Energy Update – September 5, 2014

Georgi Stankov

Something spectacular happened yesterday, but I must admit that I do not know exactly yet what it was and hope that the Elohim will give us some more information retrospectively after the process has finished. This is how they always communicate with us. Let me report what we experienced yesterday.

Since early morning, I was in a blissful state due to the fact that we had moved again to a higher timeline and the weather in Vancouver was beautiful again – sunny and warm -, after a week of dwelling on lower, very dense timelines with bad, almost winter-like weather and a lot of rain at the end. I had the feeling since early morning that the veils to the higher dimensions are being lifted and had a very intimate sensation of the new 4D worlds, in particular of the easiness, relaxation and joy of life on these worlds. I had also a very strong connection to the Agarthans from the Inner Earth and the 6D fleet.

I must add to this that the day before we went to the beach in the late afternoon and the 6D fleet came to us and told us that they will do some healing work on our bodies and auras. In particular, they wanted to heal and recuperate the big hole in my aura that the huge tumor operation has left. I can see this hole with my third eye as a column beginning from my left thigh and groin and ascending straight in to the sky. The healing work lasted for about an hour and then we returned home.

The weather had improved substantially that day and we knew that we had moved to a higher timeline, where we could breathe much more easily and even my surgical wound felt better ( I still have a swelling of my leg due to lymph congestion as most of the lymph nodes in the groin were resected with the tumor and the lymph circulation is now impeded. This causes me some pain in the leg, especially in the area of the neurological disorder and hinders me to walk).

Anyway, we knew that we have moved again to a new stage in the ascension process and we were eager to see what will happen the next day, i.e. yesterday.

As I said, the day began with a very promising anticipation. Then in the late afternoon the intensity of my connection to the Agarthans and the 6D fleet increased so much that we were compelled to visit one more time the national park “Burns Bog”, about ten miles away from where we live and still within the confines of our Infinity Portal in White Rock, about which I have written a lot in the past. Last time we were there, we met the Agarthans and Carla received three more chakras – 13th to 15th. This has been reported already. This encounter happened after the ascension date at the end of May, as announced by Adama two weeks before, was postponed one more time.

When we arrived at Burns Bog at sunset, we walked on the pathway into the woods. Even before that the intensity of the waves started to increase significantly for both of us. Our bodies were vibrating with full force and the high pitched tone around our heads was amplified to a deafening noise of a helicopter that was starting above our heads.

These energies were amplified several more times when we entered the woods of Burns Bog. Carla and I  lost any connection to this earth and connected immediately to the 6D. There was an extreme expansion of our awareness and we almost lost contact to our physical bodies and could barely walk.

It is noteworthy to mention that before that, while driving to the park, Carla was ridden by a series of chills, which always occur when MPR are taking place on near-by timelines. Yesterday evening I received an email from Henry Clymer from Rochester, who also reported to me massive chills at the same time. I assume that other PAT members must have also felt similar chills at that time.

During our walk in the woods, we established a very clear and intensive contact to the 6D fleet and experienced a huge interdimensional shift to higher frequency levels. My third chakra, which is the chakra of bilocation and interdimensional travels, was hit very hard and I had severe gastric pain, which I could barely mitigate with deep breathing. The source energies that enter my left brain portal turned into a huge vortex. This all pointed to a rapid movement through numerous timelines in an upward direction.

At this point in time both Carla and I had a vision that we are heaving many timelines and selected populations of incarnated human souls at once to higher frequency levels, while these timelines were ravaged by MPR and were destroyed. We also established contact to Shamballa and the Hyperboreans, who are the founders of the Inner Earth of Agartha and were until now responsible for the balancing of the energies on Gaia and keeping the surface earth protected from big man-made disasters such as a nuclear war. Now these highly evolved entities have retreated from this incarnation experiment and given their duties over to us as the new Logos Gods and Guardian of the New Galaxy.

But we both felt that there was more to this massive and very intensive energetic experience last evening. Our surmise is that it had also to do with the final separation of the new Galaxy from this one. I hope that the Elohim will give us some more information today or tomorrow.

The latest message of Babaji as of today already confirms that millions of parallel timelines are now being encompassed by MPR and fully destroyed, while the soul populations move to their final destinations on lower timelines.  Yesterday, Jahn sent me another very powerful message from the Ascended Masters discussing the “Day of All Days” – the moment of our ascension and what it will bring to us and humanity. I hope to receive the English translation today, so that I can publish it tomorrow. But all these messages have one single function – to reassure us that we are indeed on the cusp of our ascension as the long waiting for this event has nagged on our faith and optimism.

Even the latest missive of the manuscript of survival of today mentions this event, notwithstanding its proverbial vacuous comments:

And now, you all come together with one single purpose in mind, to boost the effects of these energies in a way that you have not done before. For make no mistake, this too will be an event of majestic proportions, and it in turn will link into a whole lineup of similar events, all taking place on both sides of the veil during the same time frame. For now, you have once more come to a fork in the road, and once more, you have chosen to take the lane of fast forward, and as such, the push you will all give during the proceedings this upcoming Sunday will result in a mighty push back, one that will indeed help to propel you all even faster forward. And not only that, it will also serve to ignite some other “booster rockets” out there as well. So hang on to your hats as they say, for we think you will all find that the speed and action of this upcoming event may take you all a little bit by surprise, even if you come well prepared.

Please, observe that the concept of a “booster rocket” has been borrowed by this source from myself, after I first introduced the mechanism of the “propulsion multistage rocket of ascension” last year. It also mentions Sunday as the day when a series of events will begin that will culminate to the Event of ascension, MPR and ID-split of this mother planet to higher 4D worlds in the new Galaxy.

I had already predicted that the full moon portal on September 9th will be very powerful and may be a possible date for our final ascension. The culmination of aggression between the world powers on the ground also points to this final confrontation between darkness and light, which will be resolved not with a new World War on this timeline, but with the divine intervention of our Ascension and triggering of the MPR. This missive also refers to this outcome in a disguised and rather incomprehensible manner as the medium Aisha North has absolute no knowledge of the true multidimensional mechanism of ascension and how Creation operates in the Now. This deficiency is also the main topic of Babaji’s latest message as of today.

Hence we are well advised to expect some very exciting days ahead, which may surpass even our wildest imagination.














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