The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You – Part I

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 20, 2014
first published on October 1, 2014 in

Jahn J Kassl und Georgi Stankov

Dear George,

Attached is the first part of the light reading message! In particular, the introductory dream had an intensity that was really wonderful and very “real”, which was an immediate experience of my creator role and this means without any doubt that we already exercise our roles as creator gods since long time ago.

In love

Dear Jahn,

I read this message with great inner satisfaction, not only because of the predictable fate of the two Ukrainian politicians, but mainly because it confirms in a paradigmatic manner my soul age model that I developed 15 years ago and have applied with great success in my five Gnostic books as an explanatory model to many aspects of current human thinking and behaviour. The model is also suitable for future predictions of the collective behavior, which have completely come true at this time. In this respect a brilliant performance from you, showing how consistent the human world view could be, if it is based on true knowledge.

Our qualities as creators are now a central issue for us in terms of the City of Light Raetia, which we have created, and in particular with regard to the World Temple of Healing in Lofer, about which I have recently reported. Carla received a very comprehensive message on this temple two days ago and now she writes it down with many personal comments, as she also receives much visual information from the Elohim in addition. When she will be ready, I will send it to you.

It is important to know that we are extremely active in all higher and lower levels and not only on this, where we notice the least of it. This knowledge will help us until our ascension to rise above all adversities of life.

In love


Dream: I perceive myself living in two worlds/planets simultaneously from a higher-ranking third level. I live on two different planets with exactly the same appearance and I observe and experience myself in different daily tasks. Two different lives and the fascinating thing is that I am fully aware of it and I can “sense” into each life, can experience it simultaneously and act it out or can at will directly latch myself into it with the desired intensity. Also this “third level” from where I perceive this, my “higher consciousness” is so real like daily life in a human body. I thereby experience my own multidimensionality – three lives simultaneously and each life with an intensity, as if it dealt with just one life. (End of dream)

Addendum: This dream reminds me of a dream, which I had years ago, as my soul fragments returned. Thereby one soul fragment returned to me from a far away galaxy and introduced himself to me, looking exactly like myself. I faced my exact mirror image, which had a wonderful blue uniform wearing many medals, light strips, for which a Being can be recognized in the universe, as he told me. (End of addendum)

Dream II: I am in the Ukraine and obviously act there in the significant function of a Creator God. With one order from me, all cities in the Ukraine are flooded with light. I see as real “light fountains” or light domes are lowered over the cities. Within these I perceive the human Beings in the Ukraine, I see them perform their daily tasks, and these human Beings are incredibly full of zest for life, charged with energy, and radiantly beautiful. Above-all a unique Light is at work, as I do not know it here and sunshine like I have never seen it here. Bright but not glaring, radiant and soft. It is obvious that I am at work on a higher vibrating level of a higher frequency hologram.

Next to me stands the current President Porochenko and his Prime Minister Jatsenjuk. The first one is amazed to such an extent about the new conditions in “his” country, so that a kind of childish irrepressible joy breaks out in him. Quite the opposite with Jatsenjuk, who looks at me with a fully petrified expression on his face and acts like frozen. I myself enjoy the beauty of the moment and awaken in my bed. (End of dream)

Beloved Ones,


I bless you, who follows this transmission, as a devoted servant of your assignments, because in the fulfillment of these agreements from the Light, lies your welfare and the welfare of the world.

Two significant dream pictures, which herald the opening of the doors to your innermost and the opening of the gates to Heaven. Two pictures, which give you an understanding and let you experience yourself – as multidimensional Creator Gods in different worlds of All-That-Is.

In the first dream we see how multidimensionality “feels”; we encounter a reality, which so far has been totally alien to a human Being. It is the reality of a human Being, the reality of every human Being and this reality is being unveiled now. Now, as time and space, like a thick fog, dissolve in front of your eyes. Now your infinite abilities emerge. After the initial amazement, great humility overcomes all light warriors, who attain this leap in consciousness, in awe of their own greatness, of their own dignity, of their own strength, power and unlimited power of Creation.

In the second dream picture, we encounter a different world. A state is shown, which on this level has been given prominence by the dark powers, yet on a higher vibrating level has created entirely different living conditions for its human Beings. Here we are talking about a highly vibrating level of the fourth dimension of space and time.

Multidimensionality – the Essence of all Life

This is revealed to you, so that you assign the right value and appreciated significance to the events on this level, because what your eyes see is only a small part of reality. This picture corresponds to the first dream picture of the multidimensionality of a human Being. On highly vibrating 4D levels, which you have created yourself, life pulsates, joy prevails everywhere, and everything serves the Light and the unity of all human Beings. And this level is portrayed in the dream with the example of Ukraine. Multidimensionality is not only inherent in human Beings, instead multidimensionality is the essence of all Life: boundless and omnipresent awareness, manifested in infinitely many aspects.

Ukraine exists long ago, also like many other states and like earth, in other worlds in a different and more light-filled form. Created by the new Creator Gods, to whom some of you were elevated. This dream picture is equally real as the Ukraine is real, as you follow the daily news and the many dramas, which happen there, are brought to your attention.

