Energy Report of the PAT – October 1, 2014

The Last Throes of This 3D Reality

September 29, 2014

Hi Georgi,

It’s Kari. Even though I do not write anymore because I know you are not interested in writing many people back; I trust that you got my emails while you were away and that you felt my love and concern for you.

Of course, I checked your website constantly for updates and was very happy to see the day that you returned and to witness all of the awesome changes that have occurred for you and Carla and our ascension process, since.

I think we all went deeper into our metamorphosis while you were gone…

Anyhow, the reason I am writing today is because I was urged to do so after I read your latest post of Jahns’ message, “From Knowledge to Certitude“.

This sparked in me the desire to let you know that I have indeed moved into this certitude even more so now since the Equinox and the energy feels of such a high quality that it would be impossible for anyone to deny ascension any longer.

I have lost all interest in socializing except for with just a select few people that are near the same frequency. I have lost interest in doing much of anything except the little amount I have to do for work and going out in nature. Other than that, I spend most of my time in my house either resting, sleeping, or taking salt baths, and life has become extremely easy.

Well… it remains easy as long as I let go and surrender to the divine flow and just let myself BE. I have figured out that I am simply here to hold the Light now and to be in complete denial of anything that does not point to our ascension.

It is funny how certain people worry about me and try to get me involved in earthly things because they fear that I have checked out too much. I used to tell them that I am not going to be in the same world soon, but now I don’t even bother telling them.

I have come to realize that it is really a waste to repeat these things because it is the certitude that can only come from within and you either have it or you don’t. I have also realized that many friends, who I know are lightworkers, still do not believe in ascension! At first, I thought “no, they must”. But now I have accepted that I am still blowing their minds with concepts that they have not yet come to know for themselves.

However, the difference is, that this time, I have accepted it and I no longer feel at odds about it. I know they will be fine no matter where their souls direct them because all is perfect in the NOW.

Anyhow, I won’t make this any longer,  but I just wanted to say that there are still those of us who haven’t given up on ascension for one second, but we may not write in about it. We eat, sleep, and breathe it and nothing else can quite satisfy us until we get some further indication that it is imminent. So thank you for always encouraging us. The few days before the Equinox I was so exhausted and bedridden…. dehydrated and simply just not here at all. Then since the Equinox, I have felt the energy peak so significantly. I feel that October is going to be a huge time for physical changes and I have been called to Sedona again at the end of next month, probably to help anchor in the City of Light there, more.

Another interesting thing I just discovered was that I just got back from Australia a few weeks ago and then I found out that the 2nd city of light was going to become manifest there near Ayers’ Rock!  And what are the chances that I am 4 hours from Sedona (the first one) also? I truly feel these cities emerging now and I am so excited. I feel I will be heavily involved with the city of light in Sedona, even though I have only been there once so far, physically and there are all these lightworkers who have moved near there to be near the energy. I just have a knowing about it that when it is time, I will be involved, and that is probably the main reason that I was transported from Hawaii to Vegas last year.

Many pieces come together now,

I love you,

Dear Kari,

I am happy to hear from you again, and yes, I have received and read all your emails to me. But I went through some turbulent times as you know and was fully detached from this reality. I am still detached as you, but my soul has pushed me again to open one more time the website, as it became clear that except for Jahn, all other sources have totally failed as is the case with the whole New Age movement and that it is necessary to present from our point of view, what is actually happening energetically behind the veil.

I do agree with you that since the equinox portal that was very powerful the energies have not subsided, but are augmenting in a relentless manner, also now while writing to you. Carla is also hardly hit, with constant headaches and heat waves and barely functions. I feel a little bit better.

And yes, salt baths are the only thing that mitigates these energy bouts.

I can imagine that your move from Hawaii to Vegas was a sharp contrast and you needed some time to adapt. But the weather is warm (hot) also in Vegas and from that point of view it is easier to cope with the change.

The weather here in Vancouver is not much different than in Munich as they lie at the same latitude and this helps me to acclimate with an ease. The greatest advantage is to live with somebody who fully shares your gnostic point of view and goes through the same energetic experiences. It makes life so much easier. And this is what counts most at the end.

Let us see what will happen next month. There are some very promising developments. Take care of you.

With love

Thank You, Georgi:) and I am very happy to hear that you gain comfort living with Carla as I know how challenging it can be to share physical space with people who do not understand or even mock you at times.

