Meaning of all Life – Part I

Conversation with Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 2, 2014
first published on September 1o, 2014 in


Georgi Stankov

This excellent and very inspiring conversation between Jahn and Sananda elucidates the main topics which I have preferentially discussed on this website in the last two months, actually from the very beginning.

It has always been my credo that human problems can only be resolved if one openly and clearly addresses them and honestly analyses their nature and origin. Only then can a solution be recommended and implemented. Anything else is the perpetuation of the same failures which humanity has been committing for eons of time.

For example, take the American people, who support and participate without any critical opposition in the perennial criminal wars of their government against the world, because they suffer from a collective amnesia with respect to the negative aspects of any war such as in Vietnam, where the USA was defeated by a small nation – a pattern that has been repeated in Afghanistan and Iraq. For this reason the Americans, being very young and unripe souls in their majority, have not been able to establish a true pacifistic weltanschauung, free of the inherent arrogance of this nation to be superior to the rest of the world and hence to see themselves as masters of humanity in a NWO.

To seek the ultimate truth without any compromises is more important now than ever as we are the ones – the “Big Ones” and the Guardians of the new Galaxy – who have the obligation and the mission to pave the path to absolute truth and enlightenment for the blind masses to follow us, until the energetic conditions on the new 4D worlds allow them to liberate themselves from their current confusions and obfuscations and see the truth.


Conversation with Sananda

Report: At the table next to me, I sit in a coffee house, I hear a still quite young man say: “One writes the best stories as long as one is very young and free. As soon one is bound to the publisher, it does not work anymore.” And shortly after that the same man says to his vis-à-vis: “I am in doubt about the whole meaning of this life….” Whereby his vis-à-vis stares at him totally unappreciatively and without saying anything. (End of report)


With my Love omnipresent in this world, in which God’s prevision for mankind is being fulfilled. And that, in these days.

Erosion on All Levels

In these few words of the report, described at the beginning, lies the whole truth of this time quality. Thereby the absence of freedom and the reality of slavery, in which the overwhelming part of mankind is situated in different ways, are described. This report aims at the global manipulation industry. At the media, which since its beginning, are servants of darkness and only in a few cases dared courageously giving witness of what is and not to report what is desired by the “syndicate” and is demanded by them.

Yet the most important part of the message is the concluding sentence, wherein the “meaning” of this life is put into question. Because at exactly that point are many media representatives today, and there will be more and more. Meaning: also this level of human society is flooded with Light, until also there a critical momentum opens up, which the replacement of the dark system significantly influences. All of these are actually very quick and consistently running processes, it is the erosion of society on all levels. Everything that is rotten falls apart, on all levels.

JJK: Which levels are affected by it?

SANANDA: All 4D levels, which in different manners will be liberated from these doings. Whereby the highest 4D worlds will manage a very soft manner of transition into a light-filled form of society.

Esoteric-Sympathy for Nazis?

JJK: For some time I am preoccupied with the question, why the sympathy for the national-social-fascist body of thought and for the Hitler regime is so widely distributed? Where does this for me very significant and also equally hard to bear situation come from?

SANANDA: From the still unresolved drama of the Second World War and from many wars, wherein human Beings were involved in before. Many human Beings, who today quite fundamentally walk on the spiritual path, were at that time incarnated on earth. Many of those human Beings, who find themselves until today in this body of thought and the “mystery”, which emanates from it, were brutally killed “at that time”, without attaining a far-reaching insight about the actual intentions of the “German Reich” or similar movements.

These human Beings carried this lack of knowledge and insight over into this life and this way they are now able to redeem this. Thereby the occult character of the National Socialism serves as a bridge to the Esoteric. And thereby an unholy link develops between the truly light-filled and deepest diabolic aspects.

Also foremost remarkable is, that those human Beings, who feel associated to this mythology, perceive their opinions as light-filled and give their elitist orientation that allows the ruler ship of one race over all other races, a philanthropic coating.

