The Shift Portal of New Moon and Solar Eclipse on October 23, 2014

Georgi Stankov, October 18, 2014

There is no doubt in the meantime that the coming new moon and full solar eclipse portal on October 23rd will be very powerful. The Elohim told us in their latest message that the seeding of the new human template on all new 4D and 5D worlds will reach a “lightning speed”at this time and this will cause the big shift to higher dimensions we all are waiting for. It is obvious that the Shift is closely linked to the finalization of the seeding of the new human race. This fact is known only to the PAT group and is not discussed by any other channeling source, because these people are not involved in this process as they will not ascend to 5D and higher.

When Carla received this message, she was given a visual of a huge energy tsunami from the Source that will engulf Gaia and the whole humanity and will transform it for ever. Those of us who are currently experiencing the relentless high frequency waves of change coming from the Central sun, know that they bring an unparalleled dynamics in the energetics of Gaia and have the power to destroy the old Orion matrix within the blink of an eye. The most outstanding characteristics of these energies is that they do not leave you any chance to adapt to their ever-changing patterns as they sweep over us without a pause and change their quality and intensity from one second to the next one.

On October 12th, after the seeding of the new human template took place in the night and Carla received a message from the Elohim in the morning that confirmed this auspicious event, we went to White Rock and coincidentally met with Julia. Carla and Julia decided spontaneously to have a reading. Immediately AA Michael arrived and told Carla in a very solemn and joyful manner that her mission on this earth has been completed with the seeding of the new human race. From now on she can do and create whatever she wishes in a playful manner. Carla was in high spirits since early morning and this announcement took the final burden off her human shoulders.

Unfortunately I cannot say this for myself. I am still fully involved in the last phase of the ascension process and experience one wave after the other without a pause. Most of the time they affect my third chakra due to my rapid movement through the timelines. But I must also say that the current energies have reached a very high level of refinement and have nothing in common with the terrible cleansing waves in the past.

From that I conclude that the new moon and solar eclipse portal on October 23rd may indeed lead to a significant Shift of this uppermost mother earth to higher frequencies and at the same time separate all lower 3D and 4D overlays that will descend to the already existing catastrophic 3D and 4D earths. For all those soulless duplicates (the majority of the human population) that will experience this destiny, it will seem as if their world is turning upside down and that they are drowning in the deluge of the MPR. They will not have any perception whatsoever that there are other timelines and human populations that will experience at the same time a completely different destiny on the new higher 4D worlds, which may still appear to be very turbulent at the initial transition period. Hence it is impossible to talk of all the various experiences and destinies that will affect each and every individual.

This huge shift must be associated in the first place with a huge expansion of human awareness, as I have already discussed it in my last publication. Again, this will affect only a small group of people, such as the PAT and some other advanced light workers in the LBP. After that I assume that all these transcendental energies from within will find their way to this external world and will lead to the collapse of the old paradigm of exclusiveness of the human race as described by myself with respect to science in my last publication.

This is also the topic of the latest missive of the manuscript of survival. In a new message from the Hathors channelled by Anna Merkaba, the Shift portal on October 23rd is described in a very similar manner that very much resonates with me. Anna Merkaba has also published a second message from Metatron, with which I frankly do not resonate very much, but you can read it here.

I will publish below the short message of the Hathors, who speak of an “Avalanche portal” on October 23 , which is very much online with what Carla saw in her visual, while being channelled by the Elohim five days ago. As Anna Merkaba has been, grosso modo, a clean channeller in the past, although I personally do not resonate with most of her messages due to her lack of detached intellectual observation and her complete ignorance with respect to the energetic nature of multidimensional existence, I think that her latest message from the Hathors supports my and Carla’s impression that we must expect a huge evolutionary leap of awareness around the coming new moon and solar eclipse portal.

Whether this will be sufficient for us to ascend, or it will take some more time before we finally leave this reality, remains to be seen. But there is no doubt that after October 23rd the world, in which we now live, will be a different place. And this huge change has already started with full force on the full moon eclipse portal on October 8th.


Last evening and during the whole night we descended to very lower timelines, where only zombies lived. This happened when we went to a restaurant in White Rock, where we have created the Infinity portal. After that we felt so compressed that we could barely move. Both Carla and I were suffering from severe back and sciatica pain. In the night we created a huge vortex that finally heaved us from these lower timelines to much higher.

I was separating all the night lower timelines and protecting higher timelines from negative patterns and dark attacks. Carla dreamed of huge tsunami. I was beaming from my chest chakra like a second central sun and the vibrations were so intensive that they almost disintegrated our physical bodies. We were both awake in the middle of the night due to severe nausea and thought for a while that we would ascend. AA Michael was all the time with us protecting us from dark attacks, which we experienced last evening before I repelled them. Some of them came from derailed mothmen.

In the morning we moved to a much higher timeline through the massive vortex we created in the night and now we feel all of a sudden much better. Carla and I sense that we have ascended this uppermost mother earth to her new place in the new galaxy, while separating all lower frequency 3D and 4D overlays in preparation of the final Shift next week. We hope to get more information from the Elohim what happened in the last 24 hours

This actual report only confirms what I have written yesterday above about the intensity of the current energy waves: It will stay very rough to the very end, which very well may be October the 23rd.


The Avalanche Portal

The Hathors, channelled by Anna Merkaba on October 16, 2014

The avalanche portal of discoveries of the past and the discoveries of the future, shall ring true to the ears of those who are familiar with said statements. Shall ring true to the ears of those who understand innately that which we speak of.

For through the Avalanche portal of your known understanding of personified existence on human earth, you shall be granted access to the highest octaves of your higher self. Through the Avalanche portal of the Emerald frequencies and recognition purposes. For the emerald principles of your being shall propel you to the recognition that indeed such frequencies are plausible and comprehensible in your world.

For indeed the Avalanche portal is that which shall propel you to and open the door to your home planets, to the destination of that which you all hold sacred. The Avalanche portal of abundance, restoration, recalibration, balance, peace, harmony, health, love, fruitful endeavors, aligned opportunities, significant encounters… ALL this is coming your way, all this is already available, all this can and shall be found in the Avalanche portal of the coming new moon. The Avalanche portal of abundance, health and joy. The avalanche of love and affection, the avalanche of prosperity, benevolence and peace.

For through the encounters with the divinity of your being, through the strength of perseverance, through the abundance of thinking patterns, through the recalibration of your thought processes, through the allowance, and release of all that no longer shall occupy your frames of existence, through all that is all that is not, you shall find the necessary decrees, the necessary steps to take in the fruitful discovery of where you presently are and where you are yet to be.

WE the Hathors, the forefathers of your known world, the foremothers of your know existence are standing by you, ready to assist you in all that you are. Ready to guide you. Ready to be guided by you. Ready to assist all our children in reaching the highest destination of your being.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.





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