I hope you remain as comfortable as possible,

Love, Kari

September 29/30, 2014

Dear Dr. Stankov,

I have followed your blog since 2010 and very frequently find that it paces along with descriptions of events and experiences similar to my own here in the S.E. of the US. I chose to write to you for the first time today as to impart the experience of last night.

As it happened, last night I had a realization/experience during my body rest/dreamtime which was so detailed and precise that when I ‘woke’ I had no doubt that not only was it indeed another aspect of my H.S. hard at work, but I was almost alarmed at the task that my H.S. had volunteered to partake. I do not think this was a timeline jump as I have lived with and recorded many instances of what I refer to as H.S. life experience bleed-throughs. There exists with me an ability to ‘receive’ information being processed through other dimensional realms.

At first it seemed that I was just on another timeline, which has been happening rapidly for the last 3-4 weeks, but then it became quite realized that this place was indeed, a Lower vibrational world.  It was quite 3D, but it was not the Gaia Earth whose energy would be unmistakable, but it was in fact another world, with concrete block structures exhibiting few windows and a great deal of darkness. As in little to no sun light or space light, but many, any types of man-made lighting both indoors and outdoors. One of the remarkable experiences was that every ‘human being’ that I can into contact with accepted that thievery, manipulation, violence of many levels and accords were all Normal. It was a world where if you want it, you take it with no consideration or conscience. Much ‘time’ actually passed in this world, including my reporting to work in a sort of machine factory where I polished a part of some larger whole.  My impression and memory was of more time than a week and my arrival appears to be that of a walk-in.

It became very evident to me that this is a world, a realm that actually exists and my H.S. had volunteered me to Service, to bring in the Light. As such, I seemed to attract many of the inhabitants there, although they did not seem to know why they found me an object of their attention. I would liken it to moths to a flame.

Having followed your site for some time, I am curious as to what you might offer in further explanation or information if you have other viewpoints or personal experience.

Wishing you all the best regards,

Light + Love = Life

Dear Tracy,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time after reading our website from the very beginning. As I already told another reader today (see latest PAT report), I actually opened my website in 2011. but as linear time is an illusion, it does not matter.

It is difficult for me to say whether this is a very low timeline of the earth or whether it is a different world with humanoid civilisation. It may as well be a very dark parallel reality (probability alternative) of the earth, a kind of prolongation of the darkest episodes in the history of mankind. It reminds me a little bit of the life under communism in the 50s and 60s, although there was more sun there, at least in Bulgaria, where I lived, but maybe not so much sun in some northern Soviet republics. This is just a guess.

It may not be that you were physically present on this timeline. It may as well have been a very vivid vision of you as multidimensional being, being able to project your consciousness on numerous worlds and experience them as very real due to the fact that we have eliminated the veil of forgetfulness that separates this 3D matrix and its dwellers from the higher realms. We instead live on a 5D platform and have a very direct contact to the HR and through there to such lower and dense worlds.

For us the veil of forgetfulness was lifted on June 10th, as we have received the confirmation only a couple of days ago, but of course we noticed this shift and expansion of consciousness very distinctly at that time.

You should ask your soul for more information regarding your experience. She will surely give it to you now.

With love and light

Dear Dr. Stankov,

I appreciate your quick response and while there has been a short delay in replying, I thought it might be interesting to note that I did in fact, contact my H.S. and received the distinct reply that this place is another timeline, albeit very dark, so dark in fact that it felt to me to not even be a place of this earth and is obviously not of any area that I am familiar with. Your description of northern Russia at that time frame is certainly thought provoking. While I had thought that many of these timelines were collapsing, and where I have been to crystal cities and other, lighter, higher vibrational places, it seems that this was a bit of a shock to my understanding in being able to go lower, while the intent all along has been to go higher!

I believe that one of the reasons that I was led to your site at the beginning is that while I experienced my awakening in 1996, there have been only 4 people that I have met here in this country that have a clue as to how this reality really functions. One was my best friend Carol who transitioned in 2006, but with whom I could actively telepath. Only one of the other 3 persons lives close to me; the other two are in Indiana and California respectively. Finding them has been an adventure all on its own. It has been such an odd thing to be so completely aware and to watch the world spin in the machinations of money, power and spiritual corruption and mis-representation. I read your descriptions of the status in Canada and other areas and agree with you that the US seems bereft of ‘awareness’.  I will say that this land is unbelievably controlled with drugs and mind programming materials with the element of distrust of almost everything, including oneself paramount in the beliefs. That does not include the government thou! The other thing I find most notable is that no one seems to be able to take a thought and follow any sort of logical means to find a conclusion. Anything which presents as a problem is offered a solution by someone in ‘authority’ and the people themselves cannot seem to solve their own minor issues.

