Ebola – Supernova – Bovis-Units

by Bjoern Kurt, October 31, 2014


Dear George,

with great interest I have followed your recent article “Ebola is a lie“.

The arguments of Nana Kwame are most relevant and finally it gives a voice to all the indignant African people who are sick and tired of the abuse they have been suffering in such many fold ways. I had been doing some background checks on Nana Kwame (as good as it is possible) and also tested his vibrations and personally I come to the conclusion that the man speaks the truth and is not some Disinformation Agent.

As such his reasoning is absolutely convergent with the explanations of the above mentioned Canadian Whistleblower. It is time to put a name on the continuous scheme of betrayal of the United Corporation of America that is to run underneath the internationally accepted (and often internationally acclaimed)  interventions (be it as a military force, humanitarian mission or quarantine control)  their hidden agenda in order to gain control over valuable natural resources. Be it in the Middle East, Asia or Africa.

The continuous expansion of the hegemonic position of the United Corporations of America, in which the direct access and control over natural resources is justified by any means. The vital thing is that you bring ground troops in the particular area where the corresponding coveted natural resources are located. Be it by Ebola in Western Africa (Liberia and Sierra Leone’s Gold and Diamonds are coveted) or eventually to create chaos in Northern Nigeria by creating and supporting terror groups like Boko Haram. All this in order to get their troops to touch ground. Once they gained control over the chaotic situation (mostly they do not do, instead they create more chaos) and eventually after many months they may lift the quarantine and then they present a viciously high bill for their help and support with all their gear. Of course no third world state can ever pay such a bill which does not matter because by the end of that day a deal is found and mostly it will look like this: The UCA (United Corporations of America) will get hold or exclusive access and exploitation of natural resources and a patch of land will serve a military base in order to monitor the agreements and guarantee the political stability. If that agreement is mostly to the unfair disadvantage of the local people there might be at least some political elite pulling off huge profits from that  particular agreement. And there it goes: the material freedom and potentially thriving future of that particular third world country is lost for another decade or two. In an armed conflict the gain would be even greater through the benefit of selling arms and the basic need of reconstruction.

Of such dark (hidden) nature is the intervention of the UCA in Liberia and Sierra Leone in the name of Ebola Epidemic Control. They do control (the have the vaccines and antidotes) and help that particular region. But ultimately it is about getting control of that particular region. A country at the verge of being broke would never agree to help for free if there would not be some kind of return of investment. I personally was in Sierra Leone in 2010 for a documentary about local HIV infected woman helping other HIV  infected people and therefore getting improved medical support and see some hope in their lives, it was appalling to witness in what catastrophic conditions about half of the population gets over the day with less than a dollar. It is indeed a nightmare  – even without Ebola.

All this is pretty much fact and no news for us but when I recently faced a friend some days ago with such crude facts he asked me: “Do you seriously imply that a democratically elected leader like Barack Obama knows about such things?” My reply to him was: “Well his first intention may be the good one, but he would be a damned fool if he ignores the hidden agenda!” My good friend so upset that he rushed out of the coffee shop where we had lunch. Apparently I deeply offended him in his opinion about the “Lichtgestalt” of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama. Obama himself: I am really good at killing people with drones. Later on my friend calmed down, yet is weary to talk about more “conspiracy”. So much for the blindness of the masses. And I do consider him to be a very intelligent fellow.

Ironically I came across this website of industrial military complex only yesterday, where some fear mongering statistics apparently scared some folks.


Who is behind that website? Maybe the Bush Clan along with the CIA? Needless to say that this Dis-Information site will meets its success. The Website presents exhaustive lists of how many fighter and jet planes, battle ships, ground forces and ballistic missiles are around each country. Then it presents a statistical list of 209 countries being led by the USA  (2013) ranked by GDP. In the next step it presents a forecast where each country would be in 2025. The biggest looser of the future development is the home of the brave and the forecast shows nothing less  than The fall of the US empire

The sheer drop in population from 316 mio to 69 mio people is mind-blowing. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) drops from  17 trillion to 921 billion US Dollars. Now – where do these 250 mio people go?

