Energy Update of the PAT – October 23, 2014

Are You Still Alive after the Massive Solar Eclipse Portal on October 23, 2014. Obviously, Yes!

October 24, 2014

Hi Georgi,

just sending you an email with some new insights and thoughts. Not sure how to start writing this might be a long one!

I believe that when i started reading your site 2 years ago I learned to be very confident in my abilities as an ascended master and I believe that maybe I had more confidence than what was deserved some times. When I had that dream when we were creating our realities as creator gods in unity it seemed that another part of me also followed into those dreams after that. That was kind a reckless and immature, just being everywhere. And kind of made a fool out of myself. From what I heard, I might have ascension-touristed on your work, without contributing anything. Which was never my wish nor intent to, and I hope I was not to much of a bother.

My wish is of course to learn as much as I can, so that we can all have elevated discussions and work in the higher dimensions after ascension.

I do not think that I have contributed nothing to the ascension process though. From all crazy experiences and entity attacks and mind control attempts. Since I started this journey, it has been a long way of uplifting in vibrations and i even see my apartment move, sometimes it makes sounds too. And it has been far from a vacation.

But now I really see clearly what has been going on. I was really missing something, like i haven’t had a solid ground in the dream state, which is of course your Universal Law. When i get to that high vibration, my ego (?) gets loose and go everywhere like a drunkard. Took me some time to realize all this, unfortunately I neglected the most important part. As an excuse I guess “ADHD” as I am, I saw your books, but not the pdf download, so I never downloaded a book, he he. Fail there. And thought nice, these articles are good and short. Then I picked up a book a few months ago that was way too complicated for me, and I guess it was not really for beginners.

Then I read the one and two article by Daniel and I felt bad for being so stupid and not following all the technical stuff. But then I got guided to your book “cosmic laws of creation and destruction” which I really liked! And learned quite a few things. Also read the latest about your Universal Law, even though I struggle but now I could at least understand Daniel’s essay much better and thought, wow, what a Great read!

So yep, I guess I have been a laggard, but it always goes like this with me. Guess, I work best under pressure! I really enjoy learning and having to think in these crazy new ways. Also have to look up a lot of words and stuff, so it’s not too easy, but very much fun and I know I’m learning true science. So guess, my point is that this is what I was missing to keep evolving spiritually – I need a scientific platform to keep me anchored in the higher dimensions and this is what i realized. Sorry, it took so long time! But I am really on it now really appreciate your work!

Will also give a small donation as a token of gratitude for your books i think you deserve a lot more.

There are quite a few things I don’t get though, might include them in another email if your not too busy. And if I haven’t figured it out myself!

With Love and Light from Kim, Sweden

Dear Kim,

I am very happy that you have shared your experiences with me and above all for finding your way to the true science of the Universal Law, which, as you rightly acknowledge, is a different sort of “cattle” than my daily articles. It is indeed the portal to unlimited intellectual opening and expansion of the mind and thus overcoming the narrow-minded human ego. Precisely because I know this effect of the Universal Law too well, I also poignantly register the failure of the light workers community to embrace this gift from the Source and move on the fast track to ascension.

You have realized this truth and I congratulate you to this remarkable insight. Continue studying the new theory, read also the article on the new axiomatics

and the first gnostic book in English translation:

as an introduction to the new Gnosis of the Universal Law. This is what I try to convey with my latest article in sequels on the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the New Age movement.

And of course any modest donations as a sign of acknowledgement are welcome as long as we dwell in this reality.

With love and light

PS: And thank you very much for your donation.

Hi Georgi,

this is my first time writing to you.

Felt compelled to send you a message after your latest post. Previously, I didn’t take too much notice of ‘ascension waves’ because the symptoms I experienced were much milder than the ones you described, and I didn’t want to put too much significance into what could be confirmation bias.

Yesterday however, I experienced a tremendous spike in the intensity of the symptoms; prolonged heat flushes, eye aching/pain, tremendous restlessness. I searched for your blog wanting to see if there was anything about this event, and had to wait a day, but when I saw it, a huge smile came across my face, as it was my personal confirmation, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am experiencing/transmuting the source energies.