As to the events of June 10th, I was delighted to read that there was a confirmation of the lifting of the veil as it so reassured me that the events which occurred with me during that time, and most specifically on June 15th were not an illusion. The medical crisis which drove me to the hospital for a thyroid collapse and the diagnosis of ‘psychosis’ at that time is understandable as I was sort of bouncing in awareness of so many different aspects/lives/experiences. This diagnosis came complete with an evaluation by a psychiatrist at the hospital who asked me a number of simple, boring questions to evaluate my prescience of mind. This amuses me greatly as I passed with flying colors. At the end of the interview, he made a comment as to my ability to function and as much spiritually had been made visible to me while I was in ICU, I do recall responding to him that “I have a breathtaking grasp of things” to which he sat up and looked at me intently.

Ironically, at the same time of all this, our home was broken into, our computers and phones were hacked into and the entire contents copied and then erased and destroyed, leaving us bereft of any communications but our landline telephone. I recall reading of another woman’s similar experience during that same time frame and thinking that it is such a poor edifice of fear provoking behavior, as though that would have any effect on a spiritual or multi-dimensional person/Being.

Let me say that I appreciate your time in reading this missive and while your response did reconfirm my interpretations of events, I do not of course wish to elicit a burden upon your time again in expectation of a reply. Let this be a letter of intense appreciation for your communications through the website and for your dedication in encouraging those who can to make the transition as it’s arrival is nigh.

With deepest respect,

Dear Tracy,

thank you very much for your very astute comments on the American society and how difficult and lonely it is to live there as an enlightened person. I have gone through the same ordeal as a dissident in the early 70s in Bulgaria under a very oppressive communist dictatorship. Now I see this same type of dictatorship being erected in North America and watch with mild interest how the people fall willingly into all the traps their governments place for them on their way to total enslavement.

If this does not happen, it is entirely the success of such clear-cut analyses of people like you and me, who are constantly making them and thus cleansing most of the worst dross on this planet. My energy field is like a huge sponge of global proportions and works as a turnstile mechanism that has the capacity to cleanse whole timelines and lower 4D worlds within a single alchemical reaction and intensive inter-counseling within less than 24 hours. This is what I am doing since the early 90s, thus paving the pathways of light for other light warriors to follow in an invisible, but very effective manner. Much to the expense of my health and well-being. None of this is well-appreciated or even known by some of the best informed light workers, as long as they do not undergo similar devastating cleansing energetic experiences.

There is a Bulgarian saying that very precisely addresses this ubiquitous human attitude: “on other person’s back even 200 lashes are too little”. It refers to the time when Bulgaria was under the Turkish yoke and for punishment the enslaved Bulgarians were lashed demonstratively on market places by executioners of the Ottoman empire, as this is still the case in Saudi Arabia and many other despotic Arabic countries, which are now US allies in the “coalition of the culprits” and are bombing Syria in breach with any international law, while the immoral Americans applaud this crime in their majority at home.

There is no point to list all the atrocities of this most savage species on earth, called “homo sapiens”, but to eradicate it in its vast majority by the MPR and create completely new 4D worlds with new humanoid beings. This is what we are doing here now and I will publish a message from Sananda tomorrow that elucidates this issue one more time. Anything else is self-delusion.

With love and light

September 30, 2014

Dear George, dear Carla,

like to share this song with both of you: “I think of you” feeling love and gratitude:

Dear George,

tonight I received your call  –  asking about my preparations. So I am here with some sharings about the embodiment of my ascension process. It was last summer with the opening of the lions gate portal, that I felt, that the doors to Cape Verde are open now. I left the islands in 2001 and I tried a few times to travel, but it didn’t manifest  – so in July 2013 this door opened and I started to prepare for a visit with my 2 boys (from the older the father was from Cape Verde – he left by car accident in 2004 –  and  the father from the smaller boy is from Nigeria).

On the 7th of July I made a reservation for Christmas holiday and when I sent the confirmation I was amazed, because it showed 18 nights, from the 18th of December, sent on 18:18 In this clarity I understood that the journey has commenced and more of my incarnation came into peaceful acceptance, perceiving the same time that – as you told us so many times: I am creating my ascension consciously, becoming a conscious co-creator. That my cheque for the reservation did not arrive after 2 months, made me more aware that the journey might not manifest in December yet.

