Beginning of the End – Conversation with Sananda

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 22, 2014
first published on October 5, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Report/Dream: I am totally exhausted! Since this morning I feel an unknown stomach upset and sometimes I get a spontaneous  ”migraine headache”, just like out of nowhere, in order to disappear shortly after into nowhere. I dreamed of a Light Reading in a big church. The Light Reading participants sit in deep meditation and contemplation in the central nave of the cathedral, all dressed in white and in great anticipation of the event. Yet in the back, the entrance area and in front behind the altar, human Beings bustle, who have nothing to do with the Light Reading and more or less only disturb it. We, who hold the Light Reading in the central nave, are not bothered for even a second. (End of report/dream)

Beloved Ones,

I bless you with my Love, I am with you at all times,


The next and additional step of the ascension and the separation of the worlds have been initiated. (This announcement was made during the Autumn Equinox portal, which, as described by myself, initiated a new phase in the ascension process; since then the energy intensity is continuously increasing and will reach its peak on October 8th during the lunar eclipse. note, George)

The Beginning of the End

The attachments to this world for the ascending ones are detached in a new manner, until nothing remains, until it is quite easy and natural to slide over into the other world, unnoticed – full of grace and in peace. This world is being separated and this separation happens in different stages. The first stage, which directly affects this your reality, is now ongoing and brings forth two things for the ascending ones:

1) Further liberation from dark and sluggish energies.

2) Increasing proximity to the steadily building “Event” and the certitude that God holds his hand protecting and accompanying every living being.

Your daily life again becomes easier; your life becomes a reflection of your soul. Your Being in this hologram fulfills itself in the full knowledge of the individual events in this time. Nothing escapes your attention, and you recognize everything; and yet you are free, because any bindings to things and to this world have been dissolved.

JJK: Where from my queasiness? I always think that “something terrible” is happening. Does it feel like that?

SANANDA: The fright of the remaining ones, the outcry of the ignorant ones, who now seek refuge in the churches without knowing what kind of behavior is expected in such a place! The church in the dream portrays a secure protecting spiritual location. Yet these human Beings do not know how to behave correctly and therefore they have a behavior there, which they acquired for everywhere. It is alien to them to enter into a “sacred space”, because they deny the temple in themselves. An unconscious human Being is unconscious everywhere.

Your queasiness is based on the fact that due to being a multidimensional Being, you notice exactly what occurs on different levels and you hear the loud and silent pleas of the remaining ones; of those, to whom no place in the world can give protection any longer, because they do not recognize this place, even if they are in the midst of it.

And all light warriors of the first and last hours are in this reality. You have taken place in the midst of this world, while around you the changes are going along and unrest prevails. Totally untouched by the events, in the finery of the ascending ones (white robes), you strive uplifted toward Heaven. Around you the dramas increase and the decisions of human Beings can be clearly recognized in their garment and their behavior.

JJK: A new stage in the ascension process?

Chronic of All Life

SANANDA: Yes, a new level has been reached. Even though it always goes on step by step, this step means the final separation of the worlds, a milestone in the ascension process, because all decisions of human Beings are now looked at on a higher level and written into the “chronic of all life”, which means: The decisions of human Beings are anchored and irreversible! In these days the reorientation of mankind and of human Beings is taking place.

Genuine Awakening

A spiritual awakening on this level is reserved for only a few individual human Beings. I speak of the awakening into the spiritual nature of all Life, not of the awakening, whereby human Beings fended off injustice, which was done to them on this level. This kind of awakening, which equals the first insight and in most cases is not based on overcoming suffering, is not mentioned here. Revolutions have many levels, and before a human Being is willing for the inner revolution, he gets lost in revolutions against the outer enemy.

Genuine awakening stands for deciphering one’s spiritual nature, to recognize one’s inherent truth and to fully devote oneself to God. This is what is being talked about, because everything else is not worth talking about or worth of any discussion.

JJK: This means, awakening is not equal awakening and an unconscious and not yet awakened human Being can as well affect a revolution on this level?

SANANDA: It is rather a question that all revolutions on this level, as necessary as they also were, were called to life by unconscious Beings. Human Beings, who quite simply represent another side of the coin of the system and thereby are not any more satisfied with their expected role in society. This is no longer surprising, because nobody wants to be a slave forever, and for every Being comes the moment at which he revolts and protests. Yet the path toward a “spiritual revolution” is always a very long one, because many revolutions in 3D and 4D worlds must precede it. Inner liberation comes at the end of a human journey through space and time and until then human Beings exercise in revolting, because the greatest of all revolutions is the one, which takes place inside a Being, after it became tired to change the course in this world through revolutions.