The empathy of these human Beings is limited to their own clientele and excludes everything that is different, from it.  Thereby the path of Love has obviously been left and the path of oneness of all human Beings in God has been missed.

All in all an extremely destructive interpretation of the cosmic law of all-oneness of all life, which confuses the human spirit and a priori undermines the spiritual orientation of a human Being.

JJK: Yes, and I also notice that these human Beings possess absolutely no knowledge of their “misallocation” and feel extremely secure and comfortable in their seeming superiority.

Some even think that the German language is the purest, clearest and most significant of all languages and it understands best how to put “God’s Word” into words; at least these human Beings believe that the German language is superior to all others? This is another strangeness in this scene, which seemingly propagandizes limitless madness, only to separate mankind instead of unifying it.

Others on the other hand say, Hitler did not want a World War and was driven into it. Thereby perpetrators become victims and I find this absolutely disgusting. In order to say it overstatedly, I have neither mercy nor an excuse for somebody, who is responsible for the murder of 6 million Jews and in total nevertheless is essentially co-responsible for a war, which according to different estimates has claimed up to 80 million dead!

That this is put into perspective from a cosmic point of view can only serve to justify this crime on the world and on mankind. Here it is also necessary to bring human Beings in flesh and blood to bear and on this level the balance of the Creator from my point of view is rather secondary. To understand a crime is one thing, yet it is something totally different to give it some legitimacy, what many human Beings from the cult of the esoteric scene do. Very perverse and diabolic, as it seems to me; The Devil has an easy game here?

SANANDA: There is absolute confusion. This is the situation. And the different Princes of darkness seeded these, in order to lead spiritual seekers astray. Thereby one used the human false programming and the method, to portray dark messages as light-filled, so that human Beings become insensitive to actual light-filled sources.

Another effect is that these human Beings do not recognize their own tendencies of despotism, of violence, which at first they exert against themselves, due to the ignorance of their issues. This reflects on the outer and affects the general disregard toward all “inferior” life, causes exclusion, fosters lack of grace and the hate toward many groups of human Beings. A fact, which the esoteric disciples, which can gain much from this dark occult tradition, are not conscious of and also do not want to be conscious of.

Meaning: A light-filled source is no longer recognized as light-filled and the dark source not as dark. Thereby a “grey area” developed in the esoteric scene. Human Beings, who mix up everything and do not really recognize anything. Far from their divine power of distinction, the old programs continue to run, until this will be recognized.

Fundamentally it is about the fact that the path of unconditional Love has been left or never walked on and the path, which separates human Beings instead of unifying them, is praised as a light path. This is the point. National socialistic or fascist forms of government, like any form of government of the dark ones, no matter under which expression they operate, put the separation into the foreground, the “divide and conquer” principle and these forms of ruler ship have always their own benefit, the benefit of a small elite, and never the benefit of all human Beings in mind.

That we are all children of God, with divine rights, which have without exception been transferred to every human Being, completely withdraws from this thinking.

This alone confirms that dark forces are at work here and that the absence of the Light is complete. A light-filled is easy to distinguish from a light-starved form of government, as one knows the answer to the question, which serves the system and their representatives.

Is Healing possible?

JJK: What can bring healing to human Beings, who have again fallen for another fallacy here?

SANANDA: At first it takes the willingness for it. Meaning to recognize the will that there is something fundamentally wrong here and that this is based on unresolved old dramas as such. And this “will” crystallizes itself over time, in most cases after many incarnations in fallacy. Mostly as long until one has become tired of the fallacies, because always very many pain experiences go along with it. Human Beings, who served in good faith a destructive and criminal government and became a victim in the fire of a war themselves, have, as long as they are not ready for the solution of this issue and the resulting injuries on body and soul, no other chance than to explain the fallacy from yesterday from the right standpoint of today.