And so it was. I felt no inner impulse to get some tickets for the flights, even I already prepared the family, also asked for getting free in school before holidays started. So, the three of us were in the inner traveling, not involved in any Christmas activities (also helpful that the whole family is living detached from social manoeuvres many years). After 18 nights I felt a “landing” –  like landing on a new ground, a new level also within/with my body. Few days later a strong wave and I was in bed, not able to move for few days….

After these experiences I decided to let go our visit to Cape Verde totally  –  also knowing that it is created… We did not even have plans for summer holidays. The first day of our holidays I woke up with intensive pain and felt like going in a deep depression. Later I realized: it was the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal 2014 and few days later Cape Verde came to us like a strong breeze from the Atlantic.  And two weeks later, we were on the flight after 13 years (I have been living there with my 2 years old boy for almost 3 years, from 1998 till 2001)

We had an amazing time on three islands, mainly stayed in Mindelo. Even if I felt pain in the body most of the time and the most intensive night for me was from the 6th to the 7th of August (before full moon).  In all my experiences I felt carried by love and deep trust and amazement + gratefulness for this wonderful creation we could experience together.

Back in Austria on the 15th of August and coming together with my first son, feeling “home is in my heart”, so I didn’t really had to adapt to anything any more. But clearly experiencing the big difference of society again. Here is spontaneity missing so much, because people submit to this linear “time is money” illusion show, that they even show scare, when I open the window of my car to say “hello”. Intuitively we spent three days at the Lago Maggiore, the family together, before school started. This I realized has been so important, and in the night (7th of September) I woke up, felt so deeply carried away from a streaming of love, remembered the dream, that L. with bright eyes told me that he got a present from his brother M.  and the streaming continued.

I feel that my presence in Mindelo (Cape Verdian Islands) has been important and I felt a very strong connective vibration. Since I do not get visions – rarely –  I rather feel it in encounters and moments of inner resonance….  a few times overwhelming. In Mindelo I am in connection with a young man. He was 15 when I met him (in 1998) and when I decided to accept him living in my house, because I didn’t want him to stay on the street over night and he – of course – experienced a lot in this time with us. After all these years, only in contact again three years or so, we still can communicate with each other deeply. Now he is with family and it is heartfilling to see him fine and as he told me, for him it was so important to meet me again, to feel that my transformation is true. And we experienced a compassionate encounter with a young man from Nigeria on his last day in Mindelo. Both men are 30 years old and this generation knows what is going on in this world. They are eager for a new understanding of Life.

For some time I am occupied to develop a simple model of “understanding consciousness”  of creating a path into sovereignty from my experience and embodiment. And it touched me, when you told us: “Think big, Create big”

The next day I got an email from the Nigerian, asking me to create a blog together. Since it was my “endeavour” from the beginning to bring “white and black” together  – first within myself – now knowing and understanding the thinking patterns and the beliefs behind it, now feeling the union of “black and white” within, I feel this truly is rooted deeply in my heart to be of contribution in this field.

Just now, I remember a vision I had in the time living in Mindelo (98-2001): I  saw a huge building, very vivid, different rooms, different colors: the people came and could choose the room for healing, for transformation, the color symbolized matters, beliefs, emotions. And I always felt that I am preparing something…..

And we – especially myself – also experienced attacks from a couple living vis-à-vis. I could experience how the energies changed this summer, even our cat is expanding, going outside in full sovereignty. And this has been, is also the case for myself and the family.

Concerning this attack. I just let them know our decision. The energies were heavy and now I am detaching consciously from a reality being neighbours – interesting – I even expressed it: “for us, there are no more neighborly threads”. I understand that especially being mother with 3 boys has been a huge challenge for me – here – releasing energies of the old traditional model of motherhood, which is caught in the belief that children belong to their parents, balancing the opposite model “pretense of liberty” and finally transforming into my authentic being, aligning to the new consciousness, guiding my family in the ascension process –  belonging of the New Golden Galaxy.

with my love and passion

Dear Silvia,

I am very happy to hear from your again and to enjoy reading your passionate report regarding your journey, not only to Cape Verde, but also your inner journey to new realities of your Self this last year.

Before I proceed, let me express my gratitude for your generous donation from early this year and I apologize for not having the opportunity to thank you in due time.

Your most intensive time on the island was at the same time when I was in Munich for my surgery, cleansing and redeeming all human bodies and souls that were desecrated and harmed by medical physical interventions and suffered from an impaired electromagnetic auric field. I left Munich on August 20th.