Unsurprisingly, I also noticed a spike in real-world drama; the shooting in Canada, surge in anti-Russian propaganda, Saker’s worried update about the ukies, about to launch an all-out, hail-mary attack on Novorussia…


Dear Junnies,

thank you very much for your energy report and for contacting me for the first time. It is important that one keeps the communication and validates the personal experiences with that of other, similarly evolved human beings; It has been the tradition of the PAT and this website to verify all major energetic events such as portals and shifts collectively and make them “real events” and not fictions and figments of some weird or dark channels from the astral plane, as most other sources in the New Age movement do.

As long as we are here, we must stay firmly on the ground and analyse everything in a very rational manner, which does not mean of course excluding the existence and omnipotence of higher frequency energies that determine the course of the current world events, as this will be the opposite of rationality, as most people do now and experience their personal meltdown.

I am also glad that you mention in your analysis the peak of hostility in the world crises such as in Ukraine and also in Canada, which was a staged dark operation as the latest video clearly reveals in order to suppress the growing opposition against the participation of the Harper-Clone government in the illegal war and bombing of Iraq and Syria. I also saw the condolences of the FBI on TV two days ago. Why should the FBI do this, unless they have staged this dark operation and now want to hide this fact?

With love and light

Hello Mr. Stankov,

I have been following this site for about 2 years and I have to say that it explains the events that happen in the crumbling Matrix the best.

I am studying, as is to say, to see the current state of the system of education in Germany. All I have to say is that it is a mess, with bureaucracy and harsh judgment on work you get no pay for to do. The current system lacks flexibility, communication between self-proclaimed experts and it kills off any type of creative thinking by capturing the pupil’s attention and keeping it perpetually fixed on small details. Universities and “educated people” alike are working for money and not for the highest good of humanity.

I agree with the latest articles on this subject. I hope to see new ways of teaching soon. Things that matter, bundled with deep knowledge, a new approach to spirituality and people working together, each applying their strengths to achieve a better understanding of their creative abilities.

There was a whole lot going on since summer anyways, with the resolution of many old family quarrels, frequent and severe weather changes (we had water in the basement 2 times) and a whole lot of changes in the lives of seemingly everyone I spoke to.

Today was really foggy in the morning, with good weather and a blue sky without chemtrails later on. At this point, I have to add that on several “big dates” that were announced on this website, the sky was always a pristine blue, despite airplanes trying to spray chemtrails.

I felt happy and refreshed in the morning, as opposed to being “burnt out” and sleepy all the time, which has been going on for several weeks at least.

P.S.: here’s a nice little extra, a “Soundtrack to Ascension” if you want.

Manilla Road – Crystal Logic
( )

Greetings from Bavaria

Dear Alexander,

thank you very much for your energy report from the homeland of Bavaria and I am particularly happy that you address the current deplorable situation at the German universities. This is a common topic for me in my family, as my two daughters are also studying, the older one in Munich and the younger one in Vienna, although both of them now have a foreign term in France, respectively in Ireland.

It has been difficult for me to convince my daughters that there is very little that these universities can offer to the young people, who should take the best of it – free time for personal evolution – and discard all other pecuniary and dogmatic trends and aspects of this kind of education. This critical assessment on my part was not always appreciated by my daughters at the beginning, but the more so now that they are about to finish with their studies and have seen most of the negative aspects of this Orion-type of Western education which has nothing to do with true knowledge.

By the way what do you study?

With love and light

“Hi George!

First, thank you for the incredible work you do, allowing that we can access the more solid information regarding the multidimensional processes that occur in this magnificent process.

This could not be different and why you are so honored by us.

George, here in Brazil we also formed a network of channellers that I’ve followed since the same period I met Aisha North and the PAT. In the last equinox in September, we received a lot of information concerning the influences of the solstices and equinoxes in the planetary transition. In short, the Solstice updates the energy dynamics and the Equinox rebalances the processes that occurred on the Solstice.

It was transmitted to us, that the next Solstice (December 21, 2014) will be governed by the element of fire, and seal the process that began in December Solstice / 2012. But in March 2015, the Equinox, which will be governed by air, we will have completed planetary update.

