American World War III – Now a Common Impression

by Georgi Stankov, October 6, 2014

My key point on politics since I re-opened this website is that that the dark Western cabal are desperate in the End Time and try to unleash an insane nuclear Third World War. My second point is that this will not be allowed by us as the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. However, the dialectical Nature of these futile, bellicose efforts of Obama, the Bomber and Orion Co. is to expose their vicious nature to all humanity and foster their final demise. We are only a notch away from this Event.

The only deplorable aspect of this insane politics at the beginning of the third millennium was so far that, while we know precisely what is happening on this earth, the vast majority of the Western population is in a state of total mental and intellectual paralysis and they have run out of any ethical and moral principles.

In other words, we live in a world constituting entirely of soulless empty shells, of veritable Zombies, and I mean this very concretely. Two days ago I attended a hockey game and I saw only Zombies there, big, fat monsters that reeled down the staircases in the hockey ring stuffing their disproportionally fat tummies with pommes frites and other junk food, and not paying attention at all to the best thing Canada has to offer – a hockey game. And on top of it, some of them wore T-shirts with big letters: “I love Zombies” So much about the current state of humanity.

But even on this still rather toxic, soulless planet things change rapidly, as the new crystalline grid no longer supports energetically any old dark patterns and habits. As the following discussion on RT reveals, facts and trends that were buried only a month ago under the veil of human confusion, become all of a sudden crystal-clear and the former political correctness that prohibited to tell things by their real names is all of a sudden brushed aside.

The reason for this is that since the fall equinox portal we had several huge ID shifts and massive separation of lower timelines from this uppermost 4D mother earth, which many of you must have strongly sensed as the new Logos Gods, who dwell on all these timelines. We are now heading to a new very powerful portal, the full moon eclipse on October 8th, and the energies are peaking again. Most of the old human dross and its supportive systems in the old matrix have been removed by us and the old illusion is imploding in front of our eyes.

Even the big dark ones such as Joe Biden could not hide the truth anymore and disclose the criminal nature of the governments they serve. He first revealed in a lecture in front of American students that Saudi Arabia and Turkey created, financed and supplied with weapons ISIS and now the USA have to solve this problem. That this is true has been known to all experts for a long time, especially that CIA  has created ISIS. Now we have a full-fledged scandal between the USA and its Middle East allies and this is the best possible situation to lose a war – nobody trusts anybody anymore. The Diadochus battles between the dark cabal have commenced.

There are some new, very dramatic and sensational developments which are now determining the final stage of the ascension process. The most pivotal one is that the Source has given up on this derailed and defunct species known as “homo sapiens” and has decided to create a new, improved transgalactic human species that will substitute the current zombies.

I wished, I could tell you more about this spectacular new development, but I have been urged by our higher sources to keep it confidential for the moment being, as not to evoke some very nasty dark attacks from desperate archonic entities on us in this still very vulnerable phase of this new process. But know that much more is happening behind the veil than you can possibly imagine and all this is very promising and very supportive of our ascension.

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