This means for those, who really want to walk on the spiritual path and are effected by such unresolved thought patterns, have at the very first to do these purification actions in thinking and sensation, mentally and emotionally. Without the dissolution and the redemption of these destructive thought and behavior patterns, these negative programs, the awakening into a fully conscious Being is impossible.

JJK: It seems to me that this fact has polluted the whole esoteric scene. The truth is no longer recognized as such and human Beings follow dark messages and dark messengers in droves?

SANANDA: This has been effectively intended by the Orion-Protégés as such! What was needed was the infiltration of darkness into originally light-filled creations. Like a worm makes an apple uneatable from the inside, the pure intentions of many human Beings were watered down and polluted. Thereby one cleverly utilized the still unresolved fears of human Beings and instead to push for redemption, as a result, many human Beings shied away from this under all circumstances.

Many messages from the dark levels bear witness to this and are nonetheless still regarded as light-filled by the receivers. The confusion in the esoteric scene is almost complete and this also corresponds entirely to the logic of this end time. In this section of the transformation everything appears clearly, after all many human Beings believed still some years ago that this confusion does not even exist. This is an enormous purification process, which actually occurs on all levels.

JJK: Meaning, there are obviously still opportunities for recognition here?

SANANDA: Yes, these exist always! And I commend to every light warrior to examine, if national socialistic contents create satisfaction or if resonance exists in that direction. Examine precisely what it is, where it comes from and if it is appropriate. Then you have done much in order to attain clarity.

How does Resonance develop?

JJK: The word “war” triggers discomfort in many seekers. And namely in such a manner that they mean, when one uses it, one draws war to oneself and into this world. I myself think, thereby it deals with another fallacy on the way. Because the early recognition that a new World War builds up – no matter which level this one also reaches – can rather hinder this one, than the concealment of this fact; and this in view of the facts that all geo-political events point in that direction?

SANANDA: Also this aspect has not been recognized to its end by the spiritual seekers. Resonance develops where a human Being opens internally and not where a word, in a specific manner, is used to hinder resonance and the opening. This is also a trap of the dark ones, which still has not been recognized by the esoteric world or has been dismissed as insignificant. To be against war only works, if one talks about it. It is very simple. Take here children as an example, what children reject, as long as they are not held back by society or ignorant parents, always express it very clearly: I want this or that or I do NOT want this or that! They speak a clear language and express clearly, what they want, what NOT.

JJK: One shall not use the word “not” is also a widely held opinion, because the subconscious does not recognize these words, which has the result that the exact opposite of the intention occurs?

SANANDA: This is not always like that.

A conscious and clearly made intention always prevails and can never be blocked by a word, no matter which word. The conscious and careful use of expressions and words is infinitely worthwhile and necessary, yet it is not the salt that counts, in order to make a dish wholesome or uneatable. Also here the inner impulse of a human Being, the true intention of a human Being, is more powerful than the spoken word. Who attaches to words remains stuck in his development.

JJK: In summary this means: Fallacies wherever I look, perception of mankind uncertain?

Look at the Fruits

SANANDA: Yes and no. Fallacies overall, yes, yet perception certainly! Because it always paves a way through all levels of All-That-Is, also through such levels and human Beings, which obviously show no potential for it. All human Beings, who today go astray, will arrive tomorrow and many who tomorrow will remain far from Lord’s table, will be welcome in the Light the day after tomorrow.

As a guideline for “right” or “wrong”, for “light-filled” or “dark” the fruits, the deeds of a human Being, of a society or a form of government, are always crucial: If the fruits in the field are dried up or befallen by rottenness, the seeds have been bad, no matter if the farmer had knowledge of it or not. Utilize this unit of measurement everywhere, then you can easily distinguish good from bad and then a glorification of old times finally belongs to your history. Nevertheless the use of the right words in correct and necessary contexts will no longer trigger indisposition in you.

I am Life and together with me mankind returns to Life. Together with me, who I am mankind’s unconditional servant and who I am God’s image and Light.


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