I wonder if the sources of Jahn or Carla can bring some clarity with respect to such information, and how we can integrate this information with the portal 23/10 – 25/10.

I’ll tell you that I am in cleaning, processing and very large transition process, I am accepting in totality, reaping huge benefits of peace, tranquility and connection.

Gratitude for everything.

We are one in the heart of the heart.

In fact, I am no longer able to handle the old world. All structures that accompany this 3D reality only cause me discomfort and I do not see a better solution than simply ‘leave’ this ‘3D reality’. Do not want to wait any more, I want to go away soon. This is my feeling from last 5 days. I shut down all commitments and responsibility for all relationships. I am not able to be honest without seeing the root of all illusions that permeate this 3D reality. Nor am I finding energy to do anything but spend the day sleeping, lying, dreaming of another reality.

Finally, thank you again.
Andre Napoles, Brazil

Dear Andre,

it is impossible for me to comment on this forecasts. All I can say is that Aisha North has no idea of multidimensionality and what is currently happening on many lower and parallel timelines simultaneously and she has also no idea of the ascension of the new galaxy and Gaia as a focal point. Hence her source gives her very limited information and from what I discern, it is meant for those people “around the pond and herself” who will not ascend to 5D, but will only move to the new 4D worlds which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour have created in the new Galaxy and which are now being seeded with the new human race Carla and I created in the last 4 months as Elohim and prototypes of the new humanity.The same holds true for Metatron channelled by Tyberon.

The timelines are now experiencing an infinite divergence and there will be no universal experience for all humanity. Each individual will now have his/her own particular experience, depending on the degree of evolution and progress of the LBP.

With light and love

Thanks George for your fast reply.

Sometimes is hard to accept it, but here you bring a lot of light for me:

The timelines are now experiencing an infinite divergence and there will be no universal experience for all humanity. Each individual will now have his/her own particular experience, depending on the degree of evolution and progress of the LBP.

I’m so much thankful.


Hi George,

My experience yesterday was dreadful. My residence has been for sale for 5 months. I have been dealing with a series of agents, brokers and buyers with hidden agendas. On Tuesday, there was a potential buyer who was extremely interested in my property and I was told by him and his agent that I could expect a cash offer right away.  Within 48 hours, he had walked away and in the meantime created a very difficult situation for me because I was in the midst of switching real estate agents. Since he “belongs” to my initial agent, the replacement agent is now somewhat reluctant to sign a contract with me. Anytime within a 6 month period, he could step back in, buy my property and the new listing agent would not be due any commission. I went from feeling very optimistic to spending hours on the phone brainstorming with various professionals on how to resolve this issue, be fair to all parties and construct a legal contract that would be acceptable to the new agent.

Since my husband died suddenly six years ago, I have realized that it is “every man for themselves”. It now seems impossible in dealing with attorneys, bankers, agents of any sort, etc. to establish a level of trust and respect.   Information that you might share with them can be used against you.  From personal experience, I can no longer trust anyone!

As a result of this latest issue, I slept very little last night.  However, when I awoke this morning, I could not remember what happened to me yesterday. It was if my brain had been swiped clean. It took me quite some time to piece the events back together.

I have been a conduit for the light for a long time but I am doubtful as to how much longer I can survive in these lower timelines. It is like swimming in a sea of molasses!

Thank you for the invaluable information you publish on the Internet. I can no longer read any other published information in relation to the ascension.


Dear Donna,

thank you very much for this personal energy update that also elucidates the complete stalemate of all Orion activities of pecuniary and other similar character. This is so because there is no energy support anymore behind this facade of Orion matrix and the whole system is empty like a Potemkin’s village and will crumble any moment. Of course it is rather unpleasant when one has unresolved issues with this system, but be sure that resolution of a higher order is always available, as we experience it here, because we are also involved in similar issues.

With love and light

Dear George,

Still very tired and disconnected. Nothing else.

It’s been raining everyday for the past week in this part of Sweden. I don’t like rain everyday but somehow this rain feels very good…it feels right. It must be doing something beneficial.

Yesterday I had no electricity nor phone signal for a while. Literally disconnected.

