they say, it does not help “crying over spilled milk”, so I try to find, and I do find, a lot of pleasure in these last days. In fact, I would not have missed any moment of this auspicious End Time, when the Orion matrix is falling apart and the incredible ascension dynamics behind their demise is becoming more visible with each day. Our creative powers have reached such an omnipresent global magnitude that it is really fascinating to see how quickly we achieve our goals – almost simultaneously: in private life and on the global stage.

Only two days ago I revealed the bogus character of the Ebola hysterics and the next day the WHO announced that the alleged Ebola epidemic in Liberia is rapidly diminishing after they predicted that millions will die in the coming months worldwide. In fact, it has never existed in the first place, so that this acknowledgement simply reflects the “new realism” of the dark elite and their huge fear in the face of dwindling capabilities to wreak havoc and take humanity as a hostage of their fear-mongering propaganda. They know too well that they have lost everything now and that their demise is imminent. Just watch very carefully how the blatant failures they are now beginning to make on a large scale in their total desperation will peak in the coming days.

Being one of the chief architects of this End Time scenario, I would not miss a single moment of this most exciting drama that is unfolding in front of my watchful eyes, as a spectator from the first row and as a playwright behind the scene. I can only recommend you to adopt this same approach to these last, most auspicious events in the history of mankind and simply enjoy them.

Only two days ago, I participated in the latest spectacular act of this drama, which turned out to be a comedy for us with a cosmic supernova as a happy end.

My birthday today reflects this reality in a numerological manner. 63 means that I am now fully active between the 3rd and the 6th dimension as Logos God and multidimensional being. The sum of my birthday 9 symbolizes Infinity, the infinite consciousness I, and all the light warriors of the first and the last hour, will acquire immediately after ascension. The date of my 63rd birthday 11.01.2014 = 10 stands for a completion and a new beginning.

But I must admit that I have never been very good in numerology and that there may be other ways to see these numbers. This is what the new Theory of the Universal Law proves – numbers are abstract hermeneutic symbols of the mind and can be interpreted and applied in infinite possible ways. You can, for instance, eliminate all numbers from 6 to 9 and only use the numbers 1 to 5 plus zero (0) and obtain the same results in mathematics as with the current decimal system, as I have shown in my book “Thoughts” (Gedanken), see page 358. Hence numerology is as arbitrary as the lofty esoteric term “unconditional love”, which the New Agers have diluted with their highly subjective interpretations.

In this sense, I wish you a delightful weekend, as I intend to spend it with Carla, and any energetic compensation on your part in the form of modest donations, as long as we dwell in a physical vessel, is warmly welcome and highly appreciated.


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