The New Plain Speak of Russian Politicians at the Time of Revelations

by Georgi Stankov, October 18, 2014

In confirmation of my theoretical article of today, I am presenting you a stark example of the new plain and truthful speak of Russian politicians who have already liberated themselves from the shackles of the oppressive Orion system turning all politicians such as Obama, Harper (Canada), Merkel etc. into submissive clones and stooges of Orion Co. and the NWO.

In a recent interview with CNBC the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev suggested that Obama’s charges against Russia were caused by a “brain aberration” and added that such rhetoric saddened him:

I am very upset by the fact that President Obama, while speaking from the United Nations’ podium and listing the threats and challenges humanity is currently facing, put Ebola in first place, the Russian Federation second and the Islamic State organization was only in the third place. I don’t even want to comment on this, this is some sort of aberration in the brain,”

This kind of plain, truthful speak is unprecedented in politics, as I know it for the last 50 years, and this indicates the arrival of the new time of revelations. Where the emperor is seen as he is – namely, naked!

The top Russian official stressed also that his country was not isolating itself from the rest of the world, but sought mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign nations. “We want to communicate with all civilized peoples on friendly grounds (in case there are any, note, George). Of course, this includes our partners from the United States of America, but for this the situation must be leveled (by the MPR, note, George),” Medvedev said.

That this is true can be seen today, where Putin is negotiating with all European politicians and with Poroshenko in Milan, Italy to resolve the Ukrainian crisis and all these stooges of the dark Western cabal are very much adamant to meet and talk to Putin. There is no trace of isolation of Russia and Putin (as Obama claims), whose approval rates at home hit another all-time-high. This is the kind of delusional thinking that the elite will now reveal in a subconscious manner to the masses as they have no other way to respond to these incredibly powerful energies from the Source. Their whole emotional and mental systems are now being shut down and their zombie-like nature comes to the fore.

Here is the full interview of the Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev with CNBC published by the office of the Russian PM:


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