Moni, Sweden

Dear Moni,

since many years I have a repeated dream, it is rather a succinct verbal announcement of my HS that ascension will happen when there will be a lot of rain. From what I gather, everywhere the people experience these days a lot of torrential rain, storms and thunder with lightning. Also electricity outages.

Let us hope that these are the right indicators for the coming of the big Event.

With love

Hi George,

Its been a roller coaster ride. I have just seemed to settle into the waves if energy ebbing and flowing over the past months. They hit hardest at night.

Last night it woke me at 1.58am GMT and the energies were very strong (even though my body has been gradually tolerating more and more). I was dozing and waking the rest of the night. Weird dreams. On a rapidly melting iceberg about to drown one minute and escaping easily the next. Exhausted this morning.  Then later on having a burst of energy! Then tired again. Up and down like a yoyo.

Emotionally very short fuse today and very happy the next minute.

Last weekend meant socialising for several days away from home as it was my 60th. Although it was enjoyable there were times when some of the people around me infuriated me with their total inability to listen to the truth or even discuss it. I knew it was hopeless but I thought “no I wont keep quiet and humour them any more”. People close to me are acting out – becoming very negative in the last few weeks. My sister especially, even though we have always got on well. I leave them to sort out their own issues and I move on accordingly.

Hope you are improving after your op. Glad you are posting regularly again.

Lynn Walker

Dear Lynn,

thank you very much for your energetic feedback and I am happy to hear from you again. Yes indeed, it is a very rough ride and we all agree that it is enough for us and that we should finally leave this reality. Unfortunately nobody listens to us but the decisions are made by our HS on completely other considerations. However, the finality of all events is so evident that one must be blind and deaf or a zombie as most people as not to see the end. In particular, all the negative phenomena we witness or experience in our environment at the personal and at the societal level in the last days point to this outcome. The more negativity shows up, the sooner we shall ascend. This is the only reason why I have given up on complaining about the current degradation of humanity, but only register it with the clarity of mind and the lack of emotional passion of a clinical vivisector.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

yup, still alive… and kickin :P Wowww, yes the portal yesterday was exceptional… such pure energy to be harnessed for our co-creation of heaven on earth – Right here… right now… this is it <3 Together

Love my friend
Neil Deveney, Canada

Dear Neil,

thank you for your feedback and am glad to hear you have survived the energetic onslaught from the Source yesterday.

With love and light

Hai, George

i am a reader of your messages, I think I need your knowledge. may be you will find the link in line with your last message about the moral bankruptcy of the new age.

Ria Verbeek, The Netherlands (?)


Dear Ria,

I know Alfred Webre, who lives here in Vancouver, very well. In fact, I started publishing on the Internet with him in early 2011 before I opened my website later in the summer of 2011. He is an honest man, but spiritually rather limited as he is not in the LBP and does not really believe in ascension, but only in the disclosure of various conspiracy theories. This discredits him intellectually as a spiritual seer with a clear gnostic mind. I have tried on many occasions to open him for the idea of ascension and he knows my website very well, but he stubbornly discards it. In this sense, he makes the same blunders as all other light workers are also making as discussed in my latest article in sequels on the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the New Age movement, but he is probably a little bit more intelligent than most of them. However, there is nothing substantial that you can learn from him if your goal is ascension.

With love and light

Hay George,

I think, there is some misunderstanding. I sent you the link not because I wanted to learn from him, i just wanted to know more about what is happening in the world and why. I saw some hint in the message which may be of interest.

My intuition worked well in a way you had described him. May be I am on the right track with my intuition. My goal is ascension and your website is the one in which I am interested, it is so different from other websites.

You are gods and goddesses  you have reached it and realised it, you have discovered your strength and power, you have done a wonderful job for many of us. The other website which I visit is by Peter Olsen.

I have download your e books, it is quite a library, I started to read and understand. all is energy and we are all one and interconnected.

Thank you for answering my email and for quite a long time I am using the violet flame to clean myself daily, so that in due time my ascension will take place.

With love
ria verbeek

Dear Ria,

thank you for this further explanation. I know that you are on the right track and I wanted only to give you some background information to the link you sent me. That’s all.

