Energy Update – September 2, 2014

Georgi Stankov

We have entered the final most tense and dense phase of the Ascension process when numerous adjacent timelines are breaking apart, are being destroyed by the deluge of series of MPR and release huge amounts of rampant, chaotic energies.

All these energies have to be processed by the light warriors of the first and the last hour, as you are now being advanced to Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Universe and your energetic fields extend on all these timelines.

Yesterday marked another peak of extreme negative energies that had to be processed by myself and surely by many of you, who are actively involved in this global cleansing process. For me it started in the morning when all of a sudden we moved to a very lower timeline and the weather deteriorated within minutes. The air was so heavy that we could barely breath and had the feeling that we are being suffocated.  Such rapid transitions have been announced for ourselves some time ago by the Elohim and also Jahn has recently received messages with a similar content.

Then we experienced a massive dark attack on this lower timeline, which first hit Carla, who felt very tired at this time and suffered from alternating chills and heat waves. Of course we performed immediately our cleansing procedures that are very effective in such cases and eliminated these dark entities very quickly. But the heavy, very chaotic and depressing energies remained and are still here today.

This night was another peak in massive cleansing of near-by timelines with severe skin burning and biting waves, including painful paraesthesia on my left thigh at the site of the neurological disorder – numbness due to resection of N. subcutaneus . I am receiving emails from PAT members that also confirm similar experiences with these very tense and rampant waves that are now discharged from lower timelines and ask me what to do and how to cope with them in the best possible way.

According to my perception and assessment, the intensity of these energies will not diminish in the coming days, but will most probably even increase, as we have now entered the final phase, before our ascension and the MPR will trigger a huge ID shift of this timeline to the new 4D worlds that already exist in the New Galaxy and thrive with newly incarnated souls. Please, observe that you are the creators of these new worlds and very much active on them as multidimensional beings. Hence I do not believe that there is any possibility for us to evade the current energetic stress that will most probably increase in the coming days until the End is reached.

The next important characteristics of this End Time is that it is very difficult to establish a clear channel to the HS because the discharges of low frequency, negative patterns from parallel timelines are so exorbitant that they hinder a clear connection. Hence do not worry if you may feel disconnected from your soul. It is only temporary and may switch any moment to a fully opened communication with the higher realms. This is what I experienced for several days in a row last week before this new energy surge began.

The consequences of this surge can be clearly witnessed at the political stage, where the antagonistic emotions of the dark protagonists and numerous participants in these final dramas are running amok and ignite new conflicts everywhere. It feels as if this planet is encompassed by a global conflagration of aggression, irresponsible war-mongering propaganda and irrational behaviour at all levels – from the headquarters of NATO, which want to employ first-strike troops at the border to Russia to protect its partners from an alleged Russian invasion to the absurd allegation of an Ukrainian defense minister that Russia is planning an imminent nuclear strike on Ukraine or the barbaric beheadings committed by the dark Islamic monsters in Iraq. The collective insanity seems to peak these days parallel to the increase in intensity of Source energies that engulf humanity and this timeline and catalyze the final culmination between the forces of light and darkness, before resolution (and ascension) can take place.

Yesterday Jahn wrote to me as follows:

Ansonsten erhalte ich ständig Einspielungen, dass auf vielen Welten die „Hölle los ist“ – und das es bei uns wohl auch bald los gehen könnte, aber: Was heißt hier bald? “

Otherwise, I get constantly messages that on many worlds “the hell has broken loose” – and that it could very well also erupt on our timeline very soon, but: What does it mean here “Soon”?”

And here we are one more time – at the ultimate acknowledgment that linear time is an illusion and that we do not know when our ascension will exactly happen, but that the only reliable indicator is our inner knowing and intuition that everything is Now coming to an end, because all these conflicts the world over cannot be resolved by 3D measures and need a heavenly intervention. This is now more obvious than ever before.


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