Short Energy Update – September 19, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

There is a huge energy build-up since three days. This is in preparation for the fall equinox that is promising some huge transformations. Yesterday the energy crescendo reached its preliminary peak for myself in the evening (Western Pacific time). I was retrieved from this reality after the intensity of the waves augmented suddenly and the vibrations were so huge that they seemed to disintegrate my body. For about several hours I did a huge and simultaneous introspection of my whole life and visited at the same time all the places and situations in Europe and now here in Canada that played an important role in my life. It was such a condense retrospection that it almost overwhelmed me, but fortunately my mind was already detached from my physical body and brain and was able to process this huge download of past information without any difficulties.

Today, I was surprised to read the message of Metatron channelled to Anna Merkaba that addresses this same process and announces it to happen on September 22 during the fall equinox portal. Although this source has been often wrong in the past with such predictions (however, me too), I think that this time this message is worth reading, as my experience yesterday evening already anticipated this Metatron’s announcement.


Obviously we are now in the final throes of separating the lower vibrating 3D and 4D overlays from this uppermost mother planet, so that its 5D template can be released in the light during the ID split. This is how it feels to me and I know that I am doing huge cleansing work now to prepare this planet for this event. Today, I was overwhelmed one more time by the collective fears of humanity of impoverishment and having no money to survive, which I dissolved with the help of the turnstile mechanism in a rapid alchemical reaction. Carla also did the same unpleasant cleansing work this morning.

She channelled yesterday, at the same time when I was taken away by my HS, Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) live in a session with three other medially gifted ladies, but without writing down the message. Essentially, this famous and courageous French woman advised these ladies to fully regain their sovereignty and vigorously oppose any dark influences that may interfere in these days with their lives as ascended masters, by staying firmly to their truth and beliefs.

These are the old karma dramas of the drowning human beings, many of them unfortunately members of our families, who now cling to us and sponge on our energy to appease their fears. Such attempts should be stopped rigorously from the very beginning. Please bear in mind that now no new karma is created and we have finished with our karma experiences long time ago.

The recent outbreak of new dramas around us is only related to old karma of the people that surround us. Such dramas has no relevance for us and our lives anymore, as they simply cannot touch us energetically because we dwell in much higher frequency levels. Even though this is exactly what these people and relatives now try to achieve, by involving us in their dramas at any price as to profit from our huge energies and gain some relief of their fears, before they ultimately descend to lower timelines. This is because they already know their dire destiny at the subconscious level.

Hence, it is very important to know the dynamics of such events and to avoid them immediately at the very onset. Many of these people and relatives are possessed by dark entities that want to attack us directly and openly in their desperation, before they go under for ever when the worlds are separated interdimensionally. This has been already announced in Jahn’s recent messages. Hence stay vigilant and very combative at the same time, as soon as you see such a drama knocking on your door. This is all for the moment.

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