With love and light

Dear George:

Your October 24 post nailed it. Excellent summary. Barely alive, exhausted adrenals. What an ordeal. R&R for the weekend sounds in order. Take Care All!


Dear Georgi,

I’m constantly observing others for any indication of life, expressions of joy, anything of a positive nature. Sadly it’d seldom observed.

Yesterday I cycled pass two young drivers halted in the middle of a busy road in a heated argument because the driver tooted at the car in front as the person was texting, holding up the traffic. Extreme violent language and crazed behaviour from both. Some of my staff were also over reacting to situations with unnecessary vigour which was completely out of character. To day I mentioned to one, his behaviour of yesterday to which he shrugged as if not to remember. For me today, it’s been warmer than usual here in London; hot flushes, slight nauseous, feeling light, calm and excited then lapsing into long periods of nothingness… actually it’s a little like a weak acid trip without the visuals.

Lotsa love
Ashley Sumner

Dear Ashley,

thank you very much for your energy update on this portal and human behaviour in the “capital of darkness” as I call London. As I have said, the more nastiness on the part of the people, the sooner our ascension. This is the dialectics of this intricate process.

With love and light

Hello Stankov!

I must say that I’m sorry to hear that you had those troubles yesterday! For me it was like any normal day! I always have gastric problems, since I have irritable bowel syndrome (of which the medics don’t know why it happens yet… do you know why it happens?), but other than that, my day was pretty much normal, and the same for the people near me.. being family or neighbours, all normal.

I wish to send you good vibes and know that I always have you in my thoughts, thank you for the reports!

Be well!
Ariel Mansur

Dear Ariel,

thank you for this energy report which differs indeed in its normalcy from what other PAT members report to me. I can confirm that any high frequency energies that flow through your body and fields from the left brain portal, which is the source of the personal LBP, are causing a huge stimulation of the bowel peristaltic (contraction). I myself get regularly diarrhea after each cc-wave on the next day. There is a golden rule – first comes the headache, than the gastric pain and then diarrhea. The classical triad of an ascension wave.

With love and light

Without English translation

Lieber Georgie,

die habe die Gefühle die kamen nicht verstanden und erlebte eine gnadenlose, tiefe Depression zusammen gemischt mit Wut, Aggression, Angst.

Zusätzlich hat mein Sohn ( 2,5 Jahre alt) verrückt gespielt. Ich konnte gar nichts machen. Er machte alles kaputt, hat geweint und wurde richtig “daneben”. Alles in allem ich wusste nicht mehr was ich machen soll. Die Hoffnug auf “besere Zeiten” war absolut weg, was blieb war Frustration. Absolute Frustration!

Ich verzichtete auf das Schreiben weil ich zum einen von der Welt nichts wissen wollte und zum anderen dachte das es mit mir zu tun haben kann. Jetzt wo ich weiss das es alle be/getroffen hat verstehe ich was geschehen ist.

Ich bin froh es überlebt zu haben vor allem weil die Gedanken und Gefühle so schrecklich waren das ich nicht mehr wollte. Ich wollte nicht mehr da sein, nicht mehr hier leben und weinte. Ich fühle mich nicht nur wie eine alte, unglückliche Frau sondern wie eine die an Beinen und Händen Ketten hat mit unglaubliche Last. Wie eine Frau die gefoltert wurde.

Ich habe überstanden. Immer noch traurig aber da! ICH BIN DA. :-) Und ich habe wieder Mut weiter zu machen. Gott sei dank!

Liebe Grüße
Malgorzata Sherina

Liebe Sherina,

ich danke dir für diese Bestätigung der furchtbaren Energien, die dieses Portal aufwirbelte und wir säubern mussten. Nun ist das Schlimmste überstanden und wir müssen sehen, was demnächst kommt.