Different Soul Types

The two Heads of State, which perform such a fatal role for their country, are also portrayed on a higher level. Whereby the first one is fascinated with the new “Ukraine”, he is happy like a small child, and the second one is in the depths of despair, so that he petrifies. This scene describes the motives and the spiritual foundation of these two men.

The first one, a young soul, has foremost an interest in power. As long as he can carry it out, and it does not matter to him under which flag he does this. Power and greed are his essential motives, which all actions are based on. And in the scene of this dream, this Being is not really aware that he has lost his power. For the first time this young soul proves himself in such a position and therefore he is not really conscious of his actual responsibility. The joy of a child is a sham, just like a new co-worker feigns his loyalty to a new boss, which he fundamentally cannot stand, only in order to keep his position. Nothing is possible without inner purification, and this Being still does not know what kind of awareness work is ahead of him here.

It is a totally different matter in the second case. This man, a soul of ripe soul age, has chosen power and foremost control as an issue for this life. And in a light-filled Ukraine on a highly vibrating level, one can neither exercise this old power and cannot indulge in being a control freak. This Being has repeatedly chosen this experience of the illegal exercise of power and fails again, like everyone, who chooses this, must fail at the end, in order to gain new insights. This soul can still not exist on a higher vibrating level, because any realization and willingness is lacking, therefore the “petrification” in the countenance of the Light. Common to both souls is the fact that they have signed agreements with the dark rulers of this time.

The first one did it for want of knowledge about the scope of this decision, the second one in full awareness of his choice. We therefore encounter here two different soul types, one of a young soul age and the other of a ripe soul age, both carrying out similar injustice on this sluggish level, yet on the next higher level find totally different prerequisites due to this “difference in soul age”.

A young soul can, if she chooses so, quickly step out from the wheel of karma, a medium soul is in most cases deeply enmeshed in the morass of and has fully exhausted the chalice of space-time. The fact that these human Beings on this earth are only perceived as “soul fragments” is a further truth, which is of significance as far as any conscious devotion to the Light on this level can be explicitly excluded for these two human Beings.

A further picture, which this dream shows concisely, is the fact that both Heads of State stand next to Jahn. Meaning that on the day X they cannot do anything against the loss of their power and they will be held accountable for their deeds. Naked and exposed, they stand in the Light, which brings forth these reactions.

Besides these fundamental soul types, which are defined as of young and ripe soul age, also old souls exist, who have decided for the darkness in full consciousness. These have truly put the greatest burden on their shoulders and these Beings, which originally were sent into this world with light-filled assignments, will barely bear the weight on judgment day, which they have loaded unto themselves due to the changeover to the camp of the princes of hell. Each human Being will have to bear testimony in front of the Heavenly Council, according to ability and his soul age, about his deeds; and old souls, who have negated their life plan, will be taken up on their promise differently than a young soul, in love with herself and playful. Even though the deeds of a criminal young soul can barely be distinguished from those of an old soul, it is the driving force behind it, the underlying “talents” of these souls that is the measure by which they will be judged, and further journeys in time and space will be aligned accordingly.

Individual specific life patterns have the effect at the multidimensional level that the entire light-filled soul fragments of a dark Being will be volatilized. Therefore, one talks about the fact that these human Beings, taken over by the dark ones, are only present in this world as a “soul fragment”.

This fact applies to very many Heads of State in this time – who are soulless and therefore can only carry out soulless, meaning, life-threatening and loveless decisions. Such a Being is not capable of anything else. Please, become also constantly aware of this fact, when the face of a representative of the state, the church or any other society looks at you; in most cases one has to deal with a well-trained face that in mimic seeks to hide the lie and in speech reformulates the lie into truth. And: It becomes increasingly easier for you to look through this, because the steadily increasing strength of the spiritual Light, as the second dream picture in particular portrays, reveals everything.

In summary: Each human Being faces his own countenance at the end of time and many will not trust their eyes, what they will see, because many expect the kingdom of Heaven, a kingdom of Heaven, which they have not created in themselves. And therefore these human Beings must recognize that the seeds, which were given to them from the Creator for this life, did not rise, because they were seeded in barren soil.

This is as far as this exemplary excursion goes, because this dream picture requires these words. Words, which are rarely directed from the spiritual world toward mankind, because profound spiritual reasons of a Being called by name can only reach the world public in absolutely appropriate situations. And this is the case here, so that the insight in deeper contexts is possible, based on this example for all, who are choosing this for themselves.

Significant for the ascending ones is the following: This earth already exists on a higher vibrating level, and you begin to enter onto this level, some hesitantly, others with firm steps. In the understanding of these events lies knowledge and certitude, and the kingdom of Heaven can take shape within you. This truth regarding the inherent power of all Life liberates you and brings you happiness.

With this kick-off, the dreams and the first part of the message, which is given in the setting of the Light Reading on the 25th of September, 2014, I ensure you of my presence and bring you notice of your reality, which is: the living Light of the One Eternal God, who is Love. The barriers of ignorance are removed, The blockages of many times are released, God’s Light affects the human heart; And a sound from another world breaks the silence. On a single day the world transforms, And this hour is close.

In infinite Love

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