According to deagel.com the coming financial crash and the  potential Ebola pandemic will move the political and financial balance of the world clearly in favor of the BRICS countries , This partly due to the imminent collapse of the financial system, particularly the United States as a market place. Combined with the fact that health infrastructures in the event of an Ebola Epidemic would become completely overwhelmed and therefore people would just be left to die (although vaccines do exist). And now comes the most important: Due to the sustained migration of brains to more attractive locations in new countries, the United States will ultimately lose most of their assets and only provide a home for a mere 69 million Americans.
Certainly the aggressive interpretation of the monopoly of power along with hundreds of FEMA camps all over the country and millions of preordered large coffins will have their share in this disaster.

In Europe, the only nation upholding its standard will be Germany. In terms of population and GDP every country will lose at least half of their population. Germany can maintain its position through the modern and healthy HighTec Industry and exports to Asia. A third or a half of all people die or leave these worlds.

Second big loser appears to be Greece which is depopulated by 8 mio people from 11 mio to almost 3 mio.Switzerland comes close behind with 8 million previously and now just under 3 million inhabitants and falls in international rankings place the GDP from 20th to 71st place (out of 209 countries). GDP drops from 650 billion to only 80 billion.

Ironically, the 2025 GDP ranking is led by BRICS countries. All emerging countries or countries with natural resources will be the “winner” of this new “order”. Is this the planned New World Order or just a diversion?


The site has a very professional look, although it is not exactly a graphic masterpiece. But it soon becomes obvious that this is all a forecast for a lower 4D-world and could also be judged as disinformation. It is interesting though, when I handed over some of this material to some of our main stream journalists. Although they doubt the data – which is by human terms unimaginable – anxiety was showing on their faces and  you can see their minds working that they could soon suffer a loss from their privileged alpine region. (Swiss).

To speak of your recent energetic Super Nova Vortex experience:

For some months and years  some keen adepts of radiesthesia in Germany and Austria are publishing the results of their measurements in Bovis Units on the website of praxis umeria. Each of the three sometimes four radiesthesians is taking measures in the morning at 9am and after a cross checking their result it is being published on their website.

It is a very informative tool and while the basic Bovis Unit (cosmo-telluric energy) used to remain steady for more than 150 years around an average of 6500 BU, while strong energetic nodal points had a value of around 10’000 BU, which meant to be in the etheric range. With the advent of 2012 and the massive flooding of planet Earth with high energetic waves (after the PAT opened the stargate 11.11.11, note George) the measurements of the Bovis Units has been on an equal rise and has reached by the 21.12.2013 the level of 13 billions (Information for the English speaking reader: “Milliards” in German equals to Billions in English)  and since Easter 2014 the Ascension looks more like a logarithmic curve than a linear curve. By the 21st July GOGOL 1 (10^100 = number with 100 (one hundred digits) was reached. However since the portal opening of the moon eclipse on 8th October the values are just skyrocketing and sheer unbelievable to be reaching GOGOL 6 by last Sunday afternoon.

The highest increase ever recorded was from Wednesday to Thursday 30th October with an increase of 333 quadrillion times !!!! If this is not a phenomenal increase.

praxis umeria

Based on the above graph you can see how much the planet is being swept by energetic light tsunami after tsunami. We are currently approaching GOGOL 7 and it could be that we reach 9 GOGOL within 2-4 weeks. Babaji had said in the spring in one of Jahn’s messages:

The Transfiguration will be fulfilled in the Nine”. I actually always thought of the “NINE” being the month of September. Could it possibly be that he meant GOGOL 9? ”

So far my insights from this part of the world. Be safe and  thank you with all my heart for your wonderful and immensely important work.

In deep gratitude




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