Liebe Grüße

Hallo Georg,

hab mir gedacht, dass es euch beutelt, als du gar nix und Jahn nur den erhobenen ‘Durchhalte-Finger’ von Johannes gepostet hat……

Der Vorbote kam schon am Dienstag nachmittag: von so einem Unwetter hätte man früher gesagt, es lehrt die Leut’ das Fürchten! Als Blitz und Donner langsam abgeklungen sind, die Wassermassen weiter vom Himmel gefallen sind und in meiner Dachgeschosswohnung der Sturm sich immer noch angehört hat, als wollte er das Dach abheben, kam sie angerollt, die Welle des Grauens und der Ängste. So furchtbar…. in der Nacht muss ein Kampf getobt haben. Am Mittwoch früh hab ich im Spiegel Narben am Hals entdeckt.

Gestern war bis Mittag erträglich, dann ging’s rasant los. Am heftigsten empfinde ich die Atemlosigkeit und Übelkeit seitdem. Schmerzen im Rücken und im rechten Schienbein, Muskelschmerzen (danke für die Erklärung neulich, ich hatte es bis dato einfach auf die reinkommende Energie bezogen), Kopfweh nur gestern nachmittag, an Schlafen war nicht zu denken, trotz menschlicher Müdigkeit. So gegen 4 bin ich dann ins Bett gefallen. Dazwischen immer wieder Wellen mit Grauen und Ängsten.

Die Unmöglichkeit mich auf irgendetwas zu konzentrieren, macht Ablenkung bei Dauererschöpfung sehr schwierig. Internet Surfen funktioniert seit Tagen nur noch manchmal und kurz, die Verbindungsabbrüche reihen sich aneinander. Das einzige, was kurzzeitig Erleichterung bringt, ist mich ans Spinnrad zu setzen. Die Erdung hilft.

Ständig Durst und Hunger, die Abneigung gegen alles, was nicht von Gaia stammt, nimmt kaum noch erträgliche Ausmaße an: Gerüche, Chemieschwaden von Waschmittel, Parfüm oder ähnlichem, Lärm, grelle, künstliche Farben und mir wird noch übler. Erbrechen kann ich nicht, würde ja auch nichts bringen.

Meinen Körper nicht in Relation zur Umgebung wahrzunehmen, kenn ich von früheren heftigen Wellen. Nicht mehr geradeaus laufen zu können, kein Gefühl zu haben, wie ich Arme und Beine bewege ‘hier’, wie stell ich das Wasserglas auf den Tisch, ohne dass es zerbricht…..

Und dazwischen immer wieder Töne, Laute, die ich noch nie vorher gehört hab, inzwischen jeden Tag, manchmal mehrmals. Auch Einblendungen von anderen Ebenen, Musik, Gespräche. Zusammen mit den immer wieder hörbaren Wellenmustern, Klangabfolgen, dem Geticker, Gesirre, Gebrumme meiner Chakren – je nach Wellenmuster unterschiedlich – grenzt das schon an Lärmbelästigung *bmg*.

Ich weiß, Georg, meine Mail ist ziemlich chaotisch, genauso ist mir. Ich bin froh, dass ich wenigstens ein paar zusammenhängende Sätze zustande gebracht hab, mir fallen fast die Augen zu, den Kopf hab ich schon in die linke Hand gestützt, er ist einfach zu schwer. Sorry und das tut mir leid ist 3d-Quatsch, ich wollte, ich könnte dir das Lesen einfacher machen, du wirst ja viele Mails zu lesen kriegen. Du weißt hoffentlich, wie ich es meine.

Gruß aus dem leider von Giftschwaden massiv zugesprühten Sonnenschein
Birgit aus Neumarkt


Liebe Birgit,

ich danke dir sehr für diesen sehr ausführlichen und eindringlichen Bericht über deine persönliche Erfahrung mit diesem Riesenportal. Es war genauso, wie du es so trefflich beschrieben hast, und es gibt nichts zu verschönern. Es war das nackte Grauen. Auch das Wetter war in Vancouver entsetzlich und sehr ungewöhnlich für diesen Teil der Erde – Donner und Gewitter wie in Bayern zur schlimmsten Jahreszeit.

Es ist wichtig, dass wir diese Information jetzt austauschen, damit wir unsere Uhren abstimmen und eine objektive Bestandsaufnahme des Aufstiegsprozesses machen können. Anders sind diesen Energien nicht beizukommen.

Liebe Grüße


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