Meaning: Revolutions without a spiritual orientation are part of the game of a fundamentally a-spiritual world. And it is exactly this world, which the ascending ones are now overcoming. And also this world has at first been overcome in yourself, even before you leave it!

JJK: This means that the ascension at first takes place in us. The mother of all revolutions is the revolution against ignorance, against one’s unconsciousness! After that the total transformation can take place due to deep inner binding and devotion to God.

SANANDA: This is always the way; there is no other way that leads to Heaven.

JJK: Does it not say, “Many roads lead to Rome?”

SANANDA: False! There is only one way to God, the way of unconditional devotion. All other ways are detours and eventually always lead to this insight, the devotion to God.

JJK: What does it mean, no matter how long or how short it feels to us, for the remaining time, until the final step to the ultimate separation of the worlds?

SANANDA: This is described in the dream picture of the “human Beings in white robes” in the central nave of the church.

Remain in the Vibration of Love

It is necessary to remain in the vibration of Love and the vibration of the ascension flame, far from all the discomforts, which happen in this world, in front and behind, left and right. More and more human Beings will seek hold and strength from you until the final end. They will seek the closeness to you, because they feel attracted to you, without being aware of it.

Yet they will not be able to cling on to you any longer, they will not find a hold; or they will “burn out” in your Light, which will show itself that they will appear very ambivalent toward you. On the one hand it is the need for closeness, on the other hand it is the fear of your clarity, which lets them take flight, before they will again elbow into your energy field.

Generally it is true: Permanent alien possessions of light warriors of the first and last hours will be rare from now on and are only possible if a fundamental readiness prevails for it and where the conditions for it are given. And these are, as it has been portrayed many times:

1) An impurified energy field – foremost, unsolved structures in the emotional and mental areas.

2) A low base vibration.

3) Spiritual neglect of one’s Being, which means, lack of devotion to God.

JJK: What does it have to do with the expression of the “Now”?

SANANDA: It has to do with the understanding of the “Now”. To understand and internalize – the expression. The breakthrough to a Creator God, to an Enlightened one, an individual human Being must obtain it on this level. The kingdom of Heaven must at first be attained in you, before it will manifest in the outer. This is the key. You are always a reflection of yourself. You always encounter yourself; in all worlds you encounter yourself. Whatever you create, what you build, whatever you breathe into life, you encounter it in all corners and ends of the universe, in all worlds and on all levels. Create the Kingdom of Heaven in you, and then Heaven will come to you by itself, because it is already inside of you.

JJK: Many human Beings wait and still very much expect the change in the outer?

SANANDA: This is not fundamentally wrong! It is however wrong to concentrate entirely on the outer world. It is wrong to just look at Heaven, to look at the firmament and thereby forget one’s living Heaven, which already exists in the soul. The path is always from the inner to the outer, never from the outer to the inner. The more upheavals are manifested in this world, the more important it is, to remain grounded and anchored in oneself. Those, who prematurely sound the ascension fanfares, can only reap disappointment, as the expectation remains unfulfilled. Thereby you neither serve yourself nor Heaven.

Many ascension dates had to be cancelled and postponed. This fact has challenged the light warriors very much and also strengthened them very much, because some inner developments were only possible in this way and many human Beings were able to turn back as a result of these for you so tiring adjustments in the ascension process. Consider the great arch and you will never sink into impatience.

It is your great service of Love, which you perform for this world, which is more than honored in All-That-Is – and this service is sacred, is pure worship for human Beings.

Yet now it is called for to be totally anchored in one’s inner. Thereby it is very useful to observe the outer events, remain awake, and remain fully alert in all that happens on the geo-political and interplanetary level; yet always do this by means of a very high base vibration, a vibration, which is always connected with the Light from Heaven. Thereby you remain always oriented, no matter what appears in the outer.

Remember: Each human Being on day X is to be recognized by his vibration field and all other determinations will be derived from the degree of the vibration.

JJK: To take care that things are all right in the vineyard, until the last curtain falls?

SANANDA: Yes, until the last curtain falls: And the sliding over into the other world occurs quite easily, naturally and sublimely, because truly: The heaviness of time has been overcome by you. You were outfitted with the wings of Heaven and you uplift yourself beyond space and time.

In infinite Love

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