I can imagine what a mission it is to be a single mother (alleinerziehende Mutter) with children from different cultures and races, especially in the one-dimensional world, where you now live. But on the other hand we have now ascended so high on our personal 5D and 6D platforms that nothing can really reach us, although many dark tentacles are being stretched towards us.

But on the other hand, there are some very positive developments and one sees how some people awaken, while others sink even deeper in the morass of their dark thoughts.

As you know, we are now very active, creating the new city of light Raetia which also encloses your region. We are most of the time bilocating in Lofer, especially Carla and live, so to say, on both continents simultaneously. I assume that it is the same with you with Cape Verde.

My guess is that we have done our job to the greatest possible satisfaction and now are only passive observers and analysts of the upcoming dramas. I hope that the current war in the Middle East will break the neck of Obama and the dark cabal in the West and will trigger the MPR and our ascension. The Ukraine conflict has been “frozen” now in a fragile ceasefire, but the West has already admitted its defeat and more or less given up on incorporating Ukraine in the NA|TO. Russia has won and now it is targeted one more time by the USA in Syria. When the USA begin to fail with their erratic bombing, they may be tempted to use some nuclear bombs in Syria because their primary goal is to oust Assad and this will trigger of course a harsh response from both Russia and Iran. This could be the major event when everything will turn upside down. This is how I see it now. The only question is how long it will take to reach this point of no return. October is a good month for such sweeping events as once, when the Iron curtain fell.

Wish you light-filled days ahead and take care of your boys and family. Many loving greetings from Carla too.

With light and light

October 1, 2014

Dear Georgi and Carla,

What a struggle this is to all of us, such a tremendous task when so much willful ignorance are displayed among those we have elected to be our caretakers. These people exist in a virtual reality created by themselves as Archon proxies – and keep imposing that virtuality on the rest of us…..on we – the people.

A while ago I shared some alarming facts concerning Toxoplasma Gondii (and its relation to Alzheimer, Diabetes, Cancer, Schizophrenia etc) – and have since been digging deeper and deeper into this.

To make very a long story short – I reached the conclusion some month ago that TG and Archons are two sides of the same coin, and that the way TG (subtly) affects people from a biological, medical and psychological point of view exactly matches the gnostics description of Archons. This little creature is defining for the memes of this world.

If you are interested to dig a bit into this I have this link from a forum that I have been using to gather information and to discuss new ideas:

TG has a very unique biological feature – the conoid (, and it is provable that this feature (that ONLY exists on TG) allows for coordination. Penrose and Hameroff has proven that microtubules are interfacing with the Quantum Field. Science also says the conoid builds on components from Flagellum – which further elevates this to a cosmic scale.


PS: Since February we have been presenting all the scientific materials to our government, politicians, medical industry etc – and slowly but surely we are breaking down the stonewalls.

Dear Bo,

as all current diseases that plague humanity, TG reflects in the first place the energetic fear-based structure of humanity. The human body, in its crystalline, ethereal form, is immortal and always healthy. This will be the point of departure forhealing the people in the world temple in Lofer based on the new theory of the Universal Law. Tomorrow, I will publish a lengthy message from the Elohim that elucidates this issue.

For instance, AIDS (HI-virus) is another typical disease that could spread worldwide only because it was supported by numerous deep engraved fears of humans associated with sex, such as guilt, rejection of the pleasures of the physical body, subconscious suicidal thoughts and the like. Once these underlying fears and behaviour patterns are deleted in a new, more favourable and harmonious energetic environment as it will be the case in all upper 4D worlds, this disease will disappear, as I recently wrote.

The same holds true for TG. I personally do not believe that any state institution can do anything against TG in the current End Times, but it is good to educate them and hope that you will find some individuals, who are open enough to consider your arguments.

With love and light

October 1, 2014

Hello Dr. Stankov:

Just a short update: About two nights ago, I was half asleep, what I refer to as a semi-conscious state, (or when one is not fully awake, but also, not fully asleep) when at least four to five dark entities came into my bedroom.  Two on the left side of me and two or three on the right side. They grabbed my arms from both sides trying to strap me down. Naturally, I fought against this, and called out the name of “Prime Creator” to rid me of these dark energies! This went on for awhile until I was finally able to totally bring myself completely out of sleep. I went to the washroom to wash my face with cold water to fully awaken, and had to use my light saber again to stab them in the heart.  The next day, I purified my apartment with “White Sage” which has always worked well in the past.  What is odd, is that, these beings use to pester me about once a month, now these negative visits, are becoming increasingly frequent. I thought this might be important to bring to your attention, and your reader’s attention, as a “heads up,” because they seem to be desperate to attack light workers!

Also, not sure if anyone else has experienced severe, massive headaches. Yesterday was the worst headache I’ve had in a very long time. As I was driving from my office yesterday, I felt as if I might pass out. The top of my head, felt as if someone had a jack-hammer beating directly in the center of my brain. It was extremely excruciating and my left eye felt as if someone was literally trying to pull it from the socket.  This morning, the headache, is still with me, though not as intense, as yesterday. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced these symptoms, but felt it important, to share these experiences.

Thanks for the updates!

May “Prime Creator” bless you all.

Shirley Garmon

Dear Shirley,

headaches are a frequent guest to most of us, and in particular Carla suffers regularly from such headaches. I had them for years every second day and now, after my surgery, I am somewhat spared most of the time, although I get one every week.

The dark entities are desperate now and you should also consider that somebody from your close circle, family members etc. may be the carrier. In that case you must encircle these people with the gold-violet flame and the white or gold christed light and encapsulate them, so that they cannot come to you.

With love and light

October 1, 2014

Hello George

Been thinking. How exactly do we create the Super Nova? My HS reminded me of an E-mail that was posted On February 3, 2013,  under,  PAT ASCENSION IS IMMINENT. What did I do? Went back and reread all of the Posts.  Could feel all of the excitement in those Posts from the PAT. I had sent in a ascension dream. The beginning of my dream I wrote “ I am looking at a baby, under 2 years of age. Something started to happen around this baby. Can not remember.”

I do remember what happened around that baby. A whirlwind/mini tornado started swirling around this child, before floating up, up, up. Of course my mind went to several times in this life, me looking outside and what I called a dust devil [ a swirling wind/mini tornado]  going round and round playing with a leaf. Would pick this leaf up. The leaf would fly above the ground, would then fall to another place, Then the whirlwind would pick up this leaf and repeat this procedure over and over again. This was always fascinating to watch. Somehow I always thought there was somebody inside of this dust devil.

My mind went to another thought. As a child, Sometime back ago. Remember watching a cartoon. Maybe Bugs Bunny? don’t remember. Yet I do remember a Tasmanian Devil. This Tasmanian Devil created a whirlwind/mini tornado around its self. The only way of moving around from one point to another, it always used a mini tornado. Did not walk.

You are probably wondering what I am getting to. Your past mail from Daniel, You asked how Daniel used the Golden Violet Flame.  By Invoking the Golden Violet Flame by creating a whirlwind/mini tornado around ones self.  Is this how we will start the Super Nova?  By us PAT creating a whirlwind/mini tornado or giant tornado around ourselves? I have always used the white light this way as a swirling wind/ tornado/funnel, around myself. Tried this with the Golden Violet Flames and the Portal sounds became much louder, a little dizzy at first.

The day when I heard the voice in my head, plain as day. the voice said, ‘”YOU ARE TO HELP GAIA TO ASCEND.”   that was all. No instructions, no nothing. How am I supposed to help when I haven’t a clue on what to do?  At least consciously I do not know. I am sure that some of the PAT feel/ felt this way also. Not feeling confident does have a way of bringing us down instead of up. As I only want to help For the Good of All. Cleaning dross does not help. Your web-site has helped in our awakening much farther along. Using our imagination, our thinking abilities with intent, to create the peace we all dream of. Using the Golden Violet Flame, I see this in my minds eyes as plain as day,  now I see it as a whirlwind/ tornado around my body. Back to the question. How exactly do we create the Super Nova?

Thanks for listening. Correct me if I am wrong.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

Dear Elna,

you help Gaia to ascend by simply being present on the ground and doing what you describe in this letter. The gold-violet flame is indeed very powerful and I will publish tomorrow a new message from the Elohim that underlines this fact one more time.

It is very important to envision these energies as a vortex (tornado) around you, as they really have the form of an upward spiral. I do myself the same thing and I really see my energy field as a tornado, each time a huge wave from the source  floods my body.

There is no reason to have any doubts at all – we are great creators, only that we do not see the result of our creation at this illusory, still 3D reality. But this will change immediately after ascension and then we shall be in awe when we realize what great beings we are.

With love and light

Hello George

Thank you very much for your kind words. Looking forward to the Elohim message. Maybe they will shed some light {understanding}. How many more worlds before this mother planet bites the dust {MPR}? No need to answer. Will come when It comes. It’s nice to have someone to talk to. With this mission, you feel so alone and nobody around you doesn’t even understand what you are saying. You get the look of a Deer in the Headlights!